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How do I get past (Evasive Maneuvers)?

According to all the forums, this mission is "Easy" but it's proving totally impossible to get past which means one of the following: a) a bug in the program/disk - possible) b) problem with my controller - unlikely as everything else is ok c) It's just me!
Problem - this mission is to teach Ezio how to Dodge and Disarm, each time I accept the mission different things happen; sometimes I get no dodge hits, other times I exceed the target by many, many but no end to the mission and disarm just will not function at all.

SadvatiLhamo asked for clarification:

I am stuck with exactly the same problem right now - the counter keeps exceeding the target. I can dodge as often as I want to, but he just won't stop attacking me.
Have you managed to solve the problem by now?

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