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Asked: 4 years ago

Assassins seals ?

I have all the seals for the Altair armor is there a special time that i can put the last seal in to get the gate to open ?

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From: darkdragon30544 4 years ago

Nope, just go up to a statue and press the B button.

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No you can just place then into the slots any time of the day

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I have a really bad bug. I got all the seals and everything and I got the armor but in the book that Maria has for Monterrigoni thingy says I only got 5 after I got it. Anyone know how to solve this problem?

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I got all six seals before going back to the armor and now I dont know how to get back down there? It is in tuscany rite?

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gamer2125 the armour room is in your villa not tuscany. The door should be open in the codex room.

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If you have all six of the seals then put them all in there and it should open.

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as the others say. in the codex room in Monterrigiorni, you will get a shelf, to open an down there is the armor. It doesnt matter how the seals get placed, there just have to be 6. After you put 1 down, 1 of the 6 beams guarding the armor goes into the wall. When all 6 beams do that the gate goes down(or up dont remember) and there you go Altairs armor.

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