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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I keep my sword?

I'll buy the sword of my choice then later on during some of the intense swordfights, I'll lose my blade and can't retrieve it. Then when u go to buy weapons you had previously bought, it says you have that item. Can I equip that from somwhere?

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From: hyrulesavior 5 years ago

Go to the Villa. There is a room there where all your purchased weapons are stored. Go to the sword rack and interact with it then re-equip your sword. You can also change your armor to previously purchased armor in that storage room.

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When you get into an intense fight you can lose you sword and your dagger can break. You have three options to get another sword or dagger. Option number one is you can take a sword, hammer, mace, or dagger from an enemy. When the fight is over Ezio will simply put away the weapon. Option number two is you can go to the villa, where you can go and grab another weapon from you armory. Option number three is you can simply go to a Blacksmith and purchase a weapon do do not own.

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