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Asked: 2 years ago

Sorry to trouble you, but if I could get some help finishing syncing my DNA sequence/timeline?

Hello everyone,

Sorry to trouble you, but I am at a loss of what I can do. I am having trouble getting my entire DNA synced. I have played through the whole game, got all the DLC and have collected every item and done every side quest.

However, when I go to my DNA sync, it shows that my sequence has unfilled diamonds above different parts of it. It says I haven't finished all the secret locations, don't have Beat-up, Race, Assassination or Courier complete. The diamonds above each sequence are not filled in.

But, when I go into each sequence individually and look at the missions individually, all of the diamonds are filled? So shouldn't the diamond for that entire sequence ( example Beat up) be filled? I did all the missions individually and it says they are complete individually, but not with the complete sequence overall.

Recently I also went back and played all of the Beat up missions again, thinking it may have been a glitch or didn't recognize that I beat all the missions. I played through all of them again and the Diamond for all the Beat up missions is still not full. I am doing something wrong or what?

If anyone could possibly tell me what is happening, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks for listening and sorry for the trouble.

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I have noticed this too after I played the game again after about 2 years, but when I check the stats it says 100% synced, so it must just be buggy or something. Also somewhere in that 2 year span they made it so you can replay missions now, which is really nice! Well, except for the dlc sequences, those don't seem to be replayable.

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