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Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
5 Mystic pictures that have something in common? 3
Altairs armor! Need help to get it? 8
Altier Flash Back? 12
Assasins Sanctuary? 1
Assassin Tombs? 1
Assassin's Creed 2 Glyph Help? 7
Assassin's Creed II Horseplay race? Can't find it. 2
Assassins creed 2 need help reaching one of the feathers in Florance? 4
Assassins seals ? 7
Bleeding Effect Achievement? 1
Can someone please help me finish glyphs numbers 6 and 10? 2
Can you be Altiare in this or only Ezio? 9
Can you re-scan glyphs? 2
Church Catacombs - Swing help!? 2
Codex Map Puzzle? 5
Codex pages ezio has them all yet i need to get them all please help? 1
Codex wall finished, placed the egg of eden thing then nothing will happen. help? 9
Directions to the Sanctuary? 1
Do you get anything for 100% completion? 2
First infared glyph? 2
Forli - Avamposto Veneziano glyph? 1
Glyph # 14 and #17-19 anyone? 2
Glyph 5# Help? 4
Glyph location in Mercato Vecchio in Florence? 5
Glyph location list? 1
Glyph, Mythic Scean pictures. ? 1
Glyphs? 2
Hat trick number? 5
Help with "No-hitter" achievement? 1
How do I achieve "An Old Friend Returns" achievement? 2
How Do I Advance Jump? 4
How do I climb Santa Maria Glorisoa der Frari? 3
How do I climb up a specific tower in venice? 1
How do I get out of the Santa Maria Del Fiore? 1
How do I get the feathers map? 7
How do I get the No-Hitter Achievement? 12
How do i get the Perfect Harmony Achievement? 1
How do I get the Show your Colours achievement? 1
How do i get the sweeper achievement? 1
How do i open the memory 12 and 13 ?? 1
How do I solve (Codex Map puzzle)? 2
How do I solve (Codex Pages Map)? 1
How do I solve (Instrument of Power)? 2
How do I solve a glyph? 6
How do I solve capture the flag? 4
How do I solve glyph #11? 1
How do I solve Glyph #1? 3
How do I solve Glyph #3 ? 1
How do I solve Glyph #6? 1
How do I solve glyph 10's ring puzzle? 5
How do I solve glyph 13? 1
How do I solve glyph puzzle "The Bunker"? 3
How do I solve glyph puzzle "The Origin of Species"? 1
How do I solve henry ford glyphs? 3
How do I solve puzzle glyph "Synapses"? 1
How do I solve the "keep on seeking, you will find" puzzle? 1
How do I solve the assassination mission: Political Suicide? 9
How do I solve the codext board? 4
How do i solve the final glyph? 1
How do i solve the first pusszle of finding the truth? 2
How do I solve the Glyph Puzzle Hidden Codes? 1
How do I solve the glyph puzzle on the side of the San Giocomo in Venice? 2
How do I solve the glyph puzzle that does the timeline? 3
How do I solve the glyph puzzle that goes as follows...? 1
How do I solve the second password glyph? 1
How do I solve the solve the part of glyph 20 that has the saying nothing is true, everything is permitted? 1
How do I solve Torre del Diavolo glyph puzzle? 6
How do you get these 2 acheivements? 1
How the HELL do I get into the Impenetrable Castle after beating the game? 1
I cant find the Torre Dell 'Orologio? 3
I have all the codex pages but cant find leonardo? plz help 1
I need help getting all the Statue seals? 3
In the dream/vision/back flash of assassin's creed 1 how do i get up the stupid tower that Altair's target ran in to? 6
In their hands, the wise lean on great force? 3
Is it possible to go back and find the Glyphs after finishing the game? 2
Is there anyone who has a definite way to get to the San Marco Tomb WITHOUT Leo's Glider? 2
Keys? 11
Macho Man? 4
Memory Sequences 12 and 13? 14
Morse Code password glyph? 2
Need help finding the vault? 3
Need to find statues? 1
Peacekeeper-Assassination Contract Side Mission Help? 9
Rialto Bridge Glyph Location? 1
San Marco's Tomb? 1
Secret Loactions Please??? 2
Show your colors achievement? 2
Show your colors? 1
Subject 16 first glyph? 10
Sumerian. Me 23? 3
The Sweeper Achievement? 1
The Templar lairs and the fire icons? 8
Titans of Industry Glyph? 2
Totally confused about the glyph thing, what do I do? 3
Treasure boats in venice? 1
Victory lies in preparation? 3
Visitazione's secret D:? 1
What do I do when i've been to all six Assassins tombs? 2
Where are all the statuaettes in Monteriggioni? 3
Where did Leonardo went? 3
Where is codex page #8? 4
where is the glyph on the Torre del Diavolo? 1

Item Location Help Answers
21/22 Weapons? 1
8 Statues locations? 2
Altair Robe from Uplay? 1
Altair's Armor Help? 1
Altairs Robe? 7
Anymore Weapons? 1
Are there misable items? 1
Can I change my items? 1
Can i get back into assassin tombs to get feathers i left behind? 6
Can you change which weapon is your primary weapon? 1
Can you permanently get long (halberds) and two-handed (axe) weapons? 5
Codex Pages and Leonardo? 2
Codex pages? 1
Do i have to but anything out of the game inorder to get Altairs armor? 1
Do I have to buy the Flying Machine? 5
Do you need to be on live to use Uplay? 1
Feather Glitch/Messup? 4
FInal Glyph? 2
Finding White Tower Treasures? 1
For those who received the GameStop Code...? 4
How can I assassinate 2 guards at once with the dual hidden blades? 3
How can I remove the armor at the end of the game? 2
How can I switch back to the Armor of Altair's cape? 2
How come I can't get the treasure chest in the villa? 3
How do I equip the pistol/throwing knives? 3
How do I get Altair's Sword? 10
How do I get my weapon back? 3
How do I get my weapons back after you beat the game? 1
how do I get the auditore cape for assassins creed 2? 1
How do i get the portraits of ezio's targets to add value to my villa? 3
How do i switch between different swords I have bought? 3
How do I the last weapon? 1
How do I use the pistol? 1
How do I use...? 1
How do you assassinate 2 guards at the Same time??? 2
How do you get the two treasure chests in The Duomo? 1
How do you get to 3 treasure chests in Monteriggioni? 7
How does one acquire the alternate outfits? 3
How Many Feathers In Venice ? 2
I can't use my sword? 1
I have a question on altair's outfit, help? 1
I lost The Sword of Altair in the Battle with Dante, Can i get it back? 6
I'm missing Romagna's last database location. Where is it? 1
Is it possible to "discard" weapons? 2
Is there any way to get a bigger smoke bomb bag? 1
Is there anyway to find out what feather's i have already found? 2
Is this the actual item? 2
Key looted from dummy? 1
Mixing other armors with Altair's? 1
Monteriggioni Max Income Capacity at 59,999? 1
Please help! -- How do i solve the staute things to get altaire's armour ??? 1
Red health boxes? 1
Treasure in front of the Villa? 1
Use for poisoned blades? 5
Weapon change? 1
Weapon inventory? 1
What are the 2 models? 1
What are the best weapons and armour? 3
What are the feather locations? 1
What does the Auditore cape do? 2
What Hammer Am I Missing? 2
What is the point of the Auditore Cape? 2
What to do with all my florins in Assassins Creed 2 ? 3
What's the deal with that broom? 9
Where are these 3 items? 4
Where can I find a way to change capes? 1
Where can I find all of the feathers? 2
Where can I find Altairs Armour? 1
Where can I find an FAQ/Walktrough for the location of all the codex pages? 1
Where can I find great grandfathers treasure? 1
Where can I find Pistol? 1
Where can I find sand? 2
Where can I find Scoula Grande Di San Marco? 1
Where can I find the 4 philosophical codex pages I have 3 but can't find number 4? 4
Where can I find the Auditore Cape? 1
Where can I find the codexs in tuscany? 1
Where can I find the Glyph on Avamposto Veneziano in Romagna? 1
Where can I find the last weapon? 3
Where can I find the second mace? 2
Where can I find the six assassin tombs? 4
Where can I find the treasure at the villa, the one that looks like its under the viewpoint (maybe inside)? 1
Where can I find Wetland Ebony and Wetland Ivory dyes? 1
Where do I buy the last set of armor, after the metal set? 1
Where do you get new capes? I only have 2. 1
Where exactly is the Sanctuary? I cannot return to it. 1
Why can't I buy the throw sand skill? 1

Other Help Answers
"Doctor" achievement? 1
(SPOILER)!!!!!! what do you think about the ending? thoughts on game? 9
100% Completion? 1
A it overwhelmed with this ? 2
After looting all the treasure chests? 3
Altair Armor? 1
Altair's Armor? (Possible Spoiler) 5
Anyone know where i could find some maps to point out the feathers? 5
Art Connoisseur Achievement Mishap? 1
Assassin's creed 2 DLC extra achievements? 3
Assassin's creed 2? 1
Auditore crypt? 1
Auditore Villa Glyph help? 2
Banks? 1
Barcode on your villa? 1
Be brutally honest. please? 5
Bonus map? 2
Can anybody help when you hallucinate in the hideout and have to climb the tower as Altair? 1
Can anybody tell me if I can find the assassin's emblems by just going along with the story? 1
Can I go to the previous town for the 1st gylph? 1
Can you duel wield? 2
Can you keep the goldan mask after you beat the quests? 1
Can you not kill civilians after finishing? 3
Can you turn off the gore? 2
Change targets when locked on? 1
Code? 2
Connection much? 3
Day/Night cycle? 2
Do AC:II have subtitles? 3
Do i have to play the first one or can i just start this one? 1
Do the Assassin Tombs have to be opened in chronological order? 1
Does Assassin's Creed 2 have xbox live multiplayer? 1
Does locking on to a running target make you run faster? 1
Exclusive Content? 1
Feather problem? 1
First person? 1
glitch-like moments, What happens if i miss them? 1
HAHAHAHA!!? lol 1
Hard drive? 1
How bad is the is it? 3
How come there are still areas not availble when I finished the game? 2
How do i get 100% Completion on Assassins Creed 2? 1
How do I get my Altair armor back? 2
How do I go to the another side of Florence? 1
How do I throw Florins on the ground? 1
How do u get here!?!?! 1
how do you climb the Campanile di san marco near the basilica? 1
How does the extra level work when getting a pre-ordered copy? 2
How long does a hired group stay with you? 1
How many Glyphs are in each city? 1
How much space does it take to install to hdd? 2
I am trying to get the last assasins tomb ? 2
I can't get 100% completion? 3
I think i'm either stuck forever, or i don't know what to do, or even a little of both...What do i do? 2
in AC2 do you have to pay the theives to help you? 1
Information on pre-ordered game? 1
Is it before or after? 2
Is it possible to "miss" items? 1
Is it possible to exit the animus at anytime? 1
Is it random? 2
Is it true? 2
Is there a third Assassin's creed? 1
Is there an end to the assassination contracts? 2
Is there anything on this game that should be done or collect at a specific moment? 1
Is this a conincindence? 1
Is this game worth buying??? 2
Killing civilian's in Assassin's Creed 2? 1
Mercenaries,theives,hookers? 1
Missed fly swatter achievement? Can you get it later on in the game? 4
New Game+? 2
Once I get Altiar's armor, can I still use the regular assassin outfit? 1
Other Q&As state i should play and beat AC! so how long does it take to beat AC!? 2
Red Eye Symbols? 1
Rome DLC? 5
Secret Location DLC? 1
Sex scene? 1
Show your colours achievement? 1
subject 16s fifth glyph.. having to deal with the power they wielded CUT down there aenemies..?? 2
Sweeper Achievment? 1
That looting emblem? 4
This game rocks who ever dos't like it answer me back we need a chat? 3
This makes no sense? 1
Tip of the iceberg? 1
Town with most feathers? 2
Upoint's? 1
Venetian Cape? 1
Vitruvian Man Achievement/ Trophy Glitched? 1
Weapon? 2
What achievments get you avatar awards? 2
What are breakable objects? 1
What do i do when i see a pickpocket? 1
What does "nothing is true, everything is permitted" mean? 1
What does Ezio say after he assassinates someone? 1
What does Ezio say as the last rite? 4
What does the truth mean? "possible spoilers" 3
What happened to Rosa/Catalina? 1
What is a glyph and how do i solve them? 1
What is the "!" icon? 1
What is the truth? 1
What Should I do? 1
What's the deal with the pickpocket? 7
Whats the storyboard this time? 1
Where are some of my weapons? 1
Where can i find all of subject 16 glymphs? 1
Where do have to go? 3
Where is a good website w/ good assassins creed 2 info? 8
Where is it? 1
Where is San Giacomo Di Rialto? 1
Where is San Lorenzo? 1
Which is easier: AC or AC2 ? 2
Who are Borgia Courriers? 5
Worth buying? 1
[*SPOILERS*] achivement/game help please? 1

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