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Open Questions

Quest/Puzzle Help status answers
"Hat Trick" Glyph Puzzle. What now? Open 4
Ace Up My Sleeve problem? Open 3
Any tips on the Speedy Delivery Courier mission in Tuscany? Open 1
Assassin Tombs Treasures (All Chests?) Open 3
Assassins creed 2 Last Codex Page? Open 3
Can someone please help me? Open 1
Gilda Dei Ladri Di Venezia glyph? Open 2
Glyph #12 please? Open 2
Gylph for San Pietro Di Castello (the bunker)? Open 3
How do i climb up the inside of santa maria del fiore? Open 1
how do I get Show your colours? (possible spoilers) Open 8
How do I solve (truth#1? Open 1
How do I solve 16s first gypth tell by the name? Open 3
How do I solve a Tuscany Assasination Contract? Open 4
How do I solve glyph 7? Open 2
How do I solve glyph guardians? Open 2
How do I solve puzzle glyph "The Fourth Day"? Open 5
How do I solve subject 16 compare puzzle 10 pictures? Open 3
How do I solve the "synapsis" gliph?? Open 2
How do I solve the glyph '' with the power they cut done their enimes ? Open 1
How do I solve the glyph in Tuscany? Open 1
How do I solve the glyph in venice? Open 4
how do i solve the Santa Maria Assunta glyth? Open 2
How do i solve this glyph from assassin's creed 2?? Open 3
How do i solve this glyph? Open 1
How long is this game? Open 15
I can't get past the timed puzzles in the Auditore family crypt... Any suggestions? Open 3
Last 2 Codex pages nowhere? Open 1
Last Codex Page? Open 8
Left glyph? Open 2
Need help with Finding the last 3 puzzles? Open 1
Once I start a tomb, do I have to finish it? Open 1
Replay missions? Open 2
Sequence 13 port authority mission? help!!! Open 1
Templartextsadaptedbymr.smith? Open 5
The first glyph with the password entry, anyone can help? Open 3
Truth File 18 ? Open 2
Were is leonardo in venice? Open 5
What information is revealed when you decode all the Glyphs? Open 5
Where Can I Find Codex Page 4 On Sequence 14? Open 1
Where is the flying machine leo makes at? Open 8
Where is the San Pietro Di Castello? Open 1
Where's the entrance for the tomb in Santa Maria del Fiore? Open 1
Item Help status answers
Are all the chests needed for full sync? Open 3
Are there any avatar awards for AC:2? Open 2
Assassin's Creed II Horseplay race? Open 1
At the end of sequense 11 can u keep the guard armor? Open 1
Can anyone help me find the last 2 feathers I need??? Open 6
Can I unequip armor? Open 5
Can someone help me to know how doing a neck break ?? Open 8
Can you change the colour of Alteir's armour? Open 3
Can you get Altier's dagger? Open 7
Codex Page #7? Open 1
Codex wall? Open 4
Has anyone figured out a way to drop your equiped weapon? Open 5
How and when does one unlock the pistol and poisoned blade? Open 4
How can i find feathers and glyph ? Open 5
How can I get to the treasure chest on top of the towers in Florence? Open 1
How do I climb the viewpoint in the middle of Romagna, Forli? You can spoil me, I already finished. Open 1
How do i do a neck break ? Open 2
How do I find the statue of Neptune or Pluto? Open 1
How do i unlock costume seen in the dev diaries? Open 3
How do i use the key? Open 3
How do you take all your armour off? Open 2
How do you use the prostitutes? Open 5
How many feathers are there in venice? Open 3
In the video what is the stick and sword weapon and how do you get it ? Open 2
Once you purchase different robes can you change them anywhere without paying? Open 3
PS3 downloadable weapons for XBOX360? Open 1
Special Training Ring Weapon? Open 3
The feathers are missing? Open 1
Torre dell'orologio? Open 1
Were can you find a horse and cart on assasins creed 2 on the xbox ? Open 2
What are all the weapons ? Open 2
Where are the statuettes in Village Auditore? Open 2
Where are the unlocked weapons in the villa ? Open 1
Where can how can i find the altiar outfit? Open 4
Where can I find (villa statues)? Open 1
Where can I find codex page 4? Open 9
Where can I find hidden seals of legendary assasins? Open 1
Where can I find Leonardo at teh end of the game? Open 3
Where can I find leonardos flying machine? Open 3
Where can I find the final (#-14) codex page? Open 1
Where can I find the last codex page ? Open 1
Where can I find the last villa chest? Open 4
Where i can find the codex pages?? Open 1
Where is the glider scorl or secret pages or something help ? Open 1
Level Help status answers
All things come to those who wait. I cannot follow guy, I get caught , is it best on ground or roof - any tatics? Open 3
Can someone tell me what to do next at the Villa? I'm stuck... Open 5
Cannot pickup body: Bug? Open 3
how can i unlock Dorsoduro or Castello or Canneregio districts? Open 1
How do I acquire the treasure in Auditore Family Crypt? Open 1
How do I climb the viewpoint outside basilica di san marco? Open 2
How do I complete the Assassination Contract Peacekeepers? Open 1
How do I do Lorenzo's 4th Assassination Contract? Open 2
How do I get out of the assassin warehouse? Open 5
How do I get past Infrequent Flyer? Open 3
How do I get past no camping? Open 1
How do I get past sequence 11 the courier mission? Open 3
How do I get past the 'Home Invasion' level? Open 2
How do i get past the one assassins tomb with the tiles? Open 1
How do I get to the second big counterweight level in the catacombs? Open 1
How Do I take the courier's place? Open 5
How to get to the three extra secret locations? Open 1
I cant get past the trianing area??, Open 1
In CTF I need a path back to start? Open 1
Is the florence map supposed to remain uncompleted? Open 4
is there a way to unlock the primary memories so I can replay them after beating the game? Open 3
Messer sandman help? Open 3
Paola and blending in? Open 3
Sorry to trouble you, but if I could get some help finishing syncing my DNA sequence/timeline? Open 1
Spoilers Spoilers...Help? Open 2
Templair tomb? Open 1
Were are the 15 codex pages? Open 2
What are the answers to the san lorenzo glyph? Open 1
what do I do to pass the hideout level? Open 2
What do i need to do after sequence 10 completed?plz i really need help plz Open 6
What is the answer code to the one thats 139 and the answer choices are . .. l l.. ll ll. ll.. lll? Open 2
Why can't I get past "X marks the Spot" in Sequence 14? Open 1
Other Help status answers
(create your own question) How do I open the valt ? Open 1
(Flying machine)? Open 1
Achievements, why can't I see them in Gamespot? Open 2
After you beat the game? Open 2
After you get the truth? Open 2
Animus? Open 6
Answers for the first 3 glpys? Open 1
Anything special for all the viewpoints? Open 2
Are the crypts always accessible? (possible spoiler) Open 2
Are there going to be many weapons you carry on your person? Open 5
Areas unlockable by code? Open 2
Assassin creed book? Open 1
Assassin's Creed II E3 Demo? Open 2
Assassin's Safe house at the end of the game? Open 1
Assassinations? Open 4
Assassins Creed III - Brotherhood (?) Open 2
Auditore Villa? Open 1
Basilica Di San Marco RE-ENTRY?????? Open 1
Can I take off the assassin garb? Open 1
Can you buy new costumes for Ezio in Assassin's Creed 2, and if you can, what can you buy? Open 5
Can you find these other editions of Assassin's Creed 2? Open 1
Can you get in the door with bars behind the Villa Auditore? Open 2
Can you replay certain sequences or missions? Open 3
Can you still roam around after you beat the game? Open 4
Can you unlock any avatar items while playing?? Open 2
Codes hidden in pictures for glyph 4? Open 6
Decline an accepted assassination contract? Open 1
Does anyone understand the ending to this game? Open 1
End of game? Open 2
Gypth? Open 1
Has anyone noticed that there is morse code and letter substitution puzzles hidden in some of the pictures? Open 2
How do i disarm myself of my Sword and Knife? Open 1
How do i find the assassins sarcopgagus? Open 2
How do I get into the extra levels after I pre-order it? Open 1
How do I get the last outfit under the inventory section of the pause menue? Open 2
How do I throw sand in guards faces? Open 3
How do u bring da Codex pages 2 lenardo i cant in 2 his place? any know how?? Open 6
How do you download the soundtrack from the master assassin edition? Open 1
How do you get up the castle when you follow the target after you pass out? Open 2
How do you unlock the pistol? Open 4
How do you unlock the shipwrecked Templar lair? Open 2
How is theaccuracyof horses in the game in relation to horses of the time period? Open 1
How long is the main story? Open 2
How many feathers are there? Open 2
How many megabytes is the DLC for Assassin's Creed? Open 1
How the hell do u pass the beggining -bad spelling :P? Open 1
How to get Altair's Robes? [ Not armor ] Open 5
I cant get the last achivement? Open 3
I lost the sword of altiar? Open 2
If its a bad idea for multi-player on Xbox 360 Live. What sort of ideas would Ubisoft come up with? Open 3
In assassin's creed II how do u save? Open 3
In the game assassins creed 2 is there a way to take off the armor? Open 2
Is the DLC worth checking out? Open 2
Is the notoriety(wanted level) the same in AC2? Open 2
Is there any point/reward for completing all of the secondary memories? Open 2
Is there any way to go back to a previous memory? Open 1
Is there anywhere i can find the "dlc"codes? Open 1
Long sword after the training? Open 1
Missing database entries? Open 1
My clothes arent going back to assassin white? Open 6
New Assassin's Creed? Open 1
Playing the dlc? Open 1
ps3 VS xbox 360? Open 3
Question about Uplay & bonus material? Open 3
Rating? Open 2
Second Playthrough - all abilities/moves from the start? Open 2
Secret Locations? Open 2
T for Teen? Open 1
The Palazzo Medici? Open 1
Trade help? Open 1
Villa Income? Open 5
What age rating is it in the UK? Open 2
What are those? Open 1
What exactly is Uplay and does it offer anythng special and what r they? Open 3
What is the difference between black and wight edition? Open 3
What weapons have special attacks? Open 2
Where are statues? Open 3
Where are the templar lairs? Open 3
Where are those infected files? Open 2
Where do you find a game guide for ac2? Open 1
where do you find the glyph at Mercato Vecchio? Open 1
Where do you take the codexs??? Open 3
Where is my preorder code?!?! Open 2
Where or what website can I purchase Assassins Creed II Black edition? Open 3
Wheres the last viewpoint? Open 3
Why can't I run, climb or jump with Ezio? Open 1
Why did everything in the game that was supposed to be red turned into Green? Open 2

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