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How can I unlock the M1 Garand?

I've seen on the demo that if you go to you can get the M1 Garand. What is the actual requirement to get this weapon?

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RudeRudeBoy answered:

While the people answering are helping, none seem to have the correct information. Battlefield Heroes DOES NOT COUNT TOWARDS VETERAN AWARDS! ALSO THE GAME YOU ARE CURRENTLY PLAYING, Bad Company 2, DOES NOT COUNT TOWARDS IT'S OWN UNLOCKS! Hopefully that would be obvious to any of you.
This has been mentioned before by EA, no free battlefield product will activate veteran rewards, EVER. Also 1943 is not working at the moment for unlocking veteran awards. It's unknown if EA will fix this, as all the rewards that were going to be 1943 specific have become free with the limited edition. IGN has an article on their site where they speculate 1943 will never count towards unlocks, as EA doesn't consider it a full battlefield game..I don't know, I hope that's not true, but my other solutions are easy enough to get you what you need!
I have the M1, and achieved it by having both 360 battlefield games, Bad Company 1, and Modern Combat. Put them in and play one multiplayer game and it will be logged on EA's servers. Log into the website you mentioned and check your gamertag, if the games are listed, then congratulations, you've unlocked your rifle next time your play Bad Company 2.
In summation, if you want the rifle, put in one of the older battlefield discs that you've rented or borrowed from a friend and you're fine. Also you can register any and all of the old PC battlefield games, from 1942 all the way to the Battlefield 2 expansion packs to unlock the reward.
With so many games, you are bound to have a friend who will let you borrow the xbox games or register his old PC serial so you can start enjoying your new gun online!
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Trowbridge93 answered:

I believe you need to have downloaded Battlefield 1943
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TheVGamer answered:

You need to be somekinda battlefield veteran in order to have it.It means ( I think) that you have to have 1943 or something about 1943. Idk exactly.
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johnbonham1980 answered:

Well, the Garand isn't unlocking properly for a lot of people right now (probably due to the in-game "store" being down at the moment), but normally, you unlock it by registering at least 2 games on the Battlefield veteran website. Battlefield Heroes is free to play, and with that and BC2 this should be sufficient to unlock the weapon.

But at the moment nothing is working quiiiite like it should be.
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Sir_Pwnsaton answered:

Although RudeRudeBoy may have a LONG answer, he's wrong, you just have to get rank 1 at, by registering that you have played battlefield games, yes even the free ones, and you're golden.
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smoke_dog_4ever answered:

Before they took the page down from, there was a stats page that you could link to your gamertag which would not only show you your current online stats, but your veteran status as well. When I linked my gamertag to that website, it unlocked the M1 Garand for me. I'd tried linking games on the Veterans website unsuccessfully, tried some other suggestions about deleting the 360 cache and etc, but only when I linked my gamertag on that website did it actually unlock for me. As I said though, this was before they took that page down. Apparently the page was overloading the servers or something, so they temporarily disabled the stats page for players, but as soon as it becomes available again, I'd give that a shot. It worked for me!
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