Question from JJHigh

Asked: 4 years ago

Can you turn off the bad language?

I don't want to hear the cuss words.

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From: icelt 4 years ago

Yes you can. Go to the Options menu, select Audio and move the Dialogue slider all the way to the left. Of course this means you will not hear any of the team/enemy chatter, even the helpful stuff.

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I'm pretty sure you are stuck with it, as far as i'm aware there is no option to remove the bad language.

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Go to settings and change voice volume to 0

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It's not possible to turn the swearing off by itself. You *can* turn the subtitles off, and though that doesn't fix the problem, it eliminates a bit of it.

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there's no 'kid friendly' audio option- although if someone can't stand to/isnt allowed to hear cursing, they probably shouldnt be playing a game where you riddle people with bullet holes and run over players with tanks>? its a funny society we live in where T2 on cable tv has all the most violent scenes intact yet bleeps the word b-tch (i just saw it a few weeks ago)

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