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Asked: 4 years ago

How can I unlock the m1 Garand Bayonette?

I saw it at BBC2 page, it says special unlock.
I dont have the minor idea to how to unlock it.

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If you mean the actual bayonette, I don't believe it's actually been worked into the game yet.

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The Bayonette was cut out of the game.

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It was either cut from the game at last minute, it will be later DLC, or it was a glitch for you. For me, I don't see anything about the bayonette, but I think it would be cool dlc.

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Reach level 50 and get 5000 kills with the garand

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You have to be a "veteran" and have a veteran status to get the M1 Garand I currently have Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 3, and have the M1 Garand, so it was not cut from the game. nor is it a DLC, it is a veteran's Status deal

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I got 5,013 Kills with M1 Garand.
5,011 Kills with WWII M1A1 Thompson.
Platinum star with WWII M1911 .45
I am Level 50
Veteran 6

No bayonette !

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