Question from maxjay495

Asked: 4 years ago

Did I have to play Battlefield 1 to play the second?

I played the demo and I know there fighting the russians and thoose people tht get payed with gold bars.

Is there anythiny more i need to know from the 1 for this one?

Accepted Answer

From: cobra2006 4 years ago

That is basically it, but I would still play the story mode at least. Rent the game from BlockBusters or GameFly just for the story mode before playing the second. It is funny and good story. I don't think you should play the multiplayer though as they change the multiplayer a lot.

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It only helps to know who the characters are in the game and some of the story line. Thats about it. The first game is a lot funnier than this game.

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Part 1 is a great game. Lots of humor and tons of laughs. This is less humor and even more intense action. It helps to know the guys first, but not essential.

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It isnt essential but it helps withe getting to know the characters of the game

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