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Car Warfare pin?

I can not find out how in the world to get the combat pin can anyone help me plz?

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If you select the pin on the awards page it will tell you what requirement is necessary to earn it. I believe the one you are talking about requires you to get 4 or 5 roadkills with a car during a battle.

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"Cars" mean light vehicles

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The car warfare pin can be obtained by killing 4 people in a single round while in an ATV, humvee, or vodnik if you really want it without being rocket fodder I recommend sitting in the back of a parked ATV near an area with a lot of foot traffic and gun passerby down. It counts as car kills : )

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"Car" counts as a light vehicle such as the humvee or the russian cobra, or even the quad bike. I got mine by going on to a conquest game and getting on quads or if there aren't any a hummer/cobra and just running people over, so i got 2 badges for 4 kills :)

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Cars: Humvee, Cobra, ATV. Use them, kill from them, and a pin you shall receive. You can also get the "Wheels of Hazard" pin by running people over using ATVs, Humvees and Cobras.

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The EASY way, quit any squad, Get a car as sniper, in a secure place, and change your position and get some kills ... this counts to Car Warfare pin ....

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In order to get the Car Warfare Pin you need to kill 3 enemies in one round using Light Vehicles (road kills aren't necessary although they do count).

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