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Enemy/Boss Help status answers
Killing the sniper? Answered 6
Item Help status answers
?I got a vip code but dont have xbox live yet when i put it in do i get the modes and maps that are already out Open 2
After I unlock something how do I equip it? Answered 1
Any1 know all the sat locations? Answered 3
At what level a get de magnum ammo? Answered 4
Can the Hind gunship transport in multiplayer be armed with rockets? Open 3
Ceramic armor or mag amunition? Answered 3
Collectables and weapons? Answered 4
Different weapons? Answered 1
Does anyone know if or when there will be red dot and 4x scope for the m14? Answered 3
Does the repair tool still 'cooldown' when changed weapons? Answered 1
Does the spotting scope work with? Answered 1
Dog tags?? Answered 3
Dr.pepper promotion codes? Open 6
How a "motion mine assist" works in multiplayer? Answered 3
How can i get the flag defender pin? Answered 1
How can i get the M-com attacker pin? Open 2
How can I unlock the m1 Garand Bayonette? Open 6
How can I unlock the M1 Garand? Answered 6
How do i use my spec act guns? Answered 1
How do you get the rockets to track a tagged vehicle? Answered 2
How do you parachute out of a damaged helo? Answered 1
How do you recognise an M-Com Station? Answered 3
How does the advanced spotting scope work? Answered 5
How many gold stars i need to get a platinium star? Answered 1
How much ammo does the shoulder-mounted AT4 have? Answered 1
I don't know were to find my tracer darts can someone help me? Answered 1
If you use a defibrillator on a team mate, do they not get a death? Answered 1
Is the skin pack downlodable I dont drink dr.p? Open 2
Looking to find the collectable xm8 alternate area? Open 3
M14 VS M1 Who wins? Answered 1
M1A1 Thompson not awarding kills toward stars? Answered 7
machine gun on UAV? Answered 2
Mag Ammo? Answered 5
Marksman training only useful with iron sights? Answered 1
Multiplayer - Can you receive Distinuished Weapon Knowledge Insignia Award without being BF Veteran? Answered 2
Silver dog tags? Answered 3
SPECACT weapons? Open 5
Team comms - what options are there? Answered 6
The UAV? Answered 1
Vehicle motion sensor issues? Open 2
What aircraft can you fly? Answered 2
What are the firing controls for the UAV? Answered 1
What are the levels where can I find the XM8 w/out scope? Answered 1
What Counts As A Light Machine Gun? Answered 1
What counts as a sub-machine gun in campaign? Answered 1
What does the 12x zoom do on your sniper rifle? Answered 4
what dose it mean by SPECACT? Answered 3
When do AT Mines dissapear in multiplayer? Answered 2
When will The bayonet be put in the game? Answered 2
Where can I find demolition kill totals? Open 1
Where can I find M95S sniper rifle in campaine? Answered 1
Where can I find or how do I use UAV? Answered 1
Where can I find the helicopter? Answered 1
Where can I find the SCAR - LS in the campaign? Open 1
Where can i find the xm8? Answered 1
Where can I find these guns? Open 1
Where can you find the T88 S-R in campaign? Open 2
Where do i find the USAS-12S in single player campaign? Answered 3
Which rocket launcher does the most damage? Answered 2
Why didnt i get the m1 garand? Answered 1
Why won't 12 gauge slugs work? Answered 1
Plot Help status answers
Humor??? Answered 5
Strategy Help status answers
Best Sub-Machine gun? Answered 12
Best way of getting 20 demolition 2.0 kills? Answered 2
Boosting? Answered 5
E Tu Brute partner? Open 2
Flying helicopters? Open 2
Getting revived with a different class? Answered 2
Getting Roadkills? Answered 1
Getting the "Knife 5 friends" achievement? Answered 7
Head shots compaired to marksman headshots? Answered 1
How do i get my tracer dart to work? Answered 3
How do you "spot" an enemy? Answered 4
How do you Fire the AT4? Answered 1
How do you get the Eh tuh, Brute achivment? Answered 3
How do you heal after a medic drops a first aid kit? Answered 3
How do you Parachute in the Demo?? Answered 1
How does Conquest work? Answered 1
How does using a tracer dart assist you in destroying other vehicles? Answered 2
How exactly does health work? Answered 1
How to properly play this game with out wanting to shoot myself in the face? Answered 4
In multiplayer, does you player pull out a parachute automatically? Answered 1
Onslaught Experience? Answered 1
Tracer Darts and the Attack Helo? Answered 3
What are the SPECACT achievements? Answered 2
What is most fun? Answered 5
What is the best strategy for the "Demolition Man" achievement? Answered 2
What is the best strategy for the UH-60 Blackhawk? Answered 1
What is the best way to gain fast gun exp? Answered 1
What is the best way to take down a helicopter? (online) Answered 1
What is the tactical value of the flares in a chopper? Answered 1
Wheels of hazzard pin any tips?? Open 2
Other Help status answers
A lot of swearing in Bad Company 2? Answered 2
Any good team players wanting to play BF:BC2 on Xbox 360? Answered 1
Are the VIP map packs included on disc? Answered 1
At the Battlefield Bad Company 2 website, how do you link yoru gamertag to it? Open 2
Buy or rent? Answered 4
Campaign easter eggs??? Open 4
Can i explore more in the campaign??? Open 1
Can I play CO-OP on the same console on xbox live? Open 2
Can you edit out the blood/bad words in this game? Open 2
Can you go prone? Answered 6
Can you set up a private xbox live game? Answered 4
Can you turn off the bad language? Answered 5
Can you unlock online achievements in private matches? Answered 1
Can you use Microsoft controller? Open 1
can't download Bad company 1? Answered 1
Can't download MP6? Answered 1
Car Warfare pin? Open 8
Conquest Mode help? Answered 2
Control Settings? Answered 2
Did I have to play Battlefield 1 to play the second? Answered 4
Do you need 2 XBOX live profiles for Onslaught mode? Open 2
Does anyone know? Answered 1
Does it add on to the 1st one? Answered 2
Does Magnum Ammo + Semi Auto Sniper = OHK Headshot? Answered 4
Does proficiency with a gun increase its stats? Answered 2
Does quitting penalize? Open 2
Does the Light Weight pack decrease your ammo count? LW Answered 4
does this game (BBC2) have a content filter? Answered 5
Does this have online splitscreen? Answered 1
Equip red dot sight with the engineer class? Open 2
Flag Defender Pin? Answered 2
Gameplay trend? Open 1
Helicopter Controls? Answered 1
Help plz? Answered 1
Highest Multiplayer level? Answered 1
How can I view my stats online? Answered 2
How do i get magnum ammo im rank 14 but i dont have it? plz help. Answered 1
How do I get the Thompson? Open 4
How do i increase sensitivity past 100%? Open 1
How do you create a clan on the Xbox 360 version? Open 2
How do you get a platinum star, online? Answered 4
How do you get squad member pin? Open 1
How do you get the beta for ps3? Open 1
How do you get the Dr pepper cammo for this game?? it was a march 18th thing and its still not unlocked or something ... Answered 1
How do you remove your clan tag? Answered 4
How do you turn up the mic volume for your squadmates on Battlefield Bad Company 2? Open 1
How do you unlock the ceramic armor in the online game play? Open 3
How long is the story mode? Open 2
How to get the SPECACT achievements? Answered 5
How to save game on XBox 360 and start and saved game? Open 1
How to unlock M1 Garand? (Edit) Open 2
I can't get veteran status!? Open 1
I don get it? Answered 1
I got the engineers first thing to unlock, the one to fix tanks, etc. How do I use it? Answered 1
I have just bought the Kit Shortcut Bundle Pack for 1600MP. Do I have brain damage? Open 4
If I pick up an enemy kit, do I still get points towards that class? Answered 2
If you're under 18 by account and age when you make an EA account will i be able to play online multiplayer games? Open 1
Is the 9.99 download in the online store for the muli player or single player.? Open 2
Is the Limited Edition worth buying Yes ro No and why ? Open 3
Is there a co-op mood? Answered 8
Is there a mode where? Answered 1
Is there a? Answered 1
Is this game worth getting? Answered 13
Meeting new people ? Open 2
My stats are gone?HELP! Open 2
Offline Splitcreen Multiplayer? Answered 1
Ok,I want to get a shooting game but I want to see which is best? Answered 7
On Xbox 360, can I reconfigure controler to COD style? Open 1
Online Multiplayer 2-24 ? Answered 1
Platinum stars? Answered 7
Post-Dr. Pepper DLC availability? Answered 1
Questions about the 1.04 patch? Open 1
Skull and crossbones? Answered 1
Someone plz clarify this!!? Answered 1
Split Screen? Answered 2
Splitscreen? Answered 3
Sportsmanship? Answered 3
Squad Rush? Open 1
The game told me my skill level reset (huh?) Open 1
Unique Dog Tags? Answered 1
What are the numbers next to the names on the scoreboard? Answered 1
What are the stars next to your killer's gun when you are killed in multiplayer? Answered 3
What determines your skill level? Answered 5
What does the star mean next to your gamertag in the squad section on the play with friends screen??? Answered 1
What exactly does marksman training do? Answered 1
What Gets Carried over? Answered 1
What is 'SA'? Answered 1
What is considered to be a sub machine gun in the game? Answered 1
What is it going to be rated? Answered 8
What is SPM? Answered 1
What is the best weapon in the game? Open 1
What is the difference between this game and mw2? Answered 2
What is the song that plays after the mission "Airborne"? (spoilers) Answered 1
What is veteren mode? Answered 1
What multiplayer map has the most cars? Answered 1
What r they? Answered 1
What should I do? Answered 2
Whats a marksman headshot? Answered 7
Where do you enter the code given on back of my receipt? Answered 2
Which spec slots do ceramic body armor and magnum ammo use? Answered 1
Why can't you play Squad Rush? Open 1
Why do the blue triangle team mate indicator often disappear on me in the UAV? Open 1
Why does my bfbc2 freeze right after the title screen? Open 1
Why was Battlefield Bad Company 2 rated M? and BFBC1 Was rated T? Answered 1

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