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War Horse?

Once you download the horse where do you go to get it? Is it just somewhere in the wild or is there somewhere specific I can catch him? Or will he come to me...

fullmetal1116 asked for clarification:

Where did you get the code for the warhorse? I preordered with besttbuy but I never got the code, the cashier mentioned the preorder box but i didnt find anything inside unless its the numbers on the back of the box for Xbox360 and ps3.

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0oSylpho0 answered:

After input the code look in your inventory and you will have a deed for your Warhorse just select the deed and use it, then whistle and your Warhorse should come to you.
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abuckfiddy answered:

If he is your assigned horse you should be able to whistle and he will come.
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skytwin answered:

I found my pre-order card in the box, on a postcard. It was underneith the map.
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Gomike720 answered:

I honestly don't know i got my randomly in my box from bestbuy i didnt preoreder it either mabye I just got lucky?
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