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Save hangman?

Has anyone else receive the random stranger quest, where you need to save a hanging person? How do you save the person? I try to shoot him down, maybe i have bad aim, but it doesn't happen. If you run up to the person you cant do anything.
So whats the deal?

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mentalsplatter answered:

Go into Dead Eye, and shoot the rope, the timer starts once the horse is spooked n' runs away, you have about 4-5 seconds (very rough guess), Usually you want to shoot them down b/f you kill the guys hanging him/her/it, b/c once the guns start poppin, the horse holding the victim starts running. Usually a long gun (rifle) is better b/c you get a bit more of a zoom from a distance, makes hitting that dental floss just a bit easier (try aiming right above the vic's head).
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Zoot_Suit_Jedi answered:

Shoot the rope. That worked for me.
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adambell answered:

I shot the rope (no Deadeye) from about 40 yards away... Guess I have good aim. Took about 3-4 shots before he dropped--he swings around a bit. Then I killed the bandits. Use the repeater carbine (duh).
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megastarnin answered:

Step 1. use dead eye to hit the 2 kidnapers with a headshot
step 2.use dead eye again to hit the rope take ur time
step 3. get ur reward
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pyro_fighter_3 answered:

Use the Repeater Carbine. Go into dead eye and hit the rope first. Then you can take out the kidnappers however you want. If you have progressed far enough into the story to have the second stage of dead eye it will make hitting the rope (and everything else around) a lot easier
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Deticui answered:

it becomes a lot easier after


the snake oil scam quest, "You Shall Not Give False Testimony, Except for Profit"

When you finish this quest your dead-eye will be able to mark targets with a small X (autoaim), and one of those targets can be the hanging rope, which makes things easier.
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