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How do u unlock the buffalo rifle?


torwolf asked for clarification:

in MP or single player?

Sarge8888 asked for clarification:

Id like to know this aswell

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mattinavat answered:

Reach level 5 hunter and then buy the gun in Armadillo.

Level 5 hunter requires you kill two cougars with your knife. Go to the spot on the map North of McFarlane Ranch with the picture of a boar on the map. Set up camp. Then just load and see what animals spawn - usually it will be wolves, boars, or cougars. Reload until you get cougars. To kill a cougar w/ your knife shoot it once in the body with the six shooter - then you can usually kill it with only one knife stroke.

Keep in mind that even after you get the Buffalo rifle, if you get it early, ammo is very very scarce.
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mpython99 answered:

Its for sale at any Gunsmith shop when you become a level five Master Hunter.
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colemanmarkd answered:

for level 5 hunter, you need to kill two cougars with the knife. easiest way is north east of the mcfarlane ranch. take the cougars one at a time. If two or three appear at once, gun down all but one and then knife it. Trying to knife two or more at once is suicide. you can then buy the gun in armadillo for about $350 or $450.
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