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Master Hunter Rank 9?

How do i find khan the jaguar i'm in ojo del diablos and have been riding around for the last half hour where it shows him on the map?

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tsylus answered:

I'm guessing you're looking around the base of the arch like I did, he's actually to the west of that. One the map, you can see a small inlet in the wall. When you're in the right area, the game will notify you that you found him and a red dot will appear on your mini map - then he will come to kill you! Unless you get him first :)

....................| <road
inlet> ----__---.....0***0 <Ojo del Diablos
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uba_mtz answered:

Use bait in Campo Mirada
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blue_devil_99 answered:

I stood directly under the Ojo Del Diablo and used bait. Khan showed up a few moments later.
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edmullins73 answered:

As with all "Legendary Animal" hunter challenges, you have to go to the area and start killing whatever animal type you are looking for. If you're hunting Khan the legendary cougar/jaguar, you start killing cougars. If you're hunting the legendary bear, you kill bears. After you have killed so many, the legendary animal will show up (it will show as a red skull on your mini-map too). I haven't tried to bait them as the others suggested, but this is how I found all of the legends. Also, the legendary animals look different than all the regular animals. Hope this helps.
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Sasquatch8080 answered:

I dI just got close to him, received a message that I had found him and he appeared as a red dot on the mini-map.
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jhaddock11490 answered:

tsylus is correct. - Nice drawing btw, totally understandable. :)


That is only for the multiplayer challenges. not single player, besides multiplayer challenges only go to rank 5.
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sjfletch answered:

I just stuck around the areas for a while and they showed up. And with the bear i just made a few trips up to where he is and he charged me outof his cave.
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AppleJeZus answered:

There is a cabin somewhere in the snow, go to the cabin, and you will find a butt load of cougars, start killing, wait for more, reapeatedly and eventually Khan will come :D
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Sno79 answered:

edmuns, thats only online, single player there is only the one animal. Apple again thats online
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dudebot12345678 answered:

You can use bait around Ojo Del Diablo.
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djuar05 answered:

When you arrive to Ojo de Diablo go to the west of the road, there is a camp ground there with like a crashed wagon you will see wheels just stand there for a bit and Khan will appear, just be patient
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HunterzMasterz9 answered:

The best way to get it is you must go to Ojo de Diablo ''AT NIGHT'' and just go around and wait until you see it (note: many people say that this challenge can only do on online only, but not it can do on offline because i've complete the rank 10 of master hunter challenge)
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bigabd001 answered:

I've played through the game twice. both times, I turned up under the rock arch, killed a couple of wolves, khan appears while i'm skinning them. Got killed once, so be carefull!
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aldav77 answered:

Easy, did Master Hunter, Survivalist and Sharpshooter levels 1-10 today. All withing a few hours, no problem :)
Take plenty of Snake Oil and/or Chewing Tobacco, use the 22 shot rifle (Henry Repeater), and take plenty of Health just incase.
I did Levels 8, 9 and 10 in less than 10 minutes.

1) ride out of town fully equipped.
2) Open map and set waypint as shown in the maps on the link. (set in in the centre of the circle on the map)
3) Camp and save and/or travel to waypoint.
4) After loading you should appear almost right in fromt of the 'Legendary' animal you are looking for. You shouldn't need bait or anything. STAY ON YOUR HORSE!!
5) Locate target (red blip)
6) Go into Dead Eye
7) Unload 22 shots into the sucker..
8) Skin it and leave.

I also have a great tactic for killing the bear with a knife.
1) save at the camp in the woods with the cabin and general store.
2) make sure its night and run outside and turn left
3) follow th road
4) just outside the camp (on the road after the last white tent on the left), Use bait.
5) Run back towards camp
6) stand and wait
7) when the bear comes shoot it once in dead eye with a medium strength pistol, then press pause and got to >weapon>kife>use now (this instantly selects your knife)
8) Slash the bear to pieces
9) SKin it!!
10) the best part is that you are only about 100 yds from a save point lol :)

Happy hunting!
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aldav77 answered:


sorry forgot to post
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