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I keep on hearing theres nudity in red dead redemption. Is that true and what does it show seriously?

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There was a scene where a man was hanged naked. That's all I've seen so far.

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Yes a guy is having sex with a woman later on and it shows everything except her genitals but it does show her bush.

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Irish grabbing a horse's ballsack...ew

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Theres a mission you havta do in Mexico for Reyes, its the one where you finally capture Escuella(or however you spell it.:P) When you go to meet with Reyes in his house hes having sex with a girl.

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yes there is some nudity in RDR. The only nudity in xbox and ps3 versions are the same. One scene there man hanging from the inside of a barn. The other scene there is a guy named Reyes having sex with a girl but the only nudity in that scene is bare breast. That is the only nudity in RDR. There are prostitutes sometimes reaching for John, but he always denies it because he is faithfully married.

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I also forgot to mention that the man in the barn, the only nudity there is that his butt is showing and his genitals were cut off when he was murdered

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zeon-jehuty...will you elaborate pleZ?

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