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Can anyone teach me how to play poker?

I need help.

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Akaji answered:

First off, you should probably be more specific about what part of Poker you don't understand. Secondly, take a look at the list of Poker hands and memorize them: (these are in descending order; the topmost hand is the best one, while the lowest is the worst).

The type of Poker that is played in RDR is called "Texas Hold 'Em" and consists of a 'hand' of two cards, and 5 cards played on the table in succession (first, the flop - 3 cards; then, the turn - 1 card; finally, the river - 1 final card). At the end of each round, you will have 7 cards to play with (the 2 in your hand, and the 5 shared cards on the table); everyone you are playing against will be using the same 5 face-up cards on the table, so make sure to take that into account when evaluating your hand against theirs!

After dealing, and after each time cards are played on the table, betting commences. If anyone 'raises' the bet, everyone else must either match or exceed the bet (thereby raising it further) or fold (give up on the hand). Whoever wins the hand will get all of the money bet on that hand (the 'pot'); if two or more players tie on that hand, they will split the winnings.

As with all types of Poker, a knowledge of statistical probabilities for hands is helpful in order to inform you on how much you may want to bet. See Wikipedia's article on Texas Hold 'Em for a list of probabilities ( ). You also can 'bluff' (pretend that your hand is better than it is, and bet higher than someone with your hand normally would). When you do have a good hand, take care not to raise too quickly - if you throw in a large number of chips, you may scare your opponents off. However, if you slowly raise the pot then your opponents are more likely to match your raises.
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