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Where are all the locations of the Survivalist herbs?

Need help finding all the herbs locations.

ljn08 provided additional details:

thanks for the help guys. i should have been more specific. i had to find the herbs (Survivalist II Rank 6) again which does not list the herbs locations again. but by good memory i managed to find them, and that challenge is all done. again thanks for the help everyone!!

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traylord answered:

It tells you which county to find them in, in the journal.
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Macsngr22 answered:

I have had good luck by doing this: 1) go to the county your journal lists for the item you are searching for. 2) Wait until it gets dark and ride out on your horse. 3) Look for little flashing white dots near the ground. I don't know if this is on purpose or it is a glitch, but when you head towards these you will find the herbs. Note these dots are very small and can be hard to spot until you know what you are looking for.
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PhilR1 answered:

As mentioned earlier, just look at your journal for each entry and it will tell you the area to go to. Once you get to your area of choice, use the survival map. You can purchase these in some of the stores. You press the back button and select the survival map from there.

Once you use the map, it will make it much easier to find herbs. Instead of having to be right next to herbs for them to appear on your mini map, they appear much more quickly, as soon as they are in range of your mini map.

The survival map lasts for 20 minutes giving you ample time to search the area and get enough herbs.

Good luck!
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