Question from mistergone

Asked: 4 years ago

Where's the best spot to find actual armadillos?

I've got a hunting challenge where I need to get a few armadillos, and I'm having a dang hard time finding them now. I used to run into them fairly frequently in the deserts west of the city Armadillo, but now it just seems like they've up and vanished. Any help as to another spot to track these beasties down?

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From: Oliv3rKlosauf 4 years ago

They are mainly on the south side of the river. Head down to Chuparosa or Escalera and you will find quite a few right outside of those towns

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I found a lot a near hangman rock, north of the town :P

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On the elevated portions of gaptooth ridge is a great spot. Watch out for cougars though.

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Around armadillo

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They can be found all over the map. I have seen them down in Mexico. Search around Armadillo, I see them all the time there.

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They're common in mexico.

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listen for their distinctive shriek. It's much easier than visually scanning for them.

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