Question from Lankz87

Where can I find Obscuridad del Santo Andres?

Cant find it anywhere

The-Bulldozer asked for clarification:

Can you get it if you're playing as Jack? Or only John?

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ucrazyfool answered:

you cant find it, it's given to you randomnly from a nun once you've done enough good deeds. i got it fairly early in the game, walking through Armadillo i spotted her and she gives it you as a gift
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SuperPlinko answered:

Just like ucrazyfool said, as long as you've been doing good youll get it. I got mine just walking around in McFarlanes Ranch, I think the nun finds you no matter where you go as long as your honor/fame is high enough
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Mechaflash45 answered:

You can also easily find it in Mexico after the "I Know You" stranger quest that involves donating to the nuns as you will most likely see nuns around the convent.
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Shinquai answered:

ucrazyfool is spot on the money... I never got it at all in my first playthrough, much like the California Stranger mission, but with enough Honour (and probably Fame) I had a Nun approach me between Armadillo and McFarlanes before I had even thought about the assault on Fort Mercer...
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gamemastah09 answered:

@ The-Bulldozer I was playing as Jack and I got it.
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