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How do I rob a train/bank?

I've gotten on board but I can't find a safe outside the one in that story mission on the train in mexico? It was a pretty good mechanic to use only once in the game. Can't find one in banks either.

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FoamyDeath answered:

Most sherrif stations have safes in, there are one or two banks in the main towns. You will get an instant wanted level for going in the back of the banks though. Dont try to rob people that have guns as most will just shoot you :P........also just to add.....robbing the banks/sherrif stations only net around 150 dollars, its much more profitable just do go out killing and skinning
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michaelkenneth answered:

I find a safe outside the mission.. I forgot it's on the boannie 's ranch or in armadillo,.. i tink its on the ranch.. N THE sheriff office.. unlock it, got a couple of money and the marshal shoot at me,. But I manage to get out and run..(wit horse)
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CyberneticRat answered:

Someone mentioned that you can rob people by pointing your gun at them at point blank and pressing Y. And there's a screenshot of a John Marston with a bandanna pointing a gun at a person who is unlocking a safe. Someone also mentioned you can kill the train engineer to stop the train and then robbing everyone on it by the above method. (Point gun, press Y)
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michaelkenneth answered:

Sorry bout the wrong info up there.. i found a safe on the bank of armadillo..
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hdcool09 answered:

If you need cash just go kill the animals and skin them take them back to store and sell them
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