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(SPOILER!!!) Can you kill the two agents at the last level?

In the last level, ( The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed ) just after coming out of the barn, and just before getting shot down, can you use that one deadeye moment to take down those two agents down with you? I hate how they still live, and i dont want to try the level ten times to see. ( i suck in deadeye )

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Jacknt123 answered:

You cannot, but after the last mission there is a side mission. You are playing the role of Jack (John's son) and you can finally avenge your father's death by beating Edgar Ross in a duel.
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Shotgunnova answered:

As far as I know, you cannot. Being able to would change the ending and ruin the avenging-son catharsis of "Remember My Family" later on.
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