Question from rainman50

Bounty location not showing up on map?

I collected a wanted poster before I started a new mission at MacFarlane's ranch. I completed the mission but now the red skull does not show on my map. Will the poster or red skull come back or did I miss out on this bounty?

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whiteboygene answered:

The bounty poster will come back. Just go into McFarlane's ranch and save, wait until the next morning and an NPC should tack up a new poster.
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FoamyDeath answered:

I had this happen to me when i went of to do something before hunting down a bounty, if you can remember and go to where he was suppose to be on the map he will still be there to claim
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aaron_768 answered:

Most of the bounty posters I did were randomly generated so if you stick around for about 2-3 mins another one is posted, I will say this though if your going for 100% completion you need to pick posters up from different areas (3 mexico cities that post them) or you wont get bounty progress.
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