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What are the strongest guns in the game?

Hey guys,

I was just wondering if anyone knew what the strongest weapons in the game are for Pistols, Rifles, and Shotguns?

I have the new tech pistols and the old ones but i'm wondering here... Do the new weapons you buy necessarily mean they are better? experts please lend me a hand

thanks =)

casualee123 provided additional details:

How do I know if I had bought a legendary item from the blackwater store? Cause i'm pretty sure I have bought all the weapons there already

casualee123 provided additional details:

Thanks you guys, you've been a lot of help! but so basically this is a matter of preference and how you want to play rather than a certain gun dominates lol


RKLS answered:

Best pistol = High power pistol
Best rifle = Buffalo rifle
Best shotgun = Semi auto shotgun
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BobKaare_ answered:

Best is a subjective term. I find that the Mauser Pistol is better than the High Power Pistol, and the Buffalo Rifle only holds one shot at a time, so its pretty useless in combat; the Bolt Action Rifle is way better. Evan's Repeater is probably the best repeater, if only for the fact that it holds a whopping 22 rounds per clip. The "legendary" weapons sold by the gunsmith in Blackwater is pretty much the best weapons in their respective categories.
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senorcolin answered:

In terms of power its
Pistol-High Power Pistol
Rifle- Buffalo rifle
Shotgun-semi auto shotgun.

But in my opinion the best guns are
Pistol-Mauser (huge 15 round clip)
Rifle-Evans repeater ( huge clip)
Shotgun- Semi Auto shotty
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brendole answered:

It depends on what you want, power wise it goes
Pistol- High powered pistol (Mission) Rare
Revolver- LeMat revolver (Escerlara gunstore) Rare
Shotgun- Semi-auto shotgun (Escerlara gunstore) Rare
Rifle- Buffalo rifle (Master hunter rank 5)
Repeater- Evens repeater (Blackwater gunstore)Rare
Sniper- Carcano rifle (Blackwater gunstore)Rare
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bryce_speed answered:

OK the evens has a bigger clip but the henry does much more damage.
the henry has a good clip size too and more power. you get the henry during agang hideout.
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phyrton answered:

I really prefer henry, becouse it's the most powerfull repeater, and have enough bullets ! but i will try the evans repeater to see if its good.
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Ganso2112 answered:

Pistol: High Power Pistol
Rifle: Buffalo Rifle/ Evans Repeater
Shotgun: Semi-auto Shotgun
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81Chevette answered:

The Henry is crap IMO. The Evans shoots so much faster that the tiny bit of extra power the Henry gives you is wasted. If you want more power, the bolt-action rifle is nearly as fast as the Henry and is more powerful. For that matter, for firing from cover the Buffalo rifle is good.
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some_guy4835 answered:

It mostly depends on what you are doing
Hunting bears/buffalo-buffalo rifle or simi shotgun
hunting other animals-mouser pistol/evans repeater/high power pistol
hit an runs-dynamite, evans repeater, mouser pistol, double barrel shotgun
cover-any repeater and le-mat revolver, and fire bottles
Thats about it
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CountDread answered:

I'm sure you've beat the game numerous times but I will bite. I believe the best gun is the gun you like using. I love the rifles in this game. First time I beat it I used the Winchester because I'm a huge fan of that rifle.

I beat the game the second time using only the cattlemans revolver. Challenging but fun. Don't ever rush through a game. Explore everything and use what you like. Good luck.
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Slink_Bradshaw answered:

most powerful weapons are: rifles (1) Buffalo (2) Bolt- Action (3) Carcano and Rolling Block sniper rifles: pistols (1) High Power (2) Mauser (3) Lemat (4) Semi Automatic (5) Volcanic (6) Double- Action Revolver (7) Schofield: and ovbiously the Semi- Auto Shotgun will blow anything away!! Semi- Auto Shotgun is so powerful that when you shoot little critters and birds, they will disappear and you wont be able to pick them up as items lol
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