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How to get 100% complete??

To get 100% completion do you have to fill the bar honor up.


H16HP01N7 answered:

Storyline Missions - 57.0%

Rare Weapons- 2.5%
Acquire the following:
LeMat Revolver, Mauser Pistol, Evans Repeater, Semi-auto Shotgun, Carcano Rifle

Outfits - 4.5%
Acquire the following:
U.S. Army Outfit, U.S. Marshal Outfit, Elegant Suit, Rancher Outfit, Poncho Outfit, Bollard Twins Outfit, Treasure Hunter Outfit, Bandito Outfit, Reyes' Rebel Outfit, Legend of the West Outfit

Jobs - 2.5%
Complete the following at least once:
Horsebreaking (Ridgewood Farm, Chuparosa),
Night watch (MacFarlane's Ranch, Chuparosa, Blackwater)

Safehouses - 2.0%
Buy the following properties:
New Austin (MacFarlane's Ranch Safehouse, Armadillo Safehouse, Rathskeller Fork
Thieves' Landing),
Nuevo Paraiso (Irish's Shack, Escalera, Chuparosa, Casa Madrugada, El Matadero),
West Elizabeth (Blackwater, Manzanita Post, Beecher's Hope (John's room), Beecher's Hope (Jack's room))

Gang Hideouts - 3.5%
Clear out the following:
Pike's Basin, Twin Rocks, Tumbleweed, Gaptooth Breach, Tesoro Azul, Nosalida, Fort Mercer

Singleplayer Challenges - 8.0%
Complete all levels of the following:
Sharpshooter Challenges, Survivalist Challenges, Master Hunter Challenges, Treasure Hunter Challenges

Bounty Locations -2.0%
Capture/Kill Bounties at the following locations:
New Austin (The Hanging Rock, Rattlesnake Hollow, Mercer Station, Rio del Lobo, Silent Stead, Repentance Rock, Brittlebrush Trawl, Mescalero),
Nuevo Paraiso (Plata Grande, Sepulcro, Barranca, Ojo del Diablo, Rancho Polvo, Primera Quebrada, Laguna Borrego, Hendidura Grande),
West Elizabeth (Aurora Basin, Bearclaw Camp, Nekoti Rock, Tanner's Reach)

Strangers - 9.0%
Complete each of the following:
American Appetites, American Lobbyist, Aztec Gold, California, Deadalus and Son, Eva in Peril, Flowers for a Lady, Funny Man, Jenny's Faith, Let No Man Put Asunder, Lights, Camera, Action, Love is the Opiate, Poppycok, The Prohibitionist, Remember My Family, Water and Honesty, Who Are You to Judge?, The Wronged Woman

Minigames - 3.0%
Win each of the following games at least once:
Five Finger Fillet, Arm Wrestling, Blackjack, Liar's Dice, Poker, Horseshoes

Locations - 6.0%
There are 94 Locations to find over the entire map, for a list of each location and where to find it, see the following link

Total = 100.00%
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