Question from madd_dd

Asked: 4 years ago

US army uniform??

I did everything i had to do to get this uniform......and the 6th scrap can be bought at the tailor in blackwater but it still says that its not available..Is this a glitch? And if yes can i say stupid s**t.

Additional details - 4 years ago

I think i have maybe 2 more quest to do for agent Ross but there could be another caracter i have to do quest for (I did all the quests for the junkie scientist....dont remember is name but I tought this was a cool carater anyway.....seemed like a nice guy....for a junkie)

Ok so I'll finish the game and see then. Thank you!

Accepted Answer

From: tristan_palmer 4 years ago

You have to have completed a certain storyline mission to unlock it, I can't remember exactly which but I know it's near the end of the game, possibly even after you've completed the entire campaign.

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