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Sharpshooter level 10?

What is the best way to disarm 6 people without reloading or changing weapons?

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GarrettTheHung answered:

I stocked up on whatever dead-eye restoring items I could find. I then chose a gun that's not too powerful but has a large clip (Evan's Repeater is nice). I used all rounds except for a single clip - That way I couldn't reload (If you reload, you lose the progress with the challenge). Then head over to Thieves Landing. Find a character and enter dead eye, and shot the character's gun once they grab it (Not the hand, or arm). Then move onto another character and repeat.

(Be aware that if you have ammo to reload, and enter dead eye, the game will reload for you, ruining the challenge. Be sure you use all but ONE CLIP)
(Also be aware that if you use a gun that's too powerful, you could kill the person...)
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rbertellotti answered:

I agree with GarrettTheHung's strategy 100%. I'll just add the following suggestions:

1. Location - Gaptooth Breach gand hideout as you walk into the mine and encounter enemies

2. You don't need to empty your ammo to a single clip as long as you keep your gun drawn the ENTIRE time. In other words, do not let go of the LT button. This prevents you from reloading.

3. Mauser pistol is also a good weapon choice.
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Assassinof1337 answered:

Yeah, do GarrettTheHung's strategy, but dont worry about emptying your ammo to one clip. And while, yes, dead eye refills your ammo, it doesnt count as a reload in this challenge, because i just did it
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Assassinof1337 answered:

Also, im not sure if it will work but you could try it in the final mission of the game at the very last showdown
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