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Asked: 4 years ago

Whats the fastest way to get honor?

What is the fastest way to get lots of honor cause i need a higher honor for cheaper market stuff?

Accepted Answer

From: DarthMichael20 4 years ago

The fastest way to get honor that I have found (not including missions) is to stop for anyone who needs help. Be careful as you may find yourself being ambushed. Each one doesn't have a whole loy buy you can normally come across on or two as you travel between towns. Also, you ALWAYS want to kill the guy whose threatening the girl near the saloons (doesn't matter which one cuz they are in every town). You usually hear the girl screaming. Once you do, look around and go get him. These are really easy in that they are preoccupied with what they are doing and don't notice you until its too late.

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