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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I do offline co-op in undead nightmare?

I can't figure out how to play 2 player without xbox live.

Additional details - 3 years ago

See that's what happened to me! It said on the back that it could do offline coop. I honestly have no idea

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You cant, you can only play multiplayer with live. Also some of the dlc like liars and cheats and legends and killers are specifically for online multiplaying, though they give you a new kind of weapon in single player to make it up to you.That way you will get the weapon in single player. Idk to me its sort of a rip off to those who payed 10 bucks for a new weapon, those without xbox live. That is why they made a new edition of red dead that specializes only in single player and only sum like new characters in multiplayer.

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System-link only.

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ok i understand about if its green or orange. my son bought a copy of this game just because it says on the back of the case it has coop gameplay... it has it written in green for offline AND in orange for xbox live. he wanted to play it with me in a coop game. thats the only reason he got it is because it shows its coop for both ways. so what should i do to remedy this issue. he doesnt want it and i being his dad am very mad because i feel hes been mislead and frankly ripped off. if anyone can help me with what my next step should be id appreciate it alot. tyv,

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hey! I think I can solve BOTH your problems. to do offline coop you need TWO xboxs(with wireless adaptors or they are slims)and TWO red deads. THEN you need to update them(I know, s**** right)and get them close to each other. and by CLOSE I mean in the same house or across the street. hope it works:)

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