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How do I get the 20 Executions needed for the Savvy Merchant Outfit?

Scrap #4 of the Savvy Merchant's Outfit, requires that you execute 20 people. I have of yet, figured out just how this works. I must be doing it, since I have 6 executions listed. But honestly, I have no idea on how I did it. What actions do you have to do to make it an Execution?

Accepted Answer

bobbychez answered:

From the Red Dead Redemption wiki:

To execute someone, simply walk up to them with your gun drawn and press the fire button. A mini-cutscene should play, killing the person and confirming the execution. Easiest way to get this: Go to Casa Madrugada or Thieves' Landing where there is no law or army. Walk up to someone with your throwing knives out and hold attack. Silent kill even if someone see's you.
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