Question from timbuctu

Asked: 4 years ago

Can't find treasure near Hanging Rock...know where it is?

Well, the subject line says it all...where the heck is it? Searched for 30 minutes, can't seem to find the right rock formation.

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From: juice1457 4 years ago

The 2nd part of the picture in your treasure map is actually trying to show you the "back" side of Hanging Rock. Go to the opposite side of the rock from the tree and you'll find the little half circle of rocks.

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Thanks for that. Is there any special thing there? Is it a chest just sitting out or do you need some special item in your satchel to find it?

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juice1457 said it best, "The 2nd part of the picture in your treasure map is actually trying to show you the "back" side of Hanging Rock". All treasure will be under a small pile of stones, looks kind of like a fire pit with more stone stacked in the center. Just move close enough and the game will prompt you to inspect the site.

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By back side do you mean north or south? i still cant find this darn thing

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Backside as in the big rocks near the tree with the knoose. literally ten feet from the tree near the rocks.

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if you stand by the tree then turn and look at the large rock beside it, it is then on the other side of the rock. Located between that rock and another smaller rock, should pop up and say investigate when you are close enough to grab it, all treasures are under a pile of rocks...

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I believe the north side of the formation is the "back". The half-circle of rocks looks almost exactly like it does in the treasure map picture, and they're right up against the larger rocks of the formation. You're looking for a small pile of sand-colored stones inside the half-circle of rocks. It will prompt you to press the Y (or I assume Triangle on PS3) button when you're on top of it.

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