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Asked: 4 years ago

Dead Eye use?

I've been trying to use Dead Eye, and it worked perfectly fine yesterday, and works fine in multiplayer, but all the sudden, when i target enemies while using Dead Eye, it doesn't mark&execute. Am i doing something wrong? Can i only use the revolver?

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From: juice1457 4 years ago

Level 2 Deadeye automatically marks targets when you sweep your aim over people/animals. After meeting Landon Ricketts in Mexico, you gain Level 3. At level 3, you have to manually mark your targets with RB (or whatever the "Slow down / Stop on horseback" button is on PS3) and pull the trigger or use up all the shots in the weapon to fire. You can use all firearms and even the lasso in Deadeye.

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I use the revolver and rifle in dead eye. Have you done the mission with Walt Dickerson (I think was his name/The guy who sells elixirs) You get the targeting version of dead eye after doing the first mission for him. He is represented by the W in Armadillo.

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no, you can use any weapon but when in DEAD EYE MODE just move the reticle over the part you want to target and press either RB or LB i forget which one works to manually target the enemy but that should work

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You can use any type of weapon in Dead Eye. Did you recently do a mission for West Dickens? If you did this, your Dead Eye will be level 2 and it will target automatically.

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Who the hell gives a sht? all u do is go to wes dickens

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