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Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find beavers and red sage?

Where can i find beavers and where is the best place to look fo red sage plant??

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From: guitarman169420 4 years ago

Beavers can be found near the Tall Trees/Great Plains area - near rivers. Red sage can be found in Rio Bravo.

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Best place to find beavers is Bearclaw Camp in Tall Trees. Lay some bait on top of the hill, near one of the ruined cabins.

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Here's a map for you:

Animal locations are toward bottom of the page

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To help with the red sage, buy a survivalist map in a general store in town (any town). Ride to rio bravo the open you kit, select the map and press A/X. Now you will have herb 'radar' which shows you locations of all the herbs in the nearby area for 20 minutes. Remember to save when you have enough in case a cougar attacks you.

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