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Asked: 4 years ago

Do I Get Another Chance at Treasure?

When finding the treasure hunter and trying to protect him, he managed to walk in my line of fire. So I accidentally shot him. I failed to loot his body and reiceve the first treasure map. Anybody know if I will stumble upon another hunter?

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I would think so. I myself have stumbled across several treasure hunters that need to be protected in a single game, so it's more than likely that one will have the map if you miss it the first time.

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If you find treasure number 1 at the hanging rock, you don't even need the first map. If you travel to the hanging rock from Armadillo, go around the back of the rock. There's a little inlet w/ a pile of stones. Search the pile of stones and you're off to the races.

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guitarjunkie is right... but for the record, the answer to your question is "yes." All random encounters in the game ("they're about to hang my buddy", e.g.) are exactly that - random encounters - and can take place in many different locations/times, randomly determined. Even if you did manage to obtain that treasure hunter's map, you would still continue to encounter treasure hunters throughout the remainder of your game (they just wouldn't give you maps, since you would already have had one).

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