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Asked: 4 years ago

What is different about the Legendary Animals?

Just wanted to know, also do i have to kill them for the master hunter challenges in single player?

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From: Bludeau 4 years ago

The Legendary Animals have a few things that make them special. For one, they take a few more shots to kill than regular animals. Their loot (Pelts, teeth, sometimes a heart) are pretty valuable in shops (Just remember, the prices vary in different shops). And they have slight differences in looks compared to other animals, such as Brumas having scars over his left eye and over his body.

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scroll down to the legendary animal section

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They take more shots to kill. And sometimes they are faster IE Khan.

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They are a bit harder to kill and their pelts are more valuable. nothing more nothing less.

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Legendary Animals:

Khan the Jaguar:
Located in the Ojo Del hills area south of Chuparosa, south of the road. Use bait if you have difficulty finding him, and kill him with a gun.

Lobo the Wolf:
Located near the Eastern edge of the Aurora Basin lake, northwest of Tall Trees. Use bait if you have difficulty finding him, and kill him with a gun.

Gordo the Boar:
Located in the Stillwater Creek area, north of the road, south of the River, and Southwest of Thieves' Landing. Use bait if you have difficulty finding him, and kill him with a gun.

Brumas the Bear:
Located in the Nekoti Rock area. He lives in a cave at the top of a mountain, northeast of the Aurora Basin lake. Kill him and take his pelt to complete the Master Hunter Level 10 challenge.

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Yes for master hunter challenge they are 9 and 10

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One shot to the head of each animal will drop them, the buffalo rifle will put them down real quick, the knife will work just fine on Lobo (I find its way easier to kill a pack of wolves with the knife instead of a gun, cause of all the dodging and stuff and they come up right on you and latch onto you for an easy kill) They are worth more to sell and you get every piece available, ie skin, teeth claws, etc. I dropped each animal with one shot. Online its much more difficult and the animals are in different places

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