Question from dougals1988

Asked: 4 years ago

Were can i find coyotes?

Help plez

Accepted Answer

From: Shotgunnova 4 years ago

Coyotes aren't specific to any one region -- they're everywhere. They look more mangy compared to dogs/wolves, often travel with comrades, and make shrill yelps when the player's nearby. If you wander around the desert-type regions in New Austin (Cholla Springs, Gaptooth Ridge, etc.) for instance, they shouldn't be that uncommon a find.

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I found all of them on top of the mountain at Pikes Basin, just ride around and you will find all that you need.

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Even though coyotes can be found almost everywhere, they almost always run away from you rather than this could make it difficult to find them if they run away before you even spot them,but put some bait in any desert type area and they will show up.

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