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Open Questions

Quest/Puzzle Help status answers
"I know you" Stranger Puzzle - I think I messed up? Open 5
Bounties issue? Open 9
Bounty Hunter ? Open 4
Can I still buy the scrap of clothing in Escalara after completing the last Reyes mission? Open 8
Can't find stranger location? Open 4
Cart glitch makes A Gentle Drive With Friends unplayable? Open 3
Chasing Dutch? Open 4
Daedalus And Son- help? Open 4
FInding an old side mission? Open 2
Have 16 Strangers complete and I need 2 more But where? Open 2
Helping the guys friend thats getting hanged on hanging rock..How? Open 3
How can i go back and capture bountys alive,if ive allready killed them? Open 1
How do I found beaver and rabbit? Open 5
How do I get into Mexico in Undead campaign? Open 1
How do I get more Undead Bait? Open 3
How do I get100%? Open 6
How do I have all outfit? Open 4
How do I solve (mastr hunter rank 6)? Open 6
How do I solve treasure rank3 ? Open 3
How do you get a gold medal rank for mission Justice in Pike's Basin? Open 5
How do you know exactly whats missing for 100% completion? Open 3
How to get 100% completion when on 99.5% completion? Open 1
How to search theves landing? Open 4
Hunting Spots?? Open 3
I cant find rabbits? Open 4
Is there a way to find out how that Prostitute died? Open 4
Jakelope? Open 3
Locations? Open 6
Mini-games for 100% completion? Open 3
Money in five finger? Open 6
Okay, how does the horse breaking work? Open 7
Outfit help? Open 3
Sharpshooter 8 bug? Open 5
Spurred to victory and horse breaking? Open 4
Tomahawk Challenge? Open 1
Treasure hunter outfit? Open 3
What happens if I fail a stranger quest? Open 4
Where are all of the strangers located? Open 3
Where are all the properties in the game located? Open 1
Where are the Beavers located? Open 2
Where are the last three Stranger Quests I need? Open 7
Where are these rattlesnakes? Open 2
Where can i find the Jackalope ? Open 5
Where can I find the missing supply wagon the woman outside Manzanita Post was looking for? Open 4
Which mission is considered a combat mission? Open 2
Which player homes am I missing 10 attain 100? Open 1
Item Help status answers
99.9% complete missing 1 map location in Mexico? Open 3
:::::::SPOILER::::::awards? Open 2
Automobile? Open 5
Bandito outfit help? Open 3
Buying horses??? Open 5
Can i hold someone hostage? Open 3
Do I Get Another Chance at Treasure? Open 3
Elegant Suit? Open 2
Explosive Rifle Triple Kill? Open 3
FIRE bottles ? Open 1
Five finger fillet? Open 2
Golden guns question? Open 2
HELP! Where is the first treasure (New Austin)? Open 4
How can i Make the Gunsmith come back? Open 1
How can i unlocked the Deadly Assasin outfit? Open 3
How do I get the train to go? Open 3
How do you get more weapons? Open 3
How to find Gordo the boar online? Open 1
How to get US soldier outfit? Open 2
I cant wear the elegant suit sinse i beat the game? Open 2
In Multiplayer Free Roam, where is the 6 man/2 horse carriage located? Open 1
Is DLC mission xp different than free roam mission xp? Open 1
List of all the stranger tasks? Open 1
Marstons ranch-Yellow Tee? Open 1
Melee/thrown Weapons? Open 1
Money? Open 1
Multiplayer Unlocks? Open 1
No way to sleep in El Presidio, so how do I get bounties? Open 3
Prairie poppy and butterfly weed? Open 6
U.S Marshall Outfit not working? Open 2
US marshall outift i think?? Open 3
What are the strongest guns in the game? Open 9
When does Army Outfit Scrap 6 become available? Open 2
Where and when do you get the first treasure map? Open 2
Where are the best place to find specific animals? Open 5
Where are the skunk pelts? Open 1
Where can I buy playing cards? Open 1
Where can I find (Bad-Boy Bandana)? Open 3
Where can i find bats & how do you kill one? Open 1
Where can I find Bollard gang outfit peice? Open 2
Where can I find buffalo rifle in free mode before lvl 50? Open 1
Where can I find evans repeater?? Open 6
Where can I find Pump action shotgun? (SPOILERS!!!!) Open 3
Where can I find savvy merchant scrap #4? Open 1
Where can I find scrap 1 of walton's gang outfit? Open 1
Where can I find the bandits mask? Open 1
Where can I find the UN treasure hunt and unicorn locations ? Open 2
Where can I find treasure hunt 7 ? Open 3
Where can I find treasures 4-10? Open 2
Where can I find Violet sage or whatever they're called? Open 3
Where do I find the LeMat revolver? Open 3
Where is 1st scrap of treasure hunter outfit ? Open 2
Where is the 3rd treasure of New Austin? Open 2
Where is the fifth treasure? Open 2
Where is the fourth treasure? Open 1
Where is the third treasure? Open 1
Where is the treasure #2? Open 2
Which PVP maps have the buffalo rifle? Open 1
Why can't get the explosive rifle? Open 1
Technical Help status answers
"The Wronged Women" glitch? Open 2
Bearclaw & Tall Trees mess my game up? Open 2
Bounty Glitch - Can I still get 100%? Open 2
Can You help ? Open 1
Connection issues? Open 1
Corrupted save file? Open 3
Failed Stranger task not reappearing? Open 1
Game keeps freezing when I try to go into Fort mercer. What is Happening?? Open 3
Gang Hideout freeze? Open 1
Gaptooth Breach Hideout glitch? Open 1
Gentlemens Attire!? Open 2
Has anyone else had problems earning the first achievement? Open 2
Horse doesn't raise stamina bar? Open 1
How come i can't switch my outfit anymore? Open 3
How do I do offline co-op in undead nightmare? Open 3
How do I get acces to a Rockstar Code? Open 3
How do you adjust the screen width and height? Open 1
How to switch back from jack to john? (i used cheats) Open 1
I cant go online. Help? Open 1
Is it just me or does trying to play multiplayer on this game suck? Open 1
Is there a glitch with opening Wanted posters? Open 1
Need help with a quest glitch??? Open 2
Online problems? Open 1
Outfitter help online? Open 1
Parental control ? Open 1
Saving problem? Open 1
Savvy Merchant cutscene skip? Open 1
Social Club cheats not recieved? Open 3
System link not working correctly??? Open 1
The gates of el presodio wont load, help? Open 1
V1.02 Problems! Crash at load, found out it's common, what do I do? Open 1
When i try to download multiplayer something goes wrong. What do i do? Open 3
Why can't I connect to free roam multiplayer? Open 1
Why can't I load my finished game? Open 1
Why does the game keep freezing every time i exit multiplayer? Open 1
Why does the game keep messing up the stage coaches? Open 2
Why does the game keep telling me "alert"? Open 1
Why does the game keep telling me Cannot save, no room on storage device? Open 1
Why does the game keep telling me i need a rockstar code? Open 1
Why does the game keep telling methat my multi[plier data is damaged? Open 1
Why don't my saves SAVE? Open 3
Why will the race not begin in the mission sport of Kings and Liars? Open 2
Why won't my honor of fame go up or down? Open 4
Other Help status answers
''Outlaws to the End" pack not really 'co-op'? Open 2
*Spoilers* Continuing the stranger tasks? Open 2
99.7%? Where's the other 3%? Open 3
Achievements Help? Open 1
Aiming help? Open 1
Another random glitch!? Open 1
Any customization? Open 3
Any red dead secrets? Open 1
Anyone run into this crazy "glitch?" Open 1
Apocalypse horses? Open 1
Are the myths real and if so, where are their locations? Open 3
Are there any black,asian,or indian playable models? Open 2
Are there NPC;s in multiplayer? Open 3
Are they working on these glitches? Open 2
Back to the Future? Open 2
Bad Guy (low honor)? Open 2
Banks in mexico ? Open 1
Being invincible I still die why? Open 1
Black water? Open 1
Bounty hunting gltich?? Open 2
Buffalo ride? Open 1
Can i chango of outfit? Open 2
Can I get rid of Golden revolvers? Open 1
Can some one help me? Open 1
Can the game be set to Bot control in multiplayer? Open 2
Can u drive cars? Open 2
Can we keep 2 horses? Open 1
Can you and your posse play poker in free roam? Open 3
Can you buy or own towns? Open 2
Can you freeroam with a friend? Open 2
Can you give me some assistance with finding Beavers please? Open 3
Can you play two player in local without being online? Open 1
Can you recruit NPCs in single player? Open 1
Can't get 100% glitch? Open 1
Cheat and code help? Open 1
Cheat save? Open 3
Cheats? Open 2
Concern?? Open 2
Coop? Open 2
Dark Horse, KS, HHB or ASB? Open 2
Deeds? Open 1
Do I have to re-collect items for Challenges after dying? Open 1
Do you get to use the zombie horses in multi player or not? Open 1
Do you Keep outfits in a second play through? Open 2
Do you keep the golden guns after during legend on multiplayer ? Open 1
Do you need LIVE to play the DLCs?? Open 2
Does anyone know what the Warhorse looks like? Open 2
Does anyone want to play private matches to unlock golden guns? Open 1
Failing a Stranger Mission? Open 1
Favorite things to do after beating the game? Open 3
Finding a outfit? Open 1
Free DLC? Open 1
Free Play? Open 1
Game continuation? Open 1
Gentlemans attire? Open 1
Getting 100% On Red Dead Redemption? Open 5
Ghost towns? Open 1
Glitches? Open 5
Good or not for pg14??? Open 1
Hanging people? Open 1
have this game some chits? like GTA Open 3
Having trouble using a cheat? Help. Open 1
Help decision? Open 1
Help on Dlc? Open 2
Help opinions? Open 1
Help with "Slow to draw" please!? Open 1
How can I Get Buffalo rifle? Open 3
How can I know what coop missions I achieved gold ? Open 1
How do cheats work? Open 3
How do i enter the cheats? Open 1
How do i fast travel? Open 5
How do I find all the map locations? Open 1
How do I unlock Tall Trees/Great Plains? Open 1
How do you do Nigel's race in the chariot? Open 1
How do you hurdle over objects when you are in cover mode? Open 3
How do you name your horse? Open 1
How do you recruit people? Open 1
How exactly do i start a posse in Multiplayer? Open 1
How long is one day in real time? Open 3
How many gang hideouts are there in US? Open 2
How to fix map? Open 2
How to get the U.S. Army scrap? Open 1
How to I sync my information with the Social Club? Open 2
How to lvl up fast? Open 3
How to unlock Gang Hideouts in Multiplayer? Open 1
Hunting bears In Tall Trees? Open 1
I can't ride my horse fast ? Open 2
I cannot view the achievements? Open 4
Im having problems getting Reyes Rebels outfit. Can somebody tell me why? Open 2
In Multiplayer free roam are there townspeole and law enforcement that are ai's? Open 1
In Multiplayer, are characters unlocked by gaining levels or completing challenges? Open 3
In RDR,is Escalera in Mexico? Open 1
Is it a auto or manual? Open 1
Is it possible to miss stuff? Open 1
Is saving innocents who are being robbed really worth it? Open 2
Is their still going to be some form of the quick draw battle? Open 2
Is there a Limited Edition for this? Open 2
Is there a Visual chart of all the different horses available? Open 1
Is there a way to be...? Open 1
Is there a way...? Open 2
Is there alot of sexual content in this game and if so name all of it ? Open 6
Is there auto aim similar to the kind in GTA IV in red dead redemption? Open 3
Is there split screen multiplayer at all in Red Dead? Open 3
Is war horse available in multiplayer? Open 1
Is your single player game character the same as your multiplayer chatacter? Open 5
Just a few questions? Open 2
Killed person i pay bounty? Open 2
Legendary animals re-spawn? Open 1
Legends & Killers Achievements? Open 2
Levels in Tall Trees? Open 1
Looting fugitive bodies in front of lawmen...? Open 1
Making someone crawl? Open 2
Manifest Destiny help? Open 1
Maybe a stupid question but just wondering? Open 1
More Stranger Tasks? Open 1
Mowing them down achievement? Open 3
Multiplayer Money? Open 2
Multiplayer? Open 4
My ammo didn't increase? Open 1
My bounty disappears from the menu? Open 1
Nudity? Open 6
Nuns? Open 2
Online help? Open 1
Outlaws To The End? Open 1
Play as John? Open 2
Prostitutes update? Open 1
Random horses? Open 1
Random people shooting me? Open 3
Red Dead Redemption, New Release Date Confirm? Open 1
Red Dead? Open 2
Replaying the Game with Acquired Equipment? Open 1
Robbing Banks? Open 3
Saving and cheat codes? Open 1
Saving using codes? Open 1
Special Horse ? Open 1
Stage coach? Open 2
The "Lewis and Clark" unlock all areas cheat isnt working!? Open 5
The horse bonnie lets you have? Open 5
Title Perks? Open 1
Towns/camps in the northern part of map abandoned? Open 1
Train Stuck at Casa Madrugada after the mission 'Civilization at any price' ? Open 3
Tumbleweed haunted? Open 1
U.S. Uniform? Open 3
Uncle mission disappeared??? Open 2
Undiscovered outfit?? Open 1
Unlock Golden Guns on System Link? Open 2
Way to Get Undead Nightmare Free? Open 1
Were is the cheapest place i can get this for the xbox 360? Open 1
Werewolves? Open 1
What all is needed for 100% single player completion? Open 3
What are the little icons next to your name in multiplayer and what do they mean? Open 4
What comes with the pre-order? Open 2
What give more problem ? Open 1
What happens if you put cheats into the game? Open 3
What is the combat style like? Open 2
What is the hunting animals counter bottom left screen for ? Open 1
What is the name of the song when you're riding to Beechers Hope? Open 2
What is the penalty for dying in this game? Open 3
What is the poker mission called in mexico? Open 1
What keeps happening to my horse? Open 1
What kind of hat does the main character wear? Open 2
What pre-order package is the best to get? Open 1
What skills can you upgrade and what are the rewards? Open 1
What to do now i have finshed the story and challeges? Open 1
What tough more the playstation 3 or the xbox 360 ? Open 1
Whats the fasest way to level up & how to do other game modes? Open 2
Whats wrong with my golden guns? Open 1
Where can i find a stallion? Open 4
Where is John Marston's cowboy outfit gloves? Open 1
Why am I getting less xp in Outlaws to the End? Open 3
Why didn't I get the "Buckin' Awesome" Achievement? Open 2
Why do I have random horses? Open 1
Why does the multiplayer give so much trouble? Open 1
Why does the PS3 version get exclusive content? Open 2
Why doesn't Red Harlow have the scorpian? Open 1
Why wont my honor go up? Open 2
Why would my horse just drop dead? Open 8
Will a train stop forever once you rob it? Open 2
Will I be able to unlock the gentleman attire if i sign up at social club thru my pc? Open 1
Will I lose stuff? Open 2
Will rockstar ever create a movie based on RDR? Open 2

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