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         |  __  | |  ___||_   _  \  |_   _  \|  ___| /   \ |_   _  \
         | '--' | | |___   | | | |    | | | || |___ | .-. |  | | | |
         |     _| |     |  | | | |    | | | ||     || | | |  | | | |
         | |\ \   | .---'  | | | |    | | | || .---'| '-' |  | | | |
         | | \ \  | |___  _| |_| |   _| |_| || |___ |  _  | _| |_| |
         | |  \ \ |     ||       /  |       /|     || | | ||       /
         '-'   '-''-----''------'   '------' '-----''-' '-''------'

.------. .-----..------. .-----..-.   .-..------..-------..-..-----..-.   .-.
|  __  | |  ___||_   _  \|  ___||  \ /  ||  __  ||__   __|| ||  _  ||  \  | |
| '--' | | |___   | | | || |___ |   `   || '--' |   | |   | || | | ||   \ | |
|     _| |     |  | | | ||     ||       ||  ____|   | |   | || | | ||    \| |
| |\ \   | .---'  | | | || .---'|       || |        | |   | || | | || |\    |
| | \ \  | |___  _| |_| || |___ | |\ /| || |        | |   | || |_| || | \   |
| |  \ \ |     ||       /|     || | ` | || |        | |   | ||     || |  \  |
'-'   '-''-----''------' '-----''-'   '-''-'        '-'   '-''-----''-'   '-'


                             RED DEAD REDEMPTION

                      Copyright (c)2011-2013 DomZ Ninja


 Author: DomZ Ninja
 E-mail: domzninja[at]hotmail[dot]com
 Updated: 04/03/13
 Version: 1.0

 NOTE: This guide does contain spoilers!
 NOTE: This guide also covers the Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare DLC.


                              TABLE OF CONTENTS


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 [1] VERSION HISTORY.................................................. [0100]
 [2] CONTROLS......................................................... [0200]


 [3] THE BASICS....................................................... [0300]
 [4] WALKTHROUGH (PROLOGUE)........................................... [0400]
 [5] WALKTHROUGH (NEW AUSTIN)......................................... [0500]
      Bonnie MacFarlane............................................... [0501]
      Marshal Johnson................................................. [0502]
      Nigel West Dickens.............................................. [0503]
      Seth............................................................ [0504]
      Irish........................................................... [0505]
 [6] WALKTHROUGH (NUEVO PARAISO)...................................... [0600]

      Landon Ricketts................................................. [0601]
      Vincente de Santa............................................... [0602]
      Luisa Fortuna................................................... [0603]
      Abraham Reyes................................................... [0604]
 [7] WALKTHROUGH (WEST ELIZABETH)..................................... [0700]

      Edgar Ross...................................................... [0701]
      Harold MacDougal................................................ [0702]
      Abigail Marston................................................. [0703]
      Uncle........................................................... [0704]
      Jack Marston.................................................... [0705]
 [8] WALKTHROUGH (EPILOGUE)........................................... [0800]
 [9] STRANGER MISSIONS................................................ [0900]
[10] AREAS............................................................ [1000]

      New Austin...................................................... [1001]
      Nuevo Paraiso................................................... [1002]
      West Elizabeth.................................................. [1003]
[11] CHALLENGES....................................................... [1100]

      Survivalist..................................................... [1101]
      Master Hunter................................................... [1102]
      Sharpshooter.................................................... [1103]
      Treasure Hunter................................................. [1104]
[12] RANDOM ENCOUNTERS................................................ [1200]
[13] GANG HIDEOUTS.................................................... [1300]
[14] BOUNTIES......................................................... [1400]
[15] ANIMALS.......................................................... [1500]
[16] JOBS............................................................. [1600]
[17] MINIGAMES........................................................ [1700]
[18] OUTFITS.......................................................... [1800]
[19] WEAPONS.......................................................... [1900]

      Revolvers/Pistols............................................... [1901]
      Repeaters/Rifles................................................ [1902]
      Shotguns........................................................ [1903]
      Sniper Rifles................................................... [1904]
      Throwable Weapons............................................... [1905]
      Other Weapons................................................... [1906]
[20] ITEMS............................................................ [2000]

      Consumables..................................................... [2001]
      Kit Items....................................................... [2002]
      Provisions...................................................... [2003]
[21] SHOPS............................................................ [2100]
[22] CHEATS........................................................... [2200]
[23] 100% COMPLETION.................................................. [2300]
[24] ACHIEVEMENTS..................................................... [2400]


[25] THE BASICS....................................................... [2500]
[26] WALKHTROUGH...................................................... [2600]

      Love in the Time of Plague...................................... [2601]
      Curious Tales From Blackwater, USA.............................. [2602]
      Get Back in That Hole, Partner.................................. [2603]
      A Cure for Most of What Ails You................................ [2604]
      American Imperialism............................................ [2605]
      Mother Superior Blues........................................... [2606]
      A Civilized Man................................................. [2607]
      On a Pale Horse................................................. [2608]
[27] SIDE MISSIONS.................................................... [2700]
[28] CHALLENGES....................................................... [2800]

      Undead Hunter................................................... [2801]
      Undead Sharpshooter............................................. [2802]
      Undead Treasure Hunter.......................................... [2803]
      Four Horses of the Apocalypse................................... [2804]
[29] RANDOM ENCOUNTERS................................................ [2900]
[30] MISSING PERSONS.................................................. [3000]
[31] ANIMALS.......................................................... [3100]
[32] OUTFITS.......................................................... [3200]
[33] WEAPONS.......................................................... [3300]
[34] ITEMS............................................................ [3400]
[35] 100% COMPLETION.................................................. [3500]
[36] ACHIEVEMENTS..................................................... [3600]

[37] THANKS/CREDITS................................................... [3700]


[1] VERSION HISTORY                                                     [0100]


FAQ/Walkthrough #55

 Version 1.0 (05/10/11) - FAQ/Walkthrough complete and submitted.


[2] CONTROLS                                                            [0200]


|  D-Pad                      |  Whistle (Up), Zoom Out Radar (Down)         |
|  Left Analog Stick          |  Move, Crouch (Click)                        |
|  Right Analog Stick         |  Move Camera, Dead Eye (Click, hold LT)      |
|  Start                      |  Pause                                       |
|  Back                       |  View Satchel                                |
|  X Button                   |  Jump, Roll/Dodge (X + Left Analog)          |
|  Y Button                   |  Mount Horse/Vehicle, Interact               |
|  A Button                   |  Run (Hold), Sprint (Tap)                    |
|  B Button                   |  Reload, Perform Greeting                    |
|  Right Trigger              |  Fire Gun/Use Weapon/Punch, Push             |
|  Left Trigger               |  Aim Weapon/Target                           |
|  Right Bumper               |  Enter Cover, Melee Block (hold LT)          |
|  Left Bumper                |  Weapon Wheel (Hold), Draw/Holster (Tap)     |


                      -----   RED DEAD REDEMPTION   -----



[3] THE BASICS                                                          [0300]


Playing as John Marston

Properly controlling the game's protagonist, John Marston, is essential to 
surviving your journey and succeeding in the game. For starters, you can use 
the Left Analog Stick to move Marston. He walks fairly slowly, so in order to 
move a bit faster you can use the A button. Hold down A to run (it is more 
like a slow jog) and tap A to sprint. You have unlimited stamina when running, 
so you won't slow down until you stop tapping A.

Using the Right Analog Stick controls the camera. If you click and hold the 
Right Analog Stick, the camera turns around and lets you view everything 
behind Marston. Click and hold down the Right Analog Stick, then press the 
Left Trigger to perform a 180-degree turn.

Marston isn't the most nimble of characters, but you are able to jump and 
perform some very basic platforming moves. Press X to jump in the air; press 
it while moving to leap forward). When standing next to a low object or wall, 
pressing X allows you to hurdle over it. You can also scale and climb over 
higher objects by hitting X while up against it.

To interact or perform basic actions, press Y. This allows you to do a 
multitude of actions, such as open chests, inspect dead bodies, and read 
posters. The Y button also allows Marston to mount a horse or vehicle; hit Y 
next to a horse or a vehicle to automatically get on.

Understanding the HUD

                |                                ___    __   |
                |                               |___| ,'  `. |
                |                                [4]  |    | |
                |                                     '.__,' |
                |                                       [5]  |
                |                                            |
                |                                            |
                |                                            |
                |                                            |
                |  [2]  ___  [3]                             |
                |  // ,'   `. \\                             |
                | || /       \ ||                            |
                | || |  [1]  | ||                            |
                | || \       / ||                            |
                |  \\ `.___,' //                             |

[1] - radar (also known as the mini map). It gives you your current location
      (marked as a white arrow) and displays roads, buildings, and other
      objects in the vicinity. The radar also shows important locations or
      events that are close nearby. For more information on the symbols, check
      the in-game map (in the pause menu) and view the legends. Press Down on
      the D-Pad to zoom out.

[2] - stamina meter. This blue bar alongside the radar is only shown when you
      mount a horse. Pressing A when riding a horse not only makes the horse
      run faster, but drains stamina. When the horse's stamina runs out, it
      cannot run until the stamina meter refills after several seconds (or by
      using a necessary item).

[3] - Dead Eye meter. When in Dead Eye, the red meter alongside the radar will
      be depleted. If the meter runs out, then you can no longer use Dead Eye.
      To refill the Dead Eye meter, kill animals or people or use a necessary

[4] - the amount of money you currently own. Only shown in the pause menu.

[5] - the in-game clock. Only shown in the pause menu.


Navigating through the West can be an difficult affair. The in-game world is 
massive, and there are many ways to get from Point A to Point B (some easier 
and less of a pain than others).

The most obvious method of transportation is walking. It has its pros and 
cons: walking can potentially save you money and certainly increases one's 
motivation to explore, but it can certainly take a long time to reach your 
destination if it's far away and you will likely miss out on random encounters 
that may appear along the way.

Arguably the most common way of transportation is via horse. There are several 
ways to obtain a horse: you can catch a wild horse and tame it, buy one from a 
general store, or steal one. To own a horse or make it your "trusty steed", 
press X next to a post (found in towns, often against buildings) to hitch your 
horse. Whenever you are away from your horse, press Up on the D-Pad to whistle 
and your horse will arrive at your location.

You can also ride carts and wagons in Red Dead Redemption, though I am fairly 
sure that there is no way to legally obtain one of these outside of specific 
missions. Carts have two wheels and are controlled by a single horse. They are 
incredibly fast (faster than a wagon and even the fastest horse), but can be 
difficult to control.

Wagons can seat multiple people and despite being fairly slow, can protect you 
from wild animals. Stagecoaches are similar to wagons in appearance, but are a 
bit fancier. Stagecoaches are enclosed, so the player can choose to sit inside 
if he so chooses.

There are wagons or stagecoaches situated in some towns that act as taxis. You 
can pay the driver to have him transport you to nearly any town for a quick 
and convenient ride. You have the option of automatically skipping to your 
destination if you don't want to sit through the journey. Keep in mind that 
using a taxi is noticeably slower with respect to the in-game clock, so for 
certain missions and/or challenges you may want to opt for another option (for 
example, a taxi ride from Nuevo Paraiso and West Elizabeth takes 12 hours).

Lastly, you can also ride the train. Taking the train is the safest and 
arguably the quickest way to travel the West. Riding a train costs no money, 
but you cannot skip a train ride like you would a taxi. There really isn't 
anything to do while riding a train; you can sit down and enjoy the ride or 
even climb on top of the train and view the scenery from outside.

There are two train lines (red and blue), though the blue train line doesn't 
appear until you reach the third province (the red line travels through New 
Austin and Nuevo Paraiso and the blue line travels through New Austin and West 
Elizabeth). Locating a train can be difficult, since there are only two trains 
that travel through all three provinces. Use the game's map to pinpoint the 
location of a train. 

There are a few ways of getting on a train. You can wait for a train to stop 
at one of the many train stations scattered across the map and board from 
there. You can also board the train while it is still moving: while riding a 
horse, run alongside the train and wait until a button prompt appears before 
pressing X to jump onto the train. You can also jump onto a moving train on 
foot, but it's much more difficult.


The Wild West isn't all friendly folks and fun times, so you can expect plenty 
of hostility from various people. For different degrees of combat, you can use 
different methods of attack. To select a weapon for use, hold down the Left 
Bumper to view the weapon wheel and use the Right Analog Stick to choose a 
weapon. If you have more than one weapon type, you can use the D-Pad to scroll 
through your available weapons.

With a weapon selected, tap the Left Bumper to either draw or holster your 
weapon. Holding down the Left Trigger with a weapon selected allows you to 
aim. To use your weapon - whether it be firing a gun, throwing a weapon, 
stabbing with your knife or punching - press the Right Trigger while aiming. 
Pressing the Right Trigger with your weapon holstered causes Marston to push. 
Lastly, you can reload by pressing the B button.

Also, when aiming, press Left or Right on the D-Pad to switch between your 
over-the-shoulder aim. Press Left to aim over Marston's left shoulder and 
Right to aim over his right shoulder.

There are basically two types of combat: hand-to-hand and long-range. You can 
use your knife or your fists to attack enemies up close. Select either one, 
then aim to either raise your fists or draw your knife. Using hand-to-hand 
combat isn't as threatening to others, but beware that fist fights or knife 
fights can often escalate to gunfights.

When you have no weapon selected (just your fists), aim the weapon and press X 
to dodge. Doing this with a weapon in hand makes Marston perform an evasive 
roll. When in a fistfight, hitting the Right Bumper causes Marston to block 
incoming punches. 

Even though knocking people out is fun, it's all about the guns. You'll find 
yourself using guns 99% of the time when you are in danger. In addition to 
crouching (click the Left Analog Stick), Marston can avoid damage by taking 
cover. When near an object, press the Right Bumper to hide behind the cover. 
When taking cover, you can use the Left Trigger to aim from behind cover. It's 
a very important technique to use when under heavy fire.

Dead Eye

Dead Eye is a targeting system used in Red Dead Redemption that allows you to 
make better shots on targets. Activating Dead Eye significantly slows down 
everything around you, which allows you to make more accurate shots. Your Dead 
Eye meter drains as long as you are in Dead Eye; refill the meter by killing a 
person or animal or by using various items.

To use Dead Eye, aim your weapon (Dead Eye applies to all weapons except your 
fist, knife, and lasso) with the Left Trigger and Click the Right Analog 
Stick. Note that you can only use Dead Eye with sniper rifles once you reach 
Level 3.

There are three Dead Eye levels; each level is awarded to you during specific 
story missions:

- Level 1
  Time slows down. Press the Right Trigger to fire a shot.

- Level 2
  When you move your reticule across a target, the game automatically places a
  red "X" marker. When you press the Right Trigger, you will automatically
  shoot at all the markers.

- Level 3
  You can now place markers manually by pressing the Right Bumper. When you
  press the Right Trigger, you will automatically shoot at all the markers.

Saving Your Game

Red Dead Redemption implements an autosave feature, so your game automatically 
saves after completing missions or performing trivial challenges.

You can also manually save your game by visiting a safehouse or by camping 
out. Safehouses can be purchased at various towns. At a safehouse, you can 
save your game, change outfits, and collect ammo (all safehouses have a chest 
that gives you ammo for your guns).

The Basic Campsite and Improved Campsite are the two campsite items in the 
game and can be bought at general stores. To set camp, you must use the item 
while out in the wild. Campsites act like safehouses: you can change outfits 
and save your game. However, you are also able to fast travel to different 
locations like a taxi service. The Improved Campsite provides you with ammo 
after saving and exiting the camp.

Honor and Fame

Honor and Fame are pivotal parts of Red Dead Redemption and really the central 
point to the game. Honor is a ranking system used in the game that judges John 
Marston by his character. Like in many western RPGs and other games, you are 
given opportunities throughout the game to be good or evil. The choices you 
make throughout the game affect your honor and people will react to you 
differently based on it.

Most of the events that affect honor are self explanatory. Actions such as 
vandalism, theft, injury, and murder all result in a loss of honor. Good 
deeds, such as completing random events and completing missions result in 
increased honor. 

You are rewarded for extremely high and extremely low honor, so both paths 
have their perks. Note that special perks can be removed if your honor strays 
too far away. For example, perks given to you for highest honor possible will 
disappear if your honor gets too low.

                      "Evil"          |          "Good"             
          [1]      [2]      [3]       |       [5]      [6]      [7]

[1] - Desperado. People no longer report you for crimes lower than murder.
      Lawmen still react normally if they witness the crime.

[2] - Road Agent. Shops in Thieves' Landing offer 50% off on all items and
      sold items give you 50% more profit. A Dark Horse responds to your
      whistles. The Dark Horse can be killed, but another one will appear
      after some time.

[3] - Rustler. The cost of bribes is reduced by 50%.

[4] - Drifter. This is neutral honor; you start off as a Drifter and it has
      no special perks.

[5] - Honest Joe. All job rewards are twice as much as normal.

[6] - Peacemaker. Shops (except Thieves' Landing) offer 50% off on all items
      and sold items give you 50% more profit. Duster Coat outfit unlocked.

[7] - Hero. Crimes are only reported after your first murder.

Fame is similar to Honor, but it only increases and there is no way to lose 
fame. It is earned by completing story missions and other jobs/challenges. 
Basically, your fame goes up as you progress through the game. An increase in 
fame also gives you various perks.

- Nobody
  You start off as this. No special perks.

- Greenhorn
  Random events are more frequent.

- Buckaroo
  The cost of bribes is reduced by 25%.

- Mercenary
  Time between law pursuits is doubled from 24 to 48 hours.

- Gunslinger
  Stealing horses doesn't result in a bounty. Drinks at the saloon are free of

- Legend
  The bounty for crimes you commit is halved. 

Crimes and Law Enforcement

There are a multitude of crimes that can be committed in Red Dead Redemption. 
Crimes not only result in a decrease in honor (ranging from -50 to -100), but 
also alert the authorities. This only occurs in populated areas, so committing 
crimes in the wilderness does not result in a bounty since no one is there to 
see it (though it still lowers your honor).

Committing a crime in front of a lawman will automatically result in Marston 
being wanted. If there are no lawmen around and someone else sees you commit a 
crime, they will become an eyewitness. Eyewitnesses will report your actions 
to the police unless you bribe them or kill them.

When Marston is wanted, law enforcement will pursue him. The radar turns red 
and icons representing lawmen appear. In addition, a wanted/bounty appears at 
the top right-hand corner of the screen. There are several things you can do 
when wanted. You can either act noble and turn yourself in, bribe the police, 
or run away.

To turn yourself in, holster your weapon, walk towards the police, and stand 
still. If you stand directly next to a lawman, you are given the option to 
bribe him (the same applies to eyewitnesses). Bribing a lawman deactivates 
your wanted status and drastically decreases your honor.

To run away from the police, you must exit the red circle shown on your map. 
In the red vicinity, police can see you, but exiting the red circle and 
getting far enough away means that the lawmen have lost sight of Marston; the 
red circle turns gray. Additionally, the wanted icon on your screen also 
slowly turns gray. Once it has completely turned gray, it'll disappear and the 
cops will lose sight of you. The higher the bounty, the longer it takes for 
you to escape the police.

Even though you have evaded the local law officials, you aren't out of the 
woods just yet. The wanted icon disappears, but your bounty stays. 
Periodically, lawmen will appear since you still have a bounty on your head. 
The smaller the bounty, the less motivated the police will be to capture you. 
As the bounty increases, more and more lawmen will be notified and if things 
keep up, you can have a huge posse of lawmen on your tail.

If the bounty gets too high, you will become tracked by bounty hunters. Bounty 
hunters are similar to law enforcement, but they typically do not want to 
capture Marston alive. You cannot bribe bounty hunters and often cannot 
surrender to them, so it's best to outrun them. The next step up are special 
forces: US Marshals or the Mexican Army. These are the big dogs, so they are 
tougher to evade and cannot be bribed.

The bounty stays with Marston until you either turn yourself in, bribe the 
police, or use a Pardon Letter. Bribing the police costs money and lowers your 
honor, and turning yourself in will force you to pay off your bounty 
(sometimes it's better to get killed by lawmen rather than thrown in jail, 
since dying only reloads your last save and doesn't waste your money).

Pardon Letters are rare items that can be used at train stations that can be 
used to wipe the slate clean and remove Marston's bounty, regardless of size. 
You cannot use Pardon Letters when wanted, so make sure to escape the police 
before finding a train station to clear your name.

Here is a list of the majority of the game's crimes:

- Vandalism (Fine: $1)
  Simply damage property. The easiest way to do this is shoot out a window.

- Assault to an animal (Fine: $5)
  Injure an animal.

- Murder an animal (Fine: $5)
  Kill an owned animal, such as a dog or livestock.

- Trespassing (Fine: $5)
  Break into a building. An easy way to do this is to stay inside a store
  until it closes.

- Threaten law enforcement (Fine: $5)
  Point a gun at a lawman.

- Property destruction (Fine: $5)
  Destroy property, such as throwing Dynamite at a building.

- Robbery (Fine: $10)
  Rob someone. One way to do this is to point a gun at a shop owner and you'll
  be given the option to rob them.

- Property destruction to a vehicle (Fine: $10)
  Damage a car by shooting it.

- Arson (Fine: $20)
  Set a building on fire using a Fire Bottle.

- Assault (Fine: $20)
  Injure a civilian.

- Assault on the law (Fine: $20)
  Injure a lawman.

- Murder a horse (Fine: $20)
  Kill an owned horse.

- Theft of a horse (Fine: $20)
  Steal an owned horse.

- Kidnapping (Fine: $20)
  Hogtie a civilian.

- Cheating (Fine: $25)
  Get caught cheating at Poker

- Kidnapping a law enforcer (Fine: $30)
  Hogtie a lawman.

- Murder (Fine: $40)
  Kill a civilian.

- Theft of a vehicle (Fine: $40)
  Steal a cart, wagon, or stagecoach.

- Murder a law enforcer (Fine: $50)
  Kill a lawman.

- Safecracking (Fine: $50)
  Successfully crack a safe.

Tips and Tricks

- Using the autosave feature is a very convenient way to save your game
  without having to find a safehouse or use a campsite. The easiest way to
  trigger an autosave is to enter the Options menu and switch one of the
  configurations. The game saves when you exit the menu, so just switch it
  right back after for an easy save.

- Six hours pass in the game when you save at a safehouse or campsite.
  Technically, you do not even have to save: press Y to save your game, then
  press B to exit the save game menu and the time will pass. It's a very easy
  and fast way to pass the time in the game.

- Waypoints are useful, but keep in mind that they are not always the best
  route to use for reaching your destination. Waypoints only follow roads, so
  sometimes it can be easier to go off-road to save time and effort.

- Pay attention to your targeting reticule. When it is white, you are in range
  and can make accurate shots. However, if it turns gray, that means you're
  out of range and shots are much harder to land. Get in close enough so the
  targeting reticule is white before you take your shot.

- Probably my favorite and a very useful "glitch" is "quick skinning". The
  skinning sequence is fairly long for some animals and can be problematic in
  some situations. To skip the skinning animation, kill an animal and place
  your horse or vehicle on top of the corpse; pressing Y automatically gives
  you the rewards without having to sit through the animation. It's especially
  useful when hunting grizzly bears late in the game.

- To avoid a change in Honor, you can wear the Bandana item. Once you wear the
  Bandana, your actions will not result in an increase or decrease in Honor,
  so if you want to be bad without suffering the consequences, put on the
  Bandana and fulfill your needs. Your Wanted Level also decreases once you
  remove the Bandana after committing a crime.

- Another way to kill people without losing honor (aside from the Bandana) is
  by drowning them. Hogtie someone and bring them to a body of water. Get off
  your horse and drop them in the water. For whatever reason, any death
  involving water is a free pass, so you can push people or drop them into the
  water without consequence.


[4] WALKTHROUGH (PROLOGUE)                                              [0400]


- Author's Note
  For many missions, the amount of Honor receives often varies depending on
  how many enemies are killed, so the Honor rewards listed may differ from
  your playing experience.

 Exodus in America

 Prereqs: -
 Rewards: -
 Unlocks: Bonnie MacFarlane missions


Watch the opening cutscene as John Marston takes a train to Armadillo.

- Author's Note
  This is not at all important, but take notice of the man sitting in the back
  of the train. You can see him again right behind Marston when he gets off
  the train; he is wearing a black bowler hat and glasses. You will recognize
  this man much later on in the game.

When Marston reaches Armadillo, he is to set his sights on the saloon. Walk 
around a bit and test out the controls before you make your way to the yellow 
circle icon on the radar. In any mission, your destination is shown as this 
yellow icon; it is also viewed as a yellow "X" on the game screen.

Inside, you'll meet up with a man named Jake. Follow Jake outside and to the 
hitching post, where you'll find a pair of horses. Mount one of the horses 
with Y and shuffle along to the outskirts of town.

- Author's Note
  When you are accompanied by someone on a horse, hold down A to match their
  speed. Your horse will not lose stamina and you won't have to repeatedly tap
  A to try and keep up with them.

Follow Jake until you reach Fort Mercer. It's a bit of a trip, so hold down A 
to accompany Jake and enjoy the small talk. Jake will leave when you get close 
to Fort Mercer. A cutscene begins when you approach the entrance to the fort, 
and by the end of it, John is severely wounded. This ends the mission, and you 
automatically begin the first of Bonnie MacFarlane's missions.


[5] WALKTHROUGH (NEW AUSTIN)                                            [0500]


- Author's Note
  For many missions, the amount of Honor receives often varies depending on
  how many enemies are killed, so the Honor rewards listed may differ from
  your playing experience.

 Bonnie MacFarlane                                                      [0501]

- Author's Note
  Bonnie MacFarlane is found at MacFarlane's Ranch, represented on the map as
  a "B" icon.

 New Friends, Old Problems

 Prereqs: "Exodus in America"
 Rewards: +200 Fame
          +50 Honor
 Unlocks: "Obstacles in Our Path"
          "Flowers For a Lady" (Stranger)


From the small shack (that turns out to be your safehouse), join Bonnie 
MacFarlane at her house. She is represented by the blue circle on your radar. 
Approach Bonnie on her front porch and walk with her to the two horses saddled 
up next to the Foreman's office.

All you have to do is accompany Bonnie as she takes you on a personal tour 
around MacFarlane's Ranch. It's a small town, so there isn't much here; the 
four most important landmarks being the police station, general store, 
doctor's office, and train station.

When you return to the police station, hitch your horse. Hitching a horse 
makes it your trusty steed, so you can own any horse as long as you hitch it 
to a post. If you hitch a different horse, it will replace your old one. 
Benefits to owning a horse is increased stamina and the ability for it to 
arrive at your side anytime you whistle for it.

Once night falls, you'll be given a task by Bonnie. Select the Repeater 
Carbine by accessing the weapon wheel (hold the Left Bumper) and mount your 

Ride behind the ranch house to the gardens, where several rabbits have been 
making a mess. They're pretty quick, so get off your horse and aim your 
Repeater Carbine with the Left Trigger. You can't use Dead Eye just yet, so 
you'll have to kill them the hard way. When you are close enough to a target, 
aiming will automatically place the reticule on the target, so that should 
make things a bit easier.

After slaying a few rabbits, the others flee. Get back on your horse and 
follow Bonnie to the corral, where coyotes have broken in and are terrorizing 
the livestock. Coyotes are easier targets than rabbits since they are a lot 
bigger, and Dead Eye also becomes available here. Test it out by clicking the 
Right Analog Stick; the coyotes will be a lot easier to hit.

All is well at MacFarlane's Ranch. Bonnie will take you to your house (the 
little shack where you woke up in). Hitch your horse at the hitching post and 
enter your safehouse to complete the mission.

Completing this mission unlocks the next one in the chain of Bonnie MacFarlane 
missions. First off, make sure to save your game at the safehouse and grab 
some ammo from the chest. To start the next mission, approach the "B" icon on 
the radar at Bonnie's house. Note that some missions are only available at 
certain times of the day, so you can save your game to make time pass until 
the mission is available.

- Author's Note
  Even though you can start the next Bonnie mission, there are still other
  things to do around here. The Twin Rocks and Tumbleweed gang hideouts are
  now available, but both of those are a bit of a hike. If you aren't up for
  exploring right now, the Nightwatch job is also available (only at night)
  right at the police station.

 Obstacles in Our Path

 Prereqs: "New Friends, Old Problems"
 Rewards: +20 Fame
 Unlocks: Marshal Johnson missions
          "This is Armadillo, USA"
          "Let No Man Put Asunder" (Stranger)


It's an old-fashioned horse race! Like the previous mission, this isn't a 
story-driven mission and focuses mainly on training you in basic controls. 
Here, you'll learn basic riding techniques. Get on your horse and meet Bonnie 
at the race start a few meters away.

You must race Bonnie around the outskirts of MacFarlane's Ranch. Since this is 
a race, holding down A to match Bonnie's speed is not a good idea. You must 
spur your horse by tapping A to make it run faster. Pay attention to the blue 
stamina meter to the left of the radar; it decreases every time you press A. 
If the meter runs out and you continue to spur, the horse will neigh and knock 
you off.

It's all about finding a medium: don't frantically tap A or else your horse 
will run out of gas. Periodically press A and don't let the horse's stamina 
get too low; it'll refill over time. I usually press A once every two or so 
seconds. If you're trailing, you may want to pick it up a bit, but stay steady 
if you are in the lead.

Follow the smoke beacons onscreen or look at the radar and follow the yellow 
waypoints. Even if you aren't familiar with the area, it's pretty hard to get 
lost. Also, make sure to stay on the roads. Your horse moves a lot faster when 
on main roads and horse trails, so even if you think taking shortcuts here and 
there may help, they don't.

This is supposed to be a lighthearted game, so foul play will result in you 
failing the missions. No need to draw your weapons here, so keep them 
holstered and play fair. The mission will be completed whether you win or 
lose, and there are no rewards for winning; simply finish the race.

- Author's Note
  Marshal Johnson missions become available after completing "Obstacles in Our
  Path". He is located in Armadillo. There is no correct order or timeline you
  should follow when taking missions, so you are more than welcome to start
  his chain of missions. Personally, I like to finish a mission chain before I
  start another one.

 This is Armadillo, USA

 Prereqs: "Obstacles in Our Path"
 Rewards: +50 Honor
 Unlocks: "Women and Cattle"
          "Jenny's Faith" (Stranger)


This is another combat-free mission, and a rather relaxing one at that. It is 
your duty to ride to Armadillo with Bonnie MacFarlane. Hop on the wagon and 
take the reigns. Driving a wagon is similar to riding a horse in terms of 
controls, but the wagon goes much slower and you want to be more careful so 
you don't tip it over and fail the mission.

A waypoint is automatically set, so follow the yellow line to reach Armadillo. 
There are a few sharp turns here and there, so make sure to go slow enough so 
you don't tip the wagon over. This isn't a race, so take your time and enjoy 
the scenery (especially if you haven't taken a trip to Armadillo yet).

Head to the yellow "X" in the center of the town once you're at Armadillo. 
Head to the doctor's office and purchase some Medicine. It's free, so don't 
worry if you don't have any cash yet. You can view the Medicine and other 
items in your satchel (press Back). 

You can find Bonnie outside the general store, so meet up with her once you 
have the Medicine to complete the mission.

John will be left in Armadillo, so there are several options on what to do 
next. You can choose to do a Marshal mission since you're already in the 
neighborhood or you can return to MacFarlane's Ranch to wrap things up there. 
There are also a few nice attractions in Armadillo, such as a general store, 
gunsmith, saloon, and property that you can buy.

If you're short on cash, you can try tackling the Twin Rocks gang hideout that 
isn't too far off, or you can return to MacFarlane's Ranch and earn a quick 
buck performing Nightwatch jobs. 

 Women and Cattle

 Prereqs: "This is Armadillo, USA"
 Rewards: $5
          +100 Honor
 Unlocks: "Wild Horses, Tamed Passions"
          "California" (Stranger)


The missions are still low-key, and this one is especially boring - at least 
from my perspective. Bonnie teaches Marston how to herd cattle, and cattle 
herding can be frustrating for beginners. Mount your horse to start things off 
and ride to the pen with Bonnie.

When you reach the pen, ride over to the yellow "X" to get behind the herd. 
The cow herd takes the form of a large blue arrow on the radar, and you must 
guide them out of the pen. To successfully herd the cattle, stay behind the 
group and move away from the direction that you want them to go. If you want 
the herd to go left, move to the right to turn them to the left, and vice-
versa. To keep them going in a straight line, slowly strafe back and forth 
while staying behind the herd.

The herd at the pen only consists of five or so cows, so moving them out of 
the pen and to the pasture isn't too difficult. Follow Bonnie and use a 
waypoint if needed to reach the pasture, where you'll find a lot more cattle 
already grazing.

As the two groups merge, direct this large group of cattle towards the old oak 
tree not too far away. To get the cattle to move faster, you can shout at them 
by pressing Up at the D-Pad. Move at a relatively slow speed while zigzagging 
back and forth to keep the herd together. Bonnie and a few farmhands help you 
out here along the way.

Bonnie departs as things wrap up. Don't worry about the cattle: the mission 
ends when you reach the oak tree, so you can leave them out in the wilderness.

 Wild Horses, Tamed Passions

 Prereqs: "Women and Cattle"
 Rewards: +150 Honor
 Unlocks: "A Tempest Looms"
          "American Appetites" Part 3 (Stranger)


Marston receives a Lasso upon starting the mission. The Lasso is a valuable 
weapon primarily used to catch and tame wild horses, although it can also be 
used to subdue criminals (or innocent people if you choose to be evil). Hop on 
your horse and follow both Bonnie and her father, Drew MacFarlane, to a herd 
of wild horses south of the ranch.

When you get close enough to the herd, hold down B to spot them. Open up the 
weapon wheel and select the Lasso, then ride towards the horses with the 
MacFarlanes. Slowly move towards one of the horses and draw your Lasso with 
the Left Trigger (just like aiming a weapon). Press the Right Trigger to throw 
the Lasso at one of the horses. If you miss, then get closer to the horse. It 
doesn't matter which horse you lasso.

Once you have lassoed a horse, continue holding down the Left Trigger and 
dismount your own horse. If the captured horse tries to get away, hold down 
the Left Analog Stick to move backwards and the horse will get jerked 
backwards. Bonnie and Drew lend a hand, so a chance of that happening is 

Wild horses aren't too keen of strangers jumping on and trying to ride it, so 
the horse will buck back and forth in an attempt to throw Marston off. In 
horsebreaking, it's all about keeping your balance.

John will tilt back and forth when trying to control the horse, so use the 
Left Analog Stick to move left and right so you stay centered. If John starts 
to slip to the right, move the Left Analog Stick left to center him. Pay 
attention to Marston's flailing arms and dialogue to also hint at your 
progress. Obviously, if he says something like "Oh shit!", then he is about to 
fall off. Depending on the horse, this can take anywhere from 20 seconds to 
well over a minute.

Once the horse has been broken, you can ride it with ease. Get off the horse 
and get on your own as Drew leaves with the prize. Follow the herd with Bonnie 
and lasso another horse; follow the same horsebreaking strategies you used on 
the first one. Return to MacFarlane's Ranch with Bonnie and your new 

There's another herd of wild horses down near Armadillo, so set off to the 
meeting place with Bonnie. Expect more small talk from the two to help liven 
up the trip.

Simply hold down A and accompany Bonnie and the group to the herd. You must 
guide the herd into the nearby canyon for easy capturing. It's the same 
premise as cattle herding, so stay behind the herd and sway back and forth 
while trotting in the direction of the canyon (marked as a waypoint on the 

The horses get cornered in the canyon save for one feisty stallion. Chase 
after it through the canyon; by the time the stallion gets out into the open, 
it'll start running in circles. While sprinting on your horse, draw your Lasso 
and fling it at the horse. No one is here to help you, so dismount your horse 
while holding down the Left Trigger and get on the stallion. 

This one is a lot harder to break, so you will have to stay centered for a 
minute or so. If you lose your balance and fall off, quickly lasso the horse 
before it gets away. If it starts to flee, hop on your own horse and chase 
after it again. Meet up with Bonnie nearby to finish the mission. As a reward, 
you get to keep the stallion.

- Author's Note
  The stallion may not seem like anything special, but this is actually one of
  three rarest horses in the game. It is called the Kentucky Saddler and it is
  one of the fastest horses in the game. Any time you break a type of horse,
  the deed to the horse becomes available at general stores. These items are
  very expensive, but are permanent and can be used at any time to receive a
  brand new horse. You may want to save up for a Kentucky Saddler deed in the
  unfortunate event that this one gets killed.

 A Tempest Looms

 Prereqs: "Wild Horses, Tamed Passions"
 Rewards: +100 Honor
 Unlocks: "The Burning"
          "I Know You" (Stranger)


Stop by at the barn next to the police station rather than the MacFarlane's 
house for the next Bonnie mission. 

As evidenced by the mission title, the weather is a little nasty. As a result, 
Marston must head out to the pasture with Bonnie to herd some cattle back to 
the ranch. Herd the first group of cattle over to the yellow marker.

If a cow separates itself from the group, a separate blue arrow appears on the 
radar. Track it down and guide it back to the herd. This time, a counter is 
shown on the screen that keeps track of the number of cows present. Make sure 
to keep them all together when you reach the waypoint.

The storm picks up and the herd gets spooked, resulting in a stampede. The two 
herds merged, so there are 21 total cows. Run alongside the herd and try to 
ease your way in front of them to stop the stampede before they tumble off a 
cliff in the distance. You should be able to get in front of the cattle just 
in time (especially with your new, super-fast Kentucky Saddler).

Don't fret if a few cows take a plunge off the cliff. The mission requirements 
are very lenient and you'll only fail if the entire herd stampedes off the 
cliff. Gather the survivors together and lead them all back to Bonnie. Lastly, 
help Bonnie herd the cows back to their pen at MacFarlane's Ranch.

- Author's Note
  You won't be able to access the next Bonnie mission for a little while, so
  set off for Armadillo and start up the Marshal mission chain for now. 

 The Burning

 Prereqs: "A Tempest Looms"
          "Spare the Rod, Spoil the Bandit" (Marshal)
 Rewards: +75 Fame
          +150 Honor
 Unlocks: -


The mission start can be found just outside Marston's home at MacFarlane's 
Ranch. Bonnie's father has gone missing, so help Bonnie go and find him. Ride 
along with Bonnie to the outskirts of the ranch to find Drew and some shady 
activity - probably the work of more rustlers. Just like that, you are ordered 
to return to the ranch to fetch a wagon.

Of course, the bad news doesn't stop at two dead ranchers: when Marston and 
Bonnie return to the ranch, they discover that the barn is on fire! The main 
doors are locked tight, so follow the yellow marker on the radar to find a 
series of awnings you can climb up.

The platforming in this game isn't superb, but it gets the job done. Stand 
near the yellow marker and press X to jump up onto the awning, then continue 
up to the windmill platform and onto the barn roof. Enter the burning barn 
from the roof, then slide down the ladders to the ground and open the doors 
from the inside.

Lastly, get the horses out from their burning prison. Run up to each horse and 
give them a swift slap on the behind with the Y button to rustle them out of 
the barn. For the last horse, you'll have to ride it out and over some burning 
wreckage to safety. Bring the horse to the corral and find Bonnie. You have 
saved the ranch, and the Bonnie MacFarlane mission change is fully completed.

 Marshal Johnson                                                        [0502]

- Author's Note
  Marshal Johnson is found at Armadillo, represented on the map as an "M"

 Political Realities in Armadillo

 Prereqs: "Obstacles in Our Path" (Bonnie)
 Rewards: $20
          +75 Fame
          +100 Honor
 Unlocks: "Justice in Pike's Basin"
          "American Appetites" Part 1 (Stranger)
          "Water and Honesty" (Stranger)


Marshal Johnson is one that tries not to bite off more than he can chew in 
terms of the crime in New Austin, so naturally the first mission would begin 
by settling a local disturbance. Walk over to the saloon with Marshal to eye 
the leader of the Walton Gang (who is aptly named "Walton"). Whistle for your 
horse and start tailing Walton.

Walton is shown on the radar as a red circle. You can also hold down B to look 
at Walton if he is in viewing distance. Simply follow Marshal so you know 
where to go; don't go too far ahead or else you'll spook Walton and don't fall 
too far behind either.

Walton leads the two of you right to his hideout. You'll go on foot once you 
get close enough to the hideout and the other gang members are notified of 
your presence.

This is the first mission involving combat, so you can expect a set of 
tutorial messages as you go through. Take cover behind the boulders by 
pressing the Right Bumper. When behind cover, you can aim over or around the 
cover by holding the Left Trigger; let go to dip back behind cover.

It's up to you to slowly ascend the hill towards Pleasance House while 
fighting the gang members. Step away from cover by pressing the Right Bumper 
and hide behind the wagon a few steps forward. If you press Right Bumper 
several steps away from cover, Marston will automatically slide over towards 

Shoot down the outlaws that appear onscreen (your Cattleman Revolver works 
fine here). Slowly take down any outlaws present while you make your way 
towards the house. Marshal gives you orders along the way, so follow them as 
you eventually reach the front porch.

Walton is holed up inside the house and will come flying outside when you 
approach the front door. As you'll come to learn a bit later in the game, you 
have two options in bounty hunting in regards to the gang leader: you can 
either take the easy way out and kill him or take him in alive by subduing 
him. It's up to you, though a live bounty always yields better rewards.

In order to wound an enemy such as Walton, your best bet is to aim for the 
legs. Once he's down on the ground, use your Lasso on him. Once a person is 
bound, hold the Left Trigger, walk over to the prisoner, and press Y to hogtie 
them. Keeping Walton alive nets you 100 Honor while killing him subtracts 100 
Honor. Regardless of the outcome, you still receive $20 and 75 Fame.

The game suggests you use your Basic Campsite to fast travel to Armadillo, but 
I suggest returning to your horse and riding back. Before you do so, search 
the bodies of the fallen outlaws for cash and ammo. 

 Justice in Pike's Basin

 Prereqs: "Political Realities in Armadillo"
 Rewards: $25
          +170 Fame
          +100 Honor
 Unlocks: Nigel West Dickens missions
          "Spare the Rod, Spoil the Bandit"
          "American Appetites" Part 2 (Stranger)


The Bollard Twins are hiding out in Pike's Basin, and Marshal needs your help 
in clearing them out. The two of you are joined by Marshal's deputies: Jonah 
and Eli. Mount your horse and head out with the others to Pike's Basin. It 
isn't too far; the entrance is northeast of Armadillo.

The gang enters Pike's Basin on foot. When you reach a fork in the road, you 
will be ambushed by several gang members. Press the Right Bumper to take cover 
behind the rocks in the middle and take every last one out. You are given a 
choice to either accompany Marshal to the right or stick with the two deputies 
to the left. The deputies are annoying, so I usually side with Marshal despite 
losing the numbers game. It doesn't matter which path you take.

The right path is arguably better because you scale the upper cliffs, giving 
you the height advantage during combat. There is a camp on the eastern path 
that contains an ammo chest. In addition, looting corpses earns you extra 
money and ammunition. Just past the camp is a bridge guarded by two snipers, 
so take cover and shoot them down with your Repeater Carbine.

Cross the two bridges for the two parties to meet up. Crouch and move towards 
the edge of the canyon. Kill the few baddies up here with you, then look down 
on the hideout below. Most of the gang members are stationed down here along 
with several innocent bystanders, so take your pickings as you slowly walk 
around the bend to the ground. If there are still enemies alive by the time 
you reach the ground, use the tents and other objects to take cover. Just 
avoid standing near the red TNT boxes!

Once the coast is clear, Marshal and the others free the hostages. Before you 
leave Pike's Basin, loot the remaining dead bodies and search the tents for 
chests containing valuables (including a rare Pardon Letter). Nigel West 
Dickens missions are now available, and since Marshal missions are put on hold 
temporarily, he should be your next stop.

 Spare the Rod, Spoil the Bandit

 Prereqs: "Justice in Pike's Basin"
          "Women and Cattle" (Bonnie)
          "Old Swindler Blues" (Nigel)
 Rewards: $50
          +250 Fame
          +200 Honor
 Unlocks: "Hanging Bonnie MacFarlane"
          "American Appetites" Part 3 (Stranger)


There's some more gang ruckus goin' on, so Marshal and the deputies team up 
with John again for some justice with a capital "J". As the gang rides out to 
Ridgewood Farm, they notice some vultures circling around an abandoned camp. 
Inspect the area to find that the scene looks more like a slaughterhouse than 
a campsite. Marston takes a Winchester Repeater from the wake.

- Author's Note
  Remember, when you have more than one weapon of the same weapon type, you
  can access them by viewing the weapon wheel, then using the D-Pad to cycle
  through available guns. Overall, the Winchester Repeater is better than the
  Repeater Carbine, so you should start using it from now on.

There's a second flock of vultures near Ridgewood Farm. Upon checking it out, 
the group finds more dead bodies. Ridgewood Farm appears to be deserted, so 
explore the vicinity in search of possible clues. Check the outhouse and shed, 
then head over to the barn when you come up empty handed.

Shoot the boards off the barn door to view some unpleasantries inside. The 
bandits are holed up in the farmhouse, so run over as a few of them pour out 
onto the porch and attack. There's no cover here, so quickly take out the one 
on the balcony and the couple that run onto the porch. Most of the enemies 
funnel out through the door, making them easy pickings.

The last handful stay inside, so run up to the door and take a peek to see if 
anyone is in sight. There are two bandits inside the kitchen that need to be 

The last two are upstairs holding hostages. Slowly ascend the stairs and lean 
up against the doorway. You don't want any needless executions, so enter Dead 
Eye when you peek out into the doorway and kill the bandit before he can snuff 
out the hostages. The second one is behind a closed door and using the hostage 
as a shield, so take cover on the wall and press Y to open the door, then 
enter Dead Eye and make a careful shot at the criminal.

Loot the corpses before you meet back up with Marshal. The bandit leader is 
still afoot, so the Marshal offers a hefty reward to motivate everyone. 
Continue to Mercer Station for a reunion with Bill Williamson, though it's 
short lived since he scatters as his men provide distraction.

Stay inside the shed and use your Winchester Repeater on each band of outlaws 
that rides down to confront you. Take out the ones that try and flank you 
first using Dead Eye. There are two waves of bandits that aren't too difficult 
to kill provided you stay inside the ruined shed. 

 Hanging Bonnie MacFarlane

 Prereqs: "The Burning" (Bonnie)
 Rewards: +150 Fame
 Unlocks: "The Assault on Fort Mercer"


Turns out the bad news didn't even end at a burning barn: Bonnie MacFarlane 
has been kidnapped as a ransom for the release of Norman Deek, one of the 
outlaws that Marshal incarcerated on a previous mission. The old tradeoff: 
Norman Deek for Bonnie. All should go well, right...?

With Norman Deek hogtied to the back of a horse, the fearsome foursome proceed 
to Tumbleweed. It's a bit of a ride, so try and enjoy the small talk until you 
make it to your destination. Once you cross the bridge to Tumbleweed, walk 
with Deek to the center of town for the exchange. Of course, the bandits don't 
play fair and things go sour, with Deek getting slain by his own comrades.

Quickly enter Dead Eye and execute the three bandits, then shoot down the one 
lurking on the chapel roof. Start moving into the heart of Tumbleweed, 
shooting down any bandit that you can spot. Use plenty of cover, including 
boxes, buildings, and carriages. Eventually, the chair underneath Bonnie is 
kicked out from under her and her life begins sapping away at each second.

There's no real timetable for saving Bonnie, though she will die if you take 
too long. At the same time, don't rush over to her while there are still 
bandits present, because you'll be a sitting duck. You also cannot shoot the 
noose, either. Try and speed things up in combat while still playing it safe; 
there are a lot of bandits hiding in buildings, but they show their face often 
and make easy targets.

When the coast is clear, run over to Bonnie to free her. Even after nearly 
dying, Bonnie still retains her signature sass.

- Author's Note
  Even though you technically unlock a new Marshal mission, you won't be able
  to start it for a long, long time. Time to direct your focus to Nigel West
  Dickens and his mission chain.

 The Assault of Fort Mercer

 Prereqs: "Hanging Bonnie MacFarlane"
          "The Sport of Kings, and Liars" (Nigel)
          "Let the Dead Bury Their Dead" (Seth)
          "On Shaky's Ground" (Irish)
 Rewards: $50
          +150 Fame
 Unlocks: "We Shall Be Together in Paradise" (Irish)


Meet up with Marshal Johnson near Fort Mercer to begin the plan of action. 
John, Marshal, Nigel, Seth, and Irish all come up with a strategy to get 
inside. While Seth distracts Bill Williamson and his bandits, Nigel prepares a 
type of "Trojan Horse" to sneak Marston and the machine gun inside.

Once you are given the signal, you can use the machine gun on Williamson's 
gang. The gun (more like a gatling gun than anything; they refer to the gun by 
both names) can tear through most terrain and has unlimited ammo, but keep in 
mind that you aren't invincible when using this thing. You cannot move, so 
Marston is a sitting duck when using it.

Aim for various hazards, such as TNT barrels and oil lanterns that can be set 
ablaze. There are several waves of bandits that you must cut through that 
usually come from straight ahead or to the right, so cover the entrances and 
you might be able to mow them down when they try to funnel through.

Once most of the gang is cleared out, you'll set off on foot for any 
stragglers. Stick with Marshal and the deputies and try not to run off ahead. 
There's really no preventing this, but the mission can fail if a deputy is 
killed. If you stick alongside them, maybe the bandits will focus on you more 
than the others? At least you can heal yourself with Medicine. Proceed along 
the perimeter of the fort until all the enemies are dead.

Regroup with Marshal and the others afterwards, as you find out that 
Williamson has bolted. However, he sent reinforcements to flood the fort, so 
hop back on that machine gun! This is like the first portion of the mission: 
all you have to do is sit back and gun down the enemies.

Enemies come on foot, horseback, and even some on turret-mounted wagons! They 
come from all directions, so pay attention to the radar to see where the next 
group originates. Make the wagons your first priority, since those turrets are 
as strong as your own. Hold the fort up for a couple minutes until the flow of 
bandits dries up.

The gang receives news that Bill Williamson has gone south to Mexico in order 
to see one of his gang buddies: Javier Escuella. Irish offers to take John on 
a ferry ride to Mexico, which activates the final New Austin mission.

 Nigel West Dickens                                                     [0503]

- Author's Note
  Nigel West Dickens is initially found at Lake Don Julio (southeast of
  Armadillo), represented on the map as an "W" icon. Subsequent missions are
  found at various New Austin locations. 

 Old Swindler Blues

 Prereqs: "Justice in Pike's Basin" (Marshal)
 Rewards: +75 Fame
          +100 Honor
 Unlocks: "You Shall Not Give False Testimony, Except For Profit"


You can find Nigel West Dickens on the side of the road, north of Lake Don 
Julio. It helps if you look for vultures circling his wagon. Marston finds 
Nigel lying on the ground, so he offers to take him into town for medical 
help. Nigel has a blue health bar at the top of the screen that will decrease 
whenever you veer off of the road or if outlaws attack.

Controlling a wagon isn't much different than riding a horse, though it moves 
much slower and the steering isn't as precise. Even though there are gang 
members on your tail, you may want to take things a tad slow so you don't get 
too reckless and lead Nigel to his death.

Aiming while driving is the same as normal, but you may want to slow down when 
drawing your weapon and targeting enemies, because it's hard to multitask in a 
situation like this. Use your Repeater Carbine and shoot at any outlaw that 
gets too close. If you want to save ammo, you can shoot out their horses to 
leave them incapacitated so you don't waste bullets trying to kill each one. 
Use Dead Eye if you are faced with multiple foes.

Armadillo is the closest town, and it isn't that far away from your starting 
location. You should only encounter two, maybe three waves of outlaws by the 
time you reach safety.

- Author's Note
  You will have to come back at a reasonable time to engage in the next Nigel
  mission. You can either continue the Nigel West Dickens mission chain or
  start back up the Marshal Johnson mission chain. 

 You Shall Not Give False Testimony, Except For Profit

 Prereqs: "Old Swindler Blues"
 Rewards: +25 Fame
 Unlocks: Seth missions
          "Liars, Cheats, and Other Proud Americans"


In this mission, you get to witness Nigel's propaganda first-hand as you join 
him on his quest to Ridgewood Farm, although Marston is more of a lackey than 
a stand-along, as you are forced to drive Nigel's own wagon to Ridgewood Farm. 
Follow the waypoint to your destination, where you'll witness the West Dickens 
magic with your very own eyes.

In fact, you are forced to disembark before you even reach the farm to avoid 
speculation on a potential scam in the works. You want to make this sale look 
legit, right? Run into town as the show starts and take your place in the 
audience. After taking a swig of the doc's patented elixir, draw your gun and 
shoot at the skull leaning on the porch. It's an easy target, considering how 
it shines brightly when you aim at it.

One skeptical citizen calls Marston out and challenges him to shoot his hat 
out of the air. Sounds difficult, but it's an incredibly easy task when you 
incorporate Dead Eye into the mix. When Aquila throws his hat into the air, 
enter Dead Eye and markers will automatically be painted on the hat when you 
move your reticule over it. Press the Right Trigger to shoot at these "X" 

Surprisingly, Aquila still isn't impressed and decides to settle things in a 
brawl. Equip your fists and target Aquila with the Left Trigger. While holding 
down the Left Trigger, you can press the Right Trigger to punch, hold the 
Right Bumper to block, or press X to sidestep. He's a big dude, but still a 
pushover. When the button prompt appears onscreen, you can hit Y to tackle 
Aquila to the ground and pull off some mounted punches.

Aquila's determined to go out in a bang, so he draws his gun at Marston. Enter 
Dead Eye and move your targeting reticule to mark his arm, then fire to disarm 
him. It may be tempting, but do not kill Aquila - you will fail the mission if 
you do so.

After all that, the skeptic finally gives in and takes Nigel for his word. 
Congrats on scamming the innocent townsfolk of Ridgewood Farm! A new mission 
chain becomes available over at Coot's Chapel, so head over there while the 
Nigel missions are put on hold.

- Author's Note
  You can now use Dead Eye Level 2. When you move your targeting reticule
  over a target, the game paints a red "X" marker, and pressing the Right
  Trigger automatically fires at each marker. Personally, it can sometimes be
  a hindrance more than anything, so use Dead Eye carefully from now on.

- Author's Note
  After wrapping up things in Ridgewood Farm, Horsebreaking jobs now become
  available at this location. If you're looking for another source of income,
  you have another option here.

 Liars, Cheats, and Other Proud Americans

 Prereqs: "Exhuming and Other Fine Hobbies" (Seth)
 Rewards: $3
          +200 Fame
 Unlocks: Irish missions
          "Can a Swindler Change His Spots?"
          "Who Are You to Judge?" (Stranger)


This time, Nigel does the driving, so kick back and relax during your ride to 
Gaptooth Breach. If you don't want to put up with the doc's annoying banters, 
press A to skip to your destination.

As if he needed new cheap ways to make money, Nigel has taken up the hobby of 
racing. And by that, I mean that he makes Marston compete in the race to earn 
the winnings. Once you are at the race start, hop onto the cart.

Carts are a bit more difficult to control than horses or wagons. They are 
faster and harder to control. In a situation like a race, it's important to 
maintain control of your cart at all times, so that means lay off the gas 
pedal at times. If you crash your cart, you will have to be placed back on the 
track. You won't fail the mission, but it greatly decreases your chance at 
winning (you usually end up in last place); I suggest restarting the race if 
you crash.

The race is fairly simple and it shouldn't be too hard to get in first place 
and keep the lead. There is no waypoint on the map, but you can follow the 
yellow markers on the radar to aid you through the track; also pay attention 
to the smoke beacons onscreen. To keep things simple, you should slow down at 
most turns and sprint at the straightaways. There are several shortcuts 
throughout the racetrack, but only use them if you're getting whooped. 

Lastly, don't try any dirty tactics. That includes shooting at horses or their 
riders; causing intentional harm to another racer is cause for immediate 
disqualification. Knocking into each other and trying to push a racer off the 
road is technically fair game, but usually it causes you to go tumbling off 
the track with them.

Sometimes it helps though: on one occasion, I somehow managed to knock a rider 
off of his cart. The horse was still running, but it didn't count as an 
official racer (it was in front of me yet it still said I was in first place). 

The race isn't all that difficult anyways. Once you win, hop on Nigel's wagon 
to earn a whopping $3. Nigel suggests contacting an arms dealer in Armadillo.

 Can a Swindler Change His Spots?

 Prereqs: "Liars, Cheats, and Other Proud Americans"
 Rewards: $25
          +75 Fame
 Unlocks: "The Sport of Kings, and Liars"


This time, you can find Nigel West Dickens at Plainview, which is southwest of 
Fort Mercer. When you begin the mission, Nigel gathers a crowd for another one 
of his bogus demonstrations. Like the show in Ridgewood Farm, this one goes 
sour, but this time Mr. West Dickens is exposed for the scam he is. The folks 
of Plainview aren't too excited about it and chase after Nigel and Marston.

The two escape in Nigel's wagon while the angry mob follows in pursuit. You 
are riding shotgun, so fend off any assailants that get too close with one of 
your Repeaters. After you take down the first handful, it isn't so bad since 
they start to trail behind. From there, you can aim behind the wagon and pick 
off the enemies one by one.

If shooting the rider is too difficult or if they are too far away, you can 
try targeting their mount instead. The person won't die, but they will have no 
way of catching up to you. Dead Eye is always an available option if you get 
overrun by enemies.

The townsfolk are pretty serious about bringing Nigel down, so they set up a 
TNT blockade in the middle of the road. Shoot the giant red TNT crates on the 
back of the wagon to set the whole thing ablaze, but make sure to target it 
when you are far enough away.

There's still ways to go after the road blockade, but things never get 
particularly difficult during the chase. Bad guys only arrive in pairs or by 
themselves, so they are easy to kill off. The mission is a bit of an ammo 
waster, though. Nigel hides out in a small outpost near Rathskeller Fork 
called Cueva Seca.

 The Sport of Kings, and Liars

 Prereqs: "Can a Swindler Change His Spots?
 Rewards: $5
          +200 Fame
 Unlocks: "Lights, Camera, Action" Part 1 (Stranger)


Nigel is still holed up at Cueva Seca, so you can start this mission the 
second the previous one ends if you want. As the title of the mission 
suggests, you can expect another racing-themed mission here. The race takes 
place at Rathskeller Fork, which isn't very far from your current location. A 
small word of the wise: you don't have to wait for Nigel, so feel free to go 
at your own pace.

Line up at the starting line with your horse. It is important to have a proper 
horse for this race; qualifications should include a horse that you have tamed 
enough so it has increased stamina. If you still have the Kentucky Saddler 
from the "Wild Horses, Tamed Passions" mission, then that's a bonus.

If you couldn't figure it out yet, this is a horse race. The basic rules of 
the race are the same as the cart race: follow the yellow markers throughout 
the racetrack. There aren't many shortcuts this time around, so follow the 
route and stay on the roads. I shouldn't have to mention this, but attacking 
your fellow racers or their horses is strictly forbidden.

You should be much more acclimated with a horse than a cart back when Nigel 
made you race in not too long ago. Still, this race is difficult in its own 
right: the other racers are more skilled and the race is longer, so you will 
have to pace yourself to avoid tiring out your horse and blowing the lead. 

Like in the race against Bonnie, try spurring your horse every two or so 
seconds to maintain maximum speed without wearing your steed down. Also, using 
Horse Pills or Apples to replenish your horse's stamina is fair game if 
available. It is hard to relinquish your lead once you have it, so some 
players may be able to blast to the front of the line early and never look 

This is the final Nigel mission, so you will want to start up on either the 
Seth or Irish mission chain once you're done.

 Seth                                                                   [0504]

- Author's Note
  Seth is initially found at Coot's Chapel, represented on the map as an "S"
  icon. Subsequent missions are found at various New Austin locations. 

 Exhuming and Other Fine Hobbies

 Prereqs: "You Shall Not Give False Testimony, Except For Profit" (Nigel)
 Rewards: -
 Unlocks: "A Gentle Drive With Friends"
          "Funny Man" Part 1 (Stranger)


Seth is an odd fellow, so for the next few missions you can expect to run some 
very strange errands. Seth explains that his descent into madness is a result 
of his ex-partner stealing his treasure map, so Marston and Seth set out to 
search for Seth's former partner. Seth provides some very interesting insight 
on worldly matters during your trip. Is he overly philosophical or just 
downright crazy? Well, I mm sure it's the latter.

Moses, Seth's former partner and the one that stole half of this supposed 
treasure map, can be found at Benedict Point. It's on the opposite side of New 
Austin, so it's a bit of a hike, but by now you should know your way around 
most of the province.

Stop at the lookout point just outside of Benedict Point to concoct a plan. 
Marston will have to act as bait for the two deputies while Seth can get a 
piece of Moses. Steal a deputy's horse to get their attention - and a wanted 
level. Remember, to lose a wanted level, get out of the range of sight and the 
letters in the word "wanted" posted onscreen will fade to gray. Once they are 
completely gray, you will be safe.

Horse theft results in a $20 fine, so it's a price you'll have to pay for the 
sake of the mission. Follow one of the roads or the train tracks to lose the 
deputies. The horse is really slow, so pace yourself when escaping and 
eventually the deputies will lose interest. Getting caught will result in you 
failing the mission. Additionally, don't try and take the low road by killing 
the deputies, because doing so also makes you fail the mission.

Once you've high-tailed it outta there, return to the unguarded Benedict Point 
for the search for Moses to continue. Out of nowhere, the culprit bursts out 
of a cabin door and speeds off! Moses is a sprinter, so you might want to get 
on your horse to catch up or carefully shoot him in the leg (without Dead 
Eye). Hogtie Moses and bring him back to Seth for him to reveal the 
whereabouts of the map.

Achievement unlocked: successfully make a grown man piss his pants. Kidding!

To wrap things up here, you must clear your name. With the Pardon Letter given 
to you by Seth, head over to the telegraph office and give the letter to the 
clerk to automatically clear your name of any bounties - free of charge.

- Author's Note
  If you want a free pass on committing a plethora of crimes, do so before you
  start this mission. You are always given a Pardon Letter at the end of the
  mission (since you have to clear the bounty for stealing the deputy's
  horse), so no matter how big your bounty is prior to starting the mission,
  you will always have it cleared by the end of it.

- Author's Note
  Another option would be to simply pay the fine if the $20 bounty is all you
  have. A Pardon Letter is worth a lot more than a measly horse theft fine, so
  paying the fine and keeping the Pardon Letter is a much better option.

 A Gentle Drive With Friends

 Prereqs: "Exhuming and Other Fine Hobbies"
 Rewards: $10
          +75 Fame
 Unlocks: "Let the Dead Bury Their Dead"


You can expect more crazy antics in this mission. In fact, the bar is raised 
pretty high with this one: John must assist Seth in transporting a dead body 
while he searches it for a piece of his map. Start by getting on the wagon and 
following the waypoint. Seth's first rule is to head to Tumbleweed. Needless 
to say, do not wreck or tip the wagon, because Seth and the corpse in the back 
will pay the price (and you will too, since wiping out so fails the mission).

- Author's Note
  During your trip, Seth suggests avoiding Armadillo so you don't attract any
  unwanted attention to your makeshift hearse. Just for fun, I decided to do
  it anyways. As long as you keep moving and don't stop, nothing happens aside
  from Seth scolding you.

Just past Armadillo, several treasure hunters arrive and attack the wagon. You 
have done your fair share of escort missions, and this one is no different 
than the "Old Swindler Blues" mission aside from the fact that there isn't a 
variable such as a health bar that you need to watch out for.

One thing you should keep note of is that some of the treasure hunters use 
Fire Bottles, which are particularly dangerous. It can be hard to avoid a 
giant pool of fire, so your best bet is to kill the enemies before they can 
throw it or just endure the flames. Once you reach Tumbleweed, Seth will leave 
in search of his long-lost treasure.

 Let the Dead Bury Their Dead

 Prereqs: "A Gentle Drive With Friends"
 Rewards: $10
          +150 Fame
          +100 Honor
 Unlocks: -


You can find Seth at the Tumbleweed cemetery; he is inching closer to his 
ultimate prize, and Marston is here to help him reach it. Seth believes that 
the whereabouts of the treasure are inside the abandoned mansion on the 
outskirts of Tumbleweed. Wipe out the small band of treasure hunters holed up 
here in Tumbleweed.

As the two of you head over there, you find out that the mansion isn't quite 
abandoned. More treasure hunters have positioned themselves inside the mansion 
and are putting up a fight. Make your way up the hill towards the mansion, 
using the crates and cobblestone wall as cover, while shooting at the treasure 
hunters roaming around outside.

The front door is locked, so proceed 'round back to find a cellar entrance. 
Climb down into the basement and slowly walk around the dark corridors. There 
are a couple enemies down here that can surprise you, so watch out. Exit the 
basement to the main foyer. Take cover behind the broken wall as you clear out 
the foyer. Go upstairs to find three more treasure hunters and a chest in one 
of the bedrooms. 

The day has come where Seth has finally found the treasure he has so long been 
waiting for. Too bad it turns out to be nothing more than a glass eye. One 
man's glass eye is another man's treasure, I suppose?

Regardless, Seth agrees to help Marston in the assault on Fort Mercer. The 
Seth mission chain is complete, so you can move onto the Irish mission chain 
if you haven't started it yet.

 Irish                                                                  [0505]

- Author's Note
  Irish is initially found at Armadillo, represented on the map as an "I"
  icon. Subsequent missions are found at various New Austin locations. 

 A Frenchman, a Welshman, and an Irishman

 Prereqs: "Liars, Cheats, and Other Proud Americans" (Nigel)
 Rewards: +50 Fame
          +100 Honor
 Unlocks: "Man is Born Unto Trouble"


Proceed to the barn behind the Armadillo saloon to find a sorry chap being 
drowned in a trough by two goons. As things turn out, the unlucky recipient of 
the torture is the man Marston is looking for: Irish. The two scoundrels, only 
known as Welsh and French, confront Marston after he interrupts things.

Kill Welsh and French to save Irish and receive some information on the 
machine gun Nigel West Dickens was talking about. Irish doesn't specifically 
tell Marston where the machine gun is, and since there is no waypoint, hop on 
your horse and follow Irish to wherever he is leading you. Irish may be a liar 
and a drunk, but I find him to be one of the more likeable characters we have 
come across so far.

The two arrive at a cliff overlooking Lake Don Julio, and Irish describes that 
the machine gun has been stolen by thieves and is stowed away inside the lake 
cabin. There are maybe six or seven enemies outside the cabin, so slide down 
the hill and use the rocks as cover while you finish them off.

The final enemy is a sneaky little fella hiding inside the cabin with a
Double-barreled Shotgun. He will burst out of the front door when you approach
the porch, so immediately enter Dead Eye when you see the door flip open and
send him packing. Unsurprisingly, Irish was lying to you the whole time, as
there isn't a damn thing inside the cabin.

The mission is over, but make sure to grab the Double-barreled Shotgun from 
the cabin dweller and loot the bodies before you leave.

 Man is Born Unto Trouble

 Prereqs: "A Frenchman, a Welshman, and an Irishman"
 Rewards: +250 Fame
 Unlocks: "On Shaky's Ground"
          "Funny Man" Part 2 (Stranger)
          "Funny Man" Part 3 (Stranger)


Head over to Benedict Point to find Irish passed out on the side of a house, 
and their quest for a machine gun continues through Gaptooth Breach, where 
Irish believes the gun is located.

When you reach Gaptooth Breach, use Dead Eye to kill the two miners that 
interrogate you and proceed towards the mine entrance. The mine entrance 
houses a number of crates and rubble, several tents, and two large buildings. 
Don't bother exploring the buildings, for they are empty. There are a lot of 
miners out here, so use the cover given to you. Make sure to search the tents 
for chests before going into the mine shaft.

Run over to the yellow icon to find the entrance to the shaft. The mine shaft 
is a long snaking trail that features many intersections that are all 
currently blocked off, so there is no way of getting lost in here. The close 
quarters and the red TNT barrels makes for some dangerous gunfights.

I found it best to take cover and scour the area for explosive barrels, then 
set them off before you get too close. Don't crouch next to TNT barrels, 
because doing so puts you in risk of getting blown up. I'm not sure if enemies 
directly aim for the explosives, but erratic gunfire and poor AI accuracy can 
lead to terrible outcomes. The miners tend to flock towards these barrels 
themselves for whatever reason, so you can target the TNT for easy pickings.

When you reach a passage overlooking the end of the shaft, press yourself up 
against the wooden railing and use the TNT barrels to help clear out the area 
below. Once most of the miners are dead, run down and into the room (take out 
the remaining enemies). In a surprising twist: Irish wasn't lying, and the 
machine gun is lying inside a mine cart!

Grab the mine cart and start pushing it the same way you came in. Move it 
along the track; the stroll back to the midpoint of the shaft is a pleasant 
one. It's pretty fun getting to hang onto the cart as it flies down the track. 
Once you reach the yellow icon near the midpoint, Irish will use a pulley to 
bring Marston and the machine gun up to the surface.

As you push the cart to the bottom of the hill, a few angry miners will 
attack. Focusing on a moving target while moving yourself can be a tad 
difficult, so use Dead Eye if necessary. One clever miner decides to place a 
TNT barrel on the track, but you can up the ante by shooting the barrel, 
taking the miner out in the process as well. Marston loads the machine gun 
into the back of a wagon as Irish takes off. Success!

 On Shaky's Ground

 Prereqs: "Man is Born Unto Trouble"
 Rewards: +150 Fame
 Unlocks: -


Irish is found down an alley in Thieves' Landing, harassing some nuns. Even 
though you have the machine gun in your possession, it doesn't work. Irish 
leads Marston to a warehouse on the other side of town, where he can find the 
proper ammunition for the gun. The main entrance is locked, so go 'round back.

Irish's pal is in a heap of trouble, so go climb the nearby ladders to the 
warehouse roof. Slowly walk across the roof to avoid detection and you'll come 
across an open window. Stay crouched and slip through the window to the upper 
level of the warehouse.

A bandit usually steps outside of the interrogation room, waiting to be picked 
off from above. Stay on the left side of the platform and drop down below, 
then lean up against the doorway. From here, peek in and take out the bandits 
one by one.

Marston and Shaky are cornered by another wave of bandits, so exit the room 
and take cover behind the crates. There are a couple TNT barrels you can 
detonate to make short work of the bandits. Once the coast is clear, descend 
the stairs and open the gate.

There are two more waves of bandits out here, but they should be easy pickings 
if you use the plenty of cover strewn throughout the courtyard. Loot the 
bodies and follow Shaky over to the machine gun ammo; ride shotgun with Irish 
as you transport the ammunition out of Thieves' Landing. The action isn't 
over, since bandits periodically chase down the wagon. Fend them off using one 
of your long-range weapons until you reach MacFarlane's Ranch.

Assuming you finished all the other mission chains, you can now proceed with 
the final Marshal mission.

 We Shall Be Together in Paradise

 Prereqs: "The Assault on Fort Mercer"
 Rewards: +150 Fame
 Unlocks: Nuevo Paraiso


Irish is found at Brittlebrush Trawl. From Fort Mercer, follow the road to 
Lake Don Julio and head east to eventually reach ferry location on the water's 
edge. Of course, the only reason Irish is helping Marston once again is 
because he is apparently very popular down south, so he will escort Marston to 
Mexico via his fancy raft.

Things go awry and the two follow the currents of the river while being
assaulted by Mexican bandits. I guess Irish is in fact popular down in Mexico,
but for all the wrong reasons. Grab the Springfield Rifle from the side of the
raft and use the ammo box to stock up on bullets. The ammo box is never-
ending, so consult to it for ammo whenever you get low.

Duck behind the crates as you drift down the river and pick off any bandits 
you can see on the coast. After a while, some show up with dynamite. Try to 
kill them before they can toss it at you, or even shoot the dynamite to have 
it explode in their hand. The enemy AI don't have perfect aim, but dynamite 
can destroy the raft and kill you rather easily.

This goes on for ten or so minutes, so stay out of sight behind the crates and 
use your Springfield Rifle on the enemies. Its clip size is small, but it has 
great range, and that is what's most important when targeting enemies from 
afar. Once you finally dock, Marston and Irish say their farewells and the 
drunk takes off. Welcome to the second province, Nuevo Paraiso!


[6] WALKTHROUGH (NUEVO PARAISO)                                         [0600]


- Author's Note
  For many missions, the amount of Honor receives often varies depending on
  how many enemies are killed, so the Honor rewards listed may differ from
  your playing experience.

Upon first arriving at Nuevo Paraiso, ride your horse over to Irish's shack 
that he has now bestowed upon you. It's all the way on the western end of 
Nuevo Paraiso. Along the way, you will be treated to a hauntingly beautiful 
song. It is called "Far Away" by Jose Gonzalez. 

- Author's Note
  Entering Mexico signifies the first big change in Red Dead Redemption. A lot
  of different options are now available to you, including new story missions.
  Two new mission chains become available from the start: Vicente DeSanta and
  Landon Ricketts. You can choose whichever one to begin first, though I
  personally believe that the story flows better if you complete the Landon
  Ricketts mission chain first.
  New gang hideouts in Nosalida and Tesoro Azul are also available, as well as
  Fort Mercer back in New Austin. You can also test out new mini games, such
  as Arm Wrestling.
  The biggest change is that you can new enter both New Austin and Nuevo
  Paraiso whenever you like. There are three bridges connecting the two
  provinces (one in the west, one in the east, and one in between). Keep a
  note that bounties for the US and Mexico are different, so if you have a
  bounty on your head in New Austin, the bounty disappears when you cross the
  border into Mexico (and vice versa). However, the slate isn't wiped clean;
  when you cross back over the border, the bounty reappears.

For now, you may want to explore the surrounding area before you begin any 
missions. Help get yourself familiarized with the towns and surrounding 
environment, then start up one of the two mission chains.

 Landon Ricketts                                                        [0601]

- Author's Note
  Landon Ricketts is found at Chuparosa, represented on the map as an "LR"

 The Gunslinger's Tragedy

 Prereqs: "We Shall Be Together in Paradise" (Irish)
 Rewards: +75 Fame
          +100 Honor
 Unlocks: "Landon Ricketts Rides Again"


John has a run-in with some scum of the Mexican kind... not all different from 
the punks back in New Austin. John also has a meeting with Landon Ricketts, an 
old famed gunslinger that's ready to teach Marston a few new tricks... and 
maybe reveal some information regarding Williamson and Escuella.

For starters, Ricketts is going to help Marston with his aim. With your new 
Schofield Revolver, enter Dead Eye to test out Dead Eye Level 3.

- Author's Note
  You can now use Dead Eye Level 3. Unlike Level 2, which automatically paints
  a red "X" marker on any target your reticule crosses, you can now mark them
  yourself. It's much more convenient and helps eliminate accidental
  shootings. Press the Right Bumper to place your markers and Right Trigger to
  fire your gun.

With Dead Eye Level 3, use the Right Bumper to mark the three bottles standing 
on the crate. If you want, you can also shoot the bottle out of the drunk 
man's hand for some funny dialogue. After, follow Landon Ricketts. He'll scare 
some vultures from the balcony above you as they fly away. Enter Dead Eye and 
shoot as many as you can in one round.

The trials are over, and Ricketts receives word that a bank wagon is being 
held up by banditos. Ride with Ricketts down the road to the captives. Kill 
the two banditos firing at you, then proceed with caution towards the third: 
he's holding a hostage and using them as a shield. Equip a long-range weapon 
and enter Dead Eye, then place a marker on the bandito's head and fire away.

Don't bother looting the bodies, since you'll fall behind; hop right back on 
your trusty steed and escort the wagon back to Chuparosa. A wagon full of 
banditos stands in your way, but they shouldn't pose much of a threat.

 Landon Ricketts Rides Again

 Prereqs: "The Gunslinger's Tragedy"
 Rewards: +75 Fame
          +50 Honor
 Unlocks: Luisa Fortuna missions
          "Lucky in Love"


Ricketts persuades Marston to help the plight of a young man in Chuparosa 
whose sister has been kidnapped by banditos. Your destination is El Matadero, 
so you can either ride there yourself or take the train with Ricketts. It 
really doesn't matter which you choose, though I suggest the former if you 
haven't spent much time exploring Nuevo Paraiso.

Stop by the slaughterhouse at El Matadero and look for a man named Carlos, who 
should be inside. Head to the cave entrance with Ricketts and Carlos and take 
cover behind some nearby rocks while Carlos distracts the guards. When the 
coast is clear, hurry inside the cave to search for the imprisoned girl.

You can expect to find more guards waiting for you inside, so equip your 
finest weapon and get to work. Teaming with Ricketts is a nice change of pace, 
because he's a fairly competent fighter in comparison to some of Marston's old 
allies. Fight your way to the jail cell and stand guard while Landon prepares 
to blow the door to kingdom come.

As Ricketts places the dynamite near the door, fend off a few more enemies 
until everything's ready to go. Hide behind the table marked onscreen and 
Luisa Fortuna will be freed. There's some more resistance once you head back 
out of the cave, and Marston's going to have to pick up the slack due to 
Ricketts having to haul the girl to safety.

Hop on one of the horses Carlos left behind for you and take off through the 
canyon. Stay pretty far ahead from Ricketts so you can clear out enemies and 
help protect Luisa; there are baddies hiding behind rocks, standing on ledges, 
and running all over the place. Once you make it out, wait up for your partner 
and Carlos should show up just in time (well, close enough). 

- Author's Note
  The Luisa Fortuna mission chain is now available after the conclusion after
  this mission, but only if you have completed the first mission for Vincente
  De Santa: "Civilization at any Price".

 Lucky in Love

 Prereqs: "Landon Ricketts Rides Again"
 Rewards: $50
          +100 Fame
          +125 Honor
 Unlocks: "The Mexican Wagon Train"
          "Eva in Peril" (Stranger)


Marston joins Landon Ricketts and some locals in a game of Poker. You 
automatically pay $100 to enter the game, and you are given rules of Poker. 
The rules don't matter in this scenario, since you always win as long as you 
don't fold. Regardless, the hothead Muller accuses John of cheating after the 
second hand and challenges him to a duel.

Ricketts gives the lowdown on how to properly handle duels, though it isn't 
all that difficult. Once the duel begins, draw your gun with the Left Trigger 
and move your reticule with the Right Analog Stick. Paint markers on your foe 
with the Right Trigger or Right Bumper. Your duel meter on the right side of 
the screen increases greatly depending on where you mark your shots (the head 
is the best spot).

In this situation, you cannot be noble and disarm Muller by aiming for his 
hand, so go for the killshot and paint all your markers right between his 
eyes. Of course, what better way to celebrate a victory than to buy some 
drinks using the cash of the man you just killed?

One of the other sore losers, only known as "The Stranger" takes a girl 
hostage and also challenges Marston to a duel. This time, you have a moving 
target to worry about. Wait for the right opportunity to plant a shot right on 
The Stranger's noggin; only one marker is needed, so make it a perfect shot so 
you don't hurt the girl and fail the mission.

Killing two people in the span of five minutes causes a bit of an uproar, as 
several banditos retaliate. Turns out Ricketts was playing with some real bad 
apples, eh? Duck behind the low wall near the fountain and slay the small 
group of enemies here. Once the enemies are all dead, you will complete the 

 The Mexican Wagon Train

 Prereqs: "Lucky in Love"
 Rewards: +150 Fame
 Unlocks: -


After wallowing around in their self pity, Ricketts and Marston get one last 
mission not too far away: innocent people are being imprisoned for their 
eventual execution by the corrupt Mexican government. Call your horse and 
follow Ricketts wherever he takes you; expect some more heartfelt 
conversations between the two.

Along the way, the two spot a pair of stolen prison wagons. Chase after each 
one and kill the armed escorts, then slay the driver to put a halt to the 
wagon. Dead Eye works best to kill off the accomplices in one go, then chase 
after the wagon and knock out the driver.

When you take out the second prison wagon, hop on and follow the yellow 
waypoint to take the prisoners to America. The drive to the border is a 
peaceful one, but the bridge is clogged with soldiers. Slow down and kill the 
couple in front of the bridge, then get on.

Speed up once you are on the bridge and try to shoot the TNT box on the side 
of the bridge (near where the bridge meets the island) to take out a whole 
group of soldiers. For the second half of the bridge, a raft with a machine 
gun will fire from the river. Either target the TNT boxes on the raft to blow 
the whole thing to smithereens or just keep sprinting across the border to 
America. Make sure to increase your speed when crossing the bridge, because 
slowing down in the enemy-infested area spells disaster.

There are two mission chains to be started now that you've wrapped up things 
with Landon Ricketts: De Santa and Luisa Fortuna. 

 Vincente de Santa                                                      [0602]

- Author's Note
  Vincente de Santa is found at Escalera, represented on the map as a "D"

 Civilization, at any Price

 Prereqs: "We Shall Be Together in Paradise" (Irish)
 Rewards: $50
          +250 Fame
 Unlocks: "The Demon Drink"
          "Poppycock" (Stranger)


As you can tell from your first meeting, Capitan Vincente de Santa is kind of 
a jerk. But he is willing to help Marston find Williamson and Escuella, so 
that's really all you can ask for. Either ride shotgun with De Santa or take 
your own horse. Either way you have to follow him, so you may want to ride 
shotgun and avoid less work.

Either way, the conversation between Marston and Capitan De Santa is a pretty 
good one - you get to learn about Coronel Allende through the words of his 
Captain. Maybe a little biased, but you will be the judge of that as the game 

When at Chuparosa, follow De Santa towards the train and help escort it to 
Casa Madrugada. Catch up to De Santa near the front of the train and hold down 
A to maintain your speed so you don't fall behind. It's even best to stay in 
front of the train a little bit so you can be the first to target the rebeldes 
that try and halt your progress.

The first couple waves of rebeldes are stationed on the left side of the 
train, so stay on that side and take 'em out with Dead Eye. A few will rush in 
on horseback from the right, so you should sprint in front of the train and 
cross the tracks to the right side. Like I said, it's important to stay in 
front of the train so you can cross from one side to the other. Be careful, 
because you can get hit by the train and explode into a thousand pieces if you 
aren't careful or don't stay far enough ahead.

Like I've mentioned on many escort missions in the past, you can also target 
the rebeldes' horses and leave them stranded. The rebels are evenly spaced out 
on both sides of the train, so you can either pick one side and stick with it 
or switch several times during the escort. I tend to stay on the right side of 
the train, because De Santa is always to the left; helps even things out.

The most dangerous part is after exiting the short tunnel near Casa Madrugada; 
there are a number of rebeldes stationed just on the other side. It's best to 
sprint through the tunnel and past the rebeldes, then quickly turn around and 
eliminate them.

Once you reach Casa Madrugada, meet up with De Santa and celebrate. As night 
passes, rebeldes hijack the train and start to drive off. De Santa tells 
Marston to go kill all the rebels and stop the train all by himself, 
presumably because they are too lazy or too drunk (probably both). Mount a 
horse (a fast one helps, so hopefully you still have your Kentucky Saddler or 
maybe you have gone and tamed a Hungarian Half-bred) and take off after the 

The most important note: get on the right side of the train! There is a road 
here, so you can travel faster and keep up with the train. Eliminate all the 
rebeldes on the train (there are maybe eight or so, either standing on top of 
the cars or on the flatbed cars), then start sprinting towards the engine.

If you are close enough to the front of the train, you can press X to 
automatically jump onto the train. You must get on and stop the train before 
it crosses Butter Bridge into New Austin; you have quite a bit of time to stop 
it, so if you land the technique of jumping onto trains, then you should have 
no problem here.

- Author's Note
  Assuming that you have completed all missions for Landon Ricketts, you can
  now start up on the Luisa Fortuna mission chain.

 The Demon Drink

 Prereqs: "Civilization, at any Price"
 Rewards: $50
          +350 Fame
 Unlocks: "Empty Promises"
          "Funny Man" Part 4 (Stranger)


Marston finally gets to meet Coronel Allende, though the interaction isn't 
exactly pleasant. Ride with De Santa to Tesoro Azul to help aid the Mexican 
Army against more rebeldes. Along the way, De Santa challenges you to a 
friendly race. There is no prize for winning or consequence for losing, so no 

The two meet up with Capitan Espinoza and his men at the front door of Tesoro 
Azul. As you start to walk through Tesoro Azul in search for rebeldes, they 
will ambush you. Quickly take cover behind the crates on your left and kill 
any nearby rebeldes. Climb up the stairs to the back of the half-destroyed 
house and take cover here while you eliminate the dozen or so rebeldes in town.

Meet up with De Santa after exterminating all the nuisances as they horde the 
women to be brought back to Allende. Classy. Espinoza orders John to burn down 
the buildings with Fire Bottles.

Open up the weapon wheel and select the Fire Bottles in the northwest end. 
This side of the weapon wheel is reserved for throwable weapons, such as Fire 
Bottles and Dynamite (which you'll obtain not far from now). Select the Fire 
Bottle and aim it at one of the rebel hideouts. Note that you must follow a 
trajectory when throwing a weapon such as a Fire Bottle, so pay attention to 
the yellow line when aiming.

Use the Fire Bottles to burn down the three rebel hideouts. The building will 
catch fire regardless, so all you really have to do is hit your target and 
it'll be up in flames in seconds. 

 Empty Promises

 Prereqs: "The Demon Drink"
 Rewards: $100
          +300 Fame
 Unlocks: "Mexican Caesar"
          "Love is the Opiate" (Stranger)


Another setback prevents Marston from obtaining any new information on the 
whereabouts of Williamson and Escuela. The rebeldes are trying to establish a 
stronghold of sorts on the far east end of Nuevo Paraiso, so De Santa believes 
that it would be key to sever their plans while still in development.

You get to ride shotgun with De Santa, which is a blessing considering that 
Torquemada is literally the farthest location away from your current spot - 
Escalera is on the west end of the map and Torquemada is on the east end. 
You're best off skipping ahead to your destination.

When you near Torquemada, the wagon in front of you gets blown up by rebeldes. 
Heh, De Santa's gut feeling was spot-on. A few rebeldes attack from the side 
of a plateau and on horseback, so wipe them all out as you continue forward.

Meet up with Espinoza at the base of the mountain and grab the sniper rifle at 
Espinoza's request. As he puts it: "we have men's work to do."

Pick up the Rolling Block Rifle on the table and take cover behind the crates 
next to the soldiers. View your weapon wheel and select the Rolling Block 
Rifle; all the weapon slots are filled by now. Take aim at the rebeldes high 
up on the cliff and use the Left Trigger to zoom in with your sniper rifle.

Aiming while zoomed in can be a bit tricky at first, but place your shots 
carefully: you don't have much ammo and to be honest, I'm not sure what 
happens if you run out of ammo before killing all the rebeldes on top of the 
cliff (maybe your Springfield Rifle can reach them). You don't need headshots 
here, for the Rolling Block Rifle is powerful enough to kill a man in one hit.

Now start your ascent up the side of the cliff with the Mexican Army. A large 
group of rebeldes storm down into the valley, but fortunately there is plenty 
of cover. There's not much to say here other than to take cover and kill, 
kill, kill.

Proceed up towards the ruins to find plenty more rebeldes. Make sure to take 
out the snipers using either your Rolling Block Rifle or Springfield Rifle - 
they are perched up on what's left of the buildings here. Continue forward to 
find a huge wave of rebeldes hiding in the ruins. Things can get very 
dangerous here, so stay behind cover at all times and don't hesitate to use 

Surprisingly, there nearly aren't as many rebeldes inside Torquemada then 
there were outside. There are a couple enemies roaming around and a few more 
snipers on top of the buildings, so take them out with your Rolling Block or 
Springfield Rifle as you slowly advance forward with your allies.

Finally enter Torquemada once every last rebel is dead to wrap things up here. 
You have liberated Torquemada and can explore the town for a little while, but 
it's a long way back down to the bottom.

 Mexican Caesar

 Prereqs: "Empty Promises"
 Rewards: Dynamite
          +200 Fame
 Unlocks: "Cowards Die Many Times"


Ah, the Mexican Army at their finest. De Santa gives Marston another job to do 
(this time by himself) for 20,000 pesos and information on Escuella. Spoiler 
alert! You never get your cash reward...

Ride shotgun with Capitan Espinoza and skip ahead to Chuparosa. Personally, I 
like riding with Espinoza; it's fun listening to what the other Captain has to 
say about Marston and everything that's been going on lately. Your ride is 
interrupted by attacking rebeldes. Cue another handful of enemies down the 
road. The Captain points out that these are a new breed of rebels recruited by 
Abraham Reyes. Still just as easy to kill as the others...

After dispatching two groups of rebeldes, you arrive at Chuparosa. Marston is 
given the task of manning the gatling gun on the train, so you can expect to 
use it plenty against rebeldes along the way.

Rebeldes attack just as the train leaves Chuparosa. Cut them down with the 
gatling gun as they try to reach the train engine. Just like one of the 
earlier De Santa missions, you must protect the train engine from rebels. The 
gatling gun can be rotated 360-degrees, so all is not lost if anyone is able 
to get past Marston and reach the engine.

Most of the rebeldes ride in on horseback, and targeting them directly can be 
difficult due to the gatling gun's accuracy. Shooting the horses and leaving 
the rebels stranded is a fine alternative.

Just before reaching Casa Madrugada, rebeldes will begin boarding the train. 
In fact, the majority of them choose to board the train rather than follow on 
horseback, so you must begin targeting the train cars and the rebels hiding 
behind the sandbags.

Their strategy switches once more and rebeldes start swarming the train 
engine. I found it easy to aim your gatling gun towards the train engine and 
wait for a rebel to make a beeline towards the engine before promptly picking 
them off. By the time you pass Casa Madrugada and get up the hill towards 
Butter Bridge, the threat will have subsided, making the ride to the army camp 
near the border a quiet one.

- Author's Note
  The next De Santa mission isn't available until you complete a couple Luisa
  Fortuna missions, so get started on those if you're lagging behind.

 Cowards Die Many Times

 Prereqs: "Must a Saviour Die?" (Luisa)
 Rewards: +250 Fame
          +50 Honor
 Unlocks: Abraham Reyes missions


Finally, some good news for once! Coronel Allende surprises John by saying 
that Bill Williamson and Javier Escuella have been captured and are currently 
being held up in Chuparosa. De Santa is willing to take you out there, so hop 
on the wagon and set off for Chuparosa.

Don't skip the wagon ride; De Santa offers $25 to the person with the fastest 
trigger finger: shoot the vultures that fly overhead along the way, and you 
will earn $25 for every five you kill before the other soldiers. You can make 
a total of $75 before reaching your destination.

Go inside the church in Chuparosa to confront the outlaw duo. In a somewhat 
unsurprising turn of events, you have been duped by De Santa, Allende, and the 
entire Mexican Army. Marston is knocked out after realizing that Allende was 
doin' nothing but spewing lies to your face.

Now night time, Marston is about to be executed by De Santa until Abraham 
Reyes steps in and saves you... deja vu, eh? Your hands are still bound, so 
you must get to Reyes to free yourself. Dash through the carnage towards the 
building the rebels have staked out. Continue to the back of the building and 
up the stairs to find Reyes.

- Author's Note
  Not sure why this happens, but you revert back to your default outfit
  starting from this part of the mission onward. It's strange and does not
  really have an impact on anything, but it's interesting enough to at least
  warrant a mention.

Marston has been totally stripped of his weapons, so all you currently have is 
a knife given to you by Reyes. Your weapons (plus a bit of cash that totals 
out to around $40) can be found in a chest near the fountain. You will be 
protected from incoming gunfire by the rebels, so run over and take your 
belongings back.

Now it's finally time to fight back against the Mexican Army! Duck behind the 
fountain and deal with the soldiers outside of the government building 
(labeled "El Alcalde de Chuparosa"). Sneak towards the front door and lean up 
against the wall, then knock it open and kill the soldier resting on the 
staircase inside.

Start up the stairs with a shotgun equipped and take out one more soldier. 
Capitan Espinoza is holed up inside a small room at the top of the stairs, so 
press up against the wall and open the door. First, kill one of his 
bodyguards, then finish off the Captain.

An alternate route to get inside the building is to enter the building just as 
above, then step out onto the balcony. From here, walk around the balcony and 
flank Espinoza through a second doorway at the back of the building.

The rebellion is far from over, and things are only heating up after severing 
your ties with the Mexican Army and killing Espinoza. Your next target is 
Capitan De Santa, then finally Coronel Allende. Viva revolucion!

 Luisa Fortuna                                                          [0603]

- Author's Note
  Luisa Fortuna is found at Campo Mirada, represented on the map as an "L"

 My Sister's Keeper

 Prereqs: "Landon Ricketts Rides Again" (Landon)
          "Civilization at any Price" (De Santa)
 Rewards: +75 Fame
          +100 Honor
 Unlocks: "Must a Saviour Die?"


Luisa and her family are expecting the worst out of the Mexican revolution, so 
she is trying to get her family out of the country (though she's noble/naive 
and decides to fight the good fight). She asks John to drive her sister down 
to the docks, but they must get there before the boat leaves at sundown. Pay 
attention to the timer onscreen to determine how much time you have left.

Things get sloppy right out of the gate, as you run into the Mexican Army not 
long after you start. They try to prevent you from escaping, so run right 
through them and down the road.

Another army roadblock is up ahead to try and stop any rebels from escaping. 
Luisa's sister suggests taking a detour, so follow the waypoint around the 
roadblock. Although dangerous, you can drive right through the roadblock and 
cut off a significant amount of time in exchange for loss of health and risk 
of dying.

When you start going west past Chuparosa, slow down on the narrow roads to 
avoid tipping the wagon over and failing. Once you pass the train tracks, more 
federales on horseback begin to pursue you. Slow down a bit and enter Dead Eye 
to kill off the federales so you don't lead them right to the docks.

There are more roadblocks again. If you're really pressed for time, try to run 
right through instead of taking a detour. A recommendation would be to enter 
Dead Eye just before you reach the roadblock and take out the enemy on the 
gatling gun; you should be able to get past the regular gunmen without taking 
much damage.

For reference, the dock you are trying to reach is at Crooked Toes (strangely, 
the exact location of Irish's shack). As long as you don't slow down too much 
and generally follow the waypoints, you should make it there with nearly half 
left on the timer.

 Must a Saviour Die?

 Prereqs: "My Sister's Keeper"
          "Mexican Caesar" (De Santa)
 Rewards: +200 Fame
          +50 Honor
 Unlocks: "Father Abraham"
          "Aztec Gold" (Stranger)


Campo Mirado is looking a lot worse than you last saw, since Luisa's house has 
been burned to the ground and she reveals that Abraham Reyes has been captured 
by the Mexican Army. You find out that Abraham isn't just the leader of the 
rebels, but is also the recipient of Luisa's unbridled love.

Accompany Luisa to El Presidio, the stronghold where Abraham is being held 
captive. When Luisa drops you off, run up the hill and towards the yellow "X" 
underneath the partially broken wall. You can use this as an access point to 
enter the fort.

El Presidio is crawling with federales, so don't try anything fancy when you 
get inside: simply run forwards towards the sniping position and grab the 
Rolling Block Rifle. Aim across the fort and look around for Abraham - he is 
tied up and waiting to be executed.

Snipe the executioner standing directly in front of Abraham, but make it a 
clean shot: if you hit Reyes, you're done for. The executioner must be your 
first target, since killing any of the guards leads to Abraham's execution. 
When the rest of the guards are alerted of your presence, you can turn to 
them. You don't have to use the Rolling Block on them, but make sure to shoot 
every last enemy in El Presidio.

Run over to Reyes and free him, then get a horse from the stable and help 
Reyes out of El Presidio. As you approach Reyes with the horse, make sure not 
to bump into him or anything - doing so counts as "assaulting Reyes" and you 
will fail the mission.

The exit doors open, so run outside to find a guide sent by Luisa. Follow the 
guide along the coast. The random stable horse is a lot slower than whatever 
your current horse is, so make sure to catch up to the guide and hold A to 
maintain his current speed.

You cannot expect the journey to be devoid of action, so there will be 
federales along the way to halt your progress. Don't stop to shoot the enemies 
standing on the side of the road because doing so wastes time and ammo. There 
is a chance of Reyes getting shot and falling off your horse; if that's the 
case, then stop and let him get back on. If the guide runs off too far ahead, 
he will stop to allow you to catch up.

During the hike back, you'll learn a bit about Abraham, especially the fact 
that while Laura-- err, Luisa has deep feelings towards Reyes, the feeling 
isn't quite mutual. Luisa is waiting for you alongside the coast just before 
Ramita de la Baya. In return for saving his life, Reyes promises to help track 
down Williamson and Escuella.

- Author's Note
  This mission chain will be temporarily put on hold, since Luisa and Reyes
  set off for who knows where. Time to complete the final De Santa mission
  back in Escalera.

 Father Abraham

 Prereqs: "Must a Saviour Die?"
          "Cowards Die Many Times" (De Santa)
 Rewards: +200 Fame
          +125 Honor
 Unlocks: "Captain De Santa's Downfall"


You can start this mission slightly west of Campo Mirada. It's time for more 
revenge, especially now that Luisa's father was killed by Allende's men. Ride 
shotgun to Frontera Bridge, where John and Luisa will set up an ambush of an 
approaching army convoy. You are in charge of determining where on the road to 
plant the explosives.

There are five explosives to plant, and this is the most important part of the 
mission to ensure that you destroy most - if not all - of the convoy without 
having to resort to guns or other methods. You'll want to space them out quite 
a bit, since five smaller explosions is much more potent than one gigantic 
one, especially if you mess up your timing and things go awry.

Start by putting a charge underneath the overpass, then head northeast down 
the road. I placed a charge after around every ten paces; just make sure to 
separate them. When you have placed all five, run up the hill towards the 
bridge and man the detonator.

When you are in control of the detonator, you can press the Right Trigger to 
set off the explosive you are currently focused on. You can use the Left 
Analog Stick to focus on other explosives and press B to look at the convoy. 

Focus on the leftmost charge (the one farthest northeast on the road) and wait 
until the first wagon is directly underneath the charge - Luisa usually gives 
you a signal to go. Don't set off the explosive when the two horses in front 
cross, but wait until the wagon is sitting right on top; they are the main 

After the first explosion, the soldiers on horseback usually try to escape. 
You can set off a charge farther down the road to kill them or press Y to step 
away from the detonator and use Dead Eye plus a rifle to take them out. Make 
sure to get back on the detonator and blow up the second wagon.

Honestly, missing your targets with the explosives won't seal your fate. The 
soldiers on horseback are the only ones that you need to worry about getting 
away, since it's game over if anyone escapes. If someone tries to get away by 
horseback, use your Rolling Block to take them out; you have a great vantage 
point from up on top of the bridge. If you don't blow up the wagons, just kill 
the drivers. You also have allies down on the ground that help out, too.

 Captain De Santa's Downfall

 Prereqs: "Father Abraham"
 Rewards: +300 Fame
          +125 Honor
 Unlocks: "The Gates of El Presidio" (Reyes)


This mission is best described as short, but (very) sweet. Capitan De Santa is 
overseeing a slaughter over at El Sepulcro, so it is time to get some revenge, 
John Marston-style. Hop on your horse and ride over to Sepulcro with the other 
rebels to stop the wicked Captain once and for all. De Santa can be found 
killing rebels in the middle of the cemetery just as Marston and his ragtag 
band of rebels interrupts the act.

Start by clearing the cemetery of De Santa's men. You won't be able to kill 
them all before the Captain tucks his tail between his legs and escapes on 
foot. Ignore the remaining federales and run after De Santa yourself. It is 
possible that he can steal a horse if one's nearby and ride off, but that's 
unlikely. You'll fail if De Santa escapes, so make sure to go after him when 
the rebels notify you of his actions.

If you cannot catch up to De Santa, shoot him in the leg once. Any more and 
you might risk prematurely killing him and ending the mission. Hogtie De Santa 
and drag him to the cemetery entrance while ignoring his pleas. After beating 
out some answers from De Santa, you are given the option of killing him 
yourself or letting the rebels do it. Your choice has no impact, but I find 
that having De Santa die by your own bullet is much more satisfying.

Just before his death, De Santa revealed that Javier Escuella is hiding out in 
Casa Madrugada. Proceed to the town to find it filled to the brim with 
federales... but no Escuella. Finish off the band of federales and speak with 
one of the local streetwalkers to find out that Javier Escuella was never here 
in the first place. Typical; De Santa lied to you yet again, and this time he 
managed to do it from the grave.

 Abraham Reyes                                                          [0604]

- Author's Note
  Abraham Reyes is found at Agave Viejo, represented on the map as an "R"

 The Great Mexican Train Robbery

 Prereqs: "Cowards Die Many Times" (De Santa)
 Rewards: Pardon Letter
          +150 Fame
          +125 Honor
 Unlocks: "The Gates of El Presidio"


Go meet up with Abraham Reyes at a small camp in Agave Viejo to receive your 
first mission. The mission title sort of tips you off as to what your basic 
objective is: John must hijack a train in order to intercept the army supplies 
inside. Accompany Reyes to the train at Chuparosa and listen in to the nice 
chit-chat to learn a bit more about Marston's past. 

Reyes gives you Throwing Knives once at Chuparosa. There are roughly six 
guards posted on or around the train. Reyes distracts two others, allowing 
Marston to approach the train undetected. Throwing Knives are silent and 
deadly weapons, and hitting a target anywhere leads to their immediate death.

Pick off the guards surrounding the train, then silently kill the three on the 
train. Beware: there is a guard standing on the roof of the telegraph office 
that is easily missed.

Hop on the train and detach the train cars, then proceed towards the gatling 
gun on the other end and execute the soldier using it. With the gatling gun, 
mow down the soldiers at the small camp to your left and take care of anyone 
that comes to their aid. There are a few enemies left further down on the 
train that you'll need to kill by conventional means.

Climb over the train car in front of you and down the other side. Shoot the 
three Federales hiding out here before pulling the emergency brake at the 
train engine. The train rides along the track all the way to Casa Madrugada, 
where Reyes and the other rebels are waiting for you.

Reyes thanks Marston for a job well done by allowing him to reap the spoils. 
Climb up on the armored car and blast the hatch open with some dynamite, then 
slide down inside to find a safe.

- Author's Note
  This is likely the first time you have ever been introduced to the technique
  of safecracking. In order to break into a safe, you must search for all
  three numbers in the safe combination.

  Starting with the first number, SLOWLY turn the dial with the Left Analog
  Stick. When you are about to find the number, your controller will rumble
  and the lock icon on the screen shakes. Stop once you feel/see the lock
  shake to crack the first number. If you go too far, you'll mess up and have
  to start over from the beginning.

  Pay attention to the direction that the game tells you to follow. For the
  first and third numbers, move the Left Analog Stick to the right. For the
  second number, move it to the left. If you go in the opposite direction,
  you'll have to reset the dial at zero and start over.

The safe contains a Pardon Letter, $200, and some ammo. Exit the armored car 
and return to Reyes to wrap things up.

 The Gates of El Presidio

 Prereqs: "The Great Mexican Train Robbery"
 Rewards: +300 Fame
          +125 Honor
 Unlocks: "An Appointed Time"


This cutscene is always a good one, primarily because you can see more of
Abraham Reyes' ego and how he shares some similarities to his nemesis, Coronel
Allende. But onto bigger and better things: finally, FINALLY, Marston learns
the whereabouts of Javier Escuella! And you can believe it this time: this is
not the diarrhea of the mouth you had grown accustomed to when hanging out
with De Santa; no, this is the real deal!

Head out to El Presidio with Reyes. I'm sure by the time you reach your target 
location you will have noticed the giant pile of TNT crates in the back of the 
wagon. John is going to have to channel his inner daredevil and drive full-
speed towards the gates of the fort. Sprint like mad along the road and dive 
out of the ticking time bomb when Reyes gives you the signal.

Reyes tells John to search for Escuella at the locations marked by a "?" on 
your radar. Well, don't. This place is crawling with Federales, and even 
though Abraham says that he and the rebels will back you up, they usually 
don't. Try to clear out most of the enemies up on the balcony and behind the 
crates on the ground. You don't have to kill everyone, but make sure that 
walking out into the open isn't a death wish.

Start by climbing up to the tower in the southeast corner and ascending the 
very tall ladder to the top. The tower's empty, so check the barracks next. 

Again, try to clear a path for you, but don't go trigger happy; in fact, I 
think the enemies just keep respawning and there is no way to take out every 
last one. Run across the walkway to the other end of El Presidio and go inside 
the building. Go up the stairs and through the door to the barracks to find 
your man.

Even after cornering Escuella like a rat, the sneaky sucker still manages to 
escape. Don't worry, all is not lost! Follow Escuella through the open window 
and back outside to the fort. Drop down to the ground and run through the 
northwest exit. There should be a horse hitched out here, so jump on and chase 
after Escuella.

You have two choices regarding Escuella's fate: you can either exact revenge 
and kill your old partner or hogtie him and keep him alive. The story isn't 
affected by your choice, since you find out that Bill Williamson is with 
Coronel Allende either way.

If Javier Escuella is kept alive, drag him to the jail in El Presidio. Once 
your business with Escuella is over and done, Reyes directs your attention to 
the army of Federales coming to storm the fort. Head over to the green icon on 
your map and take control of the cannon. The Federales don't put up much of a 
fight: it's two waves of horseback soldiers followed by a wagon. You're never 
in any real danger, and the cannon is beastly, so sit back and enjoy the 
fireworks show.

Grab Escuella from the jail cell, dead or alive, and Marston will meet up with 
the two government agents from Blackwater that are overseeing your vigilante 
mission. Their reaction depends on your decision regarding Escuella, and they 
tend to be less than satisfied if all you have to bring them is a dead body.

You have one more goal: track down Bill Williamson. After that, West Elizabeth 
will be open, and you are required to meet up with Agents Ross and Fordham 
after the conclusion of the Williamson encounter due to the fact that there 
have been reported sightings of Dutch van der Linde up near Blackwater. 
Yes, "Dutch" as in "the leader of the outlaw gang that Marston, Williamson, 
and Escuella were all a part of". Well, this opens up a whole new can o' 

 An Appointed Time

 Prereqs: "The Gates of El Presidio"
 Rewards: +300 Fame
          +535 Honor
 Unlocks: West Elizabeth


The rebels have built up enough confidence to storm into the lion's den, but 
it proves to be too much even for Abraham Reyes. In fact, the first portion of 
this mission is to save Reyes from the hands of some random scrub named Raul 
Zubieta after witnessing him kill poor Luisa.

After your duel with Zubieta, cut Reyes free and assist in the escape of some 
prisoners. Lean up against the archway before the jail entrance and pick off 
the guards that try and surprise you. Shoot the locks off the cell doors and 
return to Reyes with the freed prisoners.

- Author's Note
  It's best to ignore the carnage throughout Escalera and make your way to the
  jail. There are a lot of small events going on during your stroll through
  Escalera that you can technically intervene on. If you see things such as
  firing squads along the way, you can kill the Federales before anything bad
  happens, but all that does is give you more enemies to fight.

Alongside Reyes and band of brave rebels, storm up the road leading to 
Allende's mansion. There are plenty of reinforcements, including a gatling gun 
at the top of the hill.

Hide behind the sandbags and eliminate the soldiers, one by one. When you get 
a clean shot, use the Rolling Block from afar to snipe the soldier manning the 
gun. Take out anyone who tries to take his place. The Bolt Action Rifle has 
great range and is a good choice for this part of the mission; I'm not 
positive, but it is obtained during the previous mission either as a reward or 
by looting corpses.

We're almost through to Allende. Man the gatling gun and use it on the TNT 
barrels that are placed next to the mansion entrance (wait for Reyes and his 
men to flee the scene first, of course). There aren't many Federales left 
inside the mansion entrance, so use the gatling gun on most of 'em until the 
rebels move in. Finish off the stragglers before meeting up with Reyes again.

Commence role reversal! It's time to defend the mansion using the gatling gun 
while Federales storm up the hill. You are never really in much danger as long 
as you prevent anyone from getting too close.

Allende and Williamson are still nowhere to be found, so the rebels take it 
upon themselves to do a little home decorating. Run through the home as the 
two scoundrels try to get away on a souped-up stagecoach. Dash through the 
courtyard and slay the handful of goons wandering around, then steal one of 
their horses and head after the stagecoach.

The stagecoach is composed of a driver, a soldier riding shotgun, a gatling 
gun soldier in the back, and two soldiers lagging behind on horseback. The 
stagecoach stops once they are all dead, and Williamson and Allende will be 
all yours.

Allende tries to gain your trust by handing over Williamson, but I wouldn't 
buy into that. Like with Javier Escuella, you can decide the fate of these two 
men. Your choice has no great impact on anything, but it's fun depending on 
your choice.

You can be greedy and execute both Allende and Williamson using Dead Eye, or 
you can choose to kill just one of the men: if you exact revenge on Bill, 
Reyes will take it upon himself to do Allende in. However, if you shoot 
Allende, Williamson will get sneaky on you, allowing you (or Reyes if you are 
slow to shoot) to finish Bill off for good.

As John Marston, your primary task of dealing with Bill Williamson and Javier 
Escuella is complete. And now with Coronel Allende six feet under, Abraham 
Reyes eventually goes on to be the next president of Mexico. Whether that's a 
good thing or a bad thing... well, that really doesn't matter. All that's for 
certain is that the second chapter of the game is now completed!


[7] WALKTHROUGH (WEST ELIZABETH)                                        [0700]


- Author's Note
  For many missions, the amount of Honor receives often varies depending on
  how many enemies are killed, so the Honor rewards listed may differ from
  your playing experience.

West Elizabeth offers a unique perspective that we haven't seen yet in Red
Dead Redemption. This province is very unique, especially when considering the
environment compared to New Austin and Nuevo Paraiso: abandon the signature
"Wild West" scenery seen in the past two, because West Elizabeth is composed
mainly of thick deciduous forests, giant plains, and a large, modernized city.
While it may be the smallest province, exploring West Elizabeth is a blast.

- Author's Note
  The inclusion of the third province doesn't change the game mechanics as
  much as the second chapter of the game. You can expect more Stranger
  missions, and you can continue challenges in West Elizabeth as well (two
  exclusions in this province are gang hideouts and new minigames, so don't
  expect anything new from the two). A new story mission chain begins: the
  Edgar Ross mission chain in Blackwater.
  West Elizabeth only has one main entrance, by taking the road north of
  Thieves' Landing. There is one minor entrance leading into this province by
  crossing a shallow portion of the stream northeast of MacFarlane's Ranch (it
  is a very small area called "Montana Ford"), and the second entrance is
  across a bridge not too far away from Montana Ford, called "Mason's Bridge".
  The blue train line opens up at the start of the third chapter and travels
  through New Austin and West Elizabeth. And also keep in mind that the bounty
  for New Austin and West Elizabeth are shared since they are both in the
  United States.

I suggest exploring the province before getting immediately started on the 
mission chain. It's a lot of fun to roam around such a vastly different 
environment than what you have been accustomed to so far. Exploring Tall Trees 
on foot, especially at night, is arguably the most frightening and tense 
activity you can experience in Red Dead Redemption.

 Edgar Ross                                                             [0701]

- Author's Note
  Edgar Ross is found at Blackwater, represented on the map as a "G" icon.

 Bear One Another's Burdens

 Prereqs: "An Appointed Time" (Reyes)
 Rewards: +150 Fame
          +25 Honor
 Unlocks: Harold MacDougal missions
          "Great Men are Not Always Wise"


Edgar Ross is located at the police station, which is at the north end of 
Blackwater, right across from the bank. John has done his part: he took care 
of both Bill Williamson and Javier Escuella, but the law isn't satisfied. 
After receiving word that Dutch van der Linde is afoot, Edgar Ross has one 
last request: deal with Dutch.

Oh, and a cameo appearance by a certain swindler!

Reports have it that Dutch was last seen at the Wreck of the Serendipity. 
Agents Ross and Fordham will drive John to the scene; you can skip the chit-
chat and bypass the cutscene to go there immediately. Agent Fordham 
accompanies you while you set off on foot to act as a helping hand.

Equip your new High Power Pistol and walk down the hill with Fordham. The 
wreck, a popular hideout for scumbags, is oddly quiet. Proceed onto the docks 
and towards the ship to hear a muffled scream. Fordham orders Marston to 
continue on the ship while he waits on the sidelines.

Head to the back of the ship and around the water wheel to the other side, 
then ascend the stairs. Go to the other end and climb the stairs to the ship's 
deck, where you'll find a man bound and gagged. Marston rescues the Native 
American informant, Nastas, just as some lowlifes spring out from hiding.

You'll have to carry Nastas out of the ship, so your movements will be 
sluggish and cover won't be accessible. Pay attention to the radar to see 
which level the enemies are on and use Dead Eye often if you're having 
trouble. Most of the enemies reside on the docks, so you can stand on the ship 
and pick them off before stepping down.

Nastas has a health bar, but you don't really need to worry about it since no 
one deliberately aims for him. You'll need to worry about your own skin. After 
clearing out the docks, follow Agent Fordham back up the hill to the car. 

Excluding the bickering between the trio, the ride back seems to be a pleasant 
one... until the car breaks down. As Fordham fixes the engine, prevent Dutch's 
men from getting to the car. You'll want a long-range weapon here, so duck 
behind the nearby rocks and equip a rifle. It's a pretty decent-sized group, 
so be careful and use Medicine.

Once the group makes it back to Blackwater, Edgar proposes that they take 
Nastas to the local professor to see if he can get anything out of him. When 
the mission ends, you will be able to participate in the Harold MacDougal 
mission chain. Like I've stated plenty of times before, you are welcome to 
start up the mission chain, but I recommend finishing your current one.

 Great Men are Not Always Wise

 Prereqs: "Bear One Another's Burdens"
 Rewards: +150 Fame
          +125 Honor
 Unlocks: "And You Will Know the Truth"


Dutch is scheduled to meet with his bank manager for a harmless affair, but 
Edgar Ross takes it upon himself to stage an ambush. Climb up on the roof of 
the police station and grab the Rolling Block Rifle as you take cover at the 
vantage point. When you receive the signal (i.e. a hostage getting his brains 
blown out), fire away.

Killing Dutch's men is obviously priority number one, but you will fail the 
mission if too many escape. From time to time, take a gander at the hitching 
post to the left of the bank to see if any outlaws are making a run for their 
horses. The enemies are holed up in the bank windows, the front door, and the 
balcony above. Some also run out to the right; generally speaking, aiming your 
reticule on the main entrances allows you to see most of the bad guys.

Marston and two deputies run down in order to infiltrate the bank. Shoot the 
doors open, then immediately take cover either next to the door or at the desk 
inside; there are a number of henchmen behind the gated windows waiting for 
you. Carefully take out the enemy with the human shield, then go search for 
Dutch upstairs.

Defeat the final three enemies upstairs, then enter the door to find Dutch. 
After a long and heated standoff, Van der Linde gets away. Sprint downstairs 
and onto your horse to chase after the outlaw. Once Marston and the rest of 
the police force are near Bearclaw Camp, they will come across a band of gang 

Hop off your horse at the first sight of enemies and duck behind any nearby 
rubble. Stay with the group and don't wander too far ahead or else you'll be 
toast. Things can get a tad wild with all the enemies and allies running 
around; make sure you avoid any friendly fire - you're only targeting the 
Native Americans here, so there should be no mix-up.

The rest of the bandits are holed up in Bearclaw Camp. Again, stay with your 
friends, use cover, and press forward until you come out victorious. After all 
of that... still no Dutch!

- Author's Note
  The last two Agent Ross missions won't be accessible until you fully
  complete the Harold MacDougal mission chain, so you should start it as soon
  as possible.

 And You Will Know the Truth

 Prereqs: "Great Men are Not Always Wise"
          "The Prodigal Son Returns (To Yale)" (MacDougal)
 Rewards: -
 Unlocks: "And the Truth Shall Set You Free"


This is the end of the line: Marston, Ross, and Fordham drive out to Cochinay 
with a souped-up armored car to put a stop to Dutch's madness. As you exit 
Blackwater and into the Great Plains, you'll drive up to an army camp. Stay in 
the back of the car with the machine gun and wait for Dutch's gang to arrive.

This part of the mission can be difficult despite having plenty of backup, 
since the bandits keep their distance and the machine gun isn't particularly 
accurate. It's important to lead your targets, especially the ones on 
horseback. Focus mainly on the wagon in the center of the area, since you'll 
often find dynamite-wielding punks around there. They don't have good throwing 
arms, but occasionally they'll heave one right at your car (which almost 
always leads to an instant death).

You won't be able to kill every last one, for Ross and Fordham take off to 
another section of the Great Plains. They drive uphill towards some more 
enemies hiding behind various boulders. Aside from the fact that most of the 
baddies have Fire Bottles or Dynamites, it's hard to actually hit them: your 
targets are directly in front of you, but firing straight ahead tends to hit 
the front of the car, so try to wait until you get a good enough angle so you 
aren't shooting at the top of the armored car.

As you rumble across the terrain over to Tall Trees, a group of outlaws sends 
a TNT-rigged wagon your way. Hold B to look at the wagon; it'll go kablooey 
with one shot. However, an abrupt explosion will send your armored car 
tumbling just as you enter Tall Trees.

 And the Truth Shall Set You Free

 Prereqs: "And You Will Know the Truth"
 Rewards: +500 Fame
          +250 Honor
 Unlocks: Abigail Marston missions


- Author's Note
  This mission begins immediately after the conclusion of the previous
  mission, "And You Will Know the Truth".

Now that the car has been ruined, the squad will have to ride to Cochinay on 
foot. Mount your horse and ride alongside the group of US Army soldiers.

- Author's Note
  You can partake in a series of conversations with various people depending
  on where you position yourself in the group. If you stay in the back of the
  group with Ross and Fordham, you'll be treated to the usual arguing between
  the three men. However, if you stay near the front of the lines, you'll have
  a pleasant conversation with the Captain. He seems like a nice-enough guy,
  what with the two of you sharing a mutual dislike of Edgar Ross.

The journey to Cochinay is obnoxiously long, since you go through the entirety 
of Tall Trees before reaching the northeast end. Once the entrance gate to the 
enemy camp gets blown apart, you'll be able to storm inside and exact revenge 
on Dutch and his gang. 

You can expect large numbers inside Cochinay; staying in the back of the lines 
and letting the Army do their job isn't such a bad idea, albeit not being 
particularly brave/noble. You cannot physically shoot your allies, so there is 
no risk of friendly fire and potentially failing the mission.

There are more outlaws crawling inside the actual village. If you want, you 
can climb up on the hill right near the village entrance and snipe some foes 
from afar, though the only disadvantage is that there's no cover and you're 
essentially a sitting duck. The other big con is that there's a machine gun 
just inside the village that you can use to mow everyone down. Probably a 
better strategy, if you ask me.

Meet up with the Army Captain at the gate and take cover next to the Captain 
as the soldiers begin to blow the gate open. A wave of Dutch's men appear on 
the platforms above and try to thwart your plans, so prevent them from doing 
so. John goes through the gate to confront Dutch.

Van der Linde is standing on a large tower across the way and begins using a 
machine gun on John. Every time you peek out from cover, he's there to shoot 
you. Two of Dutch's guards are down on the ground nearby, so quickly execute 
them before Dutch can get a good shot off.

There are two hanging lanterns next to Dutch's machine gun. Your goal is to 
shoot both in order to force him away from the gun. I suggest staying where 
you are and not trying to advance forward, because you have a good view of 
both lanterns from your current location. Take out a sniper rifle and aim 
towards the machine gun. Use Dead Eye so you have a bit of time to search for 
the lanterns, then shoot one. Do the same with the second and Dutch will flee.

Climb the tower and head through a cave after Dutch. Your pursuit will be 
occasionally interrupted by short scenes, but the final cutscene begins once 
you exit the cave to the top of the mountain. You've paid your dues, and Edgar 
Ross has nothing more for you. You can finally go home.

 Harold MacDougal                                                       [0702]

- Author's Note
  Harold MacDougal is found at Blackwater, represented on the map as an "Mc"

 At Home With Dutch

 Prereqs: "Bear One Another's Burdens" (Ross)
 Rewards: +25 Honor
 Unlocks: "For Purely Scientific Purposes"


Nastas and Marston ride out to Cochinay, the headquarters of Dutch and his 
gang. Harold MacDougal, the kooky anthropologist, decides to join along. I 
love journeys like this one, because you get to witness MacDougal's ignorance 
in full force. You'll ride through the Great Plains and through Tall Trees to 
the northern end; the group stops near Nekoti Rock, and the professor decides 
to turn back.

Marston and Nastas use good, old-fashioned teamwork to scale the cliffs. Not 
long after, the two are separated and Marston must find an alternate route. 
Once again, you'll have to brave the game's subpar platforming obstacles as 
you make your way up the cliff (although your task at hand really isn't very 

Climb up the first two steps, then shimmy across the ledge to the other end. 
Go around the bend and pull yourself up the ledge to find Nastas on the other 
side of the clearing. Follow Nastas past the mining equipment and into the 
cave. The cave acts as a shortcut, but it also teeming with enemy miners. The 
first obstacle in your path is a cart full of TNT, so run out of the cave 
before it flies down the mine track and blows you to smithereens.

Defeat the three miners after you escape, then tend to a wounded Nastas. He 
opts to stay behind, so Marston will be headin' up the rest of the way on his 

Run through the field towards the yellow "X" and begin climbing up the series 
of ledges. Along the way, you'll hear some unpleasant noises coming from 
above. At the top is a grizzly bear feasting on a bighorn. If you have never 
encountered a grizzly at this point (which if that's the case, then you are a 
very lucky individual), then equip your finest weapon and get ready for a 
fight. These are the toughest, meanest, and most powerful animal in the game. 
Aim for the face and use Dead Eye to mark several shots between the eyes.

Skin the grizzly and its meal, then continue up the platforms. Up ahead is 
another dead bighorn, but this one is being eaten by a cougar. You've dealt 
with cougars aplenty; there isn't a lot of room up here, so immediately enter 
Dead Eye and shoot it square in the forehead.

More climbing awaits, so get to it. At the top of the mountain, you can survey 
Cochinay. But first, you must silently take out the nearby scout. Creating any 
sort of loud noise alerts the residents of Cochinay, which leads to a fission 
mailed. The two main ways to neutralize the scout is with Throwing Knives or 
even your Lasso. Take the Binoculars from the scout and use them to search for 
clues below. After a few seconds, you'll automatically find Dutch. Cue some 
scenes, and the mission comes to a close.

 For Purely Scientific Purposes

 Prereqs: "At Home With Dutch"
 Rewards: +25 Honor
 Unlocks: "The Prodigal Son Returns (To Yale)"


MacDougal has set out to continue his research on "savages", and a meeting has 
been set up between the professor and some of Dutch's men over at Bearclaw 
Camp. This obviously has no possible chance of going sour. Gallop over to the 
camp with MacDougal and Nastas... which, by the way, I absolutely love the 
interactions between the two characters. Arguably the most humorous in all of 
Red Dead Redemption.

A grizzly bear roams out onto the road just as you enter Tall Trees. Assist 
Nastas in killing the beast, then skin it and catch up with the others. Get 
off your horse and enter the cabin to start a cutscene. Surprise! Things end 
up going sour, and Nastas ends up getting killed at the hands of Dutch's gang.

Duck up against the cabin wall and fire away at the rest of the gang members 
in the camp. The large window right above your position offers a great view 
outside. You shouldn't have much trouble here. Get on your horse and lead 
MacDougal back to Blackwater; two waves of Dutch's men will attack along the 
way. The mission will end once you follow the professor back to Blackwater and 
into an alley behind his office. 

 The Prodigal Son Returns (To Yale)

 Prereqs: "For Purely Scientific Purposes"
 Rewards: $100
          +25 Honor
 Unlocks: -


The professor has been holed up in a hotel room ever since the standoff at 
Bearclaw Camp. Turns out that his sense of paranoia was reasonable, since 
Dutch shows up out of the blue and announces his intention to kill both 
Marston and MacDougal. The two hatch an escape plan by getting on top of the 
hotel roof.

- Author's Note
  Interestingly enough, killing the two lovers whose room you rudely barged
  into does not yield a loss of Honor. Not that there's any reason to kill

Climb onto the roof and kill the bandit that has MacDougal hostage (with Dead 
Eye, of course). Pick up his Rolling Block Rifle and crouch along the edge of 
the roof. There are snipers on the surrounding buildings; they are all on the 
rooftops, so look on the roofs of adjacent buildings and pay attention to your 

Jump across the buildings to reach the alleyway where you stored your horses 
in the last mission. More of Dutch's men pursue you near Beecher's Hope. You 
don't have to kill every last one, since you should be able to outrun most. 
Weaken the group and continue on. Three more enemies show up just outside of 
Manzanita Post, but after that, it's smooth sailing. Professor MacDougal 
reaches the train station and hightails it outta there.

 Abigail Marston                                                        [0703]

- Author's Note
  Abigail Marston is found at Beecher's Hope, represented on the map as an "A"

 The Outlaw's Return

 Prereqs: "And the Truth Shall Set You Free" (Ross)
 Rewards: +50 Fame
          +150 Honor
 Unlocks: Uncle missions
          Jack Marston missions


The remainder of the single player mode is a bit of a regression, as you go 
from fast-paced, interesting action to missions that act more like tutorials 
than anything else. It's a unique chapter of the story, but some may find it 
to be rather boring. Still, it's really neat to see Marston's family and view 
John in an entirely new light: as a family man.

The reunion doesn't last long, and John is thrown right back into rejuvenating 
the ranch. In fact, you're given Rancher Clothing that you must wear for the 
rest of the game; it looks pretty lame in my eyes, and it's too bad that you 
cannot change outfits anymore. Oh well.

Once dawn sets, meet up with your son Jack over at the barn and set off for 
MacFarlane's Ranch. After meeting up with Drew MacFarlane, proceed to the 
corral to find Bonnie.

It's back to Cattle Herding 101: hopefully you still have an idea to how to 
herd cattle. It's not so tough, but the trek back to Beecher's Hope is a bit 
daunting. Bonnie helps you out until you reach West Elizabeth, so slowly 
strafe back and forth while behind the herd to keep everyone moving in the 
same direction. If there are any stragglers, move 'em back towards the group. 
Remember that you can press Up on the D-Pad to get them moving.

Instead of going through Thieves' Landing and Dixon Crossing, John and Jack 
move through Montana Ford, a shallow river that connects the two provinces. It 
is possible for the cows to drown if they stray from the shallow parts, but 
one or two deaths isn't a big deal.

Once you pass by the Pacific Union R.R. Camp and into the Great Plains, some 
bitter cattle rustlers will attack. Finally, some action! Dispatch the 
rustlers, then gather the cattle back and deliver them to Beecher's Hope. With 
that, the game's final two mission chains become available simultaneously.


 Prereqs: "The Outlaw Returns"
 Rewards: +50 Fame
          +150 Honor
 Unlocks: "Old Friends, New Problems"


Crows are always ruining the mood! Abigail asks John to deal with the crow 
problem outside. This is, without a doubt, the easiest mission in the entire 
game. All you have to do is scare the murder of crows away from the silo to 
prevent them from eating up all the corn supply. The meter at the top of the 
screen refers to the amount of corn remaining, and you'll fail if it is fully 

Use a weapon with the highest ammo capacity (if you own the Evans Repeater, 
then you're in luck), otherwise any decent rifle or repeater will do. Begin 
shooting at crows or use Dead Eye to target multiple at once until enough are 
killed that the rest scatter. It's fun to use the Dead Eye + Dynamite "homing" 
combo, but the resulting explosion will hit the silo and destroy your corn 
supply. This mission shouldn't take longer than two minutes. 

 Old Friends, New Problems

 Prereqs: "Pestilence"
 Rewards: +50 Fame
          +150 Honor
 Unlocks: -


What a fall from grace. The mighty John Marston goes from liberating countries 
to dealing with a local weevil infestation. The corn supply at MacFarlane's 
Ranch has gone down the tube due to pesky weevils and moths, so Marston offers 
up some of his own corn supply. This time, Abigail joins you.

Just like the Luisa mission "My Sister's Keeper", you have a set time limit 
that you must follow as you make your way to MacFarlane's Ranch. The route is 
identical to the one in "The Outlaw's Return", so you should know how to get 
there and back. Once you drop off the corn supply at the ranch, drive back 
home with Abigail. No time limit or enemies or hazards to worry about, so it's 
as simple as they come.

 Uncle                                                                  [0704]

- Author's Note
  Uncle is found at Beecher's Hope, represented on the map as a "U" icon.

 By Sweat and Toil

 Prereqs: "The Outlaw's Return" (Abigail)
 Rewards: +150 Fame
          +50 Honor
 Unlocks: "A Continual Feast"


Deja vu? Uncle was slacking off and Marston offers an extra hand in helping 
herd out the cattle. This is another cattle herding mission, so you should be 
familiarized with the basics considering we did a similar mission a few back. 
Enter the corral and herd the cows out of Beecher's Hope.

Bring the cattle to the pasture out in the Great Plains so they can graze. 
John and Uncle stumble upon a train robbery and the herd gets spooked. Sprint 
in front of the herd to slow them down. You are given the choice of stopping 
the robbery or staying with the cattle. There aren't too many enemies to take 
care of, but rescuing the train offers no additional reward.

Regardless of your choice, round up the cattle and drive them to the pasture. 
Uncle bails on you shortly after, but the mission ends here, so you can leave 
the herd out in the middle of the pasture.

 A Continual Feast

 Prereqs: "By Sweat and Toil"
 Rewards: $100
          +150 Honor
 Unlocks: -


Uncle spotted some fine-looking horses out in the plains and suggests that 
they round some of 'em up. We've already herded cattle, so breaking in some 
horses seems proper enough considering the line of missions we have been doing 
at the ranch.

Follow Uncle to where he saw the horses; he should take you out to the middle 
of the Great Plains, near the Broken Tree. Horsebreaking is nothing new, so 
this should be a breeze; the only difference here is that you have to 
withstand Uncle's constructive criticism while doing so. Round up three in 
total, then accompany Uncle back to the corral.

 Jack Marston                                                           [0705]

- Author's Note
  Jack Marston is found at Beecher's Hope, represented on the map as a "J"

 John Marston and Son

 Prereqs: "The Outlaw's Return" (Abigail)
 Rewards: +50 Fame
          +150 Honor
 Unlocks: "Wolves, Dogs and Sons"


Father-son bonding at the Marston ranch! John decides to teach Jack how to 
hunt, so they're taking a little trip up to Tall Trees with their dog Rufus. 
Follow Rufus up to Tall Trees as he tries to sniff out some prey. The game 
keeps things simple for Jack's first time, so you'll only be hunting elk. Elk 
are harmless, but they require a couple shots to be taken down; use your 
finest rifle and aim for the head.

Hop off of your horse and teach Jack how to skin an animal, then set out for 
some more huntin'. For the next batch, Jack will be taking the initiative: 
wait for him to shoot and kill one of the elk, then finish off the others. 
Watch Jack skin one of the animals and then head up to Manzanita Post, where 
you can sell your findings. Lastly, ride back to Beecher's Hope with your son.

 Wolves, Dogs and Sons

 Prereqs: "John Marston and Son"
 Rewards: +50 Fame
          +150 Honor
 Unlocks: "Spare the Love, Spoil the Child"


Another trip to Tall Trees with Jack and the family dog. This time, wolves 
have gotten to the herd and it's up to the men of the house to scare them off. 
As you make your way up to the forest, John and Jack will have another 
heartfelt talk about all the stuff that's gone down recently.

Once you encounter the first pack of wolves, keep your distance and pick 'em 
off with a powerful gun. Follow Rufus once more to another pack and do your 
business. That's really it; this is one of those simple-minded missions where 
it's actually difficult to fail. All I can recommend is that stay close to 
Jack and don't wander off too far ahead, because doing so tends to result in 
the mysterious death of Jack's horse.

 Spare the Love, Spoil the Child

 Prereqs: "Wolves, Dogs and Sons"
 Rewards: +50 Fame
          +150 Honor
 Unlocks: "The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed"


Hah, I love the recent mission titles and their references to previous 
missions. Jack seems intent on proving to his father that he isn't a little 
kid anymore, and decides that the best way to do that is to go out and hunt a 
grizzly bear all by himself! Ride alongside Rufus and the dog should lead you 
into the snow-capped, northern end of Tall Trees.

Jack's scent will take you to the top of Nekoti Rock, where you'll find your 
son on the brink of getting mauled by a huge grizzly. The bear will charge at 
you, so quickly enter Dead Eye and paint a couple marks on the bear's face. 
That ought to do it. Bring Jack back home safely to finish the mission.

 The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed

 Prereqs: "Spare the Love, Spoil the Child"
          "Old Friends, New Problems" (Abigail)
          "A Continual Feast" (Uncle)
 Rewards: -
 Unlocks: "Remember My Family" (Stranger)


This is the final story mission in Red Dead Redemption. Just when everything 
was going smoothly at the ranch, Uncle spots something over the horizon, and 
John only refers to them as "old friends". I'm sure you have an idea as to who 
it may be. As John puts it: it's time to settle this once and for all.

A number of US Army soldiers storm Beecher's Hope from the south. Hide behind 
the wagon with Uncle and put Dead Eye to use when defeating them. A few of the 
soldiers tend to use Fire Bottles, so take them out if you see one with a 
bottle raised in the air. Once the first batch is dealt with, back onto the 
porch and hide there.

Stay on the porch, since the army will surround your house. Start by taking 
down the ones that arrive on horseback from the south/southwest. After several 
seconds of action, a scene begins where Uncle is wounded. Ignore him for the 
time being and clear out the rest of the soldiers until some appear from the 
north. They'll ride around to the front of the house, so stay where you are 
and wait for them to run in front of you.

Take care of the second and third waves, then check on Uncle, who subsequently 
dies. Your next order at hand is protecting Abigail and Jack as they make a 
run for it to the barn. Defend them from the approaching soldiers; they first 
come from the east, then from all other directions.

When protecting your family, you can either do so on foot or from up on the 
silo. The silo provides a height advantage, but you're so high up that the
range of most weapons severely decreases. I only recommend going up on the
silo if you have a Carcano Rifle, which is an awesome sniper rifle with a
five-shot magazine. Otherwise, stay on the ground and use the boulders for

Once your wife and son are safe inside, enter the barn through the back door. 
John allows Abigail and Jack to escape while he makes one final stand. John 
opens the barn doors, revealing a firing squad consisting of Edgar Ross, 
Archer Fordham, the US Army Captain, and many more soldiers. You automatically 
enter Dead Eye and you're given the opportunity to take out a few of the 
soldiers before the inevitable.

- Author's Note
  Edgar Ross, Archer Fordham, and the US Army Captain are three notable
  characters present in the firing squad. I don't know if you can target and
  kill Agents Ross and/or Fordham, since they are featured in the cutscene
  that follows. I heard it's possible to do so, even though they'll still be
  alive in the cinema. This part is just a fun little way to exact some
  revenge on the people that wronged you.

Afterwards, you'll gain control of Jack. Turn around and ride back to the barn 
for the final scene...


[8] WALKTHROUGH (EPILOGUE)                                              [0800]


Fast-forward three years: and an unknown man is standing in front of John 
Marston's grave. He turns around, revealing an aged Jack Marston, who has 
become a gunslinger just like his pa! The camera also pans out, revealing a 
gravestone for Abigail, who died of unknown causes.

Even though the final story mission is complete, the game isn't truly over 
until you finish the Stranger mission, "Remember My Family". A walkthrough can 
be found in Section 9 of this guide.

As you have likely figured out by now, you control Jack Marston during the 
game's epilogue. Aside from the obvious change in protagonists, not much is 
different: as Jack, you retain all of John's belongings, from items, weapons, 
and even your current horse. Even though the game's story is complete, you can 
still strive for 100% completion.


[9] STRANGER MISSIONS                                                   [0900]


Stranger missions are side quests that are scattered around all three 
provinces of the game. They are unlocked after completing specific missions 
and can be found in select locations by looking for a "?" symbol or a purple 
circle on the map.

Stranger missions can be completed in any order once they are unlocked and can 
even be completed during the game's epilogue (which provides extra, 
interesting dialogue). Failing a Stranger mission causes it to disappear for a 
couple days, though it will reappear in its designated location given some 
time. Some of them are split up into parts and may require some time for the 
next part to appear, so check the section in the menu to see if the mission is 
active or inactive.

The missions are listed in chronological order in relation to when they are 

 Flowers For a Lady

 Prereqs: "New Friends, Old Problems"
 Location: Stillwater Creek
 Rewards: +50 Fame
          +100 Honor


If you follow the main road east of MacFarlane's Ranch to Thieves' Landing, 
you'll come to Stillwater Creek. Talk to the old man near the water's edge to 
learn that he is picking flowers for his wife; Marston offers some assistance. 
Billy asks Marston to collect three of the following flowers: Wild Feverfew, 
Desert Sage, and Red Sage.

Wild Feverfew are arguably the most abundant flower in the game; they are most 
common near MacFarlane's Ranch and Hennigan's Stead and can also be found 
around Armadillo and Cholla Springs. Desert Sage are found around Gaptooth 
Ridge, so try the vicinity surrounding Rathskeller Fork. Red Sage are located 
in Rio Bravo, so anywhere near Plainview and Fort Mercer will suffice.

Once you have three of each flower, return to the old couple's cabin at 
Stillwater Creek. Turns out that the old geezer is just a tad delirious and 
his wife has been long deceased; he keeps her corpse in the house and 
interacts with it as if his wife were alive and breathing. Regardless of the 
problems surrounding Billy's lifestyle, the quest is complete.

 Let No Man Put Asunder

 Prereqs: "Obstacles in Our Path"
 Location: Coot's Chapel
 Rewards: +100 Honor


There is an old woman standing near the ruins of an abandoned building right 
near Coot's Chapel; talk to her to begin the mission. The old lady asks 
Marston to find a man named Peter Turner, who is presumably at the saloon in 

Upon reaching the saloon, you will learn that Peter is nowhere in sight. A 
musician is willing to share the information of Peter's whereabouts, but at a 
price. You can either pay him $5 or convince his wife to take him back.

Your option all depends on your choice of Honor, so paying the fee will not 
cause an increase or decrease in Honor, and the option involving his wife will 
ultimately result in a loss of 100 Honor. Regardless, there is a price to pay: 
either money or Honor.

If you don't care about losing Honor, proceed across the street to the station 
to find the musician's wife. She stays by her word, so you will need to use 
some shaky methods of convincing. Marston can either hogtie the wife or 
threaten her (note that if you haven't learned to hogtie yet, then that choice 
is not available). To threaten Rose, point your gun at her and she'll head 
back to her husband.

Return to the musician and he tells Marston that Peter can be found at Odd 
Fellow's Rest. From Armadillo, ride west to Odd Fellow's Rest... which just so 
happens to be a cemetery. Inspect the tombstones to find one for Peter Turner.

 Jenny's Faith

 Prereqs: "This is Armadillo, USA"
 Location: East of Ridgewood Farm
 Rewards: +50 Fame
          +100 Honor


This stranger is found between Ridgewood Farm and Odd Fellow's Rest; a woman 
named Jenny is stranded on the side of the road and seemingly in some sort of 
distress. Coincidentally, she was on the train from Blackwater with Marston. 
Jenny seems sick, but her strong faith and attitude prevents her from coming 
into town with you for help.

You must go into town and buy Jenny some Medicine for her. Medicine is pretty 
cheap, so you should be able to handle the price. However, if you still have 
the Medicine received in the "This is Armadillo, USA" mission, you can give it 
right to her without having to go into town. With the Medicine in hand, talk 
to Jenny for a happy ending. Well, not quite.

- Author's Note
  If Honor isn't important to you and you really don't want to see your
  Medicine be wasted on someone that's too stubborn to even use it, you can
  kill Jenny once the mission ends to get your Medicine back.


 Prereqs: "Women and Cattle"
 Location: South of Gaptooth Breach
 Rewards: Letter From Sam
          +100 Honor


This multi-part Stranger mission begins south of Gaptooth Breach, just south 
of the words "Gaptooth Breach" on the map (the zoomed-in words). When you get 
close enough to the location, you'll be able to spot the "?" icon.

Talk to the harmonica player leaning against the boulder. Sam Odessa is a 
mysterious man who doesn't reveal much about himself other than the fact that 
he is trying to make it to California. Sam is a long way from California, and 
Marston suggests that he head to Benedict Point before he stumbles across one 
of the many hostilities in Gaptooth Breach.

Wait two or three in-game days between each interaction for the next to pop up 
on the map; a purple circle on the map will tell you when the next part can be 
started. Sam Odessa next appears at Cueva Seca (southwest of Rathskeller 
Fork), who seems to be more loopy than their last meeting. After John puts up 
with his strange ramblings, he tells Sam to head west for California and the 
traveler sets off.

- Author's Note
  In a mission like this, where you are forced to wait several in-game days
  before each part, there is a way to bypass that entirely. Save your game,
  then load the save file to automatically make the next part available.

Sam and John's next encounter is along the canyon road that cuts through 
Tumbleweed. This time, Sam is visibly disheveled and is poking the ground with 
a stick. When Marston offers to bring him into town, Sam pulls a gun on him 
and runs off, still determined to reach California.

Wait a few more days and you will find a purple circle south of Tumbleweed. 
Ride over to the location to find a vulture feasting on Sam's corpse. Upon 
inspection, Marston finds a letter and some cash (the amount is random, though 
it ranges from around $15-$30).

Take the Letter From Sam, ride to Armadillo, and deliver it at the train 
station. It's worth reading the letter (found in your Kit) before delivering 
it: it's a heartfelt message to his wife and kids that helps summarize a sad 
story of a man's slow descent into madness as he attempts to fulfill a near-
impossible dream.

 American Appetites

 Prereqs: "Political Realities in Armadillo" (Part 1)
          "Justice in Pike's Basin" (Part 2)
          "Wild Horses, Tamed Passions" (Part 3)
 Location: Armadillo
 Rewards: +50 Fame
          +100 Honor


A crying woman can be found outside of the police station in Armadillo. Upon 
speaking with her, Marston learns that the woman's son has gone missing and 
was taken by "hill people" near the Hanging Rock.

Go investigate things: take your horse out to the Hanging Rock and a purple 
circle appears on the map just east of there. Search for clues near the bloody 
pile of bones and lost shoe... there isn't much more you can take out of that. 
This completes Part 1 of American Appetites.

- Author's Note
  In a mission like this, where you are forced to wait several in-game days
  before each part, there is a way to bypass that entirely. Save your game,
  then load the save file to automatically make the next part available.

Once you have pass the qualifications, return to Armadillo to find a man on 
the front porch of the police station. Like the woman, he is hysterical over 
his missing wife that has coincidentally gone missing near Hanging Rock. Help 
the sad sap out by checking things out. You'll find another grizzly scene at 
the same location as before.

In Part 3, another woman is at the police station with a story of how her 
husband has gone missing up in the hills near Hanging Rock. Once again, return 
to the location of the previous two crimes, though this time you find someone 
here alive. An older man has been wounded by another man and asks for 
Marston's help in catching him. Hogtie the fleeing suspect and bring him back 
to the old man.

If you couldn't guess before, the injured man is a cannibal and the city man 
who hurt him was his next victim. There are several choices you can make:

- Kill/hogtie the cannibal and free the victim. This outcome rewards you with
  50 Fame and 100 Honor. Make sure to loot the cannibal for a nice amount of
  money (presumably stolen money from all his victims).

- Walk away and let the cannibal eat the city man. You will lose 100 Honor if
  you choose this option.

- Kill both the cannibal and the victim. You will gain 50 Honor by doing this
  (+100 Honor for killing the cannibal and -50 Honor for killing the victim).
  Make sure to loot the cannibal for a nice amount of money (presumably stolen
  money from all his victims).

 I Know You

 Prereqs: "A Tempest Looms"
 Location: Southwest of MacFarlane's Ranch
 Rewards: -


- Author's Note
  This is the only Stranger mission that cannot be completed during the game's
  epilogue. In addition, this is the only Stranger mission that does not add
  to your 100% completion rate.

The Stranger mission begins at a cliff overlooking Greenhollow. It's southwest 
of MacFarlane's Ranch and not too far from the "Water and Honesty" Stranger 
mission. The strange man (known from here on out as the "Strange Man") seems 
to know a lot about John and his past. He asks John to help a friend out in 
Thieves' Landing.

Once you reach Thieves' Landing, proceed to the saloon to find the drunkard 
the Strange Man was referring to flirting with a woman. You can either 
encourage the man to cheat on his wife by giving him $15 (resulting in a loss 
of 20 Honor) or help the man fight his temptations and gain 50 Honor. The 
first part concludes once you have made your decision.

Marston encounters the Strange Man a second time on a small plateau south of 
El Matadero. John is given another predicament. There is a nun outside of Las 
Hermanas asking for donations: either donate $10 to her cause or rob her. 

Obviously, your choice will either result in a gain or a loss of honor. 
Robbing her (aim a gun at the nun and press Y) does result in a nice sum of 
money (usually around $300). If you choose to donate, a new random event will 
begin to occur at Las Hermanas with other nuns asking for your donations. Your 
choice concludes the second part of the Stranger mission.

The third and final part of the Stranger mission can be continued in West 
Elizabeth. The Strange Man is waiting for Marston on a hill southwest of 
Beecher's Hope. There's no favor to follow through or quest you need to 
fulfill; just enjoy the final conversation between the two to complete the 
Stranger mission.

- Author's Note
  This Stranger mission is one of the most mysterious and interesting parts of
  the game, mainly because of the Strange Man. His identity is never revealed
  and the only bit of information the player is given is that he is "an
  One common interpretation is that he is God: the "Damn you/Yes, many have"
  exchange is one reason, plus the fact that Marston shoots the Strange Man
  three times, yet he is never hurt (John's aim isn't that bad... though it is
  possible that he was only shooting AT him and purposely missed).
  Another theory is that the Strange Man is a personification of Death, mainly
  since there is a LOT of foreshadowing in the location of the mission's third
  part and the conversation that follows. The Strange Man could also be a
  manifestation of John's conscience due to some of the dialogue between the
  two and that all of the missions he sends you on all have two outcomes
  depending on whether John acts good or evil.

 Water and Honesty

 Prereqs: "Political Realities in Armadillo"
 Location: Southwest of MacFarlane's Ranch
 Rewards: +50 Fame


This Stranger mission is found in Hennigan's Stead, on the main road from 
Armadillo to MacFarlane's Ranch (more specifically, on the hill southwest of 
MacFarlane's Ranch). The camper here is having some irrigation problems and 
has found a wellspring near the old Pleasance House, yet the person living 
there refuses to sell him the property. He asks Marston to persuade the old 

Pleasance House is northwest of Armadillo; you can use your map to find it. 
The feisty old man demands a hefty $200 for the deed to the house. There are a 
couple ways to obtain the deed: you can be a good outlaw and pay the man $200. 
You can also kill or hogtie the old man and take the deed by force (you will 
lose 100 Honor by doing it this way).

Return to McAllister's camp and hand over the deed. If you forked over the 
cash fair and square, you are rewarded $220 (a $20 profit). If you killed or 
hogtied the owner of the house, McAllister gives you $15 and a scolding.

- Author's Note
  If you kill McAllister after the mission, you can loot his body to re-obtain
  the Pleasance House Deed. With the deed in hand, you can use the Pleasance
  House as a save point, though it doesn't count towards 100% completion for
  all houses owned.
- Author's Note
  If you kill the Pleasance House owner, McAllister mentions that he had a
  son up in Blackwater. When you reach Blackwater in the third province, there
  is a chance that a man with the last name "Evans" will challenge Marston to
  a duel. The Pleasance House owner was named Clyde Evans. Hmmmm...

 Who Are You to Judge?

 Prereqs: "Liars, Cheats, and Other Proud Americans"
 Location: Rathskeller Fork
 Rewards: +100 Honor


You will find a sobbing gentleman over at the stable in Rathskeller Fork. The 
man, Jeb, tells Marston that his love has been stolen from him and was taken 
to Tumbleweed. Ride towards Tumbleweed and there will be a large purple circle 
on the radar showing you your destination. Here, John finds a woman and a 
horse. Here's the twist: Jeb's love is the horse, not the lovely lass here!

I try to believe that this isn't creepy. Maybe it's just a guy who has a soft 
spot for horses? That isn't overly affectionate, right? Maybe it is just 
creepy. The woman hops on the horse and takes off for Rathskeller Fork, so 
follow her. You'll wrap things up once you reunite the two "lovers". Blech...

- Author's Note
  Don't try and ride the horse from Tumbleweed to Rathskeller Fork yourself;
  let the woman do it. I tried to once by accident and I failed the mission.

 Lights, Camera, Action

 Prereqs: "The Sport of Kings, and Liars" (Part 1)
          "An Appointed Time" (Part 2)
 Location: Armadillo (Part 1)
           Pacific Union Railroad Camp (Part 2)
 Rewards: +100 Fame
          +50 Honor


Search the back of the Armadillo theater to begin this Stranger mission. D.S. 
MacKenna is an aspiring movie producer, but requires a bit of help. His first 
favor is to head down to Thieves' Landing and win a land deed from one of the 
players. The price to play is a staggering $200, so make sure to save your 
game beforehand so you can reset if you lose out on all that cash.

For in-depth information on Liar's Dice, head over to Section 17. Note that 
you only have to win against Lyle Mouton (the guy with the glasses), so as 
long as he loses, you will win the deed. You don't have to beat both players 
to get the land deed, so it may be a better strategy to try and play against 
only Lyle instead of trying to beat both men.

When you manage to win the deed, your next stop is Benedict Point. MacKenna 
asks Marston to win back his star actor, who has decided to pass on the life 
of portraying a gunslinger to become a real one. Talk to Spatchcock outside of 
the telegraph office and accept his duel challenge. Make sure to aim only for 
his right arm during the duel; you want to disarm Spatchcock, not kill him. 
Return to MacKenna in Armadillo with the good news to conclude Part 1. You'll 
receive some money (a random amount usually in the ballpark of around $20).

You can begin the second part of this Stranger mission immediately after 
completing the mission, "An Appointed Time" and gaining access to West 
Elizabeth. In the Pacific Union R.R. Camp, you can find MacKenna sulking near 
where the tents are set up. A series of mishaps led to the downfall of his 
fledgling film studio and now the aspiring producer is left penniless. Looks 
like it's back to Square One for MacKenna.

 Funny Man

 Prereqs: "Exhuming and Other Fine Hobbies" (Part 1)
          "Man is Born Unto Trouble" (Part 2, Part 3)
          "The Demon Drink" (Part 4)
 Location: Benedict Point (Part 1)
           Gaptooth Breach (Part 2)
           Pike's Basin (Part 3)
           Tesoro Azul (Part 4)
 Rewards: +50 Fame


This four-part mission can be initially started by talking to the man inside 
the telegraph office at Benedict Point.

This interesting chap is Jimmy Saint, a writer from the East Coast who has 
come to the West to find some new material. Jimmy says that he wants 
to "capture the spirit of the West", though he will come to learn that that 
isn't a very good idea. He's looking to spice things up by finding action and 
danger, which is a bit of foreshadowing for later parts of this mission. 
Simply talking to Jimmy Saint here will conclude the first part.

- Author's Note
  In a mission like this, where you are forced to wait several in-game days
  before each part, there is a way to bypass that entirely. Save your game,
  then load the save file to automatically make the next part available.

You will need to complete the Irish mission "Man is Born Unto Trouble" to 
begin Part 2 of the Stranger mission. Marston will find Jimmy deep inside the 
Gaptooth Breach mine. If the "?" icon does not appear on the map, then wait a 
couple in-game days to pass.

You can talk to the injured stranger to initiate the gang hideout challenge or 
not; it doesn't matter either way. Regardless, defeat the miners surrounding 
Gaptooth Breach and the ones inside the mine. Be very careful when using the 
TNT barrels, because Jimmy Saint is hogtied next to a barrel, and setting it 
off will kill him and end this part of the mission.

Once you find Jimmy, cut him free and escort him out of the shaft, just to be 
safe. I remember one time, a rattlesnake bit and killed him the second he 
exited the shaft and it totally screwed up the mission.

After waiting a couple days, you can find Jimmy again in Pike's Basin. Again, 
you don't have to activate the gang hideout challenge if you don't want to. 
Pinpoint his location on the map and track him down at a small camp. Like 
before, cut him free. Jimmy really seems to like getting himself in trouble, 
doesn't he?

Jimmy springs up in Nuevo Paraiso once you have completed the De Santa 
mission, "The Demon Drink". He can be found inside the Tesoro Azul gang 
hideout. It's easy to kill two birds with one stone, so you may want to meet 
up with the Sheriff near the broken wagon to trigger the gang hideout 

You can find Jimmy Saint on top of one of the church. Head inside to find a 
ladder in the back that you can climb up to access the roof. After untying the 
jokester, he finally agrees that a life of action and peril isn't for him, and 
leaves for good.

 Daedalus and Son

 Prereqs: "We Shall Be Together in Paradise"
 Location: West of Casa Madrugada
 Rewards: +50 Fame


From Casa Madrugada, follow the road west and start heading up the hill that 
leads to El Presidio. The starting position of the Stranger mission is along 
the cliff overlooking Agave Viejo. Here you meet Charles Kinnear, a man trying 
to be the first person to fly through these parts on his fancy-lookin' flying 

Charles still needs a few more materials to finalize the construction and 
Marston agrees to fetch him what he needs because as John puts it: there is no 
way he's going to miss Charles jump off the side of that cliff. "They doubted 
dear Icarus sir, yes they did!" Oh poor Charles, if only you had brushed up on 
your Greek mythology...

Charles Kinnear asks you to retrieve 20 bird feathers of any kind, five beaver 
furs, and ten Red Sage. Bird feathers should be easy findings since Charles 
isn't picky, so any feather type will do. Red Sage are found primarily in Rio 
Bravo, near the vicinity of Plainview. You must wait to gain access to West 
Elizabeth to obtain beaver furs; beavers are commonly found anywhere near 
fresh water, so the northern side of Great Plains and Tall Trees are prime 
beaver-hunting spots.

Once you have gathered all the materials for Kinnear, return to his location 
and he will polish up his flying machine. Marston receives a small monetary 
reward and is asked to return in a few days. Wait several days until the icon 
appears and come back to find Kinnear with the finished product. As one would 
expect, Charles takes a leap of faith and subsequently falls to his doom after 
his precious flying machine malfunctions.

- Author's Note
  After Kinnear's death, take out a sniper rifle and zoom down to the crash
  site. You can see his corpse down below, but if you ride down to the scene
  his body will mysteriously disappear. 

 Eva in Peril

 Prereqs: "Lucky in Love"
 Location: Casa Madrugada
 Rewards: +50 Fame
          +100 Honor


Search behind the houses in Casa Madrugada to find a man abusing a woman. 
Break up the fight to start the mission. Mario is a pimp that is beating on 
one of his prostitutes (Eva), and in order to stop the abusive partnership, 
Marston must fork over $200. You don't have any choice if you want to continue 
the mission, so pay the man; killing Mario here results is a big no-no.

Eva promises to visit Las Hermanas to get her life back on track, so visit her 
in the church there a few days from now. Once the icon reappears on your map, 
take a trip to Las Hermanas and talk to the nun inside the church. She tells 
Marston that Eva was taken to El Sepulcro by a man... not too difficult to 
figure out who this mystery man likely is.

Ride over to Sepulcro to find Mario digging up a fresh grave... not too 
difficult to figure out who this grave belongs to. Mario and John settle 
things in a duel, so mark your target all over his ugly face to avenge Eva's 
death. Once justice has been served, loot Mario's corpse to get your $200 back.


 Prereqs: "Civilization at any Price"
 Location: Chuparosa
 Rewards: +50 Fame


Talk to Uriah Tollets in Chuparosa; the man doesn't reveal much about himself 
other than that he is part of a business down here in Mexico. He asks if John 
would kindly pick up a package at the docks of Nosalida and deliver it to El 
Matadero in exchange for a money reward. 

Nosalida is in the northwest side of the map, on the very tip of Nuevo 
Paraiso. It's actually one of the few gang hideouts in Nuevo Paraiso, so you 
can expect some turmoil upon entering the vicinity. While you're here, you 
might as well complete the gang hideout challenge. Carefully walk out onto the 
dock and open the chest to receive the Nosalida Package.

You do not have to deliver the package by foot, so you are more than able to 
take a stagecoach taxi from Escalera all the way across the map to El 
Matadero. Walk around to the back of the slaughterhouse and deliver the 
package to the man hanging out back here. The foreman notes the importance of 
the package contents and also gives John the payment he needs to return to 
Tollets: a whopping $1000! A package that expensive must be important.

Return to Tollets in Chuparosa with the money. He reveals that the business he 
was referring to was the opium business, so you can easily determine the 
contents of the Nosalida Package. A money of that sum can drive a man to do 
evil things, so you have two options here: you can hand over the $1000 to 
Tollets and receive your mission reward (+500 Honor) or you can keep the cash 
and kill Tollets (-100 Honor). You always gain +50 Fame on either route.

- Author's Note
  There are a couple sneaky ways of getting the job done without a loss of
  Honor. The first and most obvious way is to equip your Bandana, then kill
  Tollets. Another way is to pay Tollets to receive +500 Honor, then execute
  the man and loot his body for the cash.

- Author's Note
  As far as I know, killing Tollets always results in a bounty (a $40 bounty
  for murder); I haven't found a way to kill him without automatically
  alerting the police (even stabbing him in the empty building always somehow
  calls attention to you). Still, a $1000 dollar reward paired with a $40
  bounty is well worth it in my book, so just escape town and pay the bounty.

 Love is the Opiate

 Prereqs: "Empty Promises"
          "Poppycock" (Stranger)
 Location: El Matadero
 Rewards: +50 Fame
          +100 Honor


Go inside the slaughterhouse in El Matadero and speak with the Chinese man 
leaning against a support beam. Zhou here is contractually bound to work for 
the foreman here in the slaughterhouse, and he is afraid that he'll never be 
freed and able to return to his family in Shanghai. The foreman agrees to free 
Zhou under one favor: get him a "white stallion like a real cowboy rides".

The stallion that the foreman is referring to is a Hungarian Half-bred. It is 
one of the top three horses in the game in terms of stamina and top speed (the 
other two being the Kentucky Saddler and American Standardbred).

The Hungarian Half-bred is white in color (though personally it looks more 
like a very, very light gray color) with a dark gray muzzle. They can be 
spotted in many different locations around Nuevo Paraiso, but tend to roam on 
the east side near Diez Coronas.

After agreeing to the foreman's request, head out to find one. You have a 
couple options to go and search for a Hungarian Half-bred; either try 
following the road north towards Torquemada or head south and explore the 
southeast mountains. Once you find, lasso, and tame one, bring it back to El 
Matadero and hitch it on the post just outside of the slaughterhouse.

- Author's Note
  If you already have a Hungarian Half-bred tamed prior to starting this
  Stranger mission (or own the deed), you can simply bring the horse right
  to the foreman after your conversation. You'll likely have to save your
  game to make several hours pass before being able to continue.

Once you bring the Hungarian Half-bred to the slaughterhouse, Zhou will be 
freed and he rejoices in the opportunity to return to his beloved.

- Author's Note
  You can take your Hungarian Half-bred from the foreman without suffering any
  real consequence or failing the mission. Wait for the game to say that the
  mission has been updated, then either get back on your horse or pull the
  foreman off if he gets on. You will receive a bounty, but it doesn't affect
  the outcome of the Stranger mission.

Wait several days (or load a save file) until the "?" icon appears near 
Chuparosa and check things out. You'll find Zhou at the train station, 
completely wonked out of his head. He appears to be high, presumably on opium 
(considering how the foreman was the recipient of the opium package in 
the "Poppycock" Stranger mission). It looks like Zhou's opium addiction has 
gotten in the way of his dream to return home... or maybe the opium itself is 
Zhou's "beloved"?

 Aztec Gold

 Prereqs: "Must a Saviour Die?"
 Location: Sidewinder Gulch
 Rewards: +50 Fame


Venture through the depths of Sidewinder Gulch until a "?" icon appears on the 
radar. In this Stranger mission, a man named Basilio Aguirre Olmos de la 
Vargas (Basilio for short) is trying to search for a long lost family heirloom 
somewhere in Nuevo Paraiso. In order to find the Aztec gold, you must uncover 
the remaining pieces of Basilio's Map in order to complete the puzzle, so to 

Luckily, the first piece to be found is right here in Sidewinder Gulch. Turn 
around and move up the hill towards the purple icon. Stop just before you 
reach the top of the slope and move along the cliffside to find a pile of 
rocks; uncover them to find a small sum of money and another piece of the map.

The next location is all the way in Primera Quebrada, a desolate location that 
can be reached if you follow the road south from Sepulcro. Veer off the main 
road and continue south across the field to reach the map piece (which is 
tucked away in the wreckage of a building).

The third map piece is at Alta Cabeza, which is basically right next to El 
Matadero. There's nothing clever about the placement of the map piece, as it's 
basically right out in the open near the base of the rock structure. Follow 
your radar.

With the map fully in tact, meet up with Basilio in El Matadero near the base 
of the cave where you rescued Luisa in "Landon Ricketts Rides Again". Follow 
Basilio into the aforementioned cave and you'll discover... well, you won't 
discover a damn thing: the whole map was a ruse and in the end there was no 
Aztec gold. Marston ended up earning more than Basilio just from tracking down 
the map pieces!

 American Lobbyist

 Prereqs: "An Appointed Time"
 Location: Blackwater
 Rewards: $20


Marston will find a man inside the gazebo in front of the Blackwater bank. 
When approached, the man is working for the governor and is looking for a way 
to help end the rumors and gossip being spread around town. The source of the 
gossip is located at the bank, and Marston is given some scandalous photos to 
be used as blackmail to help plug up the loudmouth.

Go inside the bank to find the political opponent sitting on a bench. It 
doesn't take much persuasion to shut the man up, and he is quick to sing the 
governor's praises. Return to the blackmailer for your reward.

- Author's Note
  Even after the mission has been completed, John will still hold onto the
  Blackmail Photographs for whatever reason. You can view them in your Kit if
  you want to see the vile acts of a depraved man for yourself. I think the
  most fascinating aspect of the photos is that the gossiper seems to be
  engaged in sexual acts while fully clothed. Hmmm...

 The Prohibitionist

 Prereqs: "An Appointed Time"
 Location: Blackwater
 Rewards: +5 Fame


An elderly prohibitionist is preaching on the street outside of the Blackwater 
inn and saloon. Marston and Abner Forsyth don't exactly see head-to-head. 
Next, head to the "seedier side of Blackwater" (the east end) and locate the 
purple "?" icon. There's a fella lurking around a dumpster in a back alley, so 
naturally he'd be a great person to engage in a conversation with.

According to the scummy dude, Abner Forsyth is nothing more than a puppet of 
an industry that's trying to outlaw the consumption of liquor in the state in 
order to lower competition. The prohibitionist is bad business for bar owners, 
and the shady man suggests that Marston kill Abner. Here are your two choices:

- Kill Abner Forsyth. Marston receives money (around $25), and the price for
  drinks at saloons throughout all three provinces will be halved. Killing
  Abner results in a loss of 40 Honor, plus an additional loss of 100 Honor
  when you report the news.

- Warn Abner Forsyth of the shady man's intentions. Marston receives money
  (around $25), but the price of drinks and rented rooms throughout all three
  provinces are doubled. Marston also gains 100 Honor.

Once you make your choice, report back to the scumbag and you will receive 
your reward based on the choice you made.

 The Wronged Woman

 Prereqs: "An Appointed Time"
 Location: Blackwater
 Rewards: +50 Fame


Go inside the church on the outskirts of Blackwater to find a pregnant woman 
kneeling at the altar. Clara used to be a nanny in Blackwater and was run out 
of town after she had an affair with a man and became pregnant. Marston is 
asked to go find the father and persuade him to lend some money to Clara.

Head to the Blackwater inn to find Harold at the bar. A simple conversation 
and a request soon escalates to a duel challenge, so head outside and accept 
Harold's duel. You must kill Harold in the duel, and trying to disarm him will 
only lead to your immediate death. After coming out on top, loot Harold's body 
to find $200. 

- Author's Note
  Unlike conventional duels, you must begin the duel by talking to Harold
  rather than stepping into the duel area. With this in mind, you do not even
  have to duel Harold and can kill him when he steps outside. You will run the
  risk of losing Honor and getting a bounty, but this is an acceptable
  alternative if dueling isn't your forte.

Once you have the money for Clara, return to the church and hand it over. She 
will be displeased with Marston having to resort to killing the man, but 
thanks him for the deed and vows to make it to his funeral.

Wait for a couple days to pass and make your way to the cemetery. You will 
find Harold's wife - not Clara - at Harold's grave. The widow does mention 
that Clara was at the funeral, but she wasn't exactly expressing her 

Strange, right? My best guess is that the entire thing was a ruse and Clara 
used Marston to rob and kill Harold. Was Harold still the father? Was she even 
a nanny? Mrs. Thornton does describe Clara as a "dock trollop", so maybe she 
was just a lowlife that had some beef with Harold and decided to have Marston 
do the dirty work for her. Clever girl...

- Author's Note
  This particular Stranger mission is a great example why it's fun to complete
  some of them during the game's epilogue. If you speak to Clara to initiate
  the first portion of the mission and wait until the game's epilogue (a gap
  of three years), Clara will still be pregnant. Hmmm. Either it's a glitch in
  the game, she coincidentally got pregnant again, or maybe even her being
  pregnant was a lie. Either way, Clara isn't as innocent as we once thought.

 Remember My Family

 Prereqs: "The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed"
 Location: Blackwater
 Rewards: +50 Fame
          +100 Honor


This is the final Stranger Mission, and it can only be completed during the 
game's epilogue. To start the mission, go to the Blackwater train station and 
talk to the suited man leaning against the railing. Despite not personally 
knowing Edgar Ross, the man knows a lot about him, and reveals to Jack that he 
has retired and lives out on Lake Don Julio.

- Author's Note
  Remember how I told you to pinpoint a specific gentleman in the beginning of
  the game? There was a man with a bowler hat and glasses on the train during
  the game's prologue. Note that the man you talk to here also wears a bowler
  hat and glasses. And despite never working with Edgar Ross, he sure knows a
  lot about him. There's speculation that this person is a government agent
  sent by Ross to keep tabs on John Marston from the very beginning, hence why
  he got off the train with John back at Armadillo. An interesting tidbit...

Next, head out to Lake Don Julio. There's a stagecoach taxi right next to the 
train station, so you're best off using it to reach Armadillo. Ride the rest 
of the way to the lake and go inside the small cabin on the side of the lake.

- Author's Note
  Another interesting note: this is the same cabin that was visited three
  years ago by John and Irish in the search for the gatling gun. It's assumed
  that Ross and his wife didn't live there back then, since it was infested by

Edgar Ross is nowhere to be found, but his wife is home; she tells Jack that 
her husband has gone duck hunting over in Nuevo Paraiso. Cross over into 
Mexico and set your sights on Rio del Toro. Continue to the purple "?" icon to 
find not Edgar Ross, but his brother. Edgar is a bit downriver, hunting duck. 
You'll be able to settle your differences with the old bastard in a duel; kill 
Ross in a duel to finally earn redemption.

Also, don't forget to loot Edgar Ross' body: it contains around $400!


[10] AREAS                                                              [1000]


The three main provinces are broken up into multiple regions (seen on the map 
when zoomed out completely). Zoom in closer, and the regions are composed of 
many different areas. The area name appears on the screen when you enter it. 
Knowing the various areas and locations doesn't seem all that important, but 
there is an achievement that is unlocked when you discover every area.

Areas listed in each section are by region and subsequent areas in each region 
(the areas are listed in no particular order). It took me forever to realize 
this, but the dotted lines on the map are the region borders, so you can use 
them to help determine your current location.

 New Austin                                                             [1001]

The following are regions in New Austin:

- Hennigan's Stead
- Cholla Springs
- Rio Bravo
- Gaptooth Ridge

 Hennigan's Stead

- The eastern region of New Austin. It's from Thieves' Landing all the way to
  the hill leading down to Cholla Springs and Armadillo. The environment
  ranges from grasslands to forests and swamps. 

MacFarlane's Ranch

 Location: Hennigan's Stead, center of region

One of the larger and more familiar areas in New Austin due to the amount of 
time players spend here, MacFarlane's Ranch is a town best known for its ranch 
owned by the MacFarlane family. There is plenty to do in the ranch aside from 
story missions, including Nightwatch jobs, various mini games, and a series of 
shops you can visit. There is also a telegraph office and a safehouse present.

Pike's Basin

 Location: Hennigan's Stead, west of MacFarlane's Ranch

Pike's Basin is a large, winding canyon west of MacFarlane's Ranch. It has two 
entrances: one on the east end in Hennigan's Stead and the other on the west 
end, accessible from Cholla Springs. This is one of the game's gang hideout 
locations and also the setting for a couple missions. You can expect to find 
plenty of bandits here at any point during the game.

Warthington Ranch

 Location: Hennigan's Stead, south of MacFarlane's Ranch

Warthington Ranch is the second ranch located in Hennigan's Stead, though 
substantially smaller than the other, more popular ranch. The ranch consists 
of a barn and a single house. There is nothing of importance in Warthington 
Ranch, and no mission ever requires you to enter this area.


 Location: Hennigan's Stead, southwest of MacFarlane's Ranch

Mescalero is a clearing southwest of MacFarlane's Ranch and houses the remains 
of a campsite. There's nothing to find here in the area and the only times you 
are ever required to go to Mescalero are in bounty hunter missions, since the 
Bollard Gang likes to hide out here sometimes.


 Location: Hennigan's Stead, south of Mescalero

Greenhollow is at the southern end of Hennigan's Stead, alongside the San Luis 
River (which acts as the border between New Austin and Nuevo Paraiso). If you 
follow the main road that runs parallel with the river, Greenhollow can be 
located just off of the road (on the map, it's directly south of Mescalero) 
and is represented as a ruined house along the riverbank. You can find a chest 
inside the wreckage.

Brittlebrush Trawl

 Location: Hennigan's Stead, southeast of MacFarlane's Ranch

This area is also alongside the coast and is east of Greenhollow. Brittlebrush 
Trawl is made up of a tiny shack and a dock jutting out into the San Luis 
River. Marston and Irish set off for Mexico at this area in the "We Shall Be 
Together in Paradise" mission.

Manteca Falls

 Location: Hennigan's Stead, east of Brittlebrush Trawl

This is one of several areas that can be accessed from both New Austin and 
Nuevo Paraiso. Manteca Falls is a giant waterfall near the southeast end of 
Hennigan's Stead. It's pretty hard to miss, and you can find it if you follow 
the road that runs parallel to the San Luis River and is just east of 
Brittlebrush Trawl. If you follow the cliffside on the southern end of the 
waterfall in Nuevo Paraiso, you can find a chest.

Thieves' Landing

 Location: Hennigan's Stead, northeast corner of region

Thieves' Landing is a populated town in the marshes at the northeast end of 
Hennigan's Stead. Just like any town, it's equipped with a saloon, stores, and 
a safehouse. 

One of the interesting things about Thieves' Landing is that, as the name 
implies, the entire town is populated by thieves and other dishonorable folk. 
There is no law enforcement in the town and you will not receive a bounty for 
any crimes committed within the town borders. Marston's Honor reflects how the 
townspeople react to him: if you have high Honor, you'll be openly attacked, 
but someone with low Honor is welcomed.

Butter Bridge

 Location: Hennigan's Stead, south of Thieves' Landing

This is one of several areas that can be accessed from both New Austin and 
Nuevo Paraiso. Butter Bridge is a railroad bridge that connects New Austin and 
Nuevo Paraiso. The area can be accessed even before the bridge is repaired in 
the second chapter of the game. You reach this area in the De Santa 
mission, "Civilization, at any Price".

The Old Bacchus Place

 Location: Hennigan's Stead, northeast of Butter Bridge

The Old Bacchus Place is right next to Butter Bridge, so it's hard to miss if 
you know where the bridge is. There is a narrow trail that leads down to a 
rickety house owned by an old couple. The area itself isn't very important and 
you never have to go here for a mission, but there is a chest found at the end 
of the dock.

Stillwater Creek

 Location: Hennigan's Stead, west of Thieves' Landing

Stillwater Creek is a small, swampy area west of Thieves' Landing. There are a 
number of creeks running through, but most are shallow enough for you to 
traverse through. The "Flowers for a Lady" Stranger mission takes place here, 
and this is also the location of the legendary boar Gordo.

Dixon Crossing

 Location: Hennigan's Stead, north of Thieves' Landing

Dixon Crossing is one half of a small island at the northeast end of 
Hennigan's Stead (the other half of the island is taken up by a portion of 
Thieves' Landing). This area acts as one of the main entrances into West 
Elizabeth, but can be discovered prior to the third chapter. It can be visited 
from both New Austin and West Elizabeth.

Mason's Bridge

 Location: Hennigan's Stead, northwest of Thieves' Landing

Mason's Bridge is a railroad bridge that is north of Stillwater Creek and 
passes through into West Elizabeth. This area acts as one of the main 
entrances into West Elizabeth, but can be discovered prior to the third 
chapter. It can be visited from both New Austin and West Elizabeth.

Tanner's Span

 Location: Hennigan's Stead, northeast of MacFarlane's Ranch

Tanner's Span is another railroad bridge that is north/northeast of 
MacFarlane's Ranch (just follow the railroad tracks) that crosses over the 
river into West Elizabeth. This area acts as one of the main entrances into 
West Elizabeth, but can be discovered prior to the third chapter. It can be 
visited from both New Austin and West Elizabeth.

 Cholla Springs

- The central region of New Austin. It stretches from the hill in Hennigan's
  Stead west to Tumbleweed. The environment is a more traditional "Wild West"
  style, with dry, barren land and cacti.


 Location: Cholla Springs, east side of region

Armadillo is arguably the most important and most frequently-visited area in 
all of New Austin. It is the first area you visit in Red Dead Redemption, and 
plenty of missions originate here. The town is complete with all the 
essentials, including shops, a saloon, a safehouse, a telegraph office, and 
the sheriff's office (where you can find Marshal Johnson). 

Twin Rocks

 Location: Cholla Springs, north of Armadillo

Twin Rocks is a series of small houses flanked by two gigantic rocks (hence 
the name). This is a lurking ground for bandits, and snipers are often 
positioned on the top of the rocks to keep on the lookout for any intruders. 
It's one of the earliest gang hideouts the player can complete and also one of 
the easiest, since the area is so tiny.

The Hanging Rock

 Location: Cholla Springs, northeast of Armadillo

The Hanging Rock is a cluster of large boulders, and the lone tree in the 
middle serves as a prime spot for hangings. You can occasionally find a random 
encounter nearby that requires you to save a civilian from being executed by 
bandits. The Hanging Rock is the location of the first treasure (Treasure 
Hunter Rank 2) and the "American Appetites" Stranger mission takes place in 
the hills right next to the Hanging Rock. 

Coot's Chapel

 Location: Cholla Springs, southeast of Armadillo

A rundown church, Coot's Chapel is frequented by grave robbers and other 
weirdoes, and some of the Seth missions begin here. The chapel is fairly small 
and is surrounded by a cemetery. The tombstones are weathered and the chapel 
is completely empty, save for a chest. 

Venter's Place

 Location: Cholla Springs, south of Armadillo

Venter's Place is a ranch, although it's only made up of a barn and a tiny 
house surrounded by a wooden fence. There are a few horses and chickens 
wandering around the site, and the area seems to be occupied by a man. The 
barn is open to players, but there's nothing inside. There is nothing of 
importance in Venter's Place.

Lake Don Julio

 Location: Cholla Springs, south of Coot's Chapel

Lake Don Julio is a large area and pretty hard to miss, since it's a huge lake 
that takes up most of the southern sector of Cholla Springs (it's not exactly 
hard to miss on the map, either). There is a cabin on the south end of the 
lake that you visit during the Irish mission, "A Frenchman, a Welshman, and an 
Irishman". During the game's epilogue, this cabin is owned by Edgar Ross and 
his wife (although I'm not sure if it was theirs back when it was overrun by 

Riley's Charge

 Location: Cholla Springs, west of Lake Don Julio

Riley's Charge is a campsite that was seemingly abandoned overnight, due to 
the signs of commotion and the generally messy environment. There's no signs 
of life aside from the animals that now inhabit the area. The campsite can be 
accessed by taking the road that stretches above Lake Don Julio and following 
it west. There's a chest inside the destroyed log cabin.

Rio del Lobo

 Location: Cholla Springs, south of Lake Don Julio

To reach Rio del Lobo, start off at Lake Don Julio and continue south through 
the rocky terrain. The area is actually a large canyon that is right on the 
coast of the San Luis River, which separates the United States and Mexico. 
There is a small shack in the canyon that can be faintly made out on the map 
if you zoom in all the way, and inside this shack is a treasure chest. Also, 
you are asked to capture a bounty here in bounty hunter missions.

Two Crows

 Location: Cholla Springs, south of Armadillo

If you follow the southern road out of Armadillo, you will reach Two Crows. 
There aren't many distinguishable landmarks in Two Crows aside from a hill 
with a building foundation at the top (with a chest inside). Despite the fact 
that Two Crows is a small area without any big landmarks, it's hard to miss 
since you pass it when riding along the road south of Armadillo.

Pleasance House

 Location: Cholla Springs, northwest of Armadillo

The Pleasance House is a tiny old house seemingly in the middle of nowhere. 
Marston and Marshal head out to the house to fight bandits in "Political 
Realities in Armadillo". You also have to head out to this location in 
the "Water and Honesty" Stranger mission. Depending on the outcome of that 
mission, you may be able to use Pleasance House as a safehouse (though it 
doesn't count towards 100% completion).

Rattlesnake Hollow

 Location: Cholla Springs, north of Pleasance House

Rattlesnake Hollow is a secluded area up in the northern mountains. It can be 
accessed by going north from Pleasance House or heading west from Twin Rocks. 
There isn't much to find here aside from a single-person campsite among the 
rocky outcroppings. You'll come up here during some bounty hunter missions. 
There are some cave openings in front of the camp, but there doesn't appear to 
be anything inside.

Odd Fellow's Rest

 Location: Cholla Springs, west of Armadillo

West of Armadillo, Odd Fellow's Rest is a dilapidated cemetery on the side of 
the road leading to Ridgewood Farm. The wooden fence around the perimeter of 
the cemetery has been partially destroyed. You must visit Odd Fellow's Rest in 
order to complete the Stranger mission, "Let No Man Put Asunder".

Jorge's Gap

 Location: Cholla Springs, southwest of Armadillo

Jorge's Gap is a very miniscule section on the map and can be hard to miss; 
the entire area is a narrow gorge that leads from Odd Fellow's Rest south 
towards Two Crows and Riley's Charge. You never have to go here during any 
type of mission and there's nothing important here.

Ridgewood Farm

 Location: Cholla Springs, west end of region

This is a small farm community with a large farmhouse, a barn, a stable, and a 
shed that you can rent out as a safehouse. Marston can participate in 
Horsebreaking jobs here when the time comes. A few missions take place here, 
so it's not an area you can miss out on.

Hamlin's Passing

 Location: Cholla Springs, north of Ridgewood Farm

There is absolutely nothing of interest in Hamlin's Passing, which is nothing 
but a wide, hilly area filled with cacti. The clearing is directly north of 
Ridgewood Farm and since there are no noticeable landmarks in the area, it can 
be difficult to trigger the discovery of the area (having the title appear 

Critchley's Ranch

 Location: Cholla Springs, southeast of Ridgewood Farm

Critchley's Ranch is another ranch in Cholla Springs; this ranch seems to be a 
bit bigger than Venter's Place, but is also made up of a barn and a house. The 
ranch is owned by an old couple who appear to primarily raise goats, since the 
place is littered with them. Still, there's nothing important here at 
Critchley's Ranch.

Mercer Station

 Location: Cholla Springs, south of Critchley's Ranch

Just like Critchley's Ranch, Mercer Station is southeast of Ridgewood Farm and 
both areas are accessible from the main road leading out of the farm. Mercer 
Station appears to be an ancient railroad station that is clearly no longer in 
use. Nevertheless, it's a popular hotspot for bandits and you discover this 
area during the mission, "Spare the Rod, Spoil the Bandit".

 Rio Bravo

- The southern region of New Austin, and the smallest. Rio Bravo is strictly
  the south end and borders Gaptooth Ridge and Cholla Springs. The environment
  is vastly different than the other regions, with lush grass and many trees.

Fort Mercer

 Location: Rio Bravo, east end of region

The main attraction here in Rio Bravo, Fort Mercer is an enemy stronghold 
owned by Bill Williamson and the destination for the first chapter of the 
game. Marston arrives here at the very beginning of the game and returns 
during the climax of the first chapter, "The Assault on Fort Mercer". Once 
that mission has been completed, Fort Mercer acts as a gang hideout.


 Location: Rio Bravo, south end of region

Plainview is a small settlement near the middle of Rio Bravo. Not a town per 
se, but a row of tents and some oil-drilling machinery on the side (Plainview 
is a drilling site). You can find Nigel West Dickens here on occasion during 
his mission chain, but otherwise there isn't much at Plainview. You can play a 
mini game and rent out property, but that's all there is to the place. 

Del Lobo Rock

 Location: Rio Bravo, south of Lake Don Julio

Even though on the map it's south/southwest of Lake Don Julio, the best way to 
access Del Lobo Rock is to follow the road that goes through Riley's Charge 
and continues south. The area is also right on the border of Rio Bravo and 
Cholla Springs, so it's difficult to determine which region it's actually 
located in. Once you go down the road, you should reach Del Lobo Rock. This is 
the site of Treasure Hunter Rank 3.

Repentance Rock

 Location: Rio Bravo, north of Plainview

Repentance Rock is a large rock formation centered by a tall spire. If you 
walk up to the biggest rock, you can sneak through a crevice and eventually 
scale the side of the rock. It's a tough climb, but at the very top is a 
chest. There's a strange assortment of objects at the south end of the area, 
but they have no use. A couple bounty hunter missions request that you clear 
out the area.

Benedict Pass

 Location: Rio Bravo, northwest of Repentance Rock

Another area of lesser importance. Benedict Pass is basically just an 
overpass. There's a railroad track that crosses over a road that leads south 
into Rio Bravo. There's nothing to do or see here, but one interesting tidbit 
is that Benedict Pass likely serves as the point where the borders between Rio 
Bravo, Cholla Springs, and Gaptooth Breach all meet, so it's hard to miss out 
on this area.

Benedict Point

 Location: Rio Bravo, west end of region

This is another area that's right on the border, so Benedict Point teeters 
between Rio Bravo and Gaptooth Breach. Benedict Point is similar to Plainview 
in that it's a "pseudo-town": has some of the characteristics of a town, but 
not all of them. Here, you can visit a telegraph office and ride a stagecoach 
taxi, but that's it. This area is a site for a couple missions in the game.

Frontera Bridge

 Location: Rio Bravo, south of Benedict Point

Frontera Bridge is one of the bridges that crosses from New Austin into Nuevo 
Paraiso. It's a railroad bridge that isn't finished until you gain access to 
the second province, but can still be accessed prior to the completion of the 
first chapter of the game. The Luisa mission, "Father Abraham" takes place 
here, but on the Nuevo Paraiso side.

 Gaptooth Ridge

- The western region of New Austin. It borders Cholla Springs and some of Rio
  Bravo. The environment is very similar to Cholla Springs, with very dry land
  and little plant life.


 Location: Gaptooth Ridge, east end of region

Tumbleweed is a very important area in New Austin and several events take 
place there during the first chapter of the game, including the rescue of 
Bonnie MacFarlane and Seth finding his "treasure". Tumbleweed was once a 
lively town situated on top of a plateau and has been abandoned ever since the 
construction of the railroad system. Now it acts as a popular hangout spot for 
bandits and lowlifes. Tumbleweed acts as a gang hideout and is the location of 
the treasure in Treasure Hunter Rank 4 (specifically, the mansion). 

Gaptooth Breach

 Location: Gaptooth Ridge, southwest of Tumbleweed

Gaptooth Breach is a mine shaft and the buildings surrounding it. The mining 
area may not seem special and the buildings don't offer much inside, but you 
can enter the mine shaft to discover a whole new portion of the area (there's 
a chest at the end of the shaft). Gaptooth Breach is a frequent spot for 
missions, and also acts as a gang hideout.

The Scratching Post

 Location: Gaptooth Ridge, south of Gaptooth Breach

The Scratching Post consists of a fenced-in home on the coast of the San Luis 
River, at the western end of Gaptooth Breach. There is nothing particularly 
important in this area, and the fact that it's so secluded from the rest of 
the region makes it easy to miss. Search the house to find a chest inside.

Solomon's Folly

 Location: Gaptooth Ridge, southeast of Gaptooth Breach

Another way to reach Solomon's Folly is to proceed south from Benedict Point, 
since this area is right on the border as well. All that remains in the area 
is the remains of an old farm; you can go inside the barn and what's left of 
the single house, but there's nothing to be found. Apparently, this area is a 
gang hideout in the PS3 version of Red Dead Redemption.

Rathskeller Fork

 Location: Gaptooth Ridge, north of Tumbleweed

Rathskeller Fork is Gaptooth Ridge's residential town, and you can find some 
essentials there, such as some mini games and a safehouse. The town is high up 
in the northern part of the region, tucked away in the mountains. It's not the 
biggest town in New Austin, but it's still an important area for a few 
missions throughout the game. The area does seem to be a popular racing site.

Silent Stead

 Location: Gaptooth Ridge, southwest of Rathskeller Fork

Silent Stead is nothing but a single house pressed up against the mountain 
chain that stretches across the northern end of the region (and most of the 
province). You can discover it by taking the road south from Rathskeller Fork 
and continuing southwest. This is a location for bounty hunter missions and 
you can also find the Treasure Hunter Scrap inside the hut.

Cueva Seca

 Location: Gaptooth Ridge, northwest of Tumbleweed

Cueva Seca is a campsite up along the northwest mountainside; it's northwest 
of Tumbleweed, but can easily be reached by following the southwest road from 
Rathskeller Fork. The camp is littered with crates and materials, and if you 
go further up into the cave, there are some supplies and a chest. You meet 
Nigel West Dickens here in "Can a Swindler Change His Spots?".

 Nuevo Paraiso                                                          [1002]

The following are regions in Nuevo Paraiso:

- Punta Orgullo
- Perdido
- Diez Coronas

 Punta Orgullo

- The western region of Nuevo Paraiso. It borders the western end of Nuevo
  Paraiso and ends right before Chuparosa. Punta Orgullo tends to be mostly
  desert, with dry and barren land.


 Location: Punta Orgullo, west end of region

Escalera is a vibrant city on the west end of Nuevo Paraiso, with large white 
buildings lining the side of a tall hill. Escalera is the largest city in all 
of Nuevo Paraiso, and it also serves as the home of Coronel Allende and 
Capitan De Santa. As one would expect, the majority of the De Santa missions 
originate in Escalera. There are other sights in the city, including various 
mini games and a wide range of shops.


 Location: Punta Orgullo, northwest of Escalera

This area is situated right on the western coast of Mexico, mainly because 
Nosalida is a port town. There are a number of houses right on the waterside, 
several piers, and even some ships docked out as well. However, there are no 
friendlies here, because this area is one of the many gang hideouts featured 
in Red Dead Redemption.

Crooked Toes

 Location: Punta Orgullo, northeast of Escalera

Crooked Toes likely gets its name from the strange rock formation in the 
center of the area. This area is in the middle of a desert east/northeast of 
Escalera (you can get there by following the eastern road out of the city). At 
the base of the tallest rock formation is an alcove containing a chest, and 
you can also climb up the side of the rock to find the treasure needed for the 
Treasure Hunter Rank 6.

Puerto Cuchillo

 Location: Punta Orgullo, north of Crooked Toes

This small area is basically right next to Crooked Toes. Puerto Cuchillo is 
Irish's shack that he gives to Marston at the start of the second chapter. You 
must go here after first entering Nuevo Paraiso, and it acts as a safehouse 
for the rest of the game.

Sidewinder Gulch

 Location: Punta Orgullo, southeast of Escalera

This is one of those areas that's pretty hard to miss on the map: it's a 
giant, snaking canyon that can easily confuse and disorient travelers trying 
to maneuver through. You can either cut through via the main road or explore 
the inner workings of the canyon. Deep inside is an abandoned camp containing 
the Bandito Scrap. You also start the "Aztec Gold" Stranger mission here.

Plata Grande

 Location: Punta Orgullo, east of Sidewinder Gulch

Go up the hill east of Sidewinder Gulch and you'll find a small side road 
leading up to a mine shaft. This is Plata Grande. The area is barely featured 
in the game aside from a bounty hunter mission taking place here. If you 
search through the mine shaft, you can find a chest deep inside.

Tesoro Azul

 Location: Punta Orgullo, northeast of Sidewinder Gulch

If you follow the road and pass by Plata Grande, you'll come to Tesoro Azul: a 
small town sealed in by a thick stone wall. You first visit the town in "The 
Demon Drink", and afterwards the area becomes a gang hideout. One neat thing 
about Tesoro Azul is that there is an abundance of chests; you can find a good 
five or so chests by going through all of the houses.


- The central region of Nuevo Paraiso. Chuparosa acts as the western border
  and it stretches to Agave Viejo. Perdido has a wide range of environments,
  from mountainous areas to the south to more lush areas in the north.


 Location: Perdido, west end of region

Chuparosa is a town in the Perdido region of Nuevo Paraiso. It's smaller than 
Escalera, but very lively. There are a number of shops Marston can visit and a 
saloon that features a few mini games, as well as a safehouse. A number of 
missions take place here, including the entire Landon Ricketts mission chain.

Rio del Toro

 Location: Perdido, north of Chuparosa

Similar to Rio del Lobo, Rio del Toro is simply a section of the San Luis 
River, and not an entirely different river. The area itself is just north of 
Chuparosa and features no real body of water aside from the San Luis River 
north of it. You complete Treasure Hunter Rank 4 here.

Ramita de la Baya

 Location: Perdido, northeast of Chuparosa

Ramita de la Baya is the bridge and/or the island that is between New Austin 
and Nuevo Paraiso. It's arguably the main entryway from the United States into 
Mexico. You are able to discover the area when crossing the bridge and the 
island to enter either province, and "The Mexican Wagon Train" takes place 
here at Ramita de la Baya.

Ojo del Diablo

 Location: Perdido, south of Chuparosa

Ojo del Diablo is a massive landmark and one of the key landmarks of Nuevo 
Paraiso: it's a tall, long stone archway that hangs above a dirt trail, and 
the space between the ground and the arch forms an oval (a reference to the 
name, which means "eye of the Devil" in Spanish). You can find the treasure 
needed for Treasure Hunter Rank 7 at Ojo del Diablo, and Khan the legendary 
jaguar lives here as well.


 Location: Perdido, southeast of Chuparosa

Barranca is the remains of a building situated up on a plateau. It can be 
reached via a side road and is found east/southeast of Chuparosa (it's right 
between Chuparosa and Ojo del Diablo in terms of north/south direction). You 
can go inside the house to find a chest. In addition, a bounty hunter mission 
takes place here.

Campo Mirada

 Location: Perdido, southeast of Ojo del Diablo

Campo Mirada is a small encampment, highlighted by the home of Luisa Fortuna. 
It is at the southern end of Perdido, southeast of Ojo del Diablo and almost 
directly south of Barranca. Since Luisa lives here, you can expect most of the 
missions in her mission chain to originate here.

Las Hermanas

 Location: Perdido, east end of region

Las Hermanas seems large enough to be another town, but there really isn't 
anything to do there. It's a bordered-in town that is populated mainly by nuns 
and a few other folk, and while it doesn't offer any shops or safehouses, 
there is a stagecoach taxi and a telegraph office here for you to use. It's 
hard to miss and along the main road that goes east through Perdido; plus, Las 
Hermanas is a destination for a couple in-game missions.

Agave Viejo

 Location: Perdido, north of Las Hermanas

This is another "pseudo-town", but Agave Viejo in particular doesn't offer 
many commodities. The setting is a beautiful town deep in the mountainside, 
but there are no characteristics you would find in a regular town/city. Agave 
Viejo does serve as the hideout point for Abraham Reyes, so you need to visit 
here in order to complete some of his missions.


 Location: Perdido, east of Las Hermanas

Sepulcro is a cemetery just down the road from Las Hermanas. It doesn't seem 
to be supervised anymore, since the majority of the area is overgrown with 
weeds and other plants and most of the structures have decomposed. The Luisa 
mission, "Captain De Santa's Downfall" takes place in Sepulcro. You can also 
find the Reyes' Rebels Scrap here.

Hendidura Grande

 Location: Perdido, south of Las Hermanas

There are a few minor and isolated areas in the south end of Perdido that can 
be hard to find and have little importance. Hendidura Grande has no visible or 
important features other than being a large cliff. It's almost directly south 
of Las Hermanas; the road west of the cliff takes you to the top, where you 
can find a campsite and a chest, and the east road cuts through the mountains.

Laguna Borrego

 Location: Perdido, south of Sepulcro

The name of this area is a bit misleading, since there isn't a lake or even a 
lagoon anywhere near there. Laguna Borrego is an abandoned campsite near the 
southern end of Perdido (it's east of Hendidura Grande and very close by). The 
camp is surrounded by tall trees and you can find a chest inside the tent.

Rancho Polvo

 Location: Perdido, east of Laguna Borrego

Just like how Laguna Borrego is right next to Hendidura Grande, Rancho Polvo 
is right next to Laguna Borrego (follow the road east). Rancho Polvo is an 
area on top of a tall hill, with a ruined house at the very top. Just like 
most abandoned or destroyed buildings, a chest resides inside.

Primera Quebrada

 Location: Perdido, south of Rancho Polvo

The last of the discrete, unimportant areas, Primera Quebrada is just a few 
dozen paces south of the house at Rancho Polvo. Follow the same road to find 
another destroyed house, and as one would expect, you can find a chest inside. 
A portion of the "Aztec Gold" Stranger mission takes place at Primera Quebrada.

 Diez Coronas

- The eastern region of Nuevo Paraiso. Diez Coronas extends from Agave Viejo
  all the way to the eastern side of the province. While Punta Orgullo was
  more of a desert, Diez Coronas is all mountains. You can expect to ride past
  plenty of mountains, cliffs, and other gorgeous rock formations.

Casa Madrugada

 Location: Diez Coronas, center of region

Casa Madrugada is one of three towns in Diez Coronas, and is the biggest and 
most populated of the trio (though that's not saying much, since all three are 
nowhere near the size of Escalera or even Chuparosa). Casa Madrugada is 
actually a brothel, so all there is to find is a saloon and a large hotel. You 
can still purchase a safehouse here in the hotel and participate in minigames, 
but there still isn't much to offer.

El Presidio

 Location: Diez Coronas, north of Casa Madrugada

El Presidio resides on a large plateau north of Casa Madrugada. El Presidio is 
a fort/prison that's pretty important to the game's story, since a lot of very 
important events happen here (including some missions). Naturally, the place 
is crawling with Federales and it's not a good place to goof around in 
(although there are cannons mounted on the outer wall that you can use...)

Roca de Madera

 Location: Diez Coronas, northwest of Casa Madrugada

Roca de Madera is an odd-looking rock found at the top of a hill, on the way 
to El Presidio. It's actually one of the first areas you'll discover in Nuevo 
Paraiso, since you dock with Irish north of this area. This is also the 
location of Treasure Hunter Rank 8.

El Matadero

 Location: Diez Coronas, southeast of Casa Madrugada

El Matadero is another one of the towns in Diez Coronas and is just down the 
road from Casa Madrugada. It actually has less to offer than the 
aforementioned; only containing a safe house and one mini game. It's still a 
homely area that must be visited during some missions. There's even a 
slaughterhouse to explore!

Mesa de la Luna

 Location: Diez Coronas, southeast of Casa Madrugada

Pretty hard to miss; this is one of the mesas found in Diez Coronas. Mesa de 
la Luna is the mesa directly in between Casa Madrugada and El Matadero, so you 
can usually discover the area just by following the road (sometimes you have 
to ride directly up to it). This particular mesa is tall, thick, and flat at 
the top.

Alta Cabeza

 Location: Diez Coronas, south of Mesa de la Luna

Alta Cabeza is a rock formation just south of Mesa de la Luna and west of El 
Matadero. It's a tall, skinny rock spire with three points at the top. Just 
like the other mesas, there's nothing important about Alta Cabeza, nor can you 
climb to the top.

Mesa del Sol

 Location: Diez Coronas, northeast of Casa Madrugada

Mesa del Sol is the second mesa, and is northeast of Casa Madrugada and 
therefore not very far from Mesa de la Luna. This one isn't as wide as Mesa de 
la Luna, and there are two points at the top of it. Just like the previous two 
areas, there's nothin' to do here.


 Location: Diez Coronas, center of region

Probably the oddest location for a town, Torquemada is situated in the eastern 
mountains of Nuevo Paraiso. You must climb a tall mountain to reach it, and 
the village sits on the edge of a cliff. Torquemada is a very small town and 
there's virtually nothing to do there, but it's a neat place out in the middle 
of nowhere. You visit Torquemada in "Empty Promises".

 West Elizabeth                                                         [1003]

The following are regions in West Elizabeth:

- Tall Trees
- Great Plains

 Tall Trees

- The western region of West Elizabeth. As the name indicates, Tall Trees is
  made up primarily by forests, so it is a very unique region in Red Dead
  Redemption. Most of Tall Trees is made up by thick coniferous forests, and
  the northern end of the region is covered in a blanket of snow.

Pacific Union R.R. Camp

 Location: Tall Trees, south end of region

The Pacific Union Railroad Camp is a factory and construction ground for 
trains and other railroad-related materials. There's also a campsite nearby 
where railroad workers stroll around. It's a neat area to check out, plus it 
also acts as a pit stop (there's a stagecoach taxi and a telegraph office 
here). The Stranger mission "Lights, Camera, Action" ends here.

Montana Ford

 Location: Tall Trees, southwest of Pacific Union R.R. Camp

Montana Ford is a tricky area to discover, since it's actually the middle of 
the river that acts as a border between the south end of West Elizabeth and 
the north end of New Austin. A tiny portion of the river becomes shallow 
enough to cross once the West Elizabeth province becomes available to players. 
You must cross this shallow part of the river (west of Mason's Bridge and 
northeast of MacFarlane's Ranch) to discover the area. You go through Montana 
Ford during the mission, "The Outlaw's Return".

Bearclaw Camp

 Location: Tall Trees, north of Pacific Union R.R. Camp

Bearclaw Camp is a small camp - or at least the remains - that was populated 
by Native Americans. It is assumed that the folks over at the Pacific Union 
Railroad Camp are burning down the Native American settlements and Bearclaw 
Camp is one of the ones left, although all that's left are the remains of old 
log cabins. Despite the name, bears are not typically found in Bearclaw Camp 
(and they aren't even commonly found in the surrounding area).

Manzanita Post

 Location: Tall Trees, center of region

Manzanita Post is as close to a town as you're gonna get in Tall Trees. It's a 
trading post deep in the middle of the woods that actually has the essentials: 
a shop, a telegraph office, a stagecoach taxi, and a safehouse. It's a great 
pit stop for adventurers that find themselves eager to explore Tall Trees. In 
addition, the Harold MacDougal mission, "The Prodigal Son Returns (To Yale)" 
takes place in Manzanita Post.

Tanner's Reach

 Location: Tall Trees, west of Manzanita Post

Tanner's Reach is a small log cabin deep in the middle of the forest and 
serves as a decent barrier between the northern (snowy) and southern (clear) 
parts of Tall Trees. You can enter the house to find a chest sitting inside; 
plus, hiding out in the cabin is a wise choice if you are being attacked by 
dangerous animals. Other than that, Tanner's Reach isn't a very important area 
(although it is another bounty hunter location).

Aurora Basin

 Location: Tall Trees, northwest of Tanner's Reach

Like Tanner's Reach, Aurora Basin is nothing more than a log cabin in the 
middle of the woods. The log cabin here is right on the edge of a lake, and 
the US Army Scrap is hidden inside. You visit this area in a bounty hunter 
mission and also during the Master Hunter challenge, since Lobo the legendary 
wolf lives here in Aurora Basin.

Nekoti Rock

 Location: Tall Trees, northwest of Manzanita Post

Nekoti Rock is a giant mountain at the northern end of Tall Trees. It is 
northwest of Manzanita Post, but is accessed simply by following the road 
northeast of Aurora Basin. If you continue along the road, you can travel up 
the site of Nekoti Rock to the very top. At the top is a cave containing the 
treasure needed for Treasure Hunter Rank 10. The mission "Spare the Love, 
Spoil the Child" takes place in Nekoti Rock, and Brumas the legendary bear 
lives in this area.


 Location: Tall Trees, northwest of Nekoti Rock

This is probably the last area you are to visit, since you cannot access 
Cochinay until you're almost done with the game. Cochinay is Dutch Van Der 
Linde's hideout, and a few missions take place here. Even though it's 
northwest of Nekoti Rock on the map, the only way to reach Cochinay is by 
following the winding road east of Nekoti Rock and continue north through the 
mountainside. Cochinay would be a perfect gang hideout, but alas, it isn't.

 Great Plains

- The eastern region of West Elizabeth. The Great Plains is exactly what it
  sounds like: a vast plain that extends through most of the province. It's a
  much different environment than Tall Trees and offers a whole different
  experience than the aforementioned. 


 Location: Great Plains, east end of region

The most important area in Great Plains and all of West Elizabeth, Blackwater 
is a giant city (the biggest in all of Red Dead Redemption). It is much 
different than the towns and cities you have become accustomed to, since there 
is a strong modern vibe emanating from it: there are paved roads, elegant 
buildings, and even cars (though you cannot drive any).

The two mission chains in this province both originate in Blackwater, so that 
alone is a good enough reason to stay there. There's also plenty to do, 
including a number of mini games and a wide range of shops to putz around in. 
Blackwater is definitely a side of Red Dead Redemption that you have never 
seen before.

Beecher's Hope

 Location: Great Plains, west end of region

Beecher's Hope is a ranch out on the west side of Great Plains. It's not just 
any old ranch: it's John Marston's ranch and home! Beecher's Hope is abandoned 
during your initial visit to West Elizabeth, but once you complete the Edgar 
Ross and Harold MacDougal mission chains, your wife, son, and crazy "uncle" 
move back in. You will be able to complete missions for all three family 
members afterwards.

Broken Tree

 Location: Great Plains, east of Beecher's Hope

Proceed up the hill east of Beecher's Hope to find a lonesome tree whose trunk 
is split down the middle, resulting in a contorted and, well, broken tree. 
Around the tree is a weathered stone wall and a chest. You can complete the 
Treasure Hunter Rank 9 here.

Wreck of the Serendipity

 Location: Great Plains, southwest of Blackwater

The Serendipity was an old steamboat that is clearly no longer in use, so 
obviously the Wreck of the Serendipity needs no further explanation. This area 
is found at the southern end of Great Plains and can easily be accessed if one 
were to enter the province from Dixon's Crossing. The ship is half sunk, and 
you are able to board the ship and look around (there's a chest deep inside). 
You are brought out to the Wreck of the Serendipity in the "Bear One Another's 
Burdens" mission.


[11] CHALLENGES                                                         [1100]


There are four specific challenges in the game, each with ten ranks to 
achieve, that test various skillsets. All four challenges can be triggered 
very early in the game, and completing a rank unlocks the next one. There is 
no timetable for completion, and challenges can be completed at any time of 
the game (including the Epilogue). 

 Survivalist                                                            [1101]

Survivalist challenges are often considered the easiest out of the four 
categories, since it only involves scouring the wild for specific plants and 
herbs. When you get close enough to a plant, an icon will appear on your map. 
All plants grow in specific parts of the world, so you can either identify the 
habitats of each and search the surrounding land or purchase a Survivalist Map 
to have the exact locations drawn on your map for a short period of time.

Survivalist - Rank 1

 Objective: Collect 6 Wild Feverfew

This is the easiest rank you can achieve in this challenge, since Wild 
Feverfew are arguably the most common plant in Red Dead Redemption. They have 
and appearance of a circular patch of white flowers and are found throughout 
almost all of New Austin. They are most commonly found around Hennigan's Stead 
and Cholla Springs.

Survivalist - Rank 2

 Objective: Collect 6 Desert Sage

Desert Sage are bright purple flowers entangled in thick, puffy bushes. Desert 
Sage are particularly found around the Gaptooth Breach areas, but basically 
anywhere west of Ridgewood Farm is fair game. They can be easy to spot, since 
their purple flowers stand out against the dreary land of west New Austin. 
They are also scarcely found in Nuevo Paraiso, south of Casa Madrugada and 
near Torquemada.

Survivalist - Rank 3

 Objective: Collect 4 Red Sage

Red Sage are thin, faint red flowers found growing in Rio Bravo. They can be 
picked at or around Rio Bravo, but the best locations would be in the vicinity 
of Plainview and Fort Mercer. Again, Red Sage also stand out due to the stark 
contrast between their red flowers and the green plains of Rio Bravo.

Survivalist - Rank 4

 Objective: Collect 8 Prickly Pear

Prickly Pear are only found in Nuevo Paraiso, so you must wait until the 
second chapter to start this rank. Prickly Pear are large cacti with bright 
red-orange flowers sprouting on top, and are specifically found on the western 
end of the province, near Punta Orgullo.

Survivalist - Rank 5

 Objective: Collect 7 Woolly Blue Curls

Only found in Nuevo Paraiso, Woolly Blue Curls are blue-violet flowers on top 
of tall stalks. They are vibrant and can be hard to miss. They are commonly 
found anywhere near the middle portion of Nuevo Paraiso, near Perdido. I find 
that the best spots to find Woolly Blue Curls tend to be near the northern 
coast, so start near Rio Del Toro and follow the water's edge east to find a 
plethora of flowers.

By completing Rank 5, Survivalist Maps now last twice as long.

Survivalist - Rank 6

 Objective: Collect 8 Butterfly Weed

These plants are also only found in Nuevo Paraiso. Butterfly Weed are tall, 
slender plants with yellow flowers. They are very small and aren't as easy to 
spot as other herbs and flowers in the game, so this challenge is more 
difficult than the others. They are found to the east, so check Diez Coronas 
and around Casa Madrugada (some are also found farther west near Chuparosa). 

Survivalist - Rank 7

 Objective: Collect 10 Hummingbird Sage

Hummingbird Sage are found throughout most of Tall Trees in West Elizabeth. 
They are tall white stalks that look similar to Woolly Blue Curls and stand 
out very well in the environment. Collecting ten may seem like a steep asking 
price, but they are very abundant in Tall Trees.

Survivalist - Rank 8

 Objective: Collect 12 Prairie Poppy

Prairie Poppies can be found in the Great Plains region of West Elizabeth, but 
since the Great Plains is such a gigantic area and contains two different 
types of plants, they tend to only grow near the middle of the plains. Look 
for bright green clumps with golden-yellow flowers sticking out of the top. 
The plants are small and not that easy to spot, but try checking around Broken 
Tree to find a lot of 'em.

Survivalist - Rank 9

 Objective: Collect 15 Golden Currant

Golden Currants can be found in the Great Plains region of West Elizabeth, but 
since the Great Plains is such a gigantic area and contains two different 
types of plants, they tend to only be found at the outer edges of the plains. 
Golden Currants are tall green bushes that are incredibly noticeable, since 
there isn't much plant life in the Great Plains.

Survivalist - Rank 10

 Objective: Collect 10 Violet Snowdrop, then collect 2 more of every other
            herb available

Violet Snowdrops are difficult to spot onscreen, but are found bunched 
together in a very tight area. These tiny purple flowers only grow in the 
northern end of Tall Trees, so you should be in good territory once you see 
large amounts of snow on the ground.

As for the remainder of the challenge, you must collect two of every other 
plant or herb available. You should have no trouble locating each one, but it 
certainly is a time consumer. Just for reference, here are the following 
plants you must collect in addition to Violet Snowdrops:

- Wild Feverfew (Cholla Springs/Hennigan's Stead)
- Desert Sage (Gaptooth Ridge)
- Red Sage (Rio Bravo)
- Prickly Pear (Punta Orgullo)
- Woolly Blue Curls (Perdido)
- Butterfly Weed (Diez Coronas)
- Hummingbird Sage (Tall Trees)
- Prairie Poppy (Great Plains, center region)
- Golden Currant (Great Plains, outer region)

By completing Rank 10, Marston will be able to create Tonic, which is used to 
restore your Dead Eye. Every time you collect a plant, you'll also obtain one 

 Master Hunter                                                          [1102]

Master Hunter challenges are meant to showcase your impeccable hunting 
abilities. Early rankings tend to be trivial, but this challenge will really 
test your ability to survive in the wilderness when facing hostile wildlife. 
To begin the challenge, kill and skin a coyote. 

Master Hunter - Rank 1

 Objective: Kill and skin 5 coyotes

Coyotes are small brown mammals that look almost like a miniature wolf. They 
are pesky creatures that travel in packs, but generally are harmless and will 
usually flee if confronted by Marston. Note that big enough groups can attack 
Marston if he is on foot. Coyotes are nocturnal and therefore are mainly found 
at night, though you can occasionally encounter them during the daytime. I 
find that the best way to identify a coyote is by their signature, high- 
pitched yelp. 

Coyotes are found in most areas of New Austin and Nuevo Paraiso, though the in-
game map shows that they are primarily found around MacFarlane's Ranch and 
Hennigan's Stead. Coyotes run away once you fire a gun, so entering Dead Eye 
and targeting a pack at once is a great way to wrap this rank up quickly.

Master Hunter - Rank 2

 Objective: Kill and skin 5 deer

Deer are some of the most common animals found in the game and are found in 
all three provinces, though most prominently featured in New Austin and West 
Elizabeth. Deer can be found either alone or in groups and are not hostile 
towards Marston. One important note is that the game classifies the males and 
females differently: females are "Deer" and males are "Bucks", so for this 
rank, make sure to target the females (the ones that do not have antlers).

Master Hunter - Rank 3

 Objective: Kill 5 wolves with your melee knife and skin 5 wolves

This is a tough rank that occurs surprisingly early on. Wolves are one of the 
most dangerous animals in Red Dead Redemption and can be found in all three 
provinces and are typically found at night. Wolves are found in groups ranging 
from 4-10 and can easily be identified by their loud howl and snarling when up 
close. The best places to find wolves would be the west end of New Austin.

Fighting wolves is difficult enough, but the only way to complete this rank is 
by killing five wolves with your knife. Tackling a pack of wolves with nothing 
but a knife is suicide; one way to even things up is to kill most of the 
wolves in a pack with a gun. Wolves aren't scared by gunfire but will run if 
their peers are killed. When one or two are left, run after it with your knife 
and start attacking it.

An easier way to complete this rank is to get on a horse and hunt for wolves. 
When you find some, stay on your horse and let the wolves attack. With the 
animals surrounding you, draw your knife and attack from the comfort of your 
horse. The wolves cannot attack you, but can wound your horse if you stand 
still - you may want to use a substitute horse here so that having it killed 
doesn't affect you that much.

Master Hunter - Rank 4

 Objective: Skin 5 boars and 3 armadillos

Boars are pretty rare in the world of Red Dead Redemption, though you'll know 
one when you see one. Wild boars are large, brown hairy pigs with long tusks. 
Listen for their distinct squeals to see if any are nearby. Boars will attack 
if threatened, so be aware and use a powerful enough gun to take one down. 
They aren't found in many locations, though Stillwater Creek and the area of 
Hennigan's Stead north of MacFarlane's Ranch are the best hunting grounds 
(also found in Tall Trees). Boars are really only be found at night, too.

You shouldn't have as much trouble finding armadillos. While they aren't 
prevalent in New Austin, you can find them all over the place all throughout 
Nuevo Paraiso. You might want to wait until the second chapter so you can 
access Mexico and have an easier time hunting armadillos down South.

Master Hunter - Rank 5

 Objective: Kill 2 cougars with your melee knife and skin 2 cougars

This is certainly in the upper echelon of challenges in terms of difficulty: 
you must kill two cougars - what could be considered the most dangerous animal 
in the game - with only your knife. Cougars are stealthy, silent, and 
abnormally fast. They can also kill you in two hits, so doing this rank on 
foot is not the best idea.

The trick is to kill the cougars while riding on horseback. Unlike shanking 
wolves, shooting a cougar and chasing it down while it runs away doesn't 
really work for two reasons: first, cougars are pretty weak and even a shot 
with a bad gun can risk killing it. Also, you won't be able to chase down a 
cougar on foot.

What you want to do is stay on a horse and go searching for cougars. When you 
find one (it's much easier if you find one before it finds you, or else it may 
kill your horse), try and slowly trot towards the beast and slash down at it 
with your knife. Finding the right speed is tough, because going too slow puts 
you in danger of getting slashed, but go too fast and you'll miss your target. 

Usually after the first hit, the cougar starts running away, so start pursuing 
it on horseback and deliver a second strike to slay it. Even hitting a cougar 
the first time is challenging, since they often circle their prey before they 
go in for the kill. Always face the cougar and wait for it to stop, then move 
in and attack. Like most wild animals, killing one strangely makes a lot more 
appear, so you'll want to be careful.

Cougars are commonly found near Plainview, but are also occasionally found in 
Mexico near Ojo del Diablo. North of MacFarlane's Ranch is a nice spot. I 
don't always find cougars in West Elizabeth, but when I do, it's in the 
northern end of Great Plains .

By completing Rank 5, the Buffalo Rifle becomes available for purchase.

Master Hunter - Rank 6

 Objective: Skin 5 raccoons, 5 skunks, and 5 foxes

The challenge doesn't seem that bad on paper, but all three of these animals 
are uncommon and can be hard to find in large numbers. All three of these 
animals are found at the same time of day: either at night or early in the 

Raccoons are found in many different locations, but they only come out at 
night. Basically anywhere in West Elizabeth, though the southern end of Tall 
Trees and the north end of Great Plains are good spots. They are also found 
north of MacFarlane's Ranch in the popular boar territory. They can be found 
in Nuevo Paraiso, though their numbers are very scarce.

Skunks are a lot more difficult to find and don't stand out as much as 
raccoons. Raccoons often squeal and squeak a lot, which helps you be aware of 
their presence, but skunks are much smaller and don't make much noise. They 
are found in many of the same spots as raccoons, though they're more common in 
Mexico than raccoons (good spots are the far east end of Diez Coronas, near 
Torquemada, and the area surrounding Roca de Madera).

Strangely, a surprisingly good raccoon and skunk location is at Armadillo 
(though I tend to find significantly more of the former than the latter). 
Search the grass at the south end of Armadillo, near the stagecoach. You can 
find plenty of raccoons here at night, and sometimes even roaming down alleys 
through town. Another good location for skunks is south of MacFarlane's Ranch 
and in the vicinity of Hennigan's Stead. I didn't find many at night, though 
by dawn they all came out of hiding.

The best places to find foxes are in West Elizabeth, anywhere in or around 
Tall Trees. Foxes are both gray and a brownish-red; one could easily mistake 
them for coyotes, but keep in mind that coyotes are not found in West 
Elizabeth. Foxes also make the same noise as coyotes, so if you hear what 
appears to be a coyote anywhere in that province, it's a fox. They are found 
during the morning and during the day in West Elizabeth.

If you're still having trouble finding foxes, check north of MacFarlane's 
Ranch in the same area you probably went for in search of boars. Some specific 
areas in Cholla Springs also house foxes, such as Odd Fellow's Rest, 
Critchley's Ranch, and anywhere between the two. Foxes don't tend to come out 
at night, but they can be seen all over the place during mornings.

Master Hunter - Rank 7

 Objective: Skin 5 elk and 5 bighorn sheep

The two animals of focus here aren't as tough to find as the ones in the last 
challenge, so you should be able to breeze through this one with relatively 
little trouble. Elk are not hard to find at all, because they are found in all 
parts of Tall Trees. Bearclaw Camp is a good spot to search for elk, as well 
as up north near Aurora Basin. Plus, they are very big and sport gigantic 
antlers, so it's easy to spot one from a distance.

Bighorn sheep are a bit more secluded; they live in the mountainside northwest 
of Twin Rocks and the southern end of Nuevo Paraiso. Even though they are 
marked in several locations on your map, actually finding bighorns still isn't 
very easy. I think the best hunting spot for bighorn is the southern end of 
Tall Trees, near Bearclaw Camp.

Master Hunter - Rank 8

 Objective: Kill a bear with your melee knife and collect a bear pelt

This may come as a surprise, but killing a grizzly bear with your melee knife 
really isn't as bad as it sounds. Well, to be more specific, you may have a 
tough time here, but for reasons that you wouldn't expect. Ride a horse 
through Tall Trees until you find a bear.

The key here is to weaken the bear enough so that it starts running away. Once 
it's running away, it will not attack you and you can chase after it with your 
knife. Sounds suicidal, but the bear will not attack as long as it's hanging 
on by a thread. Make sure that no other dangerous animals (boars, wolves, 
especially other grizzlies) are around during the chase.

The hard part is weakening it enough so that the bear runs away, but not 
killing it with your guns. This is definitely tricky, since they can take a 
lot of punishment and don't flee very often. Use a weaker weapon (even a 
pistol works) and shoot the bear on the torso. If the bear starts to run, 
follow on your horse and attack from up on your mount. 

Master Hunter - Rank 9

 Objective: Search Ojo del Diablo for "Khan", the legendary jaguar and collect
            his pelt

Khan is first on our list of legendary animals. There's only a select number 
of legendary animals in the game, and they are found in specific areas and 
usually only come out once you've spent a significant amount of time there. 
Legendary animals are stronger, faster, and more durable than their 
counterparts, so bring a lot of ammo and items that'll refill both your health 
and Dead Eye.

Khan, the legendary jaguar, is modeled after a cougar. He has the same 
mannerisms as a cougar, so listen for the familiar cougar growl sound byte when 
roaming around Ojo del Diablo. However, he is yellow, with brown spots, just 
like a regular jaguar.

I'm not sure if Khan only appears during a specific time, but every time I 
located him was sometime during the day or evening. Also, I have only 
encountered Khan on the western end of Ojo del Diablo, so try walking up onto 
the rocks or the high ledges. If you are having trouble finding him, try 
walking on foot and hunting any animals present to help bait him to your 

Once you find Khan, he'll appear on the radar as a red circle and some text 
appears onscreen to notify you of his presence. If a horse is nearby, I 
suggest mounting him to avoid directly taking damage; Khan can kill Marston in 
two hits. Make sure to locate him onscreen once he appears and deliver a shot 
to the head with a powerful gun, such as the Bolt Action Rifle. Finally, skin 
Khan to complete the challenge.

- Author's Note
  Legendary animals only appear once you reach the specified ranking, so Khan
  will not appear until you have reached Rank 9.

Master Hunter - Rank 10

 Objective: Search Aurora Basin, Stillwater Creek, and Nekoti Rock for "Lobo"
            the legendary wolf, "Gordo" the legendary boar, and "Brumas" the
            legendary bear and collect their pelts

The Master Hunter challenge is wrapped up by killing and skinning three more 
legendary animals. It doesn't matter which one you go after first, but make 
sure to stock up on plenty of ammo and necessary items.

Lobo is similar in appearance to other wolves, but has a pitch black coat and 
glowing eyes. Head up to the northwest corner of Tall Trees to reach Aurora 
Basin. Lobo and the other legendary animals seem to be much easier to track 
down than Khan; he should automatically show up the second you enter Aurora 
Basin and may or may not be accompanied by a posse of wolves.

Gordo doesn't have any distinguishing physical marks, but he's likely the only 
boar you'll find when riding around Stillwater Creek. Personally, he was 
always the easiest of the legendary animals to find - as soon as I take a 
stagecoach ride to Thieves' Landing, I would take a couple steps outside of 
town and he would appear. Stay on foot and wander around the marshes. There 
usually aren't any animals that you can kill and attract Gordo with, so wander 
around the area and he should eventually appear.

Brumas tends to be a bit larger than regular bears and has a golden-brown coat 
color. He usually appears right when you reach the base of Nekoti Rock; 
sometimes you may have to climb the mountain to trigger his appearance. He's a 
bit tougher to take down than the already-powerful grizzly bears that populate 
the area, so use your strongest weapon and target his face using Dead Eye.

By completing Rank 10, Marston will be able to create Vittles, which are used 
to restore your health. Every time you skin an animals (obtaining bird 
feathers does not count), you'll also obtain one Vittle.

- Author's Note
  Legendary animals only appear once you reach the specified ranking, so Lobo,
  Gordo, and Brumas will not appear until you have reached Rank 10.

 Sharpshooter                                                           [1103]

Sharpshooter challenges focus on your ability to wield a gun and how accurate 
and fast you can make pinpoint shots. This involves shooting targets, killing 
animals, or similar activities. Some of the later ranks are very difficult and 
may be easier to complete late in the game.

Sharpshooter - Rank 1

 Objective: Kill any 5 flying birds

Simple enough, since killing any five birds mid-flight will complete this 
challenge. You do not have to use Dead Eye here. Birds are found flying 
everywhere you look, and looking at a target as you aim usually causes Marston 
to automatically place the reticule right on the target, making for an easier 

Sharpshooter - Rank 2

 Objective: Kill 5 rabbits

Note that you only have to kill five rabbits, so skinning them afterwards is 
not a requirement. Using powerful weapons such as a Repeater or Shotgun on 
small animals cause them to explode, rendering the option of skinning them 
impossible. Rabbits can be hard to spot due to their speed and small frame, so 
keep an eye out for rustling in tall grass and hopping.

Rabbits are found in all three provinces, but the best place to hunt for them 
is near Plainview in Rio Bravo or the fields throughout MacFarlane's Ranch and 
Hennigan's Stead. 

Sharpshooter - Rank 3

 Objective: Kill 5 coyotes before any coyote damages you

Coyotes can be found in both New Austin and Nuevo Paraiso; the best times to 
hunt them is at night. These animals travel in packs and aren't very hostile, 
so you shouldn't have many problems with being attacked by one if spotted. 
Coyotes run away once you fire a gun, so you can simply startle a pack of 
coyotes and take them all down with Dead Eye without a scratch on you.

Sharpshooter - Rank 4

 Objective: Kill 5 birds from a moving train

The hardest part about this challenge is simply finding a train, but after 
that it's smooth sailing. Either board a train when at a stop or jump on a 
moving one. From there, you are best off climbing on top of the train and 
crouching to avoid accidentally walking off. All you need to do is equip a 
long-range gun and look in the sky for birds. Not very difficult.

Sharpshooter - Rank 5

 Objective: Kill 2 different wild animals in a single Dead Eye

On paper, finding two different types of wild animals on the same screen can 
be a real hassle, but it can be easy if you implement several different 
strategies. First off, keep in mind that domesticated animals do not count 
(such as dogs, cows, and tamed horses), so you cannot simply kill an animal 
and your horse in one Dead Eye. Wild horses do count, though!

The best way to do this is to find a wild animal, then look up in the sky for 
a bird. You can either find a slow-moving animal such as a rattlesnake (listen 
for its signature rattling noise) and then scope the area for any other type 
of wild animal. There are always occasion where you can find animals 
interacting together, such as deer and coyotes or rabbits and birds.

If you want a surefire way to complete this challenge, complete a gang 
hideout: doing so always makes a group of vultures appear overhead. Back up 
from the hideout and look around for any wild animal. Once you have found one, 
enter Dead Eye and mark both the animal and one of the vultures. Voila.

By completing Rank 5, you receive more ammo when opening chests in safehouses.

Sharpshooter - Rank 6

 Objective: Shoot the hats off of 2 different people's heads

You must shoot the hat off someone's head twice (two different people total) 
for this Sharpshooter challenge. This can be a difficult trick to master, so 
you may want to equip the Bandana while doing so to avoid losing excessive 
amounts of Honor. Also, this is best practiced on civilians, since trying to 
strategically shoot someone's hat off while they are attacking you is a death 

The best people to target for this mission are civilians in Nuevo Paraiso and 
Blackwater. Civilians in Mexico wear sombreros with wide rims, and Blackwater 
folk have very tall top hats; aim for the tip of the hat to knock it off. For 
any other hatted person, it isn't recommended that you shoot the top of the 
hat, since you'll likely just hit their head instead. For people donned in 
sombreros, enter Dead Eye and aim for the rim.

There are two simple ways to complete this Sharpshooter challenge. The first 
is to wait until you get a Sniper Rifle (which is late in the Nuevo Paraiso 
chapter), or you can hogtie a civilian and shoot the hat off while they're 
bound and unable to move.

Sharpshooter - Rank 7

 Objective: Kill 3 bears each with 1 shot

Grizzly bears can take a beating, so trying to kill one with a single bullet 
can be a difficult task. Two main rules you need to apply are to select the 
proper weapon and hit a specific target. The best place to take down a grizzly 
is right between the eyes, but even this often won't be enough unless you are 
up close (which is obviously dangerous in its own right).

Several techniques work for obtaining this rank. The Buffalo Rifle is a very 
powerful gun that can be used from a distance (unlocked after completing Rank 
5 of the Master Hunter challenge). Another more dangerous (more like near 
suicidal) option would be to equip a shotgun and run straight up to the bear 
before shooting it point-blank in the face.

Frankly, I found that the best and easiest technique is to stick with a sniper 
rifle. When you spot a bear, use a Rolling Block and enter Dead Eye, then 
position the shot right between the bear's eyes. It should work near 
flawlessly every time. Grizzly bears tend to continuously appear after killing 
one, so shooting the first one will likely open the floodgates, so be prepared.

Sharpshooter - Rank 8

 Objective: Shoot the hats off of 2 people's heads and disarm 2 people

This challenge shouldn't be that difficult, since half of it was a challenge 
we already completed earlier. Use the same strategies as before when trying to 
shoot the hat off a person's head. Disarming people is generally the same 
strategy, but this time aim for the gun they're holding. Enter Dead Eye and 
use a weak, non-impact weapon such as the Cattleman's Revolver to target the 
gun. You must hit the gun, not the person's hand: if you see any blood, it 
often doesn't count.

It may sound silly, but a great way to knock both these portions off is to go 
to Blackwater. You can start by shooting off hats; if you accidentally miss 
and kill someone, then confront the police and start disarming people. The 
police in Blackwater start off with pistols, which are hard to disarm, but you 
can still try. If you miss and shoot their hand instead, they will use a 
shotgun against you. Shotguns and rifles are huge guns, and therefore are much 
easier to hit with you gun. 

The end result will either cost you money, Honor, or your life, but at least 
you'll be able to finish the challenge in one go (hopefully). Other 
alternatives would be to visit a gang hideout, which may be better suited for 
honorable players.

Sharpshooter - Rank 9

 Objective: Kill any 6 wild animals without reloading or changing weapons

In order to complete Rank 9, you must kill six wild animals without reloading. 
It doesn't have to necessarily be in a single Dead Eye nor does it have to be 
six of the same animal type. As long as you do not reload your weapon between 
kills, you should be fine. Pick a weapon that has a large ammo capacity, such 
as the Henry Repeater (the Evans Repeater has a clip size of 22, so that's a 
safe route if you already purchased it).

Basically enter any populated area and go to town. Weaker animals that can be 
taken down in one shot certainly helps conserve ammo, so target birds, 
rabbits, foxes, coyotes, or other various small critters. Birds tend to be 
your best shot here (no pun intended), since they are abundant and can be 
taken down with a single shot. Complete a gang hideout to automatically make a 
group of vultures appear - easy pickings!

One small (but very important) tip: when Marston automatically holsters his 
gun, that counts as a reload. If you are walking around in the middle of your 
killing spree, do not let Marston holster the gun/put the rifle on his back. 
To be safe, hold down the Left Trigger and aim throughout the entire duration 
of your killing spree.

Sharpshooter - Rank 10

 Objective: Disarm any 6 enemies without reloading or changing weapons

Disarming an enemy can be tricky in its own right, but similar to the last 
challenge, you must disarm six enemies without reloading or switching out 
weapons. To avoid Marston holstering your weapon and messing up your spree, 
stay aiming at all times if possible. You'll want to stick with a low-impact 
weapon for disarming, so stick with a pistol or revolver.

If available, use the Mauser Pistol (has a clip size of 15) to make things 
easier on yourself. You are allowed to use Dead Eye here, which is a huge
life-saver: technically, entering Dead Eye reloads your weapon, but it does
NOT negatively affect this challenge in any way. I literally walked around a
town and used Dead Eye on every armed civilian I saw and successfully beat the

You have many different options for finding yourself near six or more armed 
enemies. One obvious choice would be to visit a gang hideout, where there are 
plenty of bandits you can disarm. Another would be to go into town and pester 
the local law enforcement. Even go to Thieves' Landing, where there is no 
shortage of thugs with guns.

One option would be to go to a saloon and take cover behind the bar. With your 
Mauser Pistol (or any other suitable alternative), aim your gun at anyone 
inside and the entire saloon will turn and draw their weapons. From here, you 
can disarm your opponents, one by one. If super-skilled, paint six targets and 
take 'em all out in one go. Even if you run out of opportunities in the 
saloon, your behaviors will likely draw the attention of law officials.

Personally, I strolled around in Thieves' Landing and picked a fight with 
anyone I saw. After pointing my weapon at any random civilian, they took out 
their weapon and were promptly disarmed with Dead Eye. Rinse and repeat. Like 
I said, using Dead Eye six times in a row will not hinder your progress even 
though it seemingly reloads your weapon.

By completing Rank 10, your Dead Eye meter fills up faster after killing 

 Treasure Hunter                                                        [1104]

Treasure Hunter challenges are fun and a bit more exciting than the other 
challenges. For each rank, you are given a treasure map displaying a picture 
of a scene or landmark, and you must figure out the location and find the 
hidden treasure.

Treasure Hunter - Rank 1

 Objective: Find the first treasure map

This is a random event, where a treasure hunter is being attacked by a group 
of bandits. Either kill the bandits and be rewarded with the map, or kill the 
treasure hunter (and the bandits) and loot his corpse for the map. Again, this 
is a random event, so there is no guarantee when or where you will stumble 
across such an event.

Treasure Hunter - Rank 2

 Objective: View the map and try to locate the treasure

View the Treasure Map in your Kit to give a somewhat vague representation of 
the treasure location. From the map, all you can get out of it is a large pile 
of rocks and a twisting tree. If you look close, you can make out a noose 
hanging from the tree. That should be a dead giveaway, no pun intended.

Ride over to the Hanging Rock. From the southern road, walk counter-clockwise 
around the landmark until you are near the north, northeast end. Walk to the 
back of the eastern boulder and squeeze through the narrow passage to find 
Rhode's Gold in a small alcove, covered up by tiny beige stones.

Treasure Hunter - Rank 3

 Objective: View the map and try to locate the treasure

The map kinda helps you out here, since the name of the area is written right 
on the map: Rio del Lobo. More specifically, Del Lobo Rock. Del Lobo Rock is 
along the border between US and Mexico, southeast of Fort Mercer. To reach the 
area, proceed to Riley's Charge (west of Lake Don Julio) and follow the long 
road the stretches southeast.

Once at Del Lobo Rock, you'll find the remains of a campsite, just as the map 
indicates. From the camp, walk south towards the edge of the cliff and 
position yourself along the edge. Here, there should be a steep ledge that you 
can carefully slide down. Follow the zigzagging path as it eventually takes 
you to the treasure (Jackson's Gold) about halfway down the side of the cliff 
wall. Don't go too far, or else you'll fall to the bottom and end up down on 
the ground near Ramita de la Baya (the US side).

Treasure Hunter - Rank 4

 Objective: View the map and try to locate the treasure

This one should be painfully easy, since the map depicts a run-down building 
and a cellar door. It's the Tumbleweed mansion! First, make sure there are no 
gang members around the area, then proceed towards the mansion and go down 
into the basement. You'll find a pile of rocks against the far wall, so 
inspect them to obtain Calhoun's Gold.

Treasure Hunter - Rank 5

 Objective: View the map and try to locate the treasure

Another dead giveaway; the map shows a picture of a tree and a stone wall 
right on the edge of Rio del Toro. From Frontera Bridge, follow the main road 
east until a dirt road branches off to follow the coast. Take this road and 
travel along the side of the river, looking for a dead tree. You should find 
one not too far (almost exactly north of Chuparosa); get off of your horse and 
search behind the weathered stone wall on the left (north) side of the road to 
find Tubman's Gold.

By completing Rank 5, stagecoach taxi rides are now free of charge.

Treasure Hunter - Rank 6

 Objective: View the map and try to locate the treasure

There aren't many clues to the whereabouts of the next treasure, since the 
Treasure Map only shows a cluster of rock formations. This seems like a lousy 
clue, but the rock structure may look familiar to you. 

Head over to Crooked Toes to find the next treasure. For reference, Crooked 
Toes is right near the shack that Irish gives you when you first enter Nuevo 
Paraiso. Not too far from the safehouse is a group of several tall rock 
structures (which are shown on the Treasure Map). The tallest formation is 
etched in the shape of a spiral for your own convenience, so climbing to the 
top and retrieving Brown's Gold should be easy.

Treasure Hunter - Rank 7

 Objective: View the map and try to locate the treasure

The Treasure Map doesn't offer much, but it gives you all you need to find 
this next treasure. You'll see a large archway, which is one of the major 
landmarks in Nuevo Paraiso: Ojo del Diablo. Ride your horse underneath the 
arch and ascend the hill on the southern end. You will discover Douglass' Gold 
at the top, near a bunch of boulders.

Treasure Hunter - Rank 8

 Objective: View the map and try to locate the treasure

This is definitely one of the tougher Treasure Hunter challenges, and bears 
some similarities to Rank 3. The Treasure Map gives you the location of the 
treasure from the perspective of an oddly-shaped rock. You must find this rock 
in order to figure out where the treasure is hidden.

This rock is known as Roca de Madera, which actually should have been one of 
the first areas you discovered since entering Mexico (the dock where Irish let 
you off is very close by). If you're still lost, follow the mountain trail 
leading towards El Presidio and you should find it.

Walk right up to the giant rock and face west-southwest towards the cliffs. 
This should look familiar if you checked the map. Walk in the same direction 
towards the cliff and follow the lower ledge just below the top of the cliff; 
be careful with your footing here and continue until you can go no further to 
reach the treasure spot containing Garrison's Gold.

Treasure Hunter - Rank 9

 Objective: View the map and try to locate the treasure

The last two Treasure Hunter ranks are located in West Elizabeth. The map 
depicts a forked tree and an "X" mark right between two stone walls; somewhat 
similar to the treasure found in Rio del Toro. Take the southern trail out of 
Blackwater and towards the center of Great Plains. As you follow the road, you 
should reach the Broken Tree. Dismount your horse and search for the stone 
wall near the tree to find the treasure (Pickett's Gold) in the gap between 
the walls.

Treasure Hunter - Rank 10

 Objective: View the map and try to locate the treasure

For the final Treasure Hunter challenge, the map reveals a mountaintop and 
suggests that you must climb to the top of this mountain in order to find the 
treasure. If you travel up to the far north region of Tall Trees, you should 
find a snow top mountain that looks similar to the one on the map. This is 
Nekoti Rock.

If you follow the trail, you should find an intersection that continues north 
up the mountain. Ride your horse up to the top of the mountain and explore the 
tiny cave you find at the top. In addition to a chest containing some money, 
you'll also discover Stonewall's Gold.

By completing Rank 10, you receive the Treasure Hunter's Satchel, which allows 
you to hold twice as many consumables.


[12] RANDOM ENCOUNTERS                                                  [1200]


There isn't much to describe Random Encounters outside of its name: in between 
missions, whether in towns or out in the wilderness, there is always a chance 
of a random event taking place that you can partake in. They are very trivial 
quests that can earn you various amounts of money, Fame, and/or Honor. Random
encounters are marked on your map and radar as blue circles.

There is a plethora of Random Encounters in Red Dead Redemption, so it's hard 
to pinpoint every last one, but here is the majority of them that I have 
encountered, at least.

Animal Attack

This event is encountered throughout all three provinces: a random type of 
predatory animal will be chasing an innocent bystander in the middle of the 
wilderness (ranging from coyotes, wolves, cougars, bobcats, and bears). By 
shooting and killing the animals, you will save the person's life. You can 
also walk away and ignore their cries for help and let natural selection take 

Attempted Murder

You may catch some lowlife scumbag in the act of assaulting/murdering a 
prostitute (most common in Armadillo and Thieves' Landing). Quickly stop the 
assailant by killing him and help up the woman. You do not lose honor for 
stepping in, nor do the townspeople look at you in a bad light.

Bandit Campsite

You may stumble across a campsite (often at night) and may be offered to come 
and sit down. However, if you get too close, it is revealed that the people 
aren't too friendly and open fire on you. Retaliate against the bandits to 
receive some Fame and Honor.

Bandit Raid

Sometimes, a small group of bandits may ride into town and cause some ruckus. 
Shoot 'em all down to prevent any more chaos. Naturally, this Random Encounter 
only takes place if you are in a town.

Broken Wagon

Sometimes, Marston may come across a broken-down wagon and a beautiful woman 
asking for assistance. As you draw closer, she'll hide as several bandits 
appear from behind the wagon and attack. If you don't kill them in time, they 
will try to rob you. After taking out the thieves, you can choose to execute 
or spare the woman (who claims that she was set up by the robbers).


A man on the side of the road may call Marston over and offer up some food and 
company. When you get close to the man, he will begin attacking you. Once you 
slay the cannibal, investigate his tent to find a pile of bones and a hogtied 
civilian. Let him go for a nice reward.

Duel Requests

Once you become fairly famous, random bystanders in towns will offer to duel 
you. If you see someone trash-talking on the side of the road, you can accept 
their duel request. Killing someone in a duel yields no loss of Honor.

Dynamite Delivery

Approach a group of merchants near their work table and they will ask you to 
deliver a stagecoach full of TNT to a nearby town. Your goal is to drive the 
TNT-filled wagon to a pre-determined destination. Unfortunately, Marston will 
be attacked along the way by outlaws. The key is to keep things slow and 
steady, since going too fast or straying off the road may cause the TNT to go 

Dynamite Demonstration

This one starts off similar to the Dynamite Delivery: two merchants are 
standing at a work bench surrounded by TNT crates. They will restock your 
supply of Dynamite (as long as you have unlocked it as a weapon) if you 
approach the table. If you stick around, you'll witness some miscommunication 
as the entire site goes kaboom - along with the two workers. Make sure to back 
up, though!

Escaped Prisoners

You may find a lawman stuck on the side of the road, proclaiming that two 
prisoners have escaped. Track them down on your radar (or by simply looking 
around if they haven't gone far) and bring them back alive or dead to receive 
your reward. Of course, you can be evil and kill the lawman and let the 
criminals escape, but that results in a loss of Honor.

Escort Mission

While the majority of the time, encountering a woman and a busted wagon leads 
to your mugging, there are rare occasions where the woman really is stranded 
and must be taken back to the nearest town. Press B to begin the escort 
mission and she'll hop on your horse with you. As you head to the nearest 
town, bandits will attack you. Once you make it to your destination, the 
damsel rewards you with some cash. Sometimes men also require escorting as 
well, so it's not always women.

Firing Squad

In some areas (only in Nuevo Paraiso, I believe), you may come across a firing 
squad. You can either choose to sit back and watch or quickly enter Dead Eye 
and dispatch the Federales, setting the man free. You will receive Honor for 
rescuing the victim (although it's never noted if he's innocent or guilty), 
but targeting the Federales will likely place a bounty on your head.

Friendly Campsite

You may stumble across a campsite (often at night) and may be offered to come 
and sit down by some friendly adventure-goers. If you accept their invitation 
and join them, you can partake in some fun conversation and near some stories. 
There is no reward for this Random Encounter, as it's strictly non-violent.

Fur Trapper

In the wilderness, Marston may come across a fur trapper that requires a 
specific number of pelts from various animals. If you choose to help him, 
he'll give you some Bait to use. Once you put the Bait down, slay the 
necessary animals and skin them, then return to the fur trapper for a reward.


If a person rides up to you and asks for your assistance in stopping a 
hanging, you can accept by following the person. When you reach the execution 
site, enter Dead Eye and shoot the rope to save the person, then take out the 
bandits. Trying to kill the executioners before rescuing the victim will often 
result in their death.

Herbalist Challenge

You can take part in a friendly competition that involves collecting a set 
amount of herbs before the herb enthusiast. If you lose, the herbalist offers 
double or nothing. Intentionally losing the challenge several times will 
increase the reward once you finally win. If you are actually having trouble, 
just use your horse for faster travel. Alternatively, you can be a jerk and 
shoot the person dead to receive a large sum of cash.

Horse Thief

When in town, a random individual may alert you to a stolen horse. Quickly 
summon your own horse and ride after the horse thief, then deal with him. Hop 
on the stolen horse and return it to its owner to receive a small reward. You 
may need to subdue the horse with your Lasso once the thief has been taken 
care of.


This Random Encounter is most common in Thieves' Landing: you may find a man 
carrying a hogtied woman on his shoulder with her screaming all along the way. 
Shoot the kidnapper, then cut the woman free to receive her sincerest 
gratitude - and some Fame/Honor.

Making a Donation

In Nuevo Paraiso (usually at Las Hermanas), a nun may ask Marston for a 
generous donation. If you pay up (usually $50), you will receive an Honor 
boost. You can also decline to donate without consequence.

Police Chase

Similar to the Escaped Prisoners, you may find two lawmen chasing after a 
criminal on foot, sometimes while shooting at him. Intervene and hogtie/kill 
the criminal to save the lawmen some trouble or assist the outlaw by 
dispatching the two law enforcers.

Prisoner Delivery

You may come across a law official that asks Marston to deliver a captured 
outlaw to the nearest town. If you accept, you must put the hogtied criminal 
on your horse and ride to town, all while avoiding other outlaws. It's 
basically just like a bounty hunter mission, although the pay isn't as good.


It's possible that you may come across a lowlife searching a dead body for 
money and other valuables. The man is not dangerous, but will steal from the 
corpse and leave if you let him be. If you kill the scavenger, you can loot 
his body for the stolen goods without any Honor loss.

Shady Job

When in a Nuevo Paraiso town (most commonly Chuparosa), a man asks Marston if 
he's willing to do him a favor. If you follow the man, you can partake in a 
job that involves stealing a supply wagon. Once you steal the wagon, the 
authorities will be alerted to your location. Lose the law officials, then 
return to the shyster to receive some money and a loss of Honor.

Shooting Challenge

You can take part in a friendly competition that involves shooting the most 
wild birds in a set amount of time. The first time around, you must kill four 
birds; it's a very easy challenge if you incorporate Dead Eye. However, if you 
lose, the shooter offers double or nothing. Intentionally losing the challenge 
several times will increase the reward once you finally win. Alternatively, 
you can be a jerk and shoot the person dead to receive a large sum of cash.

Stagecoach Attack

A unique icon may appear on the radar, signifying that a stagecoach is being 
attacked by bandits. You can either choose to rescue the innocent riders or 
side with the bandits and wreak havoc. Locate the stagecoach and make your 
choice to receive the proper reward.

Stolen Supply Wagon

A woman may run up to Marston and ask that he finds her stolen supply wagon. 
There is no set route to go and nothing is marked on your map, so you must 
follow the directions that she gives you. Also look for vultures overhead to 
help find the wagon. It's never out in the wilderness, so you should be fine 
as long as you follow the main roads. When you find the wagon, clear the 
attacking bandits and drive it back to its owner.

Store Robbery

When in a town, a store owner may run up to you, shouting that he has been 
robbed. Chase after the thief and either kill or hogtie the thief. If you keep 
the thief alive, bring him back to the store owner to receive a larger amount 
of Fame and money. If you kill the robber, loot his body to receive the stolen 
money. You can either take it all yourself or return it to the victim; the 
latter will earn you half of the money.

Stranded Civilians

This Random Encounter is similar to the Escort Mission, but the person in need 
of assistance is a conniving scum that will try and steal your horse. If you 
get near the person in distress, they will toss Marston off and ride away. 
Quickly enter Dead Eye and reclaim your horse. If the horse is your trusty 
steed, you can whistle to cause the horse to buck the person off.


You can often find a grieving individual out in the middle of nowhere. This 
person is kneeling on the ground, sobbing over a dead body (presumably a loved 
one). If you wait around for a minute or so, the person will then commit 
suicide, either via a shot to the head or consuming poison (presumably). Rumor 
has it that you can actually prevent the suicide by shooting the gun/bottle 
out of their hand, but I have not attempted this first-hand.

Taking a Leak

Sometimes, a rider may take a pause from wherever he is going and make a 
little pit stop; leaning against a tree and urinating on it. There's nothing 
to do in this Random Encounter, but it's funny creeping on an individual as 
he's peeing in public.

Treasure Hunter

This Random Encounter must be accessed and completed in order to begin the 
Treasure Hunter challenge. There will be a shootout between a treasure hunter 
and several bandits; help the treasure hunter and he will give you the first 
map needed to begin the challenges - plus some Fame and/or Honor.

Wagon Thief

Marston may be stopped by a person that proclaims that his wagon was stolen. 
Hop on your horse and ride after the wagon. Stop the thief and return the 
wagon to its owner. It's essentially the same exact event as the Horse Thief.


[13] GANG HIDEOUTS                                                      [1300]


There are a number of areas throughout the New Austin and Nuevo Paraiso that
are teeming with hostile gang members. These gang hideouts can be infiltrated
and conquered to receive valuables, such as new weapons, money, and Fame/Honor
bonuses. The weapon reward can only be claimed once, but gang hideouts can be
completed an endless amount of times - just wait several days between to start
it up again. Gang hideouts also contain chests with more cash, so make sure to
explore the hideouts once you've liberated them.

Twin Rocks

 Prereqs: "New Friends, Old Problems"
 Location: Cholla Springs
 Rewards: Volcanic Pistol

This is the easiest gang hideout to complete, hence why it is the first one 
available to players. Twin Rocks is a small cluster of buildings northwest of 
Armadillo, flanked by two giant rock spires. Meet with the rancher on the 
outskirts of the hideout to initiate the challenge.

Use a repeater or rifle to take out the two snipers standing on top of the 
rock spires, then move towards the white buildings. There are only a few gang 
members outside, with most being on the ground. A couple more storm out of the 
building. The rancher asks you to rescue his daughter, so enter the building 
that the bandits came out of and turn to the left. Enter Dead Eye and shoot 
the bandit before he can execute the girl.


 Prereqs: "New Friends, Old Problems"
 Location: Gaptooth Ridge
 Rewards: Winchester Repeater

Tumbleweed is a location that is frequently visited in several story missions, 
although it can be accessed as a gang hideout very early in the game. 
Tumbleweed is the remains of a well-populated town, but now it's only known as 
a popular gang hideout and how it's supposedly haunted. There is a sheriff 
hogtied in an empty building; you can either risk freeing him first, or clear 
the town of bandits before rescuing him.

The majority of the bandits in this gang hideout are in town. Some are on 
rooftops and balconies, some are hiding behind crates, and others are inside 
the many buildings. Once the town's inhabitants are no more, make your way up 
to the mansion with the sheriff. A number of enemies take cover on the porch, 
and two final enemies can be found downstairs in the cellar.

Pike's Basin

 Prereqs: "Justice in Pike's Basin"
 Location: Cholla Springs
 Rewards: Sawed-off Shotgun

Pike's Basin is a large canyon that is initially visited during the Marshal 
Johnson mission "Justice in Pike's Basin" (clearing said mission also unlocks 
this area as a gang hideout). You can start the gang hideout challenge by 
meeting up with a rancher at the west end of the basin. He asks Marston to 
help get him back his cattle.

Make a right at the fork and follow the rancher through the canyon. Along the 
way, there will be plenty of gang members for you to combat with. Stay on 
ground level and continue until you reach a small encampment where the cattle 
are held. Finish off the remaining baddies to rescue the cows. Now all you 
have to do is get them out of here: backtrack to the entrance, killing any 
bandits that appear, to escort the rancher and his herd to safety. 

Gaptooth Breach

 Prereqs: "Man is Born Unto Trouble"
 Location: Gaptooth Ridge
 Rewards: Springfield Rifle

Gaptooth Breach is a small mining community and an accompanying mineshaft on 
the west end of New Austin. There's an injured man hiding behind some crates 
nearby; talk to him and agree to rescue his friend. Defend yourself from the 
miners wandering outside, then head up in the northern building to find a man 
tied up. The man says that he's here to collect some treasure in the mineshaft 
and suggests that Marston tags along.

Approach the mineshaft to trigger the appearance of some more enemies. Once 
the coast is clear, head inside. It's a tight squeeze, so use close-range 
weapons inside the mine. When you make it to the treasure room, the man 
expresses his disappointment at the small amount and lets you take it all. He 
decides to rest his feet on a TNT crate... bad idea. Fight your way out of the 
mine to complete the hideout.

Fort Mercer

 Prereqs: "We Shall Be Together in Paradise"
 Location: Rio Bravo
 Rewards: LeMat Revolver

Fort Mercer is a large fort and the headquarters of Bill Williamson and his 
gang at the game's first chapter. It is heavily reinforced and can only be 
entered by scaling the large outer walls. To begin the mission, approach the 
gunslinger near the wall. He will hoist you up onto the wall, where the gang 
hideout challenge begins.

Start by gunning down the gang members up on the outer wall, then look down 
below into the fort and pick off anyone you can see clearly. Do a lap around 
the perimeter to clear out the bandits hanging out on the upper wall. When 
it's clear enough to go downstairs, do so and open the fort doors to let the 
gunslinger in. The gang leaders storm out of hiding once everyone else is 
dead: deal with them, then go into the room where they were to find some cash.


 Prereqs: "We Shall Be Together in Paradise"
 Location: Punta Orgullo
 Rewards: Henry Repeater

Nosalida is one of two gang hideouts in Nuevo Paraiso and can be completed 
upon entering the province. It is a small port settlement northwest of 
Escalera and is mainly inhabited by banditos. A General is ducked behind a 
large boulder and is being overrun by enemies; walk over to him to start up 
the challenge.

The two gang hideouts in Nuevo Paraiso are a bit different than their New 
Austin counterparts: in addition to clearing the place of enemies, you also 
must use Fire Bottles to destroy the buildings. First, go around the hideout 
and eliminate every last bandito. Then, use Fire Bottles at the houses marked 
on your radar - one direct hit will light the place up. Once the buildings 
(and the two boats) are burning and the enemies are dead, the gang hideout 
will be complete.

Tesoro Azul

 Prereqs: "The Demon Drink"
 Location: Punta Orgullo
 Rewards: Double-action Revolver

Tesoro Azul is a tiny village enclosed in tall stone walls. It can be found in 
Punta Orgullo, southwest of Chuparosa. You enter Tesoro Azul in the De Santa 
mission "The Demon Drink", which also unlocks it as a gang hideout. Confront 
the Sheriff on the eastern end of the hideout to begin.

A few enemies should make their presence known by opening the main gates as 
soon as the challenge starts. Quickly kill them, then take cover next to the 
gates. Many of the enemies are hiding inside the buildings, and it's a pretty 
messy village to begin with, so spotting gang members can be difficult. The 
gang leader is holding the Sheriff's partner hostage in one of the buildings. 
Go inside the marked building and enter Dead Eye once you spot the leader to 
take him down with ease.


[14] BOUNTIES                                                           [1400]


Bounties are distributed in the form of wanted posters that are periodically 
posted in certain towns throughout all three provinces. View a wanted poster 
to accept the bounty: a route is placed on your map and you must venture to 
the designated area and deal with the bounty, whether by killing them or 
bringing him back to town alive. Your reward is greater if you bring the 
wanted criminal back alive.

The first portion of a Bounty Hunter mission is tracking the bounty down. They 
are usually in secluded areas anywhere in the province the wanted poster was 
taken from. When you reach their location, you must kill off the accompanying 
gang members (marked in red, while your target is marked as a red skull). 
Whether you have killed or hogtied the wanted criminal, your ride back to town 
will not be a joyride: reinforcements will stalk you along the way, forcing 
you to fend them off as you make it to town safely.

Wanted posters are only put up in specific towns:

- New Austin
  MacFarlane's Ranch, Armadillo, Rathskeller Fork

- Nuevo Paraiso
  Escalera, Chuparosa, El Presidio
- West Elizabeth
  Blackwater, Manzanita Post

The wanted poster you take always results in a random selection of a bounty. 
There are a number of wanted criminals in each province, and you are able to 
re-do previous bounties, allowing for an unlimited amount of Bounty Hunter 
missions in each province (apparently they escape/resurrect from the dead 
every time).

In order to reach 100% completion in this department, you do not have to 
fulfill every single request: there are a lot of wanted criminals in each of 
the three provinces, but their locations are limited. All you have to do is 
capture a bounty at each of the select locations in the three provinces to 
fully complete the Bounty Hunter requirements. Here are the following 
locations the bounties can be found at:

- New Austin
  Brittlebrush Trawl, The Hanging Rock, Mercer Station, Mescalero, Rattlesnake
  Hollow, Repentance Rock, Rio del Lobo, Silent Stead

- Nuevo Paraiso
  Barranca, Hendidura Grande, Laguna Borrego, Ojo del Diablo, Plata Grande,
  Primera Quebrada, Rancho Polvo, Sepulcro

- West Elizabeth
  Aurora Basin, Bearclaw Camp, Nekoti Rock, Tanner's Reach

 New Austin

Charlie Mash

 Reward (Dead, Alive): $20, $40
 Gang: Bollard Twins
 Poster Location: MacFarlane's Ranch

Maurice Sweet

 Reward (Dead, Alive): $20, $40
 Gang: Bollard Twins
 Poster Location: MacFarlane's Ranch

Harry Dobbing

 Reward (Dead, Alive): $40, $80
 Gang: Bollard Twins
 Poster Location: MacFarlane's Ranch

Irvin Pennick

 Reward (Dead, Alive): $80, $160
 Gang: Bollard Twins
 Poster Location: MacFarlane's Ranch

Julius Grimes

 Reward (Dead, Alive): $120, $240
 Gang: Bollard Twins
 Poster Location: MacFarlane's Ranch

Slink Bradshaw

 Reward (Dead, Alive): $120, $240
 Gang: Bollard Twins
 Poster Location: MacFarlane's Ranch

Sid Winkler

 Reward (Dead, Alive): $200, $400
 Gang: -
 Poster Location: MacFarlane's Ranch

Cody Wiglow

 Reward (Dead, Alive): $10, $20
 Gang: Walton Gang
 Poster Location: Armadillo

Dale Chesson

 Reward (Dead, Alive): $20, $40
 Gang: Walton Gang
 Poster Location: Armadillo

Cooper Reed

 Reward (Dead, Alive): $40, $80
 Gang: Walton Gang
 Poster Location: Armadillo

Quinn Malloy

 Reward (Dead, Alive): $40, $80
 Gang: -
 Poster Location: Armadillo

Clark Hatfield

 Reward (Dead, Alive): $80, $160
 Gang: Treasure Hunter
 Poster Location: Armadillo

Lester Dugan

 Reward (Dead, Alive): $80, $160
 Gang: Treasure Hunter
 Poster Location: Armadillo

Mo van Barr

 Reward (Dead, Alive): $80, $160
 Gang: Walton Gang
 Poster Location: Armadillo

Perry Rose

 Reward (Dead, Alive): $80, $160
 Gang: Walton Gang
 Poster Location: Armadillo

Link Huston

 Reward (Dead, Alive): $120, $240
 Gang: Walton Gang
 Poster Location: Armadillo

Rufus Higbee

 Reward (Dead, Alive): $120, $240
 Gang: Walton Gang
 Poster Location: Armadillo

Stanley Mund

 Reward (Dead, Alive): $120, $240
 Gang: Treasure Hunter
 Poster Location: Armadillo

Harlan Forbes

 Reward (Dead, Alive): $20, $40
 Gang: Treasure Hunter
 Poster Location: Rathskeller Fork

Roscoe Duffy

 Reward (Dead, Alive): $20, $40
 Gang: Treasure Hunter
 Poster Location: Rathskeller Fork

Wade Bassett

 Reward (Dead, Alive): $120, $240
 Gang: Treasure Hunter
 Poster Location: Rathskeller Fork

 Nuevo Paraiso

Geraldo Elisaldez

 Reward (Dead, Alive): $80, $160
 Gang: -
 Poster Location: Escalera, Chuparosa, El Presidio

Mateo Clisante

 Reward (Dead, Alive): $80, $160
 Gang: Banditos
 Poster Location: Escalera, Chuparosa, El Presidio

Sergio Abelda

 Reward (Dead, Alive): $80, $160
 Gang: Banditos
 Poster Location: Escalera, Chuparosa, El Presidio

Jorge Reynoso

 Reward (Dead, Alive): $120, $240
 Gang: -
 Poster Location: Escalera, Chuparosa, El Presidio

Benito Penagarza

 Reward (Dead, Alive): $120, $240
 Gang: Banditos
 Poster Location: Escalera, Chuparosa, El Presidio

Cesar Higueras

 Reward (Dead, Alive): $120, $240
 Gang: Banditos
 Poster Location: Escalera, Chuparosa, El Presidio

Julian Coronado

 Reward (Dead, Alive): $120, $240
 Gang: -
 Poster Location: Escalera, Chuparosa, El Presidio

Selestino Herrada

 Reward (Dead, Alive): $120, $240
 Gang: -
 Poster Location: Escalera, Chuparosa, El Presidio

Cristo Bustamante

 Reward (Dead, Alive): $200, $400
 Gang: Banditos
 Poster Location: Escalera, Chuparosa, El Presidio

Ramiro de la Torre

 Reward (Dead, Alive): $200, $400
 Gang: Banditos
 Poster Location: Escalera, Chuparosa, El Presidio

Raul Ontiveros

 Reward (Dead, Alive): $200, $400
 Gang: -
 Poster Location: Escalera, Chuparosa, El Presidio

Rigoberto Ariz

 Reward (Dead, Alive): $200, $400
 Gang: -
 Poster Location: Escalera, Chuparosa, El Presidio

 West Elizabeth


 Reward (Dead, Alive): $120, $240
 Gang: Dutch's Gang
 Poster Location: Blackwater, Manzanita Post


 Reward (Dead, Alive): $120, $240
 Gang: Dutch's Gang
 Poster Location: Blackwater, Manzanita Post

Isaiah Greeley

 Reward (Dead, Alive): $120, $240
 Gang: -
 Poster Location: Blackwater, Manzanita Post

Moses Lowson

 Reward (Dead, Alive): $120, $240
 Gang: -
 Poster Location: Blackwater, Manzanita Post

Charlie Hinkle

 Reward (Dead, Alive): $200, $400
 Gang: -
 Poster Location: Blackwater, Manzanita Post

Grant Avery

 Reward (Dead, Alive): $200, $400
 Gang: -
 Poster Location: Blackwater, Manzanita Post

Ralph Stricker

 Reward (Dead, Alive): $200, $400
 Gang: -
 Poster Location: Blackwater, Manzanita Post

Americus Roe

 Reward (Dead, Alive): $300, $600
 Gang: -
 Poster Location: Blackwater, Manzanita Post

Hestor Frith

 Reward (Dead, Alive): $300, $600
 Gang: -
 Poster Location: Blackwater, Manzanita Post

John Clay

 Reward (Dead, Alive): $300, $600
 Gang: -
 Poster Location: Blackwater, Manzanita Post

Kent Gallaway

 Reward (Dead, Alive): $300, $600
 Gang: -
 Poster Location: Blackwater, Manzanita Post

Melvin Spinney

 Reward (Dead, Alive): $300, $600
 Gang: -
 Poster Location: Blackwater, Manzanita Post

Zebedee Nash

 Reward (Dead, Alive): $300, $600
 Gang: -
 Poster Location: Blackwater, Manzanita Post


[15] ANIMALS                                                            [1500]


Animals play a very important role in Red Dead Redemption: they are the source 
of the Master Hunter and the majority of the Sharpshooter challenges, and 
hunting is one of the best ways to make money. Animals can be found anywhere 
in the game, with many in select locations, and their dead bodies be skinned 
to earn their meat, skin, and other accessories.

- Author's Note
  Weapon selection is important when hunting smaller animals. Using powerful
  guns, such as shotguns and rifles/repeaters, on some animals will completely
  blow their body apart, rendering you unable to skin them and reap their
  rewards. Stick to pistols or revolvers when shooting some animals up close.

You can sell these provisions at shops to earn money, with some fauna fetching 
a higher price in different locations, based on habitat (for example, grizzly 
bears are only found in West Elizabeth, so selling their meat/fur in West 
Elizabeth yields less money than if you were to sell it in Nuevo Paraiso).

There is a wide range of animals found throughout all three provinces: some 
animals are used as livestock, such as chickens and cows. Others (like horses) 
can be used for transportation among other means.

The majority of the animals in the game are untamed, wild animals that are 
only found out in the wilderness. Out of the wild animals, many of them are 
predatory creatures and can attack Marston if provoked. Some wild fauna, such 
as cougars, wolves, and grizzlies, are extremely dangerous when encountered in 
the wild; don't let the hunter become the hunted!

- Author's Note
  There seems to be an unwritten rule of sorts when pertaining to hunting
  animals (especially predators): if you find and kill an animal, more of the
  same are likely to appear. This seems to be more common with the bigger and
  rarer animals, such as cougars and (especially) grizzly bears. There have
  been times where killing a single bear triggers the appearance of two more,
  which in turn makes another pair appear. I call it the "Hydra Theory": kill
  one animal, and one/two more are bound to take its place.

There are roughly 34 animals species in total, but you only need to kill 27 to 
receive the "Unnatural Selection" achievement. 


 Found: New Austin, Nuevo Paraiso

Armadillos are small mammals with a leathery armored shell surrounding most 
of their body, which makes them very noticeable in the wild. They are fairly 
small creatures that can quickly scurry across the ground and almost make pig-
like oinks (although they are not related to pigs at all).

They are most commonly found throughout all of Nuevo Paraiso, and less 
commonly in New Austin. Armadillos are often found west of Armadillo (heh), 
near Jorge's Gap and Odd Fellow's Rest, but you're best off going to Nuevo 
Paraiso and looking virtually anywhere to hunt these critters.


 Found: New Austin

Bats are nocturnal flying mammals with large wingspans; they are rarely found 
and cannot be hunted or killed in the game. In fact, bats don't even spawn in 
the game and are only seen in Tumbleweed, near the mansion.


 Found: West Elizabeth

Beavers are furry brown mammals best known for their aquatic habitats. Based 
on their webbed feet, flat tail, and tendency to build giant dams, beavers are 
only found near water. Since there aren't many bodies of water in New Austin 
or Nuevo Paraiso, West Elizabeth is the place to go to hunt beavers. They are 
also best found during mornings.

In order to look for beavers, try anywhere in West Elizabeth that has access 
to water. There are times where you may find a beaver roaming around in the 
middle of Tall Trees, but they are mainly found west of the Pacific Union R.R. 
Camp, near the river separating the two provinces. I find the best places to 
find beavers are in the Great Plains: either the southern end near the Wreck 
of the Serendipity or the northern end, near the border between Tall Trees and 
the Great Plains.


 Found: New Austin, Nuevo Paraiso, West Elizabeth

Also known as bighorn sheep. They are large wild sheep with curved horns (so 
I'd assume that you only encounter males in the game) and are very fast, so if 
you miss your shot, they will dash away in a hurry. They make the same noises 
as any sheep would, so they have a very distinguishable call.

Even though bighorns are found in all three provinces, they are pretty 
uncommon in all three. They are most prevalent in the Tall Trees region of 
West Elizabeth, though can be found early in the game in New Austin (the 
northern part of Cholla Springs, near Twin Rocks and Rattlesnake Hollow). In 
Nuevo Paraiso, bighorns can be spotted in the southern end of Diez Coronas. To 
keep it simple: bighorns are best found in mountainous regions.


 Found: New Austin, West Elizabeth

These creatures are big, hairy, and incredibly mean. Wild boar are only found 
in a select few locations, but they are powerful and will attack if provoked. 
Boars aren't generally found in packs, but skinning one will likely make more 
appear in a matter of a minute.

Look for boars at night or early in the morning. The best spots for hunting 
boar are at Stillwater Creek or northwest of MacFarlane's Ranch. They can also 
be found occasionally in Tall Trees. Use rifles or repeaters when facing 
boars, since they are fast and will charge Marston.


 Found: Nuevo Paraiso, West Elizabeth

I consider bobcats to be one of the rarest creatures in the entire game. They 
don't have many distinguishing features and both act and sound just like 
cougars, though they are much smaller and do not have long tails. Since 
bobcats tend to live near wooded areas, they can often hide in bushes or tall 
grass. They are carnivorous cats and can be found attacking bystanders, but 
rarely will they go after Marston.

Bobcats are found primarily in Nuevo Paraiso, but they tend to be located in 
the more lush areas: the northeast corner of the province near Butter Bridge 
and the vicinity of Agave Viejo are two major spots. However, I find a lot of 
them in the clearing outside of Casa Madrugada. Bobcats also live up in Tall 
Trees, albeit much less frequently (the northern trail leading up to Cochinay 
is a popular bobcat habitat).


 Found: West Elizabeth

Buffalo are beautiful animals that roam the Great Plains region in West 
Elizabeth. Despite their intimidating stature, buffalo are completely harmless 
and will flee when fired upon. Buffalo are social creatures and are found 
together in herds, so it is rare to find one or two buffalo by themselves.

In order to take down a buffalo, you'll need a powerful weapon. The Buffalo 
Rifle works wonders here (hence the name), as will any powerful repeater or 
rifle. Since buffalo run away when startled, it's best to hunt these creatures 
while on horseback.

Now, the unique aspect of hunting buffalo is that they do not respawn once 
slain. There are a mere 20 buffalo found in the entire game (the number of 
buffalo left can be found in the pause menu), so continuous hunting will 
eventually lead to the extinction of this species (which is an interesting 
take on how Americans nearly caused buffalo to go extinct). I'm not sure if 
you can find all 20 in one shot, but once they run out of sight, you cannot 
find the herd again until one day passes in-game. 


 Found: New Austin, West Elizabeth

Cattle are the first example of domesticated animals that cannot be hunted in 
the wild. Cattle actually serve a bigger importance in the story missions, 
since there are quite a few missions that involve cattle herding. 
Nevertheless, cows can still be skinned for profit, although they don't count 
towards the "Unnatural Selection" achievement. Cows are found in various 
towns, though MacFarlane's Ranch is their primary location.


 Found: New Austin, Nuevo Paraiso, West Elizabeth

Chickens are domesticated animals that are owned as livestock in the majority 
of towns and settlements in Red Dead Redemption. They are found running on the 
ground in most of these spots, and can easily be shot or stabbed. They can be 
farmed for their feathers and eggs.


 Found: New Austin, West Elizabeth

Alongside grizzly bears, cougars are one of the game's most dangerous fauna. 
These big cats (also known as pumas or mountain lions) are quick, nimble, and 
very silent: they'll often hit you before you even know they are there. Two 
hits from a cougar and you're done, so it's important to stay on your toes and 
scan your surroundings when you hear a cougar's signature growl.

Cougars live in the New Austin and the West Elizabeth provinces. For the 
former, they are typically found in the fields of Rio Bravo, lurking in the 
tall grass and bushes. You can also find cougars occasionally in Gaptooth 
Ridge and the forest north of MacFarlane's Ranch. In West Elizabeth, cougars 
are in the northern part of the province, juggling between the Tall 
Trees/Great Plains border and near Beecher's Hope. Look for cougars at night 
or early in the morning.

The main reason why cougars are considered one of the most lethal animals is 
that they are so hard to spot - they'll find you before you find them. Cougars 
are silent runners and will occasionally growl, but otherwise are completely 
quiet until they strike. If you hear a cougar, try to find a rock you can jump 
onto so they cannot reach you, then look around and use any type of gun 
against it.


 Found: New Austin, Nuevo Paraiso, West Elizabeth
Coyotes are small brown mammals that look like a miniature wolf. They're very 
pesky creatures that travel together in packs, but generally are harmless and 
will usually flee if confronted by Marston (however, big enough groups may 
assault you, and coyotes are known to attack civilians). They are nocturnal 
and therefore mainly found at night. Listen in for their signature, high-
pitched yelp.

Coyotes are some of the most common animals and found in most areas of New 
Austin and Nuevo Paraiso, though the in-game map shows that they are primarily 
found around MacFarlane's Ranch and Hennigan's Stead. They are also found in 
Tall Trees as well. Coyotes don't put up much of a fight, so any weapon will 
do; try entering Dead Eye and taking out an entire group in one go.


 Found: New Austin, Nuevo Paraiso, West Elizabeth

Crows are pests; large black birds that are found virtually everywhere in the 
game. They can be found both in the wild and in towns, and are easier to track 
and shoot when flying through the air. Listen in for their loud and obnoxious 


 Found: New Austin, Nuevo Paraiso, West Elizabeth

Deer are distinguishable animals that are found in all three provinces of the 
game (and are found in high numbers in all three, to boot). These brown, 
hoofed creatures are often spotted in numbers, grazing and prancing around. 
They are harmless and not only run from Marston, but are also preyed upon by 
other carnivorous animals.

Deer are found in almost every area in the game, so it's difficult to not come 
across one when riding through the wild. You can find both male and female 
deer: males are bucks, which are generally larger and boast huge antlers. 
Female deer are known as does and are not as big, but are covered in white 
spots and have bright white tails.


 Found: New Austin, Nuevo Paraiso, West Elizabeth

Dogs are domesticated animals that are kept as pets by various townsfolk, and 
can only be found wandering around towns and cities. Dogs are used by law 
officials and Marston can follow dogs during Nightwatch jobs. Dogs do not 
count towards the "Unnatural Selection" achievement, since killing a dog 
results in a bounty.


 Found: New Austin, Nuevo Paraiso, West Elizabeth

Ducks are water birds that aren't often found on the ground, if at all. They 
can be spotted flying in the air, for they are much slower flyers than many 
birds and have a long neck and wide wingspan. However, the best way to locate 
ducks is by keeping your ears open for their loud quacks. They are only found 
near water; the best spots to find ducks are around Lake Don Julio, Rio del 
Toro, and near the top and bottom of the Great Plains.


 Found: Nuevo Paraiso, West Elizabeth

The eagles featured in the game are bald eagles: they are covered in brown 
feathers except for their head, which is a bright white. These elegant birds 
live primarily in West Elizabeth, but you can find some eagles at the southern 
mountain range in Nuevo Paraiso. Look in the snowy portions of Tall Trees - 
look not only in the air, but in the ground as well: some of the larger birds 
such as the eagle walk around before taking off for the skies.


 Found: West Elizabeth

Elk are in the same family as deer and therefore look very similar to their 
counterparts. However, elk are much larger than bucks seen in the game and 
have bigger, more complex antlers. You only encounter males in the game, and 
they are often seen in groups of at least two.

The elk has a very interesting call: it's a high-pitched, almost screeching 
shriek of a noise. Very distinct and unusual. But these animals roam the 
wooded portions of Tall Trees and are found nowhere else in the game, though 
some have been caught wandering out into the Great Plains. They're big, tough 
creatures that require several shots to take down, but are also remarkably 


 Found: New Austin, West Elizabeth

Foxes are similar to small dogs and can actually be confused with coyotes, 
since they have a similar build and sound very alike. The main difference 
between the two is that foxes are longer and more slender and also have thick 
bushy tails. Like coyotes, foxes also hunt in packs, but these animals are 
cowardly and will run away from Marston at almost any given time.

The two provinces that contain foxes are New Austin and West Elizabeth. Foxes 
are primarily found in the morning, though I've been told that they tend to 
flock towards dead bodies (left unskinned), so try killing a big animal and 
wait around to see if any show up. Some good hunting locations are south of 
MacFarlane's Ranch in the fields, Riley's Charge, and in Tall Trees.


 Found: New Austin, Nuevo Paraiso, West Elizabeth

There are no wild goats in the game, and all the ones found are domesticated 
and usually wander in towns. Like all tamed fauna, you don't need to kill and 
skin a goat for the required achievement. Critchley's Ranch is the main area 
in New Austin, and most towns in Nuevo Paraiso have goats walking around. You 
can also encounter goats walking around outside of El Matadero near Alta 
Cabeza and other mountainous regions, but they are not wild.

Grizzly Bear

 Found: West Elizabeth

The grizzly bear is the most powerful and arguably the scariest animal
featured in Red Dead Redemption. They are massive predatory animals that can
easily kill Marston if you aren't careful. Two hits is all it takes for one to
kill you, and you usually are not given any time to get up from the first hit.
Once you're down, you're most likely out.

Despite the sheer size of these beasts, they actually make very little noise 
and it can be very difficult to detect a grizzly. They occasionally roar, but 
are otherwise silent. One way to listen for a grizzly is to listen in for a 
heavy panting sound, but there are often times where you may turn around only 
to find a grizzly five feet away from you. Iconic grizzly bear photos or 
videos often show them standing on their hind legs, although it's very 
uncommon for them to display that in-game.

Grizzly bears are the toughest animals in the game, and it takes a lot of 
firepower to put one down. You'll need four to five point-blank shotgun blasts 
to kill one, and around that many shots in the head with the mighty Buffalo 
Rifle. Interestingly, Throwing Knives are seemingly unstoppable and can kill 
any animal with one precise hit (that goes for all animals).

Grizzlies are only found in West Elizabeth, and mainly in the Tall Trees 
region. It's very rare to find a grizzly elsewhere, though sometimes they roam 
the border between western Great Plains/eastern Tall Trees. On one occasion, I 
managed to find a grizzly in New Austin; it was in Hennigan's Stead, next to 
the south end of Montana Ford. Maybe it crossed the river? Grizzly bears often 
showcase the patented "Hydra Theory": if you kill one, more are bound to 
arrive... it's almost a guarantee.


 Found: New Austin, Nuevo Paraiso, West Elizabeth

Hawks are some of the biggest birds in Red Dead Redemption and are found all 
over the wild. They have a large wingspan, a thick load of feathers, and an 
impressive call. It is pretty easy to tell hawks apart from other birds due to 
their size and loud, characteristic screeches. Basically, if you're anywhere 
other than Tall Trees and you think you see an eagle, then it's a hawk.


 Found: New Austin, Nuevo Paraiso, West Elizabeth

Horses are the most common animals in the game and can be used as one of the 
main forms of travel. Horses come in all colors and patterns, though some are 
rarer (and better runners) than others. Some horses are domesticated (you can 
tell them apart by their saddles), but you can also hunt wild horses. They are 
found together in herds in the wild; once you complete the "Wild Horses, Tamed 
Passions" story mission, you can tame horses with a Lasso. You must kill both 
a wild and a domesticated horse for the "Unnatural Selection" achievement.


 Found: Nuevo Paraiso

Mules are owned by townsfolk in Nuevo Paraiso and like horses, can be used as 
mounts. Mules can be ridden by Marston, but are significantly smaller, weaker, 
and slower than horses. Most of the time you will encounter mules in the towns 
across the province, but I am not positive if you can find wild mules. Like 
all domesticated animals, they aren't required for the "Unnatural Selection" 


 Found: New Austin, Nuevo Paraiso, West Elizabeth

Owls are strictly nocturnal, and are one of the more difficult animals to find 
and hunt due to this reason. However, owls are found throughout all three 
provinces, although they aren't particularly plentiful in any exact location. 
Your best bet is to hunt any bird at night and hope it's an owl.


 Found: New Austin, West Elizabeth

Pigs are easily distinguishable from other creatures and can only be found in 
a few select locations. They are kept as livestock in a few towns, including 
Blackwater, Cochinay, and Thieves' Landing. Thieves' Landing is the best place 
to find pigs, since there is a pig pen right next to the safehouse.


 Found: New Austin, Nuevo Paraiso, West Elizabeth

Rabbits are plentiful in the world of Red Dead Redemption, although they are 
tiny and make barely any noise unless you were to step on one. They're very 
common, though are easier to find in more grassy areas. Since they are so dang 
small, it's hard to physically see one despite their tendency to hop, so 
instead look for any rustling grass.


 Found: New Austin, West Elizabeth

Raccoons are nocturnal animals that are about the size of a beaver, but are 
commonly known for their ringed tail and black band across their face. These 
little critters aren't particularly dangerous and don't even flee from 
Marston: in fact, they are one of the few animals that freely walk into towns.

To hunt raccoons, make sure it's nighttime, since it's the only time of the 
day where they come out (or sunrise, as they go back to hiding). Even then, 
their locations are fairly scarce. Stick to hunting for raccoons in New 
Austin, although raccoons do roam around near Beecher's Hope. For me, the 
prime locations for these creatures are south of MacFarlane's Ranch and just 
outside of Armadillo.


 Found: New Austin, Nuevo Paraiso, West Elizabeth

Rattlesnakes are the only snake species encountered in the game. Even though 
their choice of tall grass and bushes makes them hard to see, rattlesnakes 
will make their presence known if you get too close by shaking the rattle at 
the tip of their tail. Horses get startled by rattlesnakes and will rear up on 
their hind legs if you approach one. Even though they are small, rattlesnakes 
are venomous and can kill you in three hits if you tread too close to one.

They can be found in most regions of the game, although New Austin and Nuevo 
Paraiso seem to be the best spots (you can hunt rattlesnakes in the Great 
Plains, though). For whatever reason, I often find them near cemeteries: Odd 
Fellow's Rest and Sepulcro are two great areas. At the same time, I never seem 
to find any rattlesnakes at Rattlesnake Hollow. Hmmm...


 Found: West Elizabeth

Seagulls are one of the last animals left on people's hit list, since they 
only appear on the docks in Blackwater. Even then, you typically only see 
Seagulls in the morning and early afternoon, flying over the water or perched 
on wooden beams. More often than not, you cannot collect their feathers since 
they usually fly over water. You do not need to get Seagull feathers for 
the "Unnatural Selection" achievement; simply killing one will get the job 


 Found: New Austin

Sheep are livestock covered with fluffy white wool, making them look like 
walking clouds. The only two spots you can see sheep are at MacFarlane's Ranch 
and Armadillo, both encased in pens. 


 Found: New Austin, Nuevo Paraiso, West Elizabeth

Skunks are black rodents with a long, white stripe that stretches down their 
entire body and onto their tail. Like raccoons, these critters are also 
nocturnal (though they are also found in the morning) and can be difficult to 
see due to their fur color, although the white stripe helps them stand out a 
bit. However, they seem to be much rarer than raccoons.

Skunks live all over the game map, but there are a few specific spots that 
make skunk hunting better than others. In New Austin, try looking through the 
plains south of MacFarlane's Ranch and near Warthington Ranch. They also 
appear alongside raccoons outside of Armadillo. Skunks aren't very prevalent 
in Nuevo Paraiso, but I find a lot in the area of El Presidio and Roca de 
Madera. As for West Elizabeth, skunks tend to roam the entire province.


 Found: New Austin, Nuevo Paraiso, West Elizabeth

Songbirds are small and incredibly fast, making them difficult to target; they 
often fly out of sight before you can get a good shot off. However, their 
vibrant colors allow you to easily spot them in the dreary background of most 
of the in-game world. Songbirds have very bright feathers and are usually 
turquoise or a lime green color.


 Found: New Austin, Nuevo Paraiso, West Elizabeth

Vultures are scavengers and are the biggest birds in the game, making them 
quite easy to notice. They flock to dead animals and humans, so anytime you 
kill someone or something, you're bound to find a flock of vultures in a 
matter of minutes. Also, a group of vultures automatically appear every time 
you complete a gang hideout.


 Found: New Austin, Nuevo Paraiso, West Elizabeth

Like grizzlies and cougars, wolves are among the most dangerous animals you 
can come across. They are nasty creatures that travel in packs and use 
teamwork to hunt their prey. Wolves are found in groups ranging from 4-10 and 
can easily be identified by their loud howl and snarling when up close. Even 
though they can be found at any time, wolves seem to be more active at night.

Wolves are always encountered in groups and have the agility to outrun and 
chase down Marston on foot. Any gun works, even though these animals are 
durable enough to withstand more than two gunshot wounds. Wolves won't run 
away from Marston unlike many animals, although slaying a couple wolves will 
most likely cause the others to leave. Wolves can be found in all three 
provinces and are fairly common; Tall Trees is a good location, but I tend to 
find a ridiculous amount of wolves at Crooked Toes and near Escalera.


[16] JOBS                                                               [1600]


There are only two types of jobs in the game and are mainly used in order to 
make money aside from contribute towards 100% completion. The idea of jobs 
spread around the provinces is an interesting idea, but like I said, there are 
only two jobs you can partake in. It would have been nice to see this fleshed 
out more.


As the name implies, Nightwatch jobs only take place at night. You can 
participate in Nightwatch jobs at MacFarlane's Ranch, Chuparosa, and 
Blackwater. Head to the sheriff's office when the icon appears on your map to 
begin the job.

All you have to do is follow the sheriff's dog around the town as he tries to 
sniff out crime. After several minutes, the dog takes off; follow him to the 
scene of the crime (usually minor crimes, such as breaking and entering, 
fights, or robbery). You receive more money when the criminals come out alive 
rather than dead. Unlike Bounty Hunter missions, all you have to do is hogtie 
the person and leave him there. In Chuparosa and Blackwater, you will 
encounter more than one crime being committed at a time.


Horsebreaking jobs are offered at Ridgewood Farm and Chuparosa, and are 
unlocked once you receive the Lasso. When the icon appears (the job is only 
available during the day), approach the stable or pen to begin.

Horsebreaking is similar to taming/breaking in a horse: lasso the unruly horse 
and keep your balance with the Left Analog Stick as it tries to buck you off. 
Once you gain control of the horse, bring it to the barn or stable (wherever 
the rancher tells you to go). You may have to break more than one horse.


[17] MINIGAMES                                                          [1700]


Minigames are a decently fun way to pass the time as well as work towards 100%
completion (among other goals). Some of the minigames have much higher stakes
than the others and can lead to some serious gambling issues, but overall they
are a fun distraction from the rough-'n-tough lifestyle that you're forced
into during the story missions.

Arm Wrestling

The ultimate test of manliness: Arm Wrestling! If you'd like to practice your 
strengthening skills, head out to Plainview, El Matadero, or the Pacific Union 
R.R. Camp. In Arm Wrestling, your goal is to overpower your adversary and 
force his hand down onto the table. In this mini game, it's all about the A 
button: either repeatedly tap A to use your strength or hold A to pause and 
regain your strength.

If the Strength Meter depletes, then you won't be able to tap A and use your 
power against the opponent. When you're all out of gas, it's easier for them 
to try and force your hand down. The enemy also gets tired, so pay attention 
to their arm and facial expression to notice when they are out of strength. 
When this happens, tap A to make things easier for yourself. It's all about 
knowing when you use your strength and when not to. Arm Wrestling matchups are 
best two out of three.


Blackjack is a card game with a stripped down set of rules, making it very 
easy to comprehend. But in the end, it is a game of chance. You can 
participate in Blackjack games at Thieves' Landing, Rathskeller Fork, 
Chuparosa, and Blackwater.

The game starts off with a dealer giving each player two cards, who also gives 
himself two cards (one of the dealer's cards is face down so the players do 
not know his full hand). The players do not play against themselves, but 
instead play against the dealer. The goal of Blackjack is for your cards to 
equal 21, or for your cards to be closest to 21 than everyone else.

All the cards have their own value: the number cards have their own numerical 
value, with face cards (Jack, Queen, King) having values of 10. Aces are 
unique in that they can either have a value of 11 or 1. A perfect hand is an 
Ace and a face card, since they automatically equal 21.

Depending on the value of your two cards, you can either hit or stand. Hitting 
means that the dealer gives you one card in hopes to get closer to 21. If you 
go over 21, then you bust and are out of the game. Blackjack is a game of 
chance, because you never know if that next card is going to send you over 21.

Standing means that you stay with the current number of cards and hope for 
your chances against the dealer. You can also Double Down, which means you 
double the bid you place, receive one extra card, then stand. It's up to you 
when you want to Stand and call it quit, but usually anywhere from 16-20 is a 
good range.

Five Finger Fillet

Five Finger Fillet can be played at Armadillo, Thieves' Landing, Escalera, 
Torquemada, and Manzanita Post. It's an interesting game involving your hand 
and a knife. Play against a single opponent and match the button combination 
as they stab the space between their fingers. The button combo becomes more 
complex as your bet increases.

There are two rounds, and in each round you have five attempts to get the 
combo right. Not only do you have to correctly match the button combo, but you 
must do it quickly or else you'll automatically slip up. Hitting the wrong 
button or moving too slow results in a loss of one attempt. The main key is 
that the button combination never changes during the two rounds, so it comes 
down to basic memorization: write down the button combination and simply 
repeat it in a fast manner to win some serious cash.


Horseshoes are fun and light-hearted, but pretty difficult to master. In this 
mini game, you must throw horseshoes into a square sand pit in hopes of 
hitting the metal rod in the center. Horseshoes is available at MacFarlane's 
Ranch and Las Hermanas.

For each round, both players throw two horseshoes, and you earn points 
depending on how close you are to the rod in comparison to your opponent. The 
closest player earns one point for each horseshoe; hitting the rod earns you a 
ringer, which automatically gives you three points. The first to 11 points is 
the winner, and you must win by two points.

Before you throw, make sure to adjust your position by holding the Left 
Trigger and moving the Left Analog Stick - make sure you can see the rod 
between the two ends of the horseshoe. Readjust yourself after every throw!

When throwing the horseshoe, move the Right Analog Stick up and down to 
correspond with the meter on the left side of the screen. Make sure to release 
your throw (Right Trigger) between the two black lines and near the center 
line. However, you also need to account for momentum. Moving all the way down 
the meter and up will cause you to put too much force and it'll have a higher 
arc; make it too soft and your horseshoe won't even reach the pit. This game 
takes a lot of practice, and hitting a ringer is a tough move.

Liar's Dice

I find Liar's Dice to be a very interesting and entertaining game (much more 
than Poker, at least). You can play Liar's Dice at Thieves' Landing, Escalera, 
and Casa Madrugada. Instead of playing cards, you use traditional six-sided 
die, with faces ranging from 1 to 6.

Liar's Dice is typically played with three people, including yourself (though 
it can range from two to four players), and the goal is to be the last man 
standing with at least one dice. All players start off with five dice.

During every turn, the players shake their dice in a cup; press and hold the 
Right Trigger to look at your concealed dice and their face values. You must 
enter your initial bid in guessing a number of a die face among all players. 
For example, an initial bid would be that you guess that there are "three 1-
die" among all players. After the initial bid, the next person has two main 
options: you can either place a bid, call a bid spot-on, or call a bluff.

- Placing a Bid
  When placing a bid, the next bid must either an increased quantity of any
  face or the same quantity of a higher face. So if someone bids "three twos",
  you must either bid that there are three of any higher face, or you can bid
  that there are "four ones" (or more). The bidding between all players will
  continue until someone either calls a bluff or declares a bid spot-on.

- Calling a Bluff
  If you feel that a player's bid is unrealistic, you can call their bluff.
  For example, if someone bids that there are "four fives" and you think that
  is too high, you can call their bluff on it.

  Once someone calls a bluff, the dice are revealed to the players. Lets
  assume that the last bid was "four fives" and someone called a bluff. If
  there turns out to be more than four fives, then the person who called the
  bluff loses a die. However, if there are less than four of that particular
  face, then the person who placed the bid loses a die.

- Declaring a Bid Spot-On
  Similar to calling a bluff, you can also declare the previous bid to be
  dead-on. If someone calls a bid spot-on (using the example of "four fives"
  again), the dice are revealed. If the number of 5-die is greater or less
  than four, then the person who declared it spot-on loses a die. On the other
  hand, if the bid really is spot-on, then the person who called it is safe
  and all other players lose a die.

The key to winning Liar's Dice is to making educated guesses based on the dice 
that you currently have. If you have three sixes, a bid of "four sixes" is 
fair, since the probability of at least one other 6-die between the other 
players is reasonable (assuming they have all their dice). The game gets a bit 
tougher as the number of dice decreases, since that same probability is much 
lower with less dice.

At the start of the game, it's best to pit the two other players against each 
other. The enemy AI calls your bluff all the time, especially when you call 
three or more of a particular face. So if you have three fours, call that 
exact bid. The opposing player will either call your bluff and lose or make a 
ridiculous bid that often results in your second opponent calling their bluff. 
It's win-win: one of your opponents is going to lose a die and you are in the 

Once you're nearing the end of the game, telling the truth is always better 
than making outlandish bids or even calling someone's bluff. When the 
opponents are down to one or two dice, they will always tell the truth, making 
your choices a bit easier based on your current dice. Also note that the AI 
will never call a bid spot-on (I play Liar's Dice a lot and I haven't seen it 
even once).

Despite the name of the game, you should probably tell the truth the majority 
of the time. When the game starts, tell the truth so that a player calls your 
bluff or make educated guesses - the next player will likely make a claim that 
he cannot back up, and two opponents will call the bluff on each other. The 
game becomes much easier when it's down to you and one other person, since 
it's a lot easier to try and read one person's mind than a whole table.

The game may be daunting and pretty confusing when you start off, but it gets 
a lot easier when you understand the basic concepts of probability and 
guesswork. As long as you put your mind to the test and THINK, Liar's Dice 
becomes an incredibly easy game to win.


It's probably best that you have a basic understanding of Poker (more 
specifically, Texas Hold 'Em) and how the game works; I am absolutely clueless 
when it comes to Poker, so I really cannot offer any insight on how the game 
is played, but the in-game tutorials help. What I can provide you are the 
different types of winning hands, from worst hand to best:

- High Card
  If nothing else, it comes down to the person with the highest card

- One Pair
  A pair of the same card (two Eights, two Queens, etc.)

- Two Pair
  Two pairs of the same card (a pair of Threes and a pair of Tens)

- Three of a Kind
  Three of the same card (three Jacks)

- Straight
  Five cards in sequential order of any suit (Nine, Ten, Jack, Queen, King)

- Flush
  Any five cards of the same suit (Two, Five, Six, Ten, Queen of Clubs)

- Full House
  A Three of a Kind and One Pair

- Four of a Kind
  Four of the same card (all four Kings)

- Straight Flush
  Five cards in sequential order of the same suit (Four, Five, Six, Seven,
  Eight of Diamonds)

- Royal Flush
  Ten, Jack, Queen, King, Ace of the same suit

Poker is offered at a number of towns, including MacFarlane's Ranch, 
Armadillo, Thieves' Landing, Chuparosa, Casa Madrugada, and Blackwater. The 
difficulty of the game depends on your location: MacFarlane's Ranch has the 
most inexperienced Poker players, while Blackwater features some real nasty, 
high-stakes players.


[18] OUTFITS                                                            [1800]


Marston can wear a myriad of outfits in the game, though they must be unlocked 
by completing a number of requirements. Each outfit offers a different look 
and some are pretty cool, but they also have their own specific perks that can 
aid you during playthrough. There are 14 outfits in total, and nine are needed 
in order to work towards 100% completion.

Cowboy Outfit

This is Marston's typical bounty hunter clothing. Available at the start of 
the game.

Gentleman's Attire

Wearing this high-class attire allows you into the high stakes Poker games in 

- Join the Rockstar Social Club
  All you have to do to unlock this outfit is to link your Gamertag to the
  Rockstar Social Club. This can be done via their website, but I think you
  can also do it straight through Xbox Live.

Elegant Suit

When you wear this Elegant Suit it will be possible to cheat at Poker.

- Purchase suit from the tailor in Thieves' Landing
  Simple enough: go to Thieves' Landing and visit the tailor. The scrap is
  available for $70. Once it is purchased, open your satchel and use the scrap
  to make the outfit available.

Bollard Twins Outfit

Disguise yourself as part of the Bollard Twins gang. Unlock this outfit by 
killing a Bollard Twins gang member.

- Search Thieves' Landing
  The chest containing the scrap is found inside a warehouse in Thieves'
  Landing. You can obtain the scrap at any time, but you must go in this
  warehouse during the Irish mission, "On Shaky's Ground", so you cannot miss
  this one.

- Complete a Nightwatch job in MacFarlane's Ranch
  Pretty straightforward. Nightwatch jobs become available early on in the
  game, after completing the "New Friends, Old Problems" mission.

- Win at Horseshoes at MacFarlane's Ranch
  Horseshoes can be a difficult mini game to get accustomed to, but the key is
  to keep things simple: the game's difficulty increases depending on your
  bet, so bet $1 for the least amount of challenge.

- Claim a Bollard Twins Gang bounty alive
  You must find a Wanted Poster for a Bollard Twins Gang member. They are only
  available at MacFarlane's Ranch, so get a poster at the sheriff's office and
  make sure to capture the bounty alive.

- Defend residents of Hennigan's Stead from Bollard Twins members
  This can be tricky to unlock, because you must rely on a Random Event. There
  are a couple Random Events that qualify as "defending Hennigan's Stead
  residents", but the main one is the Bandit Raid. Open the main menu and into
  the "Outfits" menu, and make sure to track this requirement to make the
  game pinpoint potential events.

Treasure Hunter Outfit

Disguise yourself as part of the Treasure Hunter gang. Unlock this outfit by 
killing a Treasure Hunter gang member.

- Search Silent Stead
  Head over to Silent Stead (southwest of Rathskeller Fork) and open the chest
  inside the cabin to find the scrap.

- Complete the "California" Stranger's task
  Read up on the Stranger mission in Section 9 for further information.

- Make a profit at Rathskeller Fork's Blackjack table
  Even if you're not good at Blackjack, all you need to do is win your first
  hand. Save your game at the safehouse, then start a round of Blackjack. Bet
  any amount of money and just make sure to come out with more chips than you
  started off. If you lose the first hand, reload the game.

- Claim a Treasure Hunter bounty alive
  You must find a Wanted Poster for a Treasure Hunter gang member. They are
  available at Rathskeller Fork and Armadillo, so grab a Wanted Poster and
  make sure to capture the bounty alive.

- Complete Gaptooth Breach Hideout
  Simply make it out of the Gaptooth Breach gang hideout alive. For more info,
  check out Section 13.

- Purchase scrap from tailor at Thieves' Landing
  Visit the go to Thieves' Landing tailor and buy the scrap for $150. Once it
  is purchased, open up your satchel and use the scrap to complete the

Bandito Outfit

Disguise yourself as a Bandito and outlaws will welcome you in Mexico. Unlock 
this outfit by killing a Bandito gang member.

- Search Sidewinder Gulch
  In Nuevo Paraiso, go to Sidewinder Gulch and enter the thick of the gulch;
  you should find a camp deep inside, where there is a chest.

- Complete a Nightwatch job in Chuparosa
  Nightwatch jobs are simple, and this one must be completed in Chuparosa to
  obtain the scrap.

- Defeat all players in a round of Liar's Dice in Casa Madrugada
  This should come easy if you are skilled at Liar's Dice. The players at Casa
  Madrugada are fairly difficult, but you should have little trouble so long
  as you tell the truth and avoid calling out bluffs - let your opponents do
  that and suffer the consequences. Read up on the rules in Section 17 for
  more information.

- Claim a Bandito bounty alive
  You must find a Wanted Poster for a Bandito gang member. They are available
  available at Escalera, Chuparosa, and El Presidio, so grab a Wanted Poster
  and make sure to capture the bounty alive.

- Defend the residents of Mexico from Bandito attacks
  This can be tricky to unlock, because you must rely on a Random Event. There
  are a couple Random Events that qualify as "defending Mexican residents",
  but the main one is the Bandit Raid. Open the main menu and into the
  "Outfits" menu, and make sure to track this requirement to make the game
  pinpoint potential events.

- Purchase at the general store in Chuparosa
  Simply head over to the general store at Chuparosa and buy the outfit scrap
  for $25.

Reyes' Rebels Outfit

Disguise yourself as one of Reyes' Rebels and you will be treated kindly by 
the law in Mexico.

- Search Sepulcro
  Enter Sepulcro and search the outer perimeter of the cemetery to find a
  chest along the east end.

- Complete the "Poppycock" Stranger's task
  Read up on the Stranger mission in Section 9 for further information.

- Complete a Horsebreaking job in Chuparosa
  Horsebreaking jobs are simple and this should be an easy scrap to unlock.
  Proceed to Chuparosa during the daytime and complete the Horsebreaking job

- Complete the "Love is the Opiate" Stranger's task
  Read up on the Stranger mission in Section 9 for further information.

- Win at Five Finger Fillet in Torquemada
  Make sure to beat ALL of the opponents at Five Finger Fillet at Torquemada.
  There should be three people to beat. With Five Finger Fillet, memorization
  of the complete button combinations is important, so try to write them down
  and follow them correctly, since the button combinations never change.

- Purchase at the general store in Escalera
  Go to Escalera and visit the store to find the scrap for $50. This scrap is
  only available after you complete the mission, "An Appointed Time".

US Army Uniform

Look like an enlisted man while wearing this uniform.

- Search Aurora Basin
  Head up to Aurora Basin in the northwest corner of Tall Trees and enter the
  cabin, where you can collect the scrap from the chest.

- Win at Arm Wrestling in Pacific Union R.R. Camp
  The Arm Wrestling mini game is one of the easiest mini games out there, so
  you should be able to breeze through. Remember that you must beat both
  opponents to obtain the scrap.

- Eliminate all other players in a game of Poker in Blackwater
  Naturally, facing only one player is much easier than having to eliminate
  two or even three. A neat (and shady) trick to avoid multiple players is to
  enter the Blackwater inn, then take out your Lasso (don't use a gun, because
  they can shoot back). For whatever reason, the people take your Lasso as a 
  threat and run away. Alternatively, you can push the players as well.

  When the Poker players run away, wait for a minute or so (do a lap around
  the city or something) until the icon reappears. There should be just one
  person at the table. Play, then the go all in - you're bound to win after a
  couple tries, if not on the first attempt.

- Complete the "Lights, Camera, Action" Stranger's task
  Read up on the Stranger mission in Section 9 for further information.

- Complete a Nightwatch job in Blackwater
  Nightwatch jobs are easy, and this one must be completed in Blackwater to
  receive the scrap.

- Purchase at the tailor in Blackwater
  Head to Blackwater and buy the scrap for $200. The scrap is only available
  after you complete the mission "The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed".

US Marshal Uniform

Dress as a marshal, and you will be treated as part of the law in the United 
States. You must complete the mission "The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed" 
before you can unlock this outfit.

- Complete all US Gang Hideouts in a single 24-hour period
  In a span of 24 hours, you must complete all Gang Hideouts in New Austin
  (Twin Rocks, Pike's Basin, Tumbleweed, Fort Mercer, and Gaptooth Breach). 
  That gives you a little over an hour in real-time to complete five Gang
  Hideouts. Surprisingly, it is easy if you follow two big rules.
  First off, start on the west end or the east end of the region and go in one
  direction. Do not double back, because that wastes a lot of time. I
  personally went east to west, which meant Pike's Basin, then Twin Rocks,
  then Fort Mercer, then Tumbleweed, then Gaptooth Breach (vice versa should
  be just as fine). Also, NEVER use quick travel and always ride your horse:
  stagecoach taxis waste six hours, which is a killer. Just hoof it.

Legend of the West

Show off your increased Dead Eye ability as a Legend of the West.

- Complete Rank 10 in all Challenges
  Beat Rank 10 in the Survivalist, Master Hunter, Sharpshooter, and Treasure
  Hunter Challenges. For more information, check out Section 11.

Bureau Uniform

Dress like a federal bureau agent and the law won't be able to touch you.

- Attain 100% completion
  Once you have reached 100% completion, the outfit becomes available. Go to
  Section 23 for details.

Duster Coat

This worn-out, old duster coat protects your clothing from tail dust, but not 
much else.

- Reach the Honor Rank "Peacemaker"
  The "Peacemaker" Honor Rank is the next step up from neutral, so you should
  reach this ranking early in the game so long that you don't commit too many
  heinous acts. If you know from the start that you want to take the evil
  path, make sure to get this early on in the game: this is an easy outfit to
  unlock right away, but becomes a pain if you try to get there all the way as
  a "Desperado".

Mexican Poncho

A musty old poncho. A souvenir of your travels in Mexico.

- Purchase any safehouse in Mexico
  Buy a safehouse in either Escalera, Chuparosa, Casa Madrugada, or El
  Matadero to unlock this outfit. The shack at Crooked Toes doesn't count.

Rancher Clothing

This is Marston's typical clothing when tending the ranch at Beecher's Hope.

- Complete "The Outlaw's Return"
  Check out Section 7.03 if you need additional help. Once the outfit is
  unlocked, you cannot change outfits until the game's epilogue.


[19] WEAPONS                                                            [1900]


 Revolvers/Pistols                                                      [1901]

Revolvers and pistols are good weapons to use in close-range firefights. Their 
range is somewhat low, but they have a quick rate of fire and make them fun 
weapons to use when confronted against multiple foes. All ratings are loosely 
based on the in-game ratings and are out of ten.

Cattleman Revolver

 Power:         x
 Range:         xxx
 Rate of Fire:  xxxxx
 Reload Speed:  xx
 Ammo Capacity: xxx

Available at the start of the game.

Volcanic Pistol

 Power:         xxx
 Range:         xx
 Rate of Fire:  xxxxx
 Reload Speed:  x
 Ammo Capacity: xxxxx

Unlocked by completing the Twin Rocks Gang Hideout.

Semi-Automatic Pistol

 Power:         xxxx
 Range:         xxx
 Rate of Fire:  xxxxxxxx
 Reload Speed:  xxxxxxxxx
 Ammo Capacity: xxxx

Unlocked by completing the Fort Mercer Gang Hideout or by purchasing at the 
Escalera gunsmith.

Schofield Revolver

 Power:         xxxx
 Range:         xxxx
 Rate of Fire:  xxxxxx
 Reload Speed:  xxxx
 Ammo Capacity: xxxx

Becomes available during the mission "The Gunslinger's Tragedy".

High Power Pistol

 Power:         xxxxxx
 Range:         xxx
 Rate of Fire:  xxxxxxxx
 Reload Speed:  xxxxxxxxx
 Ammo Capacity: xxxxx

Becomes available during the mission "Bear One Another's Burden".

Double-action Revolver

 Power:         xxxx
 Range:         xxxx
 Rate of Fire:  xxxxxxxx
 Reload Speed:  xxxx
 Ammo Capacity: xxxx

Unlocked by completing the Tesoro Azul Gang Hideout.

Mauser Pistol

 Power:         xxxxx
 Range:         xxxx
 Rate of Fire:  xxxxxxxxxx
 Reload Speed:  xxxxxxxxx
 Ammo Capacity: xxxxxxxx

Rare weapon. Can purchase at the Blackwater gunsmith.

LeMat Revolver

 Power:         xxxxx
 Range:         xxxx
 Rate of Fire:  xxxxxxx
 Reload Speed:  xx
 Ammo Capacity: xxxxxx

Rare weapon. Can purchase at the Escalera gunsmith after the mission "An 
Appointed Time".

 Repeaters/Rifles                                                       [1902]

Repeaters and rifles feature some of the best weapons in Red Dead Redemption. 
They are known for being incredibly powerful and boasting long range, but 
sacrifice reloading speed. All ratings are loosely based on the in-game 
ratings and are out of ten.

Repeater Carbine

 Power:         xxx
 Range:         xxxxxx
 Rate of Fire:  xxx
 Reload Speed:  xx
 Ammo Capacity: xxx

Becomes available after the "New Friends, Old Problems" mission.

Winchester Repeater

 Power:         xxxxx
 Range:         xxxxxx
 Rate of Fire:  xxxxx
 Reload Speed:  xx
 Ammo Capacity: xxxxxxx

Unlocked by completing the Tumbleweed Gang Hideout, or by completing the 
mission "Spare the Rod, Spoil the Bandit", or by purchasing at the Armadillo 

Henry Repeater

 Power:         xxxxxxx
 Range:         xxxxxx
 Rate of Fire:  xxxxx
 Reload Speed:  xx
 Ammo Capacity: xxxxxxxx

Unlocked by completing the Nosalita Gang Hideout.

Springfield Rifle

 Power:         xxxxxxx
 Range:         xxxxxxxx
 Rate of Fire:  xx
 Reload Speed:  xxx
 Ammo Capacity: xxx

Unlocked by completing the Gaptooth Breach Gang Hideout or after the 
mission "We Shall Be Together in Paradise", or by purchasing at the Thieves' 
Landing gunsmith.

Bolt Action Rifle

 Power:         xxxxxxxxx
 Range:         xxxxxxxxx
 Rate of Fire:  xxx
 Reload Speed:  xxxxxxxxx
 Ammo Capacity: xxx

Becomes available during the mission "The Gates of Presidio" or by purchasing 
at the Escalera gunsmith.

Buffalo Rifle

 Power:         xxxxxxxxxx
 Range:         xxxxxxxxx
 Rate of Fire:  x
 Reload Speed:  xxxxxxxx
 Ammo Capacity: x

Can purchase at any gunsmith after completing Rank 5 of the Master Hunter 

Evans Repeater

 Power:         xxxxxx
 Range:         xxxxxx
 Rate of Fire:  xxxxxx
 Reload Speed:  xx
 Ammo Capacity: xxxxxxxxxx

Rare weapon. Can purchase at the Blackwater gunsmith.

 Shotguns                                                               [1903]

Like any shotguns in any video game, these shotguns pack a lot of punch, but 
suffer from low reload speed and even worse range. All ratings are loosely 
based on the in-game ratings and are out of ten.

Sawed-off Shotgun

 Power:         xxxxxxx
 Range:         x
 Rate of Fire:  xxxxxxxx
 Reload Speed:  xxxxx
 Ammo Capacity: xx

Unlocked after completing the Pike's Basin Gang Hideout or purchase at the 
Thieves' Landing gunsmith.

Double-barreled Shotgun

 Power:         xxxxxx
 Range:         xx
 Rate of Fire:  xxxxxxxxx
 Reload Speed:  xxxxx
 Ammo Capacity: xx

Unlocked after the mission "Spare the Rod, Spoil the Bandit" or purchase at 
the Armadillo gunsmith.

Pump-action Shotgun

 Power:         xxxxxxxxx
 Range:         xxx
 Rate of Fire:  xxxx
 Reload Speed:  xxx
 Ammo Capacity: xxxx

Becomes available during the mission "And the Truth Will Set You Free".

Semi-auto Shotgun

 Power:         xxxxxxxxx
 Range:         xx
 Rate of Fire:  xxxxxxxx
 Reload Speed:  xxxx
 Ammo Capacity: xxxx

Rare weapon. Can be purchased at the Escalera gunsmith.

 Sniper Rifles                                                          [1904]

Sniper rifles are featured late in the game, but are fun to use. They have the 
best range out of any game and can take down most targets in a single shot. 
All ratings are loosely based on the in-game ratings and are out of ten.

Rolling Block Rifle

 Power:         xxxxxxxxx
 Range:         xxxxxxxxxx
 Rate of Fire:  x
 Reload Speed:  xxxxxx
 Ammo Capacity: x

Becomes available during the mission "Empty Promises".

Carcano Rifle

 Power:         xxxxxxxxx
 Range:         xxxxxxxxxx
 Rate of Fire:  xxx
 Reload Speed:  xxxxxxx
 Ammo Capacity: xxx

Rare weapon. Can purchase at the Blackwater gunsmith.

 Throwable Weapons                                                      [1905]

There are only three throwable weapons and all have unique purposes. Throwing 
Knives are used for silent kills, Fire Bottles can burn some buildings down, 
and Dynamite is extremely powerful. For the Fire Bottles and Dynamite, using 
Dead Eye causes Marston to throw them at great lengths using an unknown homing 
ability. It's really funny to use. All ratings are loosely based on the in-
game ratings and are out of ten.

Fire Bottle

 Power:         xxxxxxx
 Range:         xxx
 Rate of Fire:  -
 Reload Speed:  -
 Ammo Capacity: -

Becomes available during the mission "The Demon Drink".


 Power:         xxxxxxxxxx
 Range:         xxx
 Rate of Fire:  -
 Reload Speed:  -
 Ammo Capacity: -

Becomes available during the mission "Father Abraham".

Throwing Knife

 Power:         xxxx
 Range:         xx
 Rate of Fire:  -
 Reload Speed:  -
 Ammo Capacity: -

Becomes available during the mission "The Great Mexican Train Robbery".

 Other Weapons                                                          [1906]

This section is composed of the Knife and Lasso, which are two basic weapons 
used for various reasons. The Knife is good for close melee range, and the 
Lasso can be used to tame horses and hogtie people. All ratings are loosely 
based on the in-game ratings and are out of ten.


 Power:         xx
 Range:         -
 Rate of Fire:  xxx
 Reload Speed:  -
 Ammo Capacity: -

Available at the start of the game.


 Power:         -
 Range:         xxx
 Rate of Fire:  xx
 Reload Speed:  -
 Ammo Capacity: -

Becomes available during the mission "Wild Horses, Tamed Passions".


[20] ITEMS                                                              [2000]


 Consumables                                                            [2001]


Refills horse stamina.


Attracts animals in the vicinity.

Chewing Tobacco

Refills the Dead Eye meter.

Horse Pills

Temporarily gives your horse more stamina.


Completely restores your health.


Refills the Dead Eye meter and no Dead Eye is consumed for 10 seconds.

Snake Oil

Refills the Dead Eye meter.


Restores your Dead Eye when consumed.


Restores your health when eaten.

 Kit Items                                                              [2002]


Hides your identity so honor and fame won't change. Remove it to decrease your 
wanted level faster.


Doubles ammo capacity on rifles and repeaters.

Basic Campsite

Gives you a place to rest. Refills revolver and repeater ammunition if you 
have none.


Allows you to view faraway objects.

Horse Deed

Purchase a Horse Deed to summon that horse at any time. Can be used an 
unlimited amount of times.

- Infested Adennais
  A sickly looking dark brown horse. Slow speed.

- Jaded Tersk
  A sickly looking gray horse. Slow speed.

- Lusitano Nag
  A sickly looking brown horse. Slow speed.

- Adennais
  A medium brown horse. Normal speed.

- Cleveland Bay
  A brown horse with a white star and snip. Normal speed.

- Dutch Warmblood
  A black and brown dappled horse. Normal speed.

- Highland Chestnut
  A palomino horse with dark legs. Normal speed.

- Lusitano
  A red roan horse. Normal speed.

- Painted Quarter Horse
  A red appaloosa horse with a white face. Normal speed.

- Painted Standardbred
  A brown varnish appaloosa horse. Normal speed.

- Quarter Horse
  A chestnut horse with a white striped face. Normal speed.

- Standardbred Pinto
  A white and brown pinto horse. Normal speed.

- Tersk
  A champagne horse. Normal speed.

- Tobiano Pinto
  A classic tobiano with a white blaze. Normal speed.

- Turkmen
  A dark bay horse. Normal speed.

- Welsh Mountain
  A brown horse with white stockings and blaze. Normal speed.

- American Standardbred
  A black horse. Fast speed.

- Hungarian Half-bred
  A white horse with a dark face. Fast speed.

- Kentucky Saddler
  A golden pearl horse. Fast speed.

Improved Campsite

Gives you a place to rest. Refills ammunition for all types of guns if you 
have none.

Pardon Letter

Removes any accumulated bounty when turned in at the local train station.

Rabbit's Foot

Makes you lucky, which increases the items and money you loot by 20%.

Survivalist Map

Shows all nearby herbs on the map for 10 minutes (increases to 20 minutes once 
you have reached Rank 5 of the Survivalist Challenge).

Territory Map

Displays all towns, settlements, landmarks, and hideouts in that specific 
territory. Allows fast travel from camp. There are multiple Territory Maps you 
can obtain for the various provinces.

 Provisions                                                             [2003]


Plants that can be found in the wild and sold to shops for money.

- Wild Feverfew
  White chrysanthemum flowers, used to reduce headaches.

- Desert Sage
  Silvery green leaves, used to make a medicinal tea.

- Red Sage
  Purplish-red leaves, popular with women of a certain age.

- Prickly Pear
  Juicy cactus fruit, used to treat wounds and inflammation.

- Woolly Blue Curls
  Dense clusters of blue flowers, used to make tea to settle upset stomachs.

- Butterfly Weed
  Orange milkweed flowers, used for coughs and lung ailments.

- Hummingbird Sage
  Magenta flower clusters, enjoyed for their fragrance.

- Prairie Poppy
  Beautiful cup-shaped flowers, with roots used to ease aches and pains.

- Golden Currant
  Clove scented flowers, with berries used in pemmican.

- Violet Snowdrop
  Fragile white flowers, with bulbs used to help the memory and nerve pain.

Animal Rewards

When skinning animals, you can receive various animal parts, such as their 
meat, pelt, horns, or feathers. These can be sold at shops for money.

- Armadillo Carapace
  Carapace from an armadillo, of medium value.

- Armadillo Meat
  Meat from an armadillo, of low value.

- Bighorn Horn
  Horn from a bighorn, of very high value.

- Bighorn Meat
  Meat from a bighorn, of medium value.

- Bighorn Skin
  Skin from a bighorn, of high value.

- Boar Meat
  Meat from a boar, of medium value.

- Boar Skin
  Skin from a boar, of low value.

- Boar Tusks
  Tusks from a boar, of high value.

- Buck Antlers
  Antlers from a buck, of high value.

- Buck Meat
  Meat from a buck, of high value.

- Buck Skin
  Skin from a buck, of medium value.

- Buffalo Horns
  Horns from a buffalo, of high value.
- Buffalo Meat
  Meat from a buffalo, of very high value.

- Buffalo Skin
  Skin from a buffalo, of very high value.

- Cougar Claw
  Claw from a cougar, of very high value.

- Cougar Fang
  Meat from a cougar, of high value.

- Cougar Meat
  Meat from a cougar, of medium value.

- Cougar Pelt
  Pelt from a cougar, of high value.

- Cow Hide
  Hide from a cow, of medium value.

- Cow Meat
  Meat from a cow, of medium value.

- Coyote Meat
  Meat from a coyote, of low value.
- Coyote Pelt
  Pelt from a coyote, of medium value.
- Crow Feathers
  Feathers from a crow, of high value.

- Deer Meat
  Meat from a deer, of medium value.

- Deer Skin
  Skin from a deer, of high value.

- Dog Fur
  Fur from a dog, of medium value.

- Dog Meat
  Meat from a dog, of low value.

- Duck Feathers
  Feathers from a duck, of medium value.

- Eagle Feathers
  Feathers from an eagle, of very high value.

- Elk Antlers
  Antlers from an elk, of very high value.

- Elk Meat
  Meat from an elk, of high value.

- Elk Skin
  Skin from an elk, of high value.

- Fox Fur
  Fur from a fox, of very high value.

- Fox Meat
  Meat from a fox, of medium value.

- Goat Meat
  Meat from a goat, of medium value.

- Grizzly Claw
  Claw from a grizzly bear, of high value.

- Grizzly Furs
  Fur from a grizzly bear, of very high value.

- Grizzly Heart
  Heart from a grizzly bear, of very high value.

- Grizzly Meat
  Meat from a grizzly bear, of high value.

- Grizzly Tooth
  Tooth from a grizzly bear, of very high value.

- Hawk Feathers
  Feathers from a hawk, of very high value.

- Horse Hide
  Hide from a horse, of medium value.

- Horse Meat
  Meat from a horse, of medium value.

- Mule Hide
  Hide from a mule, of low value.

- Mule Meat
  Meat from a mule, of low value.

- Pig Meat
  Meat from a pig, of medium value.

- Rabbit Meat
  Meat from a rabbit, of low value.

- Raccoon Fur
  Fur from a raccoon, of medium value.

- Raccoon Meat
  Meat from a raccoon, of low value.

- Seagull Feathers
  Feathers from a seagull, of medium value.

- Skunk Fur
  Fur from a skunk, of low value.

- Skunk Meat
  Meat from a skunk, of medium value.

- Songbird Feathers
  Feathers from a songbird, of high value.

- Wolf Heart
  Heart from a wolf, of very high value.

- Wolf Meat
  Meat from a wolf, of high value.

- Wolf Pelt
  Pelt from a wolf, of very high value.


[21] SHOPS                                                              [2100]


Most of the towns in the game feature shops, and there are four types of shops
in Red Dead Redemption: general stores, gunsmiths, tailors, and doctor's
office. Most of the shops all offer the same items, but there are a few
exclusive goods that you can only find in select locations.

Upon completing Rank 5 of the Master Hunter Challenge, the Buffalo Rifle 
becomes available at all gunsmiths for $475. Also remember that prices range 
depending on Honor level.

 MacFarlane's Ranch

General Store

Item                          Price
----                          -----
Survivalist Map               $25
Hennigan's Stead Map          $25
Snake Oil                     $15
Revolver Ammo                 $12
Pistol Ammo                   $15
Repeater Ammo                 $25
Rifle Ammo                    $20
Shotgun Ammo                  $30
Sniper Rifle Ammo             $40
Infested Ardennais            $100
Jaded Tersk                   $100
Lusitano Nag                  $100
Ardennais                     $500
Cleveland Bay                 $500
Dutch Warmblood               $500
Highland Chestnut             $500
Lusitano                      $500
Painted Quarter Horse         $500
Painted Standardbred          $500
Quarter Horse                 $500
Standardbred Pinto            $500
Tersk                         $500
Tubiano Pinto                 $500
Turkmen                       $500
Welsh Mountain                $500
American Standardbred         $1500
Hungarian Halfbred            $1500
Kentucky Saddler              $1500

Doctor's Office

Item                          Price
----                          -----
Medicine                      $25
Snake Oil                     $15
Chewing Tobacco               $35
Apple                         $1
Horse Pills                   $20


General Store

Item                          Price
----                          -----
Rabbit's Foot                 $25
Improved Campsite             $175
Survivalist Map               $25
Cholla Springs Map            $25
Gaptooth Ridge Map            $25
Apple                         $1
Horse Pills                   $20
Infested Ardennais            $100
Jaded Tersk                   $100
Lusitano Nag                  $100
Ardennais                     $500
Cleveland Bay                 $500
Dutch Warmblood               $500
Highland Chestnut             $500
Lusitano                      $500
Painted Quarter Horse         $500
Painted Standardbred          $500
Quarter Horse                 $500
Standardbred Pinto            $500
Tersk                         $500
Tubiano Pinto                 $500
Turkmen                       $500
Welsh Mountain                $500
American Standardbred         $1500
Hungarian Halfbred            $1500
Kentucky Saddler              $1500


Item                          Price
----                          -----
Bait                          $15
Bandolier                     $125
Volcanic Pistol               $100
Winchester Repeater           $350
Double-barreled Shotgun       $150
Revolver Ammo                 $12
Pistol Ammo                   $15
Repeater Ammo                 $25
Rifle Ammo                    $20
Shotgun Ammo                  $30
Sniper Rifle Ammo             $40

Doctor's Office

Item                          Price
----                          -----
Medicine                      $25
Chewing Tobacco               $35
Apple                         $1

 Thieves' Landing

General Store

Item                          Price
----                          -----
Rabbit's Foot                 $25
Improved Campsite             $175
Survivalist Map               $25
Rio Bravo Map                 $25
Apple                         $1
Horse Pills                   $20
Chewing Tobacco               $35
Infested Ardennais            $100
Jaded Tersk                   $100
Lusitano Nag                  $100
Ardennais                     $500
Cleveland Bay                 $500
Dutch Warmblood               $500
Highland Chestnut             $500
Lusitano                      $500
Painted Quarter Horse         $500
Painted Standardbred          $500
Quarter Horse                 $500
Standardbred Pinto            $500
Tersk                         $500
Tubiano Pinto                 $500
Turkmen                       $500
Welsh Mountain                $500
American Standardbred         $1500
Hungarian Halfbred            $1500
Kentucky Saddler              $1500


Item                          Price
----                          -----
Bait                          $15
Bandolier                     $125
Springfield Rifle             $300
Sawed-off Shotgun             $250
Revolver Ammo                 $12
Pistol Ammo                   $15
Repeater Ammo                 $25
Rifle Ammo                    $20
Shotgun Ammo                  $30
Sniper Rifle Ammo             $40

Doctor's Office

Item                          Price
----                          -----
Medicine                      $25
Snake Oil                     $30
Moonshine                     $60


Item                          Price
----                          -----
Elegant Suit                  $70
Bollard Twins Gang Scrap      $50
Treasure Hunter Scrap         $50
Bandana                       $20


General Store

Item                          Price
----                          -----
Bait                          $15
Bandana                       $20
Rebel Scrap                   $50
Survivalist Map               $25
Apple                         $1
Snake Oil                     $30
Chewing Tobacco               $35
Infested Ardennais            $100
Jaded Tersk                   $100
Lusitano Nag                  $100
El Hedor                      $100
El Picor                      $100
El Senor                      $100
Ardennais                     $500
Cleveland Bay                 $500
Dutch Warmblood               $500
Highland Chestnut             $500
Lusitano                      $500
Painted Quarter Horse         $500
Painted Standardbred          $500
Quarter Horse                 $500
Standardbred Pinto            $500
Tersk                         $500
Tubiano Pinto                 $500
Turkmen                       $500
Welsh Mountain                $500
American Standardbred         $1500
Hungarian Halfbred            $1500
Kentucky Saddler              $1500


Item                          Price
----                          -----
Bait                          $15
Bandolier                     $125
Survivalist Map               $25
Punta Orgullo Map             $45
Fire Bottle                   $25
Dynamite                      $45
LeMat Revolver                $625
Semi-automatic Pistol         $150
Bolt Action Rifle             $750
Semi-auto Shotgun             $500
Revolver Ammo                 $12
Pistol Ammo                   $15
Repeater Ammo                 $25
Rifle Ammo                    $20
Shotgun Ammo                  $30
Sniper Rifle Ammo             $40

Doctor's Office

Item                          Price
----                          -----
Medicine                      $25
Chewing Tobacco               $35
Horse Pills                   $20


General Store

Item                          Price
----                          -----
Survivalist Map               $25
Perdido Map                   $45
Diez Coronas Map              $50
Bandito Scrap                 $50
Fire Bottle                   $25
Revolver Ammo                 $12
Pistol Ammo                   $15
Repeater Ammo                 $25
Rifle Ammo                    $20
Shotgun Ammo                  $30
Sniper Rifle Ammo             $40
Snake Oil                     $30
Chewing Tobacco               $35
Infested Ardennais            $100
Jaded Tersk                   $100
Lusitano Nag                  $100
El Hedor                      $100
El Picor                      $100
El Senor                      $100
Ardennais                     $500
Cleveland Bay                 $500
Dutch Warmblood               $500
Highland Chestnut             $500
Lusitano                      $500
Painted Quarter Horse         $500
Painted Standardbred          $500
Quarter Horse                 $500
Standardbred Pinto            $500
Tersk                         $500
Tubiano Pinto                 $500
Turkmen                       $500
Welsh Mountain                $500
American Standardbred         $1500
Hungarian Halfbred            $1500
Kentucky Saddler              $1500

Doctor's Office

Item                          Price
----                          -----
Medicine                      $25
Rabbit's Foot                 $25
Bait                          $15
Bandolier                     $125
Improved Campsite             $175
Survivalist Map               $25
Apple                         $1
Horse Pills                   $20
Moonshine                     $60

 Manzanita Post

General Store

Item                          Price
----                          -----
Rabbit's Foot                 $25
Bait                          $15
Bandana                       $20
Survivalist Map               $25
Tall Trees Map                $60
Throwing Knife                $20
Fire Bottle                   $25
Dynamite                      $45
Revolver Ammo                 $12
Pistol Ammo                   $15
Repeater Ammo                 $25
Rifle Ammo                    $20
Shotgun Ammo                  $30
Sniper Rifle Ammo             $40
Apple                         $1
Horse Pills                   $20
Medicine                      $25
Chewing Tobacco               $35
Moonshine                     $60
Snake Oil                     $30
Infested Ardennais            $100
Jaded Tersk                   $100
Lusitano Nag                  $100
Ardennais                     $500
Cleveland Bay                 $500
Dutch Warmblood               $500
Highland Chestnut             $500
Lusitano                      $500
Painted Quarter Horse         $500
Painted Standardbred          $500
Quarter Horse                 $500
Standardbred Pinto            $500
Tersk                         $500
Tubiano Pinto                 $500
Turkmen                       $500
Welsh Mountain                $500
American Standardbred         $1500
Hungarian Halfbred            $1500
Kentucky Saddler              $1500


General Store

Item                          Price
----                          -----
Rabbit's Foot                 $25
Survivalist Map               $25
Great Plains Map              $55
Apple                         $1
Horse Pills                   $20
Moonshine                     $60
Infested Ardennais            $100
Jaded Tersk                   $100
Lusitano Nag                  $100
Ardennais                     $500
Cleveland Bay                 $500
Dutch Warmblood               $500
Highland Chestnut             $500
Lusitano                      $500
Painted Quarter Horse         $500
Painted Standardbred          $500
Quarter Horse                 $500
Standardbred Pinto            $500
Tersk                         $500
Tubiano Pinto                 $500
Turkmen                       $500
Welsh Mountain                $500
American Standardbred         $1500
Hungarian Halfbred            $1500
Kentucky Saddler              $1500


Item                          Price
----                          -----
Bait                          $15
Bandolier                     $125
Throwing Knife                $20
Fire Bottle                   $25
Dynamite                      $45
Mauser Pistol                 $800
Evans Repeater                $500
Carcano Rifle                 $1100
Revolver Ammo                 $12
Pistol Ammo                   $15
Repeater Ammo                 $25
Rifle Ammo                    $20
Shotgun Ammo                  $30
Sniper Rifle Ammo             $40

Doctor's Office

Item                          Price
----                          -----
Medicine                      $25
Chewing Tobacco               $35
Moonshine                     $60


Item                          Price
----                          -----
US Military Scrap             $200


[22] CHEATS                                                             [2200]


Cheats can be discovered in-game in various areas and can be activated in the 
Options menu. Once you have a cheat, type it in "Options" -> "Cheats". Cheats 
can be turned on and turned off at any time.

You can implement cheats in Red Dead Redemption, but doing so has some serious 
repercussions. When a cheat is turned on, you can no longer unlock 
achievements. If you turn on a cheat and save your game, the save file will be 
marked with an asterisk (*) and loading the save file will block any and all 
achievements from being unlocked. If you care about achievements, you might 
want to make a separate save file just for using cheats.


 Cheat Name: Infinite Ammo
 Description: Gives the player infinite ammo
 Location: Found in Newspaper #58


 Cheat Name: Horse
 Description: Spawns a horse
 Location: Lake Don Julio, written above door inside cabin


 Cheat Name: Sharp Dressed Man
 Description: Unlocks the Gentleman's Attire and Legend of the West outfit
 Location: Found in Newspaper #60


 Cheat Name: Invincibility
 Description: "God Mode", cannot take damage
 Location: Found in Newspaper #61


 Cheat Name: Who?
 Description: Decreases the player's Fame to zero
 Location: Sepulcro, carved on a tombstone


 Cheat Name: Famous
 Description: Gives the player maximum Fame
 Location: The Old Bacchus Place, written alongside one of the huts


 Cheat Name: Infinite Dead Eye
 Description: Gives the player infinite Dead Eye
 Location: Primera Quebrada, written on a wall inside the ruins


 Cheat Name: Man In Uniform
 Description: Unlocks the US Army Uniform, US Marshal Uniform, and Bureau
 Location: Pacific Union R.R. Camp, written on back of railroad car


 Cheat Name: Diplomatic Immunity
 Description: Removes current bounty, immune to future bounties
 Location: Found in Newspaper #57


 Cheat Name: Good Guy
 Description: Gives the player maximum Honor
 Location: Found in Newspaper #59


 Cheat Name: Gun Set 1
 Description: Unlocks Volcanic Pistol, Springfield Rifle, and Double-barreled
 Location: Nosalida, written inside chicken coop


 Cheat Name: Gun Set 2
 Description: Unlocks Fire Bottle, Buffalo Rifle, Sawed-off Shotgun,
              Semi-automatic Pistol, Schofield Revolver, and Winchester
 Location: Found in Newspaper #56


 Cheat Name: Hic
 Description: Makes the player drunk
 Location: Rathskeller Fork, written on ceiling of room next to safehouse


 Cheat Name: Infinite Horse Stamina
 Description: Gives the player's horse infinite stamina
 Location: Found in Newspaper #54


 Cheat Name: Coach
 Description: Spawns a stagecoach at player's location
 Location: The Scratching Post, underneath porch balcony


 Cheat Name: Jack Attack
 Description: Player changes into Jack Marston, set game's completion to 72%
              and completes all story missions
 Location: Beecher's Hope, written inside barn


 Cheat Name: Old School
 Description: Activates a sepia filter
 Location: Found in Newspaper #53


 Cheat Name: Money
 Description: Gives the player $500
 Location: Plata Grande, carved on some wooden boards inside the mine


 Cheat Name: Decrease Bounty
 Description: Decreases the player's bounty to zero
 Location: Benedict Pass, carved on side of bridge


 Cheat Name: Lewis and Clark
 Description: Unlocks all areas on the map
 Location: Found in Newspaper #55


 Cheat Name: Gang Chic
 Description: Unlocks all gang outfits
 Location: Barranca, written on wall inside ruins


[23] 100% COMPLETION                                                    [2300]


Despite the name, you don't have to do EVERYTHING Red Dead Redemption has to 
offer in order to achieve 100% completion. However, the vast majority of the 
activities and events in the game must be completed in order to say that 
you've done everything you can do. Here is a list of all the things that you 
must complete in order to obtain 100% completion:

Story Missions

Complete all 57 story missions. This should be self explanatory. Go over to 
Sections 4-8 for more information on the mission chains.

Stranger Missions

Complete 18 Stranger missions. The only one that doesn't contribute towards 
100% completion is "I Know You".

- American Appetites
- American Lobbyist
- Aztec Gold
- California
- Daedalus and Son
- Eva in Peril
- Flowers for a Lady
- Funny Man
- Jenny's Faith
- Let No Man Put Asunder
- Lights, Camera, Action
- Love is the Opiate
- Poppycock
- The Prohibitionist
- Remember My Family
- Water and Honesty
- Who Are You to Judge?
- The Wronged Woman


There are a total of 94 areas in the game. Alternatively, you can buy the nine 
region maps. Check Section 10 for more information. 

- New Austin
  Hennigan's Stead
  Cholla Springs
  Rio Bravo
  Gaptooth Ridge

- Nuevo Paraiso
  Punta Orgullo
  Diez Coronas

- West Elizabeth
  Tall Trees
  Great Plains


Purchase all available safehouses in the game (13). Houses you can rent and 
the Pleasance House do not count. Safehouses marked with an asterisk (*) are 
obtained by default and do not have to be bought.

- New Austin
  MacFarlane's Ranch*
  Thieves' Landing
  Rathskeller Fork

- Nuevo Paraiso
  Puerto Cuchillo*
  Casa Madrugada
  El Matadero

- West Elizabeth
  Manzanita Post
  Beecher's Hope (John's Room)*
  Beecher's Hope (Jack's Room)*

Rare Weapons

You must purchase all five rare weapons. The name of the gun is listed, 
followed by where you can buy it.

- LeMat Revolver (Escalera)
- Semi-auto Shotgun (Escalera)
- Carcano Rifle (Blackwater)
- Evans Repeater (Blackwater)
- Mauser Pistol (Blackwater)


Complete Rank 10 in all four of the game's Challenges.

- Survivalist Challenge
- Master Hunter Challenge
- Sharpshooter Challenge
- Treasure Hunter Challenge

Gang Hideouts

Complete all seven Gang Hideouts.

- New Austin
  Pike's Basin
  Twin Rocks
  Fort Mercer
  Gaptooth Breach

- Nuevo Paraiso
  Tesoro Azul

Mini Games

You must win at all six mini games at least once. Make sure you exit the game 
with a profit for it to count as a win.

- Poker
- Liar's Dice
- Blackjack
- Horseshoes
- Five Finger Fillet
- Arm Wrestling


There are only two jobs, but they are in a total of five locations; complete 
the jobs in all five locations.

- Nightwatch
  MacFarlane's Ranch

- Horsebreaking
  Ridgewood Farm


You must complete a specific number of bounties in each province. Bounties are 
endless and you do not have to capture every single bounty - all you have to 
do is capture a bounty at all 20 locations. There are eight locations in New 
Austin, eight in Nuevo Paraiso, and four in West Elizabeth.

- New Austin
  The Hanging Rock
  Rattlesnake Hollow
  Mercer Station
  Rio del Lobo
  Silent Stead
  Repentance Rock
  Brittlebrush Trawl

- Nuevo Paraiso
  Plata Grande
  Hendidura Grande
  Ojo del Diablo
  Rancho Polvo
  Laguna Borrego
  Primera Quebrada

- West Elizabeth
  Bearclaw Camp
  Tanner's Reach
  Nekoti Rock
  Aurora Basin


You must unlock nine of the 14 outfits. The Cowboy Outfit, Duster Coat, Bureau 
Uniform, and Legend of the West outfit do not count towards 100% completion.

- Elegant Suit
- Bollard Twins Outfit
- Treasure Hunter Outfit
- Mexican Poncho
- Bandito Outfit
- Reyes' Rebels Outfit
- US Army Uniform
- US Marshal Uniform
- Rancher Clothing


[24] ACHIEVEMENTS                                                       [2400]


Here are all the Achievements found in the game, in alphabetical order.

A Savage Soul (10)

Complete "At Home with Dutch"

Austin Overpowered (25)

Complete Twin Rocks, Pike's Basin, and Gaptooth Breach Hideouts in Single 

Bearly Legal (5)

Kill and skin 18 grizzly bears

Buckin' Awesome (10)

Break the Kentucky Saddler, the American Standardbred, and the Hungarian Half-

Bullseye (20)

Get 250 headshots in any game mode

Clemency Pays (10)

Capture a bounty alive

Dastardly (5)

Place a hogtied woman on the train tracks, and witness her death by train

Evil Spirits (25)

Complete Tumbleweed and Tesoro Azul Hideouts in Single Player

Exquisite Taste (10)

Purchase a rare weapon from a gunsmith

Fightin' Around the World (5)

Knock someone out in melee in every saloon in the game in Single Player

Friends in High Places (10)

Use a pardon letter with more than $5000 bounty in Single Player

Frontiersman (20)

Obtain Legendary rank in any Single Player Ambient Challenge

Go Team! (20)

Be on the winning team for four consecutive victories in any team based game 
in public matches

Gold Medal (25)

Earn a Gold Medal Rank for a combat mission in Single Player

Have Gun Will Travel (20)

Complete all Hideouts in a single public Free Roam session

He Cleans Up Well! (10)

Obtain the Elegant Suit

Heading South on a White Bronco (5)

Evade the US Marshals while riding the Hungarian Half-bred horse in Single 

High Roller (10)

Win over 2000 chips in a hand of Poker

Hit the Trail (10)

Get from Blackwater to Escalera before sundown in a public Free Roam session

How the West Was Won (20)

Reach the top rank for multiplayer experience

In a Hail of Bullets (20)

Kill 500 enemies with any pistol or revolver in any game mode

Instinto Asesino (25)

Complete Fort Mercer and Nosalida Hideouts in Single Player

Into the Sunset (100)

Complete "The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed"

Land of Opportunity (30)

Complete "The Assault on Fort Mercer"

Long Arm of Marston (20)

Kill 500 enemies with any rifle, repeater, or shotgun in any game mode

Man of Honor / Chivalry's Dead (25)

Attain highest Fame rank and either highest Honor rank or lowest Honor rank

Manifest Destiny (5)

Kill the last buffalo in the Great Plains in Single Player

More than a Fistful (10)

Earn $10,000 in Single Player

Most Wanted (10)

Become a Public Enemy for 10 minutes and escape alive in a public Free Roam 

Mowing Them Down (20)

Kill 500 enemies with a mounted weapon in any game mode

No Dice (10)

Complete a game of Liar's Dice without losing a single die

No More Fancy Words (20)

Complete "An Appointed Time"

Nurture or Nature? (50)

Complete "Remember My Family"

On the Trail of de Vaca (10)

Uncover every location on the map in Single Player

People are Still Strange (25)

Complete 15 tasks for Strangers

Posse Up! (10)

Create a posse and get the maximum number of members

Red Dead Rockstar (10)

Kill a Rockstar or someone with this achievement in a public multiplayer match

Redeemed (100)

Attain 100% in the Single Player Game Completion stat

Slow on the Draw (10)

Get 10 assists in a single Hideout in a public Free Roam session

Sons of Mexico (40)

Complete "The Gates of El Presidio"

Spurred to Victory (10)

Complete 20 story missions without switching to a new horse at a hitching post

Strange Things are Afoot (10)

Complete a task for a Stranger

That Government Boy (10)

Complete "Exodus in America"

The Benefits of Civilization (90)

Complete "And the Truth Will Set You Free"

The Gunslinger (5)

Score a headshot on any enemy using Expert targeting mode

The Quick and Everyone Else... (20)

Be the top scoring player in any three consecutive FFA games in public matches

Unnatural Selection (20)

Kill one of every animal species in the game in any game mode

What About Hand Grenades? (10)

Get a ringer in a game of Horseshoes


             -----   RED DEAD REDEMPTION: UNDEAD NIGHTMARE   -----



[25] THE BASICS                                                         [2500]


Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare is a horror-themed DLC pack that also
acts as a standalone game. Aside from a few outfits, nothing transfers over
from your Red Dead Redemption save file.

Undead Nightmare offers you eight new story missions, several new weapons, new 
outfits, new Random Events, new sidequests, new challenges, and a couple new 
multiplayer modes. For the most part, the gameplay basics are identical to the 
main game, so Section 3 covers most of the bare-bones basics. There are still 
a lot of new gameplay mechanics featured in Undead Nightmare that is important 
enough to mention here.

Game Differences

While Undead Nightmare retains many of the gameplay essentials featured in the 
main game, there are some glaring differences that you will have to get 
accustomed to in order to survive in the Wild West.

- Money and Shops
  There is no money system in Undead Nightmare, which makes sense since money
  has no use in a zombie-infested world. There are no shops featured in the
  game, so you cannot buy goods from General Stores or ammo from Gunsmiths.
  This makes ammunition very scarce, so it's important to conserve your ammo.

- Honor and Fame
  In addition to the lack of money, the Honor and Fame system is discarded in
  the Undead Nightmare DLC. Subsequently, there are no bounties or wanted
  levels, so you can kill innocent civilians without consequence. Survivors
  will open fire on you if you attack someone, but otherwise there are no
  penalties for murder. In fact, survivors often carry around ammo to use.
- Undead Animals
  The fauna in Undead Nightmare have also become zombified. You can still
  encounter animals roaming around in the wild, but like the zombies in the
  game, they can only be killed by targeting their head or using fire. You
  can still search their corpses for rewards. While these provisions may seem
  useless considering you cannot sell them anywhere, they are used as ammo for
  one of the new weapons featured in the game.

- Fast Travel
  In Undead Nightmare, you are not able to set up camps out in the wilderness,
  for it is too dangerous. There are also no stagecoach taxis, so the only way
  to fast travel to locations on the map is through your safehouse.

Fighting the Undead

As one would expect, zombies are the main focus of Red Dead Redemption: Undead 
Nightmare. Zombies are found virtually anywhere in all three provinces and are 
usually broken up into small groups strewn amongst the wilderness and also in 
infested towns.

They are the main enemies of the game and will attack you on sight. Zombies 
can be tough to kill, since the only way you can destroy them is by targeting 
their head or using fire or some type of explosives. Since they have such a 
small target window, aiming for their head can be difficult and Dead Eye is 
typically the easiest method to destroy them. The zombies can be broken down 
into four categories:

- Fresh Undead
  These are the regular and most common zombie type you will come across. They
  are fairly fast compared to more traditional, old-school zombies and are
  capable of moving at a fast jog. They are able to grapple you if you get too
  close, so shake them off before they are able to inflict serious damage.

- Bolter
  Arguably the most obnoxious and also the most dangerous, Bolters are lanky,
  scraggly-looking zombies that use their quickness to your advantage. These
  are your new-age, 28 Days Later-type zombies: they are incredibly fast and
  scurry on all fours, so they can be hard to hit due to their agility and
  them being so low to the ground. It's best to target them first when dealing
  with a horde of zombies.

- Bruiser
  The Bruiser is a hulking monster that is slow, but durable. Even though they
  are slower than the other zombie types, the Bruiser can tackle you from a
  distance, knocking you to the ground and making you more vulnerable to other
  zombie attacks.

- Retcher
  These zombies are the only ones that have any sort of long-range attack. The
  Retchers are easily distinguishable by their glowing green skin and large
  sores covering their body. They can spew toxic goo at you, which is very
  powerful. Additionally, killing a Retcher causes it to fall to the ground
  and explode in a pool of acid. Make sure not to destroy one up close, or you
  will be showered with it.

Saving Towns

At the start of the game, all accessible towns are overrun by the Undead army. 
If you want to be able to stay in this town and save your game, then you must 
clear out the horde of zombies infesting the town. Once a town is saved, the 
safehouse becomes available and you can save your game and Fast Travel to 
other saved towns. In addition, you will be rewarded with weapons and ammo 
every time you save a town.

You're not out of the woods once a town is saved. The town will become overrun 
again three in-game days after saving it. After that, it becomes overrun and 
the town's survivors will begin to perish. If the problem is left unattended, 
the town will be lost. There are several statuses shown on the game's map:

- Status: Safe
  The symbol on the map is depicted as a black circle with a blue cross. The
  town is devoid of all zombies and you are able to save your game and use
  Fast Travel.

- Status: Under Attack
  The symbol on the map is depicted as a green circle with a white hand.
  Zombies have begun to enter the town and attack its inhabitants. You might
  want to go check things out and deal with them.

- Status: Overrun
  The symbol on the map is depicted as a red circle with a white hand. The
  town is completely overrun by zombies and survivors will begin to die, so
  you might want to hurry up and save the town while you have additional help.

- Status: Town Lost
  The symbol on the map is depicted as a black circle with an inverted red
  cross. All survivors are dead and the town is more difficult to clear out
  since you have no help. Chests still appear after you save the town and you
  can still use the safehouse.

Here is a list of all the towns you can save and their rewards:

- West Elizabeth
  Blackwater (Ammo)
  Manzanita Post (Tomahawks)
  Cochinay (Bolt Action Rifle)
  Pacific Union R.R. Camp (Rolling Block Rifle)

- New Austin
  Thieves' Landing (Fire Bottles)
  MacFarlane's Ranch (N/A)
  Armadillo (N/A)
  Twin Rocks (Volcanic Pistol)
  Ridgewood Farm (Springfield Rifle)
  Plainview (N/A)
  Rathskeller Fork (Explosive Rifle)
  Gaptooth Breach (Dynamite)

- Nuevo Paraiso
  Nosalida (Henry Repeater)
  Escalera (Buffalo Rifle)
  Tesoro Azul (Double-action Revolver)
  Chuparosa (Schofield Revolver)
  Agave Viejo (Ammo)
  El Matadero (Dynamite)
  Torquemada (Pump-action Shotgun)


[26] WALKTHROUGH                                                        [2600]


- Author's Note
  The story mode in Undead Nightmare is much shorter and much more linear than
  the main game. Each story mission unlocks the following one, but there are
  also some side missions that you can take part in along the way. Also, the
  game's location is somewhat inverted from Red Dead Redemption: you start off
  in West Elizabeth, then make your way to New Austin before finally traveling
  to Nuevo Paraiso.

 Love in the Time of Plague                                             [2601]

 Prereqs: -
 Rewards: -
 Unlocks: "Curious Tales from Blackwater, USA"


The story mode of Undead Nightmare begins at Beecher's Hope, seemingly in an 
alternate timeline from the main game. Uncle is the first zombie you encounter 
in the game, as he attacks Abigail. When you gain control, use your Double-
barreled Shotgun and aim for Uncle's head to put the old man out of his 
misery. Remember, the only way to kill a zombie with a gun is to aim for their 

Things turn sour, and Abigail and Jack both become infected. Instead of 
killing your family, use your Lasso to hogtie both of them. With both of them 
subdued in the ranch, John sets off to Blackwater for medicine. Before you 
leave, enter the barn and save your game. You can use this safehouse to save 
your game, change your outfits, and use Fast Travel. Since you haven't found 
any other locations, Fast Travel is not available right now.

There is a horse inside the barn, so whistle for it. In addition to your 
Double-barreled Shotgun and Lasso, you are also equipped with a Cattleman
Revolver and a Bandolier (plus some ammo). You will notice that the ride to
Blackwater is very desolate, so there's no need to explore. You cannot even
leave the province, since the two main exits (Dixon Crossing and Montana Ford)
are blocked off.

 Curious Tales from Blackwater, USA                                     [2602]

 Prereqs: "Love in the Time of Plague"
 Rewards: -
 Unlocks: "Get Back in That Hole, Partner"
          "A Cure for Most of What Ails You"
          "Birth of the Conservation Movement" (Survivor)
          "Dinner for Two" (Survivor)


As you enter Blackwater, you'll find that the entire city has gone to hell: 
buildings are on fire, warnings are scrawled on the side of walls, and there 
isn't a person in sight. Proceed on foot towards the "U" icon near Harold 
MacDougal's office. One of the great things about Undead Nightmare is their 
parody of horror films and other media, and you'll witness the first example 
during this cutscene.

Destroy the zombified Nastas and search Blackwater for survivors. More zombies 
appear following the cutscene, so look around for any pursuing enemies. Since 
shops are nonexistent in the game, ammo is very scarce and must be used 
wisely. You can try searching the zombies after you have dealt with them, but 
most do not contain any valuables (zombies with ammo belts do contain ammo).

Set off for the icon on the map by quickly moving through the back alleys 
towards the marked building. Marston receives the Torch, a very useful melee 
weapon that can destroy zombies while conserving ammo. Zombies are vulnerable 
to fire, so the Torch is a great tool for taking down the Undead. However, it 
is slow to use and takes a few direct hits to down a zombie, so it's probably 
not best to use in a large crowd.

Once you have the Torch in hand, run over to the Blackwater cemetery to burn 
the coffins in hopes of putting the Undead to rest. Try out the Torch on any 
zombies you come across in the city. A quick and easy way to dispose of 
zombies is to use the Torch, execution style. To perform an execution, get up 
close to your target and press the Right Trigger while holding down the Left 
Trigger. Instant kill.

Once you make it to the cemetery (marked on the map as a skull icon), burn the 
coffin lying next to the church. As soon as you set it ablaze, zombies emerge 
from their graves. There are four more coffins to burn down, so get going. 
Hold off the wave of zombies that slowly appear and ignite the remaining four 

Once the coffins have been burned, clear out the cemetery of Fresh Undead 
until one last zombie appears. This one is Mordecai, the uncle of the girl you 
talked to earlier, and he is a Bruiser. Bruisers are bigger and stronger than 
the regular zombies and are also capable of performing a devastating shoulder 
charge attack. Once you're zoned-in on the Bruiser, enter Dead Eye and target 
his head. You will need three headshots to kill Mordecai.

With the Blackwater graveyard cleared, search the corpses for any potential 
spoils before returning to the city. You can find a Repeater Carbine and some 
Sniper Rifle ammo by looting the bodies.

You'll find that Blackwater is under attack by zombies and the remaining 
survivors are working tirelessly to fend them off. You can climb the ladder to 
the snipers and give them your ammo (you certainly don't need it) and join in 
by taking out the zombie threat. There aren't many Undead roaming around the 
town, so it's best to conserve your ammo and stick with the Torch.

Now that the town is saved, you are able to use a safehouse here and Fast 
Travel to other safe locations. Also, you are given rewards every time you 
save a town. Your reward can be found on the top floor of the bank: a large 
supply of ammunition.

Pay attention to the city icons on your map. For now, Blackwater is safe 
(represented as a blue cross), but as time passes more zombies will attack and 
eventually overrun the town. It is important to keep the towns you visit safe 
and clear from any potential threats.

Your safehouse is on the third floor of the Blackwater hotel. Save, then go 
back outside and look around for survivors. Marston finds a group of civilians 
on a roof who debate the cause of the zombie outbreak. Go down the road to 
find a band of paranoid townsfolk.

A number of theories are thrown out, but two in particular stand out: some 
believe that the outbreak is due to the "man with the glass eye" and his wacky 
antics, and some others think that the people were drugged by the "snake oil 
merchant". Those descriptions should sound familiar to those who have played 
the main game...

After the scene, a Bolter ambushes you. Bolters are incredibly fast and scurry 
along the ground on all fours. Due to their movements, it can be difficult to 
target their head. Definitely use Dead Eye to get a clean shot when facing 

- Author's Note
  New Austin is now open for exploration. The missions branch off here a bit,
  with two new story missions along with two Side missions. For the main
  story missions, it does not matter which one you tackle first: either go to
  the Old Bacchus Place to visit Seth or Fort Mercer to find Nigel West
  Dickens. Also, spend some time saving towns in West Elizabeth and New Austin
  before you start any of the missions - finding new weapons and safehouses is
  important in the long run.

 Get Back in That Hole, Partner                                         [2603]

 Prereqs: "Curious Tales from Blackwater, USA"
 Rewards: -
 Unlocks: "Filth and Other Entertainment" (Survivor)


John meets up with his old pal Seth at the Old Bacchus Place. Seth doesn't let 
the Undead army bother him. In fact, he takes in his old zombie friend Moses 
as a pet! Seth isn't very pleased with the rumors of him being the catalyst to 
this whole mess after stealing the glass eye back in Tumbleweed, but he 
suggests that Marston clears out the New Austin graveyards if he wants the 
zombie outbreak to go away.

There are three cemeteries in New Austin: Coot's Chapel, Odd Fellow's Rest, 
and Tumbleweed. The order of completion doesn't matter, but Coot's Chapel is 
the closest one. Just like the graveyard in Blackwater, you must burn all the 
coffins and dispose of the zombies that emerge from the ground.

At each cemetery, you also must defeat a boss zombie to cleanse the area (like 
Mordecai back at Blackwater). These boss zombies aren't any stronger than your 
traditional Fresh Undead, but they are all supporting characters in Red Dead 
Redemption. At Coot's Chapel, you will find Alma Horlick. She was the poor old 
woman from the "Let No Man Put Asunder" Stranger mission.

Head over to Odd Fellow's Rest, which isn't too far from Armadillo. Marston 
encounters Peter Turner, the husband of Miss Horlick, along with plenty of 
other Undead scum. Lastly, Jimmy Saint is laid to rest at Tumbleweed and rises 
from the grave once you arrive and stir things up. I guess his thrill-seeking, 
action-packed adventures didn't work out so well.

Once you have cleansed all three graveyards, return to Seth at the Old Bacchus 
Place to wrap things up. Boy, Seth sure is crazy...

 A Cure for Most of What Ails You                                       [2604]

 Prereqs: "Curious Tales from Blackwater, USA"
 Rewards: Blunderbuss
 Unlocks: "American Imperialism"
          "Missing Souls" (Survivor)


Even during the zombie apocalypse, Nigel West Dickens is still up to his old 
self: scamming the common folk. Nigel's patented zombie repellant doesn't 
exactly work to his liking. In fact, the results of the tonic are opposite of 
what the doc hoped: this strange green liquid attracts Undead to its location. 
This is known as Undead Bait, and you can use it to gather up Undead either to 
distract them or to round 'em up for an easy kill.

In order to concoct another experimental design, West Dickens asks you to 
collect five Violet Snowdrop and five Desert Sage. Violet Snowdrop are found 
in the northern parts of Tall Trees, while Desert Sage grows in Gaptooth 
Ridge. Both are purple flowers, so that should make things easier: Violet 
Snowdrops are a dark violet on small stalks and Desert Sage are purple petals 
growing inside thick bushes.

Use the safehouse here in Fort Mercer to Fast Travel to one of those areas and 
start searching. You are given three Survivalist Maps, so finding the required 
herbs and flowers should be a cinch.

Once you have found five of each, go west of Fort Mercer to find the doctor 
inside his stagecoach. Nigel uses the materials to make Phosphorus Coating, a 
powerful ammo type that ignites the Undead when hit. You are also given the 
ability to build Undead Bait: collect one Wild Feverfew (white flowers found 
in Cholla Springs and Hennigan's Stead) and one Prairie Poppy (golden flowers 
found in Great Plains) to make an Undead Bait.

Next, ride down to Riley's Charge and search the ground at the "W" icon to 
find the old parts West Dickens was looking for. Deliver them to Nigel (he is 
found at Benedict Point this time) to receive the Blunderbuss. This 
devastating shotgun uses Undead scraps as ammunition. In order to obtain more 
ammo for this juggernaut, kill and loot Undead animals or zombies (they now 
drop Undead parts).

 American Imperialism                                                   [2605]

 Prereqs: "Get Back in That Hole, Partner"
          "A Cure for Most of What Ails You"
          "Missing Souls" (Survivor)
 Rewards: US Army Uniform
 Unlocks: "Mother Superior Blues"
          "Biographies and Lies" (Survivor)


Once you have completed the necessary missions, Nigel will spring up at 
Solomon's Folly. In order to get into Mexico, you must ride with the American 
Army on a train leaving from Benedict Point. The problem is that you aren't in 
the Army. Well, there is one way to get around that...

Proceed to The Scratching Post, where you will find a small band of soldiers 
that have deserted their peers. Help the cowards defend the house from an army 
of zombies, or leave them to their fate and steal the uniform. It doesn't 
matter which route you take; all you need to know is that the chest containing 
the US Army Uniform is near a campfire next to the house.

Now that you are properly disguised as a US Soldier, make your way to Benedict 
Point to get on the train with the real soldiers. Hop on the train and help 
the soldiers prevent a zombie takeover. It is best to stay on the train and 
shoot the zombies down below so you don't get surrounded by these monsters.

As you get rolling, more zombies will pour out of seemingly nowhere and try to 
flood the train. They never succeed, and even thought he soldiers begin firing 
at them, conserve your ammo and let them be. Things go awry before you can 
reach the border; the border itself is blocked!

Zombies interrupt the group as the soldiers clear off the tracks, so hold your 
ground and don't let the Undead advance any further. Most of the soldiers are 
killed and the rest retreat, leaving you on your own. Clear out the remaining 
enemies and release the train's brakes to crash through the debris and into 
Nuevo Paraiso. 

 Mother Superior Blues                                                  [2606]

 Prereqs: "American Imperialism"
 Rewards: Holy Water
 Unlocks: "A Civilized Man"


The town of Las Hermanas is in disarray, like expected. A tough nun manages to 
fend off a zombie, but her sisters refuse to commit murder - even on an Undead 
monster - and are left for dead inside the town.

This mission is no different than saving a town. Las Hermanas is overrun, and 
you must wipe out the remaining zombies inside. However, the amount of Undead 
found inside is likely the most you have encountered so far, so this job will 
conserve a lot of time and a lot of ammunition. Stay on the upper balconies 
with the other survivors and pick off the zombies below. 

Once you are victorious, go back outside and talk to the nuns. Mother Superior 
offers her insight on the possible cause for the zombie plague and she asks 
for you to bring her a zombie subject. You can go right across the street to 
find a Fresh Undead to bring to her. Hogtie the zombie and bring it back to 
Mother Superior.

Mother Superior's hypothesis seems to be correct when the holy water she pours 
on the zombie nearly saves it... it is definitely something supernatural. 
Mother Superior provides Marston with her remaining supply of Holy Water 
before he sets off.

You are given five vials of Holy Water to use when clearing out the graveyard 
in Sepulcro. Head down the road to Sepulcro and begin burning the coffins. 
Once they are all toasted, use the Holy Water and your other weapons to 
destroy the zombies. Just note that Sepulcro is a bigger cemetery than the 
others you have cleansed, so there are a LOT of zombies that you must kill.

Guess who the boss zombie in Sepulcro is? John's good friend, Capitan Vincente 
de Santa. Take out the final wave of zombies and De Santa to finally cleanse 
Sepulcro. For the final part of the mission, backtrack to Las Hermanas and 
give Mother Superior the news. Your new destination is President Abraham 
Reyes' mansion in Escalera.

- Author's Note
  The music playing during your journey to Escalera is "Bad Voodoo" by Kreeps.
  Really awesome song that fits the game perfectly.

 A Civilized Man                                                        [2607]

 Prereqs: "Mother Superior Blues"
 Rewards: -
 Unlocks: "On a Pale Horse"


Don't worry if you never saved the town of Escalera prior to this mission, 
because it's cleared out when you arrive. Proceed to the Reyes estate 
(formerly belonging to Coronel Allende) for a cutscene. Turns out that Abraham 
has suffered the fate as many others; shoot him dead and rescue the girl he 
was tormenting.

The girl reveals that Abraham stole a sacred mask from an ancient burial 
grounds underneath Escalera, which caused the zombie outbreak. Descend the 
stairs towards the bullfighting ring and sneak inside the hole in the back of 
the stands.

You can expect to find plenty of zombies down here in the underground passage. 
These zombies are straight from the Earth, for they are not closed and have 
creepy red eyes. As you reach the first intersection, take the northernmost 
path to reach a dead end and a Semi-auto Shotgun. Proceed down the middle path 
to go deeper into the cave.

Continue through the green, Retcher-filled tunnels. You can find ammo along 
the way on top of crates and other objects. Once you finally reach the crypt 
at the end, you will be sealed inside. Stand your ground and fend off wave 
after wave of the Undead - all four zombie types. There is ammunition in the 
corners if you need any.

Eventually, John will be able to place the mask on the altar, triggering the 
ending cinema. 

 On a Pale Horse                                                        [2608]

 Prereqs: "A Civilized Man"
 Rewards: -
 Unlocks: -


This isn't a mission per se, but more like the game's epilogue. Once you gain 
control of Marston (who is now an Undead himself), you can continue playing 
through the game. Now that you are a zombie, other zombies will be less 
inclined to attack you (though they will retaliate if you get too close or 
attack them). For whatever reason, survivors act the same around you even 
though you're a walking pile of flesh and bone. You are also given the 
mythical horse Death at the start of the "mission".

Other than that, the game plays the same during the epilogue. The story mode 
is over, but you can still participate in Side missions, Missing Souls, 
Challenges, and other activities.


[27] SIDE MISSIONS                                                      [2700]


Side missions are Undead Nightmare's equivalent of the Stranger missions seen 
in the main game. They are unlocked after completing specific missions and can 
be found in select locations by looking for a "?" symbol or a green circle on 
the map.

The missions are listed in chronological order in relation to when they are 

 Birth of the Conservation Movement

 Prereqs: "Curious Tales from Blackwater, USA"
 Location: Tanner's Reach
 Rewards: Undead Hunter Scrap


Head over to Tanner's Reach and stop at the cabin to find a huntsman 
proclaiming that he shot and killed a Sasquatch. Marston is a bit skeptical, 
but the old hermit stands by his word. Your job is to search Tall Trees for 
Sasquatches and kill six of 'em. The game makes it easy for you and marks the 
location of the mystical creatures on your map.

Set out for the green circles to find a Sasquatch. By golly, they ARE real! 
These beasts are passive and generally afraid of humans, so it'll immediately 
run away once spotted. Give it a nice shot in the head for a quick, clean 
kill, then set off for the next green circle on the map. You cannot search the 
Sasquatch corpses for any provisions.

You are eventually led to the northern tip of Tall Trees, past the path that 
leads up to Cochinay. You will encounter the final Sasquatch here, but a 
cinema plays before you are given a chance to finish it off. The mission ends 
immediately after the scene, so you're given a choice on whether or not you 
want to kill the final Sasquatch and lead this species to extinction or to let 
it be. Your choice has no impact on the mission or any further outcomes, so 
it's up to your conscience.

 Dinner for Two

 Prereqs: Save Armadillo
 Location: Armadillo
 Rewards: Sawed-off Shotgun


Once you are able to enter New Austin, save Armadillo from a zombie attack and 
stop by at the sheriff's office to have a chat with Marshal Johnson. Marshal 
would love to do his job and protect the townsfolk of Armadillo, but he can't 
do so without his missing deputies.

Go out in search for Jonah and Eli, who were last spotted behind the General 
Store. Marshal gives John a Sawed-off Shotgun. First, stop by the General 
Store for some clues and talk to its knucklehead owner (Herbert Moooooon!!), 
who gives you nothing aside from a hate-fueled and humorous tirade.

Destroy Herbert Moon and his zombie makers after the long rant, then continue 
on your search for the two deputies. You will find them near the stables. Deal 
with them accordingly, then return to Marshal to end the Side mission.

 Paternal Pride

 Prereqs: Save MacFarlane's Ranch
 Location: MacFarlane's Ranch
 Rewards: Winchester Repeater


After clearing the Undead out of MacFarlane's Ranch (which becomes accessible 
along with all of New Austin after completing the "Curious Tales from 
Blackwater, USA" mission), stop by at Bonnie and Drew's house. Unfortunately, 
Drew has been holed up in the barn ranglin' up the Undead for a whole day now, 
so things aren't looking too bleak.

Check on Drew MacFarlane by investigating the barn. The main entrance is 
locked, so you must find another way inside. Start by climbing up the side of 
the windmill, then shimmying along the side of the barn roof. Drop inside from 
the open window and destroy the four zombies. Marston finds a zombified Drew, 
as expected. Put him out of his misery and deliver the bad news to Bonnie.

 Filth and Other Entertainment

 Prereqs: Save Plainview
 Location: Plainview
 Rewards: Undead Hunter Scrap


After saving Plainview, Marston will find D.S. MacKenna near the camping tents 
with a hogtied zombie. MacKenna plans to make history by using the Undead 
outbreak to create a critically-acclaimed film. He already has one zombie tied 
up in a tent, but requires a Retcher to complete his filming.

As the game suggests, the best place to find a Retcher is in Gaptooth Ridge. 
Walk around in the open until you find one of these foul creatures - they're 
the ones coated with green lines and spot toxic goo at you. Retchers are still 
the rarest zombie type, but they seem to be a lot more common in Gaptooth 
Ridge. I'm not sure if it's area-specific or maybe the game makes them pop up 
more in order to help you out in the Side mission. Make sure to take out any 
surrounding zombies, but leave the Retcher alone.

When it's just the two of you, lasso the zombie and hogtie it. Just like 
bandits and other criminals, you can hogtie a zombie and place it on the back 
of your horse. It won't be able to hurt you, so bring it back to MacKenna. I 
have experienced some bugs where the Retcher falls off the back of your horse, 
so stop and place it back on if this ever happens. Soon after, D.S. MacKenna 
finds out that sometimes you must be careful what you wish for...

 Missing Souls

 Prereqs: "A Cure for Most of What Ails You"
 Location: Fort Mercer
 Rewards: Semi-automatic Pistol
          Undead Hunter Scrap


After completing the "A Cure for Most of What Ails You" mission, use the 
ladders to enter Fort Mercer. John sees the American Army Captain hanging up a 
missing person poster. Thinking that it's a wanted poster, he cracks a joke. 
The Captain is not amused and suggests that Marston goes out and finds the 
girl. Feeling guilty over the misunderstanding, he agrees.

This Side mission is an introduction to the Missing Persons side quests. These 
quests are nearly identical the Bounty Hunter missions in the main game. The 
glaring difference is that instead of hunting down criminals and bringing them 
to jail, you set out to find missing civilians and deliver them to a safe zone 
like Fort Mercer.

Take the poster from the wall to discover the whereabouts of Millicent 
Waterbury. She was last seen at Pleasance House. Leave the fort and head over 
there on your horse to find her being swarmed by zombies. Take them all out 
and the girl will come out of hiding. Simply ride back to Fort Mercer to 
complete the mission. However, there are many more to come, so you can take a 
Missing Persons poster to begin a new mission.

 Biographies and Lies

 Prereqs: "American Imperialism"
 Location: Casa Madrugada
 Rewards: Boom Bait


Casa Madrugada is one of the few towns in Nuevo Paraiso that is devoid of all 
zombies, and for a good reason. Landon Ricketts is living here and has taken 
care of the Undead nuisances here. In fact, the town has basically been turned 
into a zombie brothel! Landon is trying to find a way to exterminate the 
Undead with little effort, and he requires Undead Bait and Dynamite.

By now, you likely have both of those weapons. Undead Bait was given to you by 
Nigel West Dickens, and Dynamite can be found by saving Gaptooth Breach and El 
Matadero. If you ran out of Undead Bait, you can make some by collecting Wild 
Feverfew and Prairie Poppies.

If you already possess Undead Bait and Dynamite, then you're in luck: waste a 
few hours by catching some z's upstairs and find Ricketts outside. Ricketts 
uses the two to create Boom Bait, which needs no real explaining when you take 
into account the two ingredients used. After a successful test run, the Side 
mission will come to an end.

In addition to the Boom Bait you already have, you can build more Boom Bait 
with one Undead Bait and one stick of Dynamite.


[28] CHALLENGES                                                         [2800]


There are four specific challenges in the game, each with ten ranks to 
achieve, that test various skillsets. All four challenges can be triggered 
very early in the game, and completing a rank unlocks the next one. There is 
no timetable for completion, and challenges can be completed at any time of 
the game (including the Epilogue). 

 Undead Hunter                                                          [2801]

The Undead Hunter challenge involves killing specific zombies and other types 
of undead animals. It is arguably the easiest challenge in Undead Nightmare 
because most of the time you will complete these ranks as you move forward in 
the game.

Undead Hunter - Rank 1

 Objective: Kill 100 Fresh Undead and 25 Bolters

This should come naturally as you progress through the game. There's no real 
strategy to completing this rank other than to scour the wilderness in search 
of zombies to fight. You're going to complete this rank eventually.

Undead Hunter - Rank 2

 Objective: Kill 25 more Bruisers and 15 more Retchers

Bruisers and Retchers are more uncommon than Bolters and certainly Fresh 
Undead, so this one might take a while. Just like the last rank, it's more a 
question of when rather than if. You're going to complete this rank eventually 
before you finish the main story, so you can choose to hunt for these two 
zombie types or just continue the story and not worry about it.

Undead Hunter - Rank 3

 Objective: Kill 2 zombies with a Retcher explosion

When killed, Retchers explode into a cloud of powerful green ooze. This stuff 
is deadly to not only Marston, but to other zombies as well. You must get two 
random zombies close enough to a Retcher so that when you destroy the Retcher, 
the ensuing explosion offs the other two enemies.

You can do this one of two ways. The more difficult way is to find a Retcher 
and at least two other zombies, then run around near the Retcher so the others 
come towards you and the Retcher. Once you feel that they are close enough, 
down the Retcher so that the explosion takes out the others. If you want to 
play it safe, hogtie a Retcher and two other zombies and place them all right 
next to each other. That way, they are all immobilized and cannot avoid the 

Undead Hunter - Rank 4

 Objective: Kill 2 undead bears, 5 undead wolves, and 3 undead cougars using a

This tough challenge can be made very easy as long as one of the Four Horses 
of the Apocalypse are in your possession. Preferably Pestilence or Famine, 
since War and Death can kill undead creatures by touch. These horses are 
nearly immortal, so undead animals won't be able to bring them down.

Undead wolves are found virtually everywhere, so locating five of them should 
not be a problem. Undead bears are found in Tall Trees, of course. Undead 
cougars are much more widespread than in the main game: they can be found in 
Rio Bravo and Great Plains like always, but they can also be spotted in Tall 
Trees and other locations in New Austin and Nuevo Paraiso.

All you need to do is ride your mythical mount and find the undead animals 
with your Torch equipped. You can attack the animals while riding your horse, 
so let them surround you and swing at 'em. The undead animals should go down 
in two or three hits each, and you're safe as long as you are atop your 
unstoppable horse. The only problem you may encounter along the way is if 
there are any zombies nearby, since they can wrestle you off your horse.

By completing Rank 4, you receive Holy Water.

Undead Hunter - Rank 5

 Objective: Find and kill the Chupacabra

The legendary Chupacabra is found in Nuevo Paraiso. The monster randomly 
spawns anywhere in the province and can only be discovered after completing 
Rank 4 of the Undead Hunter Challenge, so don't bother trying to look for it 
if you haven't completed the previous rank. On my first playthrough, I found 
the Chupacabra near Ojo del Diablo, and the second time around it was 
northwest of Torquemada.

Just like Famine, the Chupacabra is found anywhere in Nuevo Paraiso and 
finding it can be very difficult and time consuming. Just like the Four Horses 
of the Apocalypse, a blue circle appears on the map and a message pops up when 
you have entered the creature's roaming grounds. There have been rumors that 
killing the black goats that roam around the game may coerce the Chupacabra to 
appear (the Chupacabra feeds on goats), but it sounds like hogwash to me.

The Chupacabra itself is a greenish-grey bipedal monster that looks somewhat 
like a hairless wolf, although a bit bigger. Now all you need to do is shoot 
the beast. It cannot withstand much punishment, so a bullet to the head is 
really all you need.

By completing Rank 5, you receive the LeMat Revolver and Evans Repeater.

 Undead Sharpshooter                                                    [2802]

The Undead Sharpshooter challenge is exactly like the Sharpshooter challenge 
from the main game: it focuses on your ability to properly wield a gun and 
make accurate shots. This time around, your efforts will be focused on zombies 
and other Undead creatures.

Undead Sharpshooter - Rank 1

 Objective: Kill 5 Undead in 10 seconds using a gun

This rank is very easy once you manage to find a large group of zombies in one 
place. The best spot to complete this rank is in a town that is overrun. When 
you are saving a town, find a tight-knit group of enemies and use Dead Eye to 
mark and kill five Undead.

Undead Sharpshooter - Rank 2

 Objective: Headshot 10 Undead in a row

This should be a fairly easy rank even if you aren't a skilled sharpshooter. 
As for the record, I think this only applies to Fresh Undead; there have been 
reports that scoring a headshot on the other three zombie types will reset the 
count. The best spot to complete this is in a populated area, such as a town 
that is being overrun. Use Dead Eye if you are not confident in your skills 
and you should be just fine.

Undead Sharpshooter - Rank 3

 Objective: Kill 5 flaming Undead in one Dead Eye meter. If you need Fire
            Bottles, try saving Thieves' Landing

This rank is a lot easier once you have the Fire Bottles (found after saving 
Thieves' Landing). Lighting five Undead on fire is a tough task in its own 
right, but then you have to enter Dead Eye and kill all five in one go. The 
best way to do this is find a large band of Undead (again, the most common way 
is in a town) and try to get them huddled together if you can. Light them on 
fire, using more than one Fire Bottles if necessary, then back up and enter 
Dead Eye using a gun with a large ammo capacity.

However, the easiest way to complete this challenge is using Phosphorus 
Coating, which is obtained during the "A Cure for Most of What Ails You" story 
mission. Phosphorus Coating gives you flaming bullets, so there is no need to 
use Fire Bottles to catch them on fire. Simply use the Phosphorus Coating and 
shoot five zombies in a single Dead Eye to complete this.

Undead Sharpshooter - Rank 4

 Objective: Kill one of each of the 4 Undead types in one Dead Eye meter

Finding all four zombies types in one area is difficult. In fact, that's what 
makes this challenge so frustrating. Jorge's Gap is a great spot to find a ton 
of zombies, but the best place to go is El Presidio. As you approach the main 
gate to the fortress, a group containing all four zombie types will spawn 
every single time. Once they spawn, enter Dead Eye and get 'em all in one go.

Undead Sharpshooter - Rank 5

 Objective: Get 5 Undead sniper kills in 8 seconds (can't use Dead Eye). If
            you need a sniper rifle, try saving Pacific Union Railroad Camp

With a Sniper Rifle equipped (you can get a Rolling Block Rifle by saving the 
Pacific Union R.R. Camp), score five headshots in eight seconds or under 
without using Dead Eye. This can be very easy for players that are skilled at 
using a Sniper Rifle, but difficult for others.

First off, find a highly populated area (Jorge's Gap or any town works) and 
find an elevated area before going to town. Make sure you have a good view of 
at least five zombies and try to shoot them in the head. If you don't want to 
get headshots, use Phosphorus Coating and shoot them anywhere for a kill. 

However, the easiest/cheapest way to complete this challenge is to kill the 
zombies with an execution. Instead of aiming and sniping, run towards an 
Undead with your Sniper Rifle equipped and press the Right Trigger to 
automatically shoot the zombie. Run around and perform five total executions 
and you will finish the rank.

By completing Rank 5, you receive the Carcano Rifle and Mauser Pistol.

 Undead Treasure Hunter                                                 [2803]

In the Undead Treasure Hunter challenge, you must use your knowledge of the 
environment and treasure maps to help pinpoint the location of valuable 
treasures across all three provinces.

Undead Treasure Hunter - Rank 1

 Objective: Find the first map in a chest at a wilderness camp and find the

You must find the first map through a random event. Either look for a man 
sitting at a camp or a civilian using a gatling gun to fend off zombies. There 
should be a chest here that contains the Treasure Map. This is a Random Event, 
so this rank can be annoying and time-consuming.

Once you have the Treasure Map, open it in your Kit. The first thing you 
notice is the windmill found at MacFarlane's Ranch. From this windmill, follow 
the trail north until you reach a fork at the train tracks. Continue north at 
the intersection and ride up the giant hill. This area may seem familiar, 
since this spot at Hennigan's Stead is a popular boar hunting ground.

Once you get up the hill, follow the mountain wall west and you should pass by 
some tall trees and eventually enter a snowy area. Follow the canyon until you 
reach a pile of rocks at a dead end. Uncover the rocks to find a ton of ammo 
and the next map.

Undead Treasure Hunter - Rank 2

 Objective: Find the treasure

This treasure was pretty tough to find, since the map isn't as descriptive as 
one would hope. The map depicts two ranch houses, and a tree on top of a cliff 
in the distance. You must go between the two houses and follow the road 
towards the cliff; head up the hill underneath the tree at the top of the 
cliff and the treasure should be there.

This location is east of Venter's Place. If you go to Venter's Place and look 
east, you should find the lone tree at the very edge of the cliff in the 
distance. Follow the road past Lake Don Julio and ride towards the cliff. Head 
up the hill and try to position yourself underneath the tree hanging over the 
cliff. It's a little west of the tree. The treasure is really hard to find, so 
it may take a while to comb the area. You will get more ammo and a new map.

Undead Treasure Hunter - Rank 3

 Objective: Find the treasure

By looking at the map, you will see a fenced in shack and two large rock 
spires not too far away. It also shows a path that leads up to these giant 
rocks. This happens to be The Scratching Post, which is in the southwest 
corner of New Austin. Once you reach the old house, look on your map at the 
rocks northwest of the home. You can climb to the top from the side or back, 
and walk between the two rock tips to find a new Treasure Map along with some 
precious ammo.

Undead Treasure Hunter - Rank 4

 Objective: Find the treasure

This is probably the easiest treasure to find, because the map gives it away 
perfectly. A large cemetery with tall monuments is drawn on the map, and the 
treasure can be found across the road from this cemetery, near a patch of palm 
trees. The only cemetery in the game that fits this description is Sepulcro.

Head over to Sepulcro once you are able to enter Mexico and explore the grassy 
clearing south of the cemetery. The rocks can be tricky to find due to the 
large number of trees and the tall grass/bushes. Once you enter the ridge, the 
treasure should be found at the base of the second batch of trees.

Undead Treasure Hunter - Rank 5

 Objective: Find the treasure

All you can really decipher from this map is that the treasure is somewhere 
near Casa Madrugada. It's pretty vague and pinpoints the location of the 
treasure alongside the mountain range southwest of Casa Madrugada.

Go to the town first, then continue southwest along the cliff walls. You can 
get up onto an outcropping alongside the wall that stretches all alongside the 
cliff, so climb up onto this ledge and carefully move southwest towards the 
tunnel near Las Hermanas. It's on a part of the edge that juts outwards and it 
about halfway between Casa Madrugada and the tunnel.

 Four Horses of the Apocalypse                                          [2804]

The Four Horses of the Apocalypse are mythical creatures found in the game 
(similar to the legendary animals in Red Dead Redemption). They are incredibly 
rare and are only found in select locations in all three provinces. When you 
have found a mythical creature, a prompt will appear onscreen and they will be 
marked on your map. The four horses can be found in any order.

Four Horses of the Apocalypse - Rank 1

 Objective: Find one of the Four Horses of the Apocalypse

West Elizabeth is home to one of the Four Horses of the Apocalypse: 
Pestilence. Pestilence can be found in many areas throughout West Elizabeth, 
but the most common region is anywhere in Tall Trees. Anywhere from Manzanita 
Post to Nekoti Rock is fair game. It is also possible to find the horse in the 
Great Plains, near Beecher's Hope and Broken Tree, but sightings are far less 
common here.

A message will appear onscreen once you have entered the vicinity of the 
mythical creature and a blue circle appears on the map. Just like any other 
mount, lasso Pestilence and break it to make the horse yours. 

Pestilence is a scraggly white horse with bloodshot eyes and cuts and scrapes 
all over its body. It's also surrounded by a thick green smog. Like all the 
mythical horses, Pestilence has unlimited stamina and is impossible to kill. 
However, the other horses are near-invincible as well, so I wouldn't say that 
Pestilence has any special perks.

Four Horses of the Apocalypse - Rank 2

 Objective: Find one of the Four Horses of the Apocalypse

Pestilence was the easiest of the four mythical horses to find, because the 
remaining three have a MUCH larger roaming ground. War can be found anywhere 
throughout the New Austin province. There is no specific location other than 
the entire province and can appear virtually anywhere, anytime.

My first playthrough, I managed to find it in Hamlin's Passing (north of 
Ridgewood Farm). The second playthrough, I encountered it while I was 
searching for the second treasure (northeast of Lake Don Julio). To avoid 
stressing yourself out, I would not recommend searching for War. Just play 
through the game and complete everything you can in New Austin: story 
missions, Side missions, saving all the towns, you name it. You are bound to 
run into it sooner or later on your journey.

War is a maroon and black horse covered in flames. Its mane and tail are made 
of fire and it has the unique ability to ignite any zombie or Undead animal 
that comes in contact with the horse. It's a nifty ability and War is 
certainly one of the cooler-looking mythical mounts.

Four Horses of the Apocalypse - Rank 3

 Objective: Find one of the Four Horses of the Apocalypse

You can find the third legendary horse once you are able to enter Nuevo 
Paraiso. Famine is the next horse on your list, and similar to War, it can be 
found anywhere in the Nuevo Paraiso province. As far as I know, it does not 
prefer some locations over others.

My first playthrough I found Famine near Crooked Toes and the second time I 
found it in Perdido, between Chuparosa and Las Hermanas. Again, don't stress 
yourself out trying to find it. If you plan on getting 100% completion, then 
you are going to be spending a lot of time exploring Nuevo Paraiso, and 
between all the towns you need to save and searching for the Chupacabra, you 
should manage to stumble upon it.

Famine is a skinny black horse with a white rear; it doesn't look all that 
special, but it is surrounded by a swarm of locusts. Like Pestilence, Famine 
has no special perks or abilities: the game states that it has unlimited 
stamina, but all of the mythical horses do...

Four Horses of the Apocalypse - Rank 4

 Objective: Find one of the Four Horses of the Apocalypse

Death is the last of the Four Horses of the Apocalypse, and the most difficult 
to find. Death's roaming grounds has no limitations and it can spawn ANYWHERE 
in the game. That means it can randomly appear in all three provinces. Trying 
to track Death down will drive you crazy and I certainly would not suggest 
trying it (I did manage to find Death by sheer luck near El Presidio once).

Death is automatically rewarded to the player after completing the mission "A 
Civilized Man", so this rank can be completed by finishing the story mode. 
Death is a pale white horse with a black face that is surrounded by a white 
smoke. Any zombie that touches Death will immediately be destroyed.

Four Horses of the Apocalypse - Rank 5

 Objective: Kill one of each Undead type using the fourth Horse of the
            Apocalypse, also known as "Death" (trample the Undeads)

Death has a strange aura surrounding it that automatically kills any Undead 
that comes in contact with the horse. All you have to do is run over each of 
the four zombie types using Death. This can be completed anywhere in the game 
over any span of time, but you can likely finish this rank by galloping 
through Jorge's Gap (which is often overflowing with Undead). Or go to the 
front of El Presidio, where you're bound to find one of each Undead type.

By completing Rank 5, you receive the Blood Pacts (horse deeds) for all Four 
Horses of the Apocalypse.


[29] RANDOM ENCOUNTERS                                                  [2900]


New Random Encounters take place in Undead Nightmare, usually involving 
zombies in some way. They appear in towns or out in the wild as a blue circle 
icon, and you can ignore them or participate in them. Since there is no money, 
Fame, or Honor in this DLC, completing random encounters will earn you ammo.

Brother Rescue

This Random Encounter is found in the wilderness, but usually near an 
abandoned house (Tanner's Reach, Pleasance House, etc). A man will ride up to 
Marston and ask for help. If you follow him, you'll be brought to a house 
surrounded by Undead. Wipe them all out to free the brother stranded inside. 
Go inside the house to find a chest containing ammo or a valuable item.

Crying Man

Similar to the "Suicide" Random Encounter in the main game, you might find a 
man laying on the ground, weeping over a dead body. After a few seconds, the 
dead body rises up as a zombie and starts to claw at the man. He retaliates by 
shooting the zombie in the head, then committing suicide. Unlike the 
aforementioned Random Encounter, you cannot shoot the gun out of the man's 
hand and prevent him from killing himself.

Defense Barricade

Marston may come across a small group of survivors hiding behind a makeshift 
barricade as they fight off zombies. The zombies will begin to close in on the 
barricade and eventually storm inside to overtake the humans. You can watch 
the madness from a safe distance or aid the survivors. If you decide to chip 
in and help, the humans thank you and hand over some ammo.

Escort Mission

A person (usually a woman) is stranded out in the wild and begs Marston to 
bring them back to the nearest town. Simply accept and they will get on your 
horse. Ride to the marked destination and drop them off to receive some ammo. 
The escort itself is usually calm, since unlike the main game there is nothing 
that tries to prevent you from reaching your destination.

Fighting Back

You might find a lone survivor fending off a horde of zombies. You can join in 
and help out the victim, and he will give you ammunition if you manage to wipe 
out the Undead. However, you can also sit back and let the event unfold. The 
man realizes that that he is outmatched and shoots himself rather than letting 
himself succumb to the zombie menace.

Full House

There are two categories for this Random Encounter, and they all occur near 
abandoned houses in the wild. The first involves saving a woman being attacked 
by zombies. Once you save her, she warns you not to go inside the house 
because it's filled with zombies. The other involves a preacher and a barn 
(Warthington Ranch, Venter's Place). Like the previous scenario, he warns you 
not to go inside the barn. If you open the door, zombies will emerge. In both 
cases, the house/barn holds a chest containing ammunition or an item.

Gatling Gun

You may encounter a doctor wielding a gatling gun in the middle of nowhere, 
gunning down zombies. If you approach him, he tells you that he's studying the 
Undead and requires a live sample. Bring him a hogtied zombie and he will 
reward you with ammo. Complete this Random Encounter enough times and the doc 
eventually gives you a High Power Pistol. Don't steal from his chest or shoot 
the specimen hanging up, or the doctor will retaliate.

Hungry Man

Marston may come across a camp containing a survivor and various Undead bits 
scattered about. The man gladly eats the limbs and is very hospitable, 
offering a spot at the camp for Marston. If you sit down at the camp, you can 
listen to the wacky individual. Sometimes Marston is offered a limb and 
accepts, but begins vomiting after taking one or two bites. You can open the 
chest for ammo, but the man will attack you.

Reunited Lovers

Usually found in towns, a woman will find her long-lost husband and welcome 
him with open arms. Unfortunately, the husband has become a zombie and he 
moves in for the kill. Once realization sets in, the woman will become 
startled and is eventually eaten by the husband. You can intervene and kill 
the zombie once he starts to attack her and you will be rewarded with ammo. If 
you shoot the zombie before he starts to attack her, the woman will yell at 
you, still believing that her husband was alive and well.

Rise From the Grave

Not much of a Random Encounter, but it's an interesting scene. You may come 
across a pile of flaming dead bodies usually out in the middle of nowhere. If 
you get too close, zombies will crawl out from the ground and chase you.


Usually found in towns, a disheveled man may rob and assault a woman. Make 
sure to hogtie or kill the man before he can harm the woman. You are rewarded 
with ammo afterwards as Marston states that the remaining survivors should 
band together rather than resort to thievery.

Sick Person

You may stumble across a person out in the wild that asks for medical 
assistance. Upon closer inspection, you will notice that the individual is 
pale as a ghost and generally looks unwell. They may begin to vomit on the 
ground and stumble before ultimately turning into a zombie. This brings up an 
interesting point: are the Undead simply reanimated corpses or people infected 
with some sort of virus, or maybe both?

Undead Attack

Similar to the Animal Attack, you may find a woman being hunted down by a 
group of zombies out in the wilderness. You can let her die or save her by 
shooting the zombies to receive some ammunition and a kind word.

Undead Challenge

A trigger-happy gunslinger will challenge Marston to a round of zombie 
killin'. If you can kill more zombies than the man, then he will give you some 
ammunition, but you get nothing if you lose. However, since there is no Honor 
system in Undead Nightmare, you can shoot the guy even if you lose and take 
the ammo yourself.

Undead Feast

Somewhere away from town, you might find a pair of Undead feasting on a fresh 
corpse. If you approach them, they'll focus on Marston and start going after 
him. After destroying the zombies, loot the corpse they were eating to find 
ammunition or a nice item.

Undead Pet

Not really a "pet" per se, but there are campsites set up throughout the three 
provinces that usually contain a man and an Undead chained up, most likely a 
loved one that has become a zombie. The man will treat the zombie as if 
nothing was wrong with them and feasts on limbs, occasionally giving the 
zombie a share. If you shoot the zombie, threaten the man, or steal ammo from 
his chest, he will open fire on you.


[30] MISSING PERSONS                                                    [3000]


The Missing Persons sidequest becomes available upon completion of the Side 
mission "Missing Souls". It shares many similarities with the Bounty Hunter 
missions in the main game: view the Missing Persons poster to have the 
location of the survivor placed on your map. Go to the marked spot, fend off 
some zombies to rescue the person, then deliver them to the safe zone. 

You earn ammunition by completing Missing Persons quests and other items. 
Unlike Bounty Hunter missions, there is only a set number of these available 
and you cannot repeat missions.

 New Austin

Adrienne Lachance

 Found: Armadillo
 Poster Location: Fort Mercer

Chu Fook

 Found: Gaptooth Breach
 Poster Location: Fort Mercer

Grover Boone

 Found: Venter's Place
 Poster Location: Fort Mercer

Millicent Waterbury

 Found: Pleasance House
 Poster Location: Fort Mercer

Mintie Cummings

 Found: Riley's Charge
 Poster Location: Fort Mercer

Orison Pratt

 Found: Ridgewood Farm
 Poster Location: Fort Mercer

Silas Gaskell

 Found: Critchley's Ranch
 Poster Location: Fort Mercer

Willie Oats

 Found: Plainview
 Poster Location: Fort Mercer

Willis Lassiter

 Found: Benedict Point
 Poster Location: Fort Mercer

Winona Picket

 Found: Lake Don Julio
 Poster Location: Fort Mercer

 Nuevo Paraiso

Lydia Morales

 Found: Las Hermanas
 Poster Location: El Presidio

Merche Coronado

 Found: Casa Madrugada
 Poster Location: El Presidio

Porfirio Gutierrez

 Found: Roca de Madera
 Poster Location: El Presidio

Rafael Carillo

 Found: Agave Viejo
 Poster Location: El Presidio

Ramon Alvares

 Found: Torquemada
 Poster Location: El Presidio

Santiago Valenzuela

 Found: El Matadero
 Poster Location: El Presidio


[31] ANIMALS                                                            [3100]


Hunting animals isn't nearly as important in Undead Nightmare as it is in Red 
Dead Redemption, but it still has its benefits. Since humans aren't the only 
ones affected by the Undead plague, animals have also become zombified. You 
won't see any new animals in Undead Nightmare, but there are a number of 
Undead forms of animals seen in the main game.

Undead Animals

Undead animals are zombified versions of animals see in the main game. There 
aren't as many animals seen in the DLC, but there is a fair amount of variety 
seen throughout the three provinces. Undead animals should be treated just 
like zombies and can only be killed with a headshot or by using fire. You can 
loot their corpses for provisions, but they seemingly have no use since you 
cannot sell them for money or use them as Blunderbuss ammo.

Here is a list of all the Undead animals found in the game:

- Undead Bat
- Undead Bear
- Undead Boar
- Undead Bull
- Undead Cougar
- Undead Coyote
- Undead Dog
- Undead Horse
- Undead Wolf

Mythical Animals

To go along with the horror/unnatural theme of Red Dead Redemption: Undead 
Nightmare, you can also encounter one-of-a-kind, mythical animals. These 
creatures are incredibly rare and are only found in certain areas of the 
game's map. A message prompt and a blue circle on your map and radar appear 
when you have stumbled across a mythical animal in the wild (with one 

- Chupacabra
  The Chupacabra ("goat-sucker" in Spanish) is a legendary creature that is
  found in Nuevo Paraiso. Finding and killing the Chupacabra is a requirement
  for completing the Undead Hunter Challenge, and you can only encounter if
  after completing Rank 4 of the challenge. It randomly spawns anywhere in
  Nuevo Paraiso and looks like an oversized, hairless wolf.

- Death
  One of the Four Horses of the Apocalypse, Death is only found in the wild
  after you have captured the other three mythical horses. Death is the most
  difficult mythical animal to capture because it can spawn in any of the
  three provinces. You are also rewarded with this creature after completing
  Undead Nightmare's story mode. Death is half white, half brown with a black
  face, and can immediately kill any Undead by touching it.

- Famine
  Famine is another of the Four Horses of the Apocalypse and lives in Nuevo
  Paraiso. It can be found anywhere in the province, making it difficult to
  track down and tame. Famine is a thin black horse with white splotches and
  is surrounded by a swarm of locusts.

- Horned Goat
  These goats are grouped in with the other mythical animals because they are
  the only common animal that do not have an Undead form. They are black goats
  with long, pointed horns and can be found in groups in all three provinces.
  These goats do not attack the player and cannot be looted for rewards.

- Pestilence
  The first of the Four Horses of the Apocalypse, Pestilence is found in the
  West Elizabeth province. It can be found roaming around in Tall Trees, but
  can also be found in the Great Plains. It is a sickly white horse with cuts
  and sores all over its body, and is surrounded by a thick green smog.

- Sasquatch
  Once thought to be an old wives' tale, Sasquatch are found in Tall Trees and
  are found during the Side mission "Birth of the Conservation Movement".
  Despite popular belief, there is more than one Sasquatch. They resemble tall
  brown gorillas and are very timid, often running away when spotted. Rumor
  has it that you can encounter Sasquatch after completing the mission, but I
  have never seen one outside of the mission.

- Unicorn
  The Unicorn is a mythical horse that is not a part of the Four Horses of the
  Apocalypse. It is specifically found in the hills northwest of Torquemada,
  but only appears after you have found and slain the Chupacabra. Unlike all
  other mythical animals, a message does not appear when you have encountered
  it, nor does a blue circle appear on your map or radar. The Unicorn is the
  fastest mount in the game and looks like a bright white horse with a large
  horn on its head; rainbows and butterflies trail behind it when it gallops.

- War
  War is one of the Four Horses of the Apocalypse. New Austin is its roaming
  grounds and it can randomly spawn at any area in the entire province. War is
  a large, intimidating horse that has a deep red and black coloring, and its
  mane and tail are made of fire. While riding War, any zombie or Undead
  animal you run into will be engulfed in flames.


[32] OUTFITS                                                            [3200]


In addition to some old outfits from the main game, Undead Nightmare also 
contains several new outfits that you can wear. Just like in Red Dead 
Redemption, you must fulfill a number of requirements to obtain the scraps for 
the outfit before you can wear it. This section only includes outfits 
exclusive to Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare.

Union Suit

A one-piece long underwear, generally made from flannel. Comes equipped with a 
button-up front, and a buttoned access hatch in the back for midnight runs to 
the outhouse.

- Complete "Love in the Time of Plague"
  This outfit is automatically unlocked once you complete the first story

Undead Cowboy


- Complete "On a Pale Horse"
  This is John's default outfit after completing the main story and returning
  as a zombie.

Undead Hunter/Army of the Undead

A master undead hunter outfit - comes equipped with a relic that replenishes 
ammunition and items.


- Complete the Side mission "The Birth of the Conservation Movement"
  Go over to Section 27 for detailed information.

- Complete the Side mission "Filth and Other Entertainment"
  Head over to Section 27 for more info.

- Complete the Side mission "Missing Souls"
  For more information, read up on Section 27.

- Return one Missing Person to El Presidio
  After completing the "Missing Souls" Side mission, you can participate
  in Missing Persons missions. Once you gain access to Nuevo Paraiso, proceed
  to El Presidio and take a Missing Persons poster. Track them down and bring
  them back to the fortress to receive the scrap.

- Find and break the mythical Unicorn
  You can only locate the Unicorn once you have killed the Chupacabra. The
  Unicorn can be found northwest of Torquemada, in the large clearing. Unlike
  other mythical animals, a prompt will not appear, so search the area and be
  on the lookout for any white horses that spews rainbows out of its ass (I'm
  serious). You will obtain the scrap once you tame the legendary horse.

Legend of the Apocalypse/Legend of the Undead

As a Legend of the Apocalypse, your phosphorus treatment lasts longer.


- Complete Rank 5 in all Challenges
  Beat Rank 5 in the Undead Hunter, Undead Sharpshooter, Undead Treasure
  Hunter, and Four Horses of the Apocalypse Challenges. For more information,
  check out Section 28.


[33] WEAPONS                                                            [3300]



 Power:         xx
 Range:         -
 Rate of Fire:  xxx
 Reload Speed:  -
 Ammo Capacity: -

Becomes available during the mission "Curious Tales from Blackwater, USA".

Undead Bait

 Power:         xxxxxxx
 Range:         xxx
 Rate of Fire:  -
 Reload Speed:  -
 Ammo Capacity: -

Becomes available during the mission "A Cure for Most of What Ails You".

Boom Bait

 Power:         xxxxxxx
 Range:         xxx
 Rate of Fire:  -
 Reload Speed:  -
 Ammo Capacity: -

Unlocked by completing the Side mission "Biographies and Lies".

Holy Water

 Power:         xxxxxxx
 Range:         xxx
 Rate of Fire:  -
 Reload Speed:  -
 Ammo Capacity: -

Becomes available during the mission "Mother Superior Blues".

Explosive Rifle

 Power:         xxxxxxxxxx
 Range:         xxxxxxx
 Rate of Fire:  xxx
 Reload Speed:  xxxxxxx
 Ammo Capacity: x

Becomes available after saving Rathskeller Fork.


 Power:         xxxxxx
 Range:         xx
 Rate of Fire:  xxxxxxxxx
 Reload Speed:  xxxx
 Ammo Capacity: x

Becomes available after completing the mission "A Cure for Most of What Ails 


[34] ITEMS                                                              [3400]


Blood Pact

The term "blood pact" is just a fancy name for a horse deed. You obtain four 
of these after completing the Four Horses of the Apocalypse Challenge.

- Blood Pact - Death
  A pale horse trailing a mist of death in his wake. Extremely tough. Fast

- Blood Pact - Famine
  A scrawny horse surrounded by a swarm of locusts. Extremely tough. Fast

- Blood Pact - Pestilence
  A diseased white horse surrounded by a green miasma. Extremely tough. Fast

- Blood Pact - War
  A roan horse with blazing mane, tail, and hooves. Extremely tough. Fast

Build: Blunderbuss Ammunition

Creates one ammunition for the Blunderbuss weapon. Uses ten of any type of 
Undead parts.

Build: Boom Bait

Creates one bottle of Boom Bait. Uses one Undead Bait and one Dynamite.

Build: Undead Bait

Creates one bottle of Undead Bait. Uses one Wild Feverfew and one Prairie 
Poppy. Flowers can be found in Cholla Springs and Great Plains.

Phosphorus Coating

Creates and applies phosphorus coating to all bullets for a short time. Uses 
one sage of any variety and one Violet Snowdrop. Flowers can be found in Tall 
Trees, Rio Bravo, and Gaptooth Ridge.


[35] 100% COMPLETION                                                    [3500]


Undead Nightmare is much shorter compared to the main game, so there isn't as 
much you need to do in order to attain 100% completion. However, there is 
still a fair amount of activities you need to complete, so you can expect to 
spend many hours trying to perfect everything the game has to offer. Here is a 
list of all the things that you must complete in order to obtain 100% 

Story Missions

Complete all 8 story missions (the last mission cannot really be "completed"). 
This should be self explanatory. For more information, check out Section 26.

Side Missions

Complete all of the Side missions in the game.

- Birth of the Conservation Movement
- Biographies and Lies
- Dinner for Two
- Filth and Other Entertainment
- Missing Souls
- Paternal Pride

Towns Saved

You must save all 23 towns at least once. You do not have to have all towns 
simultaneously safe to work towards 100% completion; just save each one at 
least once during the course of playing the game.

- West Elizabeth
  Manzanita Post
  Pacific Union R.R. Camp

- New Austin
  Fort Mercer
  Gaptooth Breach
  MacFarlane's Ranch
  Rathskeller Fork
  Ridgewood Farm
  Thieves' Landing
  Twin Rocks

- Nuevo Paraiso
  Agave Viejo
  Casa Madrugada
  El Matadero
  El Presidio
  Las Hermanas
  Tesoro Azul

Graveyards Cleansed

Cleanse all five graveyards. This should be automatically completed as long as 
you have completed the story mode.

- Blackwater
- Coot's Chapel
- Odd Fellow's Rest
- Tumbleweed
- Sepulcro


Complete Rank 5 in all four of the game's Challenges.

- Undead Hunter Challenge
- Undead Sharpshooter Challenge
- Undead Treasure Hunter Challenge
- Four Horses of the Apocalypse Challenge

Missing Persons

You must rescue all 16 Missing Persons. There are ten to be found in New 
Austin and six in Nuevo Paraiso. The Missing Persons posters are found in Fort 
Mercer and El Presidio.

- New Austin
  Benedict Point
  Critchley's Ranch
  Gaptooth Breach
  Lake Don Julio
  Pleasance House
  Riley's Charge
  Ridgewood Farm
  Venter's Place

- Nuevo Paraiso
  Agave Viejo
  Casa Madrugada
  El Matadero
  Las Hermanas
  Roca de Madera


You must unlock the four Undead Nightmare-exclusive outfits. The outfits that 
carry over from Red Dead Redemption do not count towards 100% completion.

- Union Suit
- Undead Cowboy
- Undead Hunter/Army of the Undead
- Legend of the Apocalypse/Legend of the Undead


[36] ACHIEVEMENTS                                                       [3600]


Here are all the Achievements found in the game, in alphabetical order.

All's Right With the World (25)

Complete "On a Pale Horse"

Chupathingy (10)

Find and kill a Chupacabra

Fan Service (10)

Find and break a Unicorn

Judge A Man By The... (30)

Complete "Cure For Most of What Ails You" and "Get Back in that Hole, Partner" 
Survivor missions.

Kingpin (10)

Fight off 8 unique players during your time on top during Land Grab in 
Multiplayer Free Roam

Mad Marston: The Trail Warrior (10)

Attain Rank 5 in all Undead Nightmare Challenges

Six Years in The Making (10)

Find and kill a Sasquatch

Smoke that Skinwagon (10)

Make it to Wave 15 in Undead Overrun Gametype in Multiplayer

Spinning Plates (25)

Have every territory saved at the same time during the Undead Nightmare

The Downward Spiral (10)

Complete "Curious Tales from Blackwater, USA" Survivor mission

The Superior Dance (10)

Complete "Mother Superior Blues" Survivor mission

Zed's Dead, Baby (40)

Attain 100% Game Completion statistic in Undead Nightmare


[37] THANKS/CREDITS                                                     [3700]


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