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"A true gem in the Battlefield Series"

What can be said about Battlefield games that are not already known? The games are always top notch, whether it be infantry warfare, ground vehicle warfare, sea vehicle warfare, and air vehicle warfare. This games has it all, also on top of that it is the first game on consoles to include the addition of planes.

Some small amount of information before the review:

Battlefield 1943 is the 7th installment in the Battlefield series and the third battlefield game to be a console exclusive (Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is debatable, but I'll add it to the list), it is also the first arcade Battlefield game ever. Battlefield 1943 is designed by the same team who made the first 6 Battlefield games, DICE or Digital Illusions CE, it is Published by EA or Electronic Arts. Battlefield 1943 does not have an online pass of any sort. Battlefield 1943 returns players back to WWII and is in many ways a successor to Battlefield 1942 the original Battlefield game. With that said lets get into the review.

Story: There is no story for this game. Its entirely a multiplayer experience only.

Gameplay: One of the most amazing games on the xbox live arcade you will ever play. Maps are larger than your normal multiplayer game, but are also designed so you don't have to run around for 10 mins at a time just to find someone. You get to choose from 3 classes, Rifleman, Engineer/demo/anti vehicle (however you want to put it), and sniper. Each class has a specific set of weapons they can use, for example Rifleman can use grenade launchers that are highly effective against infantry but weak against vehicles, the engineer class has the ability to use rocket launchers that are both effective against infantry and tanks, and snipers, well use snipers of course.

The main gametype is known as conquest. Conquest is a game where both teams start at designated bases (in the case of 1943 its a battleship), and the goal is to capture as many flags and defend them from the opposing team. Unlike many games there is no score limit or time limit, instead the game is determined by how many tickets you can drain from the opposing team, first team to reach zero tickets lose. Also unlike many FPS, you have the option of choosing where to spawn, either at your home base, on a teammate (any of the four in your squad) or one of the flags you or your team has captured.

All vehicles can be used by all the classes as well, while neither class technically has any advantage in terms of vehicles, the engineer can repair/heal tanks with a repair tool. Vehicles range from tanks, jeeps, boats, or planes. All having primary and alternative fire options for you or your teammates, depending on who is in the vehicle with you.

A new gametype that was added in 1943 is meant primarily for air warfare only. At the time of this review I have not put much time into the new gametype.

Also to note, airstrikes make a return in the this game. Although there is no commander mode like many veteran Battlefield players may be used to, fans of Battlefield 2: Modern Combat for the consoles will recognize this feature.

There are 4 maps in Battlefield 1943. Wake Island (a fan favorite from the original Battlefield games), Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima, and Coral Sea.

Unlike tradition Battlefield games which consist of 64 players, 1943 takes the same route that Bad Company 1 took and only allows for 24 players total in a match (12 on each team). 10/10

Sound: This is where Battlefield has always excelled and this game is no exception. If you have surround sound or a gaming headset, do yourself a favor and take some time to just listen to the sound around you, from gun fire, to tanks roaring past you, to planes flying above you. Battlefield has and will offer you a feeling you will not feel elsewhere. 10/10

Multiplayer: As stated this game is multiplayer only and has no single player. 10/10

Replay value: Huge, on top of the sheer fun this game can and will deliver, there are a total of 25 ranks you can obtain, a slew of medals and ribbons to obtain for bragging rights and just the simple fact that its Battlefield. 9/10

Achievements: Fairly simple to achieve, and for those who are extreme perfectionist or like to increase their gamerscore this is a game that is simple to get 200/200. 3/10 (in terms of difficulty)

Overall: Battlefield 1943 is a game that no fan of Battlefield should miss out on and new fans of the series should not miss out on this game either. Unfortunately this game is, as stated console only, and a lot of old school Battlefield fans who do not have an xbox 360 or ps3 will miss out on this gem.

Reviewer's Score: 9/10 | Originally Posted: 08/08/11

Game Release: Battlefield 1943 (US, 07/08/09)

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