Question from voodooicepop

Will there be a survival mode ?

When i say survival i mean me and my friends on xbox live and/or split screen
would have waves of zombies to kill, kind of like wave 1 10 zombies and when they are dead you have like 3 mins to get supplies until wave two starts

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Phenomenon10 answered:

No. Unfortunately.
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IainCee answered:

I believe on co-op you can do a survival mini game with bosses and stuff. dont take that as the truth im just guessing that something along the lines of survival (left 4 dead) would be an option
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konkor answered:

Co-op is online only, no splitscreen or system link and its basically playing the singleplayer. There is no overtime or infinity mode.
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benatkins_2008 answered:


There is an overtime mode, just no infinity mode.
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