Question from takesumi

Will someone make cheats for this?

The first dead rising was good,but cheats would make it even better,for goofing around,plus health and item durability is a problem,so cheats like:Invincibility,untouchable,and speed up,vehicle spawn,item spawn,and infinite ammo,and so on,would be great!

nalfa asked for clarification:

I have no Clue but No offence to you i dont really like cheats in games they ruin the game!

keelik9 asked for clarification:

I like cheats but like only activate em once ya hit lvl fiddybut yeah thatd be b nice to know

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konkor answered:

Dude the first DR didnt have cheats and knowing Capcom if it did have cheats there would be a password section in one of the menus. You cant just make cheats for a game it doesnt work like that.
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TheKaiserAxis answered:

What you are suggesting takes away what this game is and everything it is good for.
But yes, probably only for pc version though.
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