Question from takesumi

Why does it have to be online multi player?

I don't get why it can't just be a normal off-line multi player also.

takesumi provided additional details:

No,no,I asked why it has to be online.

foxrattlehead asked for clarification:

I dont understand why cant play it by system link, theres no reason.

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RPG-Unit answered:

Because Online people can jump in and out, but offline multiplayer would use an extra save slot, forcing you to start and save the game once for both players, adding complexity and increasing the computing need for a single Xbox/ PS3. These are just my theories.
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voodooicepop answered:

Because most xbox 360 are multiplayer. It add's a bit more sociable play for players. And killing zombies with your best friend who also loves killing zombies is just pure awesomeness
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Lemp35 answered:

To add to it, I think it would kill the processor to put this in split screen, and on the same screen you would be attached by a tether and I think it would end up being a kind of sad experience.
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SmokeCheck answered:

Because Jesus doesn't love you.
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