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Asked: 4 years ago

Is the Ninja Suit DLC exclusive to Gamestop or will it be released for purchase later?

I do not like to give my money to Gamesuck unless I have to.

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From: EvetscipE 4 years ago

The Ninja outfit(And all other subsequent Pre-order bonus items) are only for pre-order at gamestop OR if they havent sold all pre-orders you can buy it after launch.

If you do not buy it however, you can download the Free pack from the Xbox Live Marketplace/Playstation Store which will enable you to play co-op with someone who has the pre-ordered version

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www. /wiki/User_blog%3ADengarde/All_pre-order_bonuses_revealed. this website has some useful info about outfits. hope i helped for game spot i had to split up the web address so just space it back together

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I viewed this page, and there is no content.

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The link that Bioshock meant to link to was

www. /wiki/User_blog:Dengarde/All_pre-order_bonuses_revealed.

Include the period at the end

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According to these articles :

Some of the pre-order costumes will be available at different times in october in four Paradise Packs. I believe that more content will come eventually.

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