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What do certain magazines do?

Ok, i have been playing the game for a while and came across a few magazines, one of them is the combat mag which gives me a 10% PP boost when i kill a zombie, which i notice when i am using, however i found another Horror magazine and it says it gives a 25% boost when i kill a zombie, however even though i have it equipped it doesn't have any effect

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CCrackheads answered:

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Skateboarding - skateboard lasts 3 times longer + gain a trick - Fortune City Hotel first floor

Rescue - 25% PP from survivor activities - Fortune City Arena First floor in room near western most maintenance room

Games - Entertainment items last 3 times longer - atlantica casino, near seats in northern semicircle

Horror 1 - 25% pp boost from killing zombies - Royal Flush Plaza, Ragazines

Horror 2 - 25% pp boost from killing zombies - palisades mall, stan's large print books and magazines

Domestic - Funiture items last 3 times longer - fortune park maintenance shed

Leadership - survivors more effective - silver strip, one little duck bingo

Health 1 - +50% health restored when eating - Royal Flush Plaza, Yesterday Today and Tommorow

Driving - 4 wheeled vehicles last 3 times longer - Americana casino, Bennie jacks bbq shack

Amusement - toy items last 3 times longer - palisades mall, ultimate playhouse

Gambling 1 - significant increase in gambling - Royal Flush Plaza, Ragazines

Gambling 2 - signifigant increases when gambling - palisades mall, stan's large print books and magazines

Gambling 3 - signifigant increase in gambling - Silver Strip, Shamrock Casino

Combat 1 - 10% pp boost from weapon kills - palisades mall, stan's large print books and magazines

Combat 2 - 10% pp bonus from weapon kills -Royal flush plaza, yesterday today and tommorow

Combat 3 - 10% pp boost to weapon kills - Underground, near westernmost underground access point

Sports - sports items last 3 times longer - palisades mall, stan's large print books and magazines

Bikes - Bikes last 3 times longer - Slot ranch casino, side room off northern most room

Playboy - get 10% pp bonus from activities involving female survivors - palisades mall, near what looks like a pond on the map

Building - Construction items last 3 times longer - south plaza on scaffolding in large east west hallway between the 2 southernmost maintenance rooms

Juice Boost - Consumed juice lasts twice as long - Silver strip, just east of luali wauwii

Drinking - Drink as much alcohol as you want and not get sick - atlantica casino, overhead platform north of sipparellos

Bargaining 1 - lowers pawn shop items cost by 10% - Americana casino, roof of small north eastern room

Psychos - 25% pp boost from defeating psychos - Platinum strip, roof of platinum screens

Blades - edged weapons last 3 times longer - Underground, north of the only save point underground.

Hand to hand - stronger bare hand attacks - Royal Flush Plaza, Ragazines
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konkor answered:

The Horror mag didnt work for me either, but if you find the Gambling magazines they give you increased winnings and chance on all slot machines. The Leadership magazine makes the survivors that needed carrying or a shoulder walk by themselves and run.
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EvetscipE answered:

the 25% pp boost comes from defeating zombies. You have to kill them when unequipped(Hand to hand)

You get a 10% PP boost for killing a zombie with a weapon
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BaakaNinja answered:

The horror magazine gives you 25% bonus whenever you reach a special zombie kill count.
50, 100, 500, 1000 for exampel.
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CCrackheads answered:

Depends on the magazine.

Playboy Magazine gives you +10% PP reward for any female survivors you escort/save
Health Magazine increases the health gained from items by 50%
Combat Magazine increases the PP you receive when killing zombies with weapons.
Leadership Magazine allows injured survivors (limping or needing carried) to move faster
Horror Magazine increases the PP gained after killing a certain number of zombies unarmed
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