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How do I beat (Overtime Mode Boss)?

Please help as he is driving me crazy

SevketErhat provided additional details:

What do you mean by saying "climb up with him"???

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alexander9 answered:

Before the fight make sure you have a painkiller handy, which can be made from either mixing a vodka with another vodka or a whiskey with another whiskey. Drink it before opening the doors to the fight. Head straight to the area to your right, and make sure to pick up the wrench that is there. The pyrotechnics are easy enough to dodge. If you have a lot of health it's not a bad idea to let TK's charge attack hit you so you can stun him, but if you don't have much health then just avoid his attacks and when he is posing hit him once or twice. Orange juice can be found behind the winch and on the left hand area. You shouldn't need to use the winch if you beat him fast enough but if you do need to use it then let TK hit you with a charge attack and use it while he's stunned. Best of luck beating him.
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necotrucido answered:

The best way i found 2 do it was to climb up with him and spam that double leg'd kick when u jump. it knocks him down then u just wait 4 him 2 get back up and then do it again
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necotrucido answered:

Oh wait. sry i got my bosses confused
if its that guy at the arena u mean then u gatta watch 4 his moves. i healed b4 i went in. went str8 4 the oj and then waited and after every time he tried an attack. (btw u can tell him moves by how he swings his mic) and then once he goes off the fight area u go up to the ledges either side of u and grab all the items up there. get down and continue, next time he goes away heal if u gatta or u can winch them back up or u can get more supplies. once u hear him come back up u gatta stop, find him and dodge his attack. sry 4 the long post btw
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