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Any special weapons?

Anybody found an equivalent weapon to the mini-chainsaws from the first game, that'll take out bosses in a couple of hits?

goatboy93 provided additional details:

Thanks for the tips guys. Still exploring and experimenting. I've found the swords work quite well. Am about to try the boxing gloves/knives mix next. Have heard the martial arts gloves and nails work great against psychopaths, too - will give them a go.

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l3izerker answered:

Battery + Wheelchair = electric chair

Electric chair + Merc Assault rifle = (can't remember name) motorized wheelchair with 3 mounted assault rifles and a hilarious steven hawking voice that talks smack.

My favorite so far..
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alex3879 answered:

Pink Big Chainsaw, Kantana sword pwns<---
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khytomer answered:

Of the regular combo weapons, I found Holy Anger really good: Training sword with nails.

Both together found inside Maintenance Room in Atlantica Casino (another one on top of the ceiling-structure, no nails though)
Or seperatly: nails in first maintenance room, Training sword in Slot Ranch Casino, in the back of the stage, right in front of the maintenance room.

Also quite powerful: Boxing Gloves with bowie knife.
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Blitzerspike answered:

I've found that the Paddlesaw can be effective, but being hit causes you to drop it. Also, if you like to use the Swords, then the Sports Book (Found in one of the Magazine stores) will upgrade it to 3X the use.
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warthogis_basic answered:

Super BFG (amp + blast freq. gun) is pretty badass. You can kill a crapload of zombies in one shot. You get a decent amount of shots, too.
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Shockwave962 answered:

the Defiler (Fire Axe + Sledgehammer) works good too. just do jumping attack to zombies or psychos and also its much better with the combo card cuz u can do the 6 spin. FYI i always keep 2 in my inventory and believe it or not i finish the game and overtime mode on level 27 :D
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dwalker1982 answered:

Giant Teddy Bear + LMG = Freedom Bear. Basically a bad ass sentry gun.
Bow + Dynamite = Blambow. Blows the hell out of zombies
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l3izerker answered:

Not sure what the its called.. (examine a billboard in Royal Flush area ((i think its the first ad board you see if you come from americana casino)) and you'll get the combo card)

But MMA gloves & nails give ya a pretty sweet weapon that's similar to the knife gloves/fire gloves

Fire extinguisher + Water Gun = Snowball gun (30 shots?)
Fire extinguisher + dynamite = Freeze Bomb
Water gun + Gasoline = Flamethrower
bingo ball thingy + battery = Tesla bomb?
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Fatz8707 answered:

Electric Chair (Battery + Wheelchair) w/ Merc Assault Rifle, pretty cool!
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Epoch_harbinger answered:

training sword and motor oil = Infernal Arms. both found in the maintenance room behind the stage in the slot ranch casino
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devildante1330 answered:

Gems+flashlight=light sword is the best to use on bosses.
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Goombaggalo answered:

Drill + Spear is pretty cool
Beer + Construction Hat is pretty funny
Rake + Battery awesomeness
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Goombaggalo answered:


Propane Tank + Nails...super cool shrapnel bomb
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Kapitle4 answered:

I've found that the driller (drill + spear) is the best because it interupts the boss' actions for the first 3 hits. After that you can dodge to safety. *most of the time It also cannot be dropped when the boss attacks you.
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