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2 Questions in 1?

Where are the pawnshops as the "$" sign doesn't show up on the map?
Where can I find zombrex besides the Yucatan casino by jumping up the side of the big silver machine?

Accepted Answer

khytomer answered:

Pawn Shops:

2 on Silver Strip/Park, north and south
1 in Palisades, 2nd Floor north
1 in Royal Flush Plaza, 2nd Floor
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EvetscipE answered:

there's one in the Royal flush mall upstairs(Escalators) and there's one in the fortune park
those are the two I know off by heart(As I visit them only)

and to find Zombrex you can either buy it from the Pawn shops for 25,000 dollars or after Case 2-2 there's one in the underground tunnel on the left hand side on top of a ramp
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UnknownBro answered:

You can also find zombrex in the Americana casino, get inside the BBQ, go up the stairs jump on top of the hanging lamps and you'll find zombrex along with a stash of cash.
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BigMacKenz answered:

You can also obtain one by saving the paramedic in one of the rescue sidequests that crop up...
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AnatarX answered:

There's one in Slot Ranch Casino if you climb onto the stage and walk round behind the curtain. It's up ontop of some crates.
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