Question from Heeroshi

What Are All The Toys You Can Give Katey?

What Are And How Do YOu Get Survior / Pshycopath Cards?

Accepted Answer

SolusGan answered:

Giant stuffed donkey
Giant stuffed bull
Giant stuffed bunny
Giant stuffed elephant
Robot Bear
Water Gun
Bag of Marbles
Snowflake (the tiger from the fight with the psycopath)
Funny Painting(From art appretiation mission)
Beach Ball
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LyonRoar answered:

Don't know all but here are the ones I have gave her.
marbles, big stuffed animals (1 of each kind), pony stick, water gun, Snowflake the tiger, talking stuffed bear
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khytomer answered:

Add the Beachball to that.

Thats still not all though, missing the achievement still.
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