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What Weapons Would You Say Are The Best ,Most Powerful,PP Earner, Psychopath Killers?

What Weapons Would You Say Are The Best ,Most Powerful,PP Earner, Psychopath Killers?

CCrackheads asked for clarification:

In reference to warthogis_basic:::

The Super BFG and regular BFG don't work on bosses/humans, only zombies.

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warthogis_basic answered:

Based on my experience after two playthroughs:

best all-around: knife gloves. both parts are easy to find and fairly close to workbench = convenient (knife on top of Yesterday Today & Tomorrow bookstand, gloves right next to them in the Man Sports). They are pretty fast. 300PP (with combo card, 150 w/o). high damage (1-hit kill on all zombies, afaik).

Most powerful: Super BFG(blast freq. gun + amp). Trust me. one shot can kill upwards of 30 zombies if they are packed densely enough. so fun to use. The Defiler (sledgehammer + fire axe) is a good second. Just swing away and watch the zombies fly.

PP earner: Spear Thrower (spear + leaf blower) if you consider per zombie. using the light attack gets you 1000PP. Of course the Super BFG can outdo that, but that depends on how many zombies you kill in that shot.

against psychos: knife gloves. They're just the best combination of speed and damage. Plus, these cannot be disarmed. comes in very handy for certain foes.
Again I must mention the defiler. While it's too slow for most bosses, the ones that can be stunned are susceptible to its high damage. The heavy attack will make quick work of them.
I've yet to try the super bfg on bosses (JUST discovered it in overtime)
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BigMacKenz answered:

Best anti-psychopath weapons for close work are the Wolverines (combine Bowie knife + Boxing gloves), Flaming gloves (Boxing gloves + Oil) or the Tenderizers (Nails + MMA Gloves). These also tear up zombies very nicely.

Best PP earner is the Chainsaw Bike, but on foot I found the Defiler (Fire Axe + Sledgehammer) hightly useful (100+ PP per kill) as well as easy to construct early (Axe opposite security room in Safehouse, Sledge in the corridor with the first Maintainence room.)
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CCrackheads answered:

Knife Gloves (Boxing Gloves + Bowie Knife). They take about 9 hits to kill a boss and earn a lot of PP from killing zombies (especially once you get the combo card)

If you head straight out f the safe room, go down the left corridor.
On top of the Yesterday Today & Tomorrow booth is a bowie knife and in The Man's Sport are boxing gloves.
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JAYPEE1986 answered:

For most of the psychopaths i like rocket launcher (lead pipe + rocket fireworks) - generous with ammo (75), allows you to keep your distance and causes uber-damage - the only issue is if you get hit or nabbed by a zombie mid fight, you will drop your launcher, and you also have to plan ahead and carry it to your destination resisting the urge to blow zombies apart from 150pp each.

on foot id say the Defilier (axe +sledgehammer) - you have to get up close but the alternate attack (hold X) owns everything in its path. 350pp per zombie kill for this move bar the first hit (250pp)
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colemanmarkd answered:

My opinion=
For psychos is knife golves. nuff said.

For PP is the hunk of meat and dynamite combo. With the scratch card, you get 500PP per kill. With the combo card it's a 1000PP per kill. Bonus is that any zombie within ten feet or so of the bomb will be lured toward it increasing points earned.
In the Royal Flush plaza where the sports car is, there are two sticks of dynamite on top of the palm tree near the 2nd floor railing. There are also usually three or four zombies knawing on meat hunks in the same area. Once combined, throw near a crowded entrance/exit and easily get 10k to 20k PP per throw.
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Reaper315 answered:

Best way to earn pp in my opinion is the Hail Mary ( football and grenade) with the combo card its 500pp a zombie and it can take out a whole grp in a second, once you find the gun shop ( 2nd floor of the palisades mall south side) it has unlimited grenades and the sports shop closest to the safe house has unlimited footballs ( so the materials that you need are very easy to get ) i am not sure i think the explosion is larger than the dynameat id have to check though

best thing for the Psychos is hands down is the knife Gloves out of everything i have used they do the most damage and depending on the psycho it usually staggers them for a second.
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-DX- answered:

I found roaring thunder to be a ridiculous PP earner, and got around 500 kills with it before the damn thing broke. After leaving royal flush plaza to the silver strip, head to the left, and there will be a maintence room not too far down. There's a car battery inside, and the mask required outside. Pop it on a zombie's head with a lot of others near it, and watch a ridiculous amount of PP roll in.
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Mordche answered:

For PP on foot it's far and away the boomstick, most PP per kill in the game if you use the heavy attack. Otherwise just abuse the gambling mags until you can buy the SUV and just drive around, the bonuses from the insane number of zombies you'll kill add up quickly
For Psychos I'd recommend a combination of blade gloves and sniper rifles, snipers make the final boss laughably easy.
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ZitoDaz answered:

My personal favorite is the lighsabre: gems + flashlight. The weapon deals massive amounts of damage, has pretty decent range, and the components can be easily found on looters in the Royal Flush Plaza. It turns even the hardest boss battles into a cake walk, not sure about PP though.
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l3izerker answered:

There's a way to make infinite copies EVERYTHING through co-op story mode..
All of the books can be stacked.. ie: you can get up to twelve combat books.. which would mean combo weapons would get 120% PP boost, or you can get twelve of the blade books meaning bladed weapons would last 3x12 times longer (36), etc

I've done and am willing to explain how to do it.. XBL Gamertag: PL2ECISION (send request if you're interested)
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Zidago answered:

I actually believe the drill spear is better for psychos, there is no wait time after attack and both parts to combine are easy to find. As for pure PP from zombies, the Gem Blower in a crowded area seams to just destroy.
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l3izerker answered:

This is a correction to my previous post..
There's a way to make infinite copies EVERYTHING through co-op story mode..
MOST of the books can be stacked. I know for a fact that the Rescue, Combat, Psychopath, & Playboy books can be stacked. I also know that the blade book can be stacked at least by 3. (With 3 blade books equipped I've yet to have any bladed weapon break on me) I haven't tried other durability enhancing books yet, but its safe to assume that it works for those as well. (building, Skateboard, amusement, sports, games, and possibly driving & bikes)
The hand-to-hand book doesn't stack, nor do the gambling books..
I can prove to ya that this is all true, and if you're interested in learning how Just send me a message.

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deragon99 answered:

I love the spiked bat, possibly because its a classic, but also very effective for damage, also the light sword (gems+flashlight="luke, i am your father"). I would also dare to say these are the best for psychopaths
As for PP, try the roaring thunder (goblin mask+car battery=awesome lightning show) or dynomeat (hunk of meat+dynamite=well cooked zombie). Use both of these in a group.
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SamwiseDaFool answered:

The highest single target PP for a zombie I found was the Boomstick (shotgun+pitchfork) with a massive 2500PP for a heavy attack. Downside is it drains your ammo really quikcly as it does 3 shots per heavy attack with a total of 30 ammo iirc.
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deadkill87 answered:

the spiked bat-150PP
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elmangos answered:

I like the..
Lawnmower + 2x4.
It's 1000 pp when you hold x to attack. Tapping still gives 500 pp.
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tinytimx answered:

Actually ccrack if you use the regular bfg on the 2 scientists in the underground lab it will cause them to drop to their knees and start puking so you can start wailing on them without getting shot.
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sirmat22 answered:

PP earner= roaring thunder (goblin mask+battery) with shotgun equip the mask wont broke so 300 000PP per 10min
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Zombielvebrainz answered:

knife gloves! YEAH!!!
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Zombielvebrainz answered:

knife gloves! YEAH!!!
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LEONCHO18 answered:

knife gloves TIPO LOGAN
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DaFront answered:

A sharp stick
or the massager
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